Season 7 Episode 23 – Much Apu About Nothing.

(Much Ado about nothing : a comedy by William Shakespeare. Also an expression which means: "a great
deal of fuss oer nothing of importance"!
After a bear wanders into "ergreen #errace$ Mayor %uimby is forced to
raise taxes so they can pay for a new bear patrol. When the citi&ens are outraged$
%uimby blames illegal immigrants and creates 'roposition ()$ which will deport them.
#he family discoers that Apu is in fact an illegal immigrant and decide to help him
get his citi&enship. Apu succeeds and *omer gies a heartfelt speech about why
Springfield should re+ect 'rop ()$ howeer$ it still passes with ,-. ma+ority and
/roundskeeper Willie is deported.
Donnez la traduction et la nature grammaticale des 11 mots souligns. !hoisissez
parmi les mots sui"ants#
citoyennet01 augmenter les imp2ts1 sinc3re$ 4ui ient du fond du coeur1 se promener$
errer$ agabonder1 gardien$ chef de l5entretien ext0rieur1 scandalis01 accuser$
re+eter la faute sur
%uestions (Much Apu About 6othing.! :
7. What happened in Springfield 8
(. Why are *omer and the population angry and decide to go and see the Mayor 8
9. Make a summary of the situation using the words:bears$ taxes$ outraged$
people$ mayor$ immigrants$ referundum.
). What is the referundum 4uestion people will hae to ote "yes" or "no" 8
-. What solutions are alluded for Apu to become an American citi&en 8
:. About American culture$ who are the natie Americans 8 *ow different are
they from the other Americans 8
;. What caused the <iil War from 7=:7 to 7=:- 8
=. >o you know which 'resident led the ?S through the <iil War and presered
the ?nion 8 (there5s a moie about him which has +ust been released.!
,. What does the final scene show 8
$he Simpsons Season % Episode 1 – $he !it& o' Ne( )or* "s. +omer Simpson .
(s.: abbreiation of "ersus"$ used in a lawsuit$ or competition @ in opposition to!
*omer allows Aarney to use his car when Aarney is picked to be the designated
drier for that night at MoeBs #aern. *oweer$ Aarney disappears for two months
with the car$ and returns without it. *omer searches for his car$ and eentually
receies a letter from the <ity of 6ew Cork. #he family is excited to go there to
obtain the car$ but *omer$ who had had a bad experience in 6ew Cork when he was
younger$ is reluctant.
Donnez la traduction et la nature grammaticale des 11 mots souligns. !hoisissez
parmi les mots sui"ants#
aait eu1 r0ticent$ h0sitant1 conducteur d0sign01 choisi$ s0lectionn0
,ocabular&# -to. chug@ boire d5un traitD a pimp@ un prox0n3te
!ultural /e'erences
!.+.0.D. is a 7,=) American horror film. Et stands for: <annibalistic *umanoid
?nderground >weller.
1lushingmeado(@ a park in 6C< (to flush@ tirer la chasse d5eau!
MAD@ a comic maga&ine.
%uestions (#he <ity of 6ew Cork s. *omer Simpson.!
7. What is a designated drier8
(. What does *omer do to replace his car 8
9. Why does *omer hae a bad impression of 6C< 8
). Make a summary of the situation using the words: *omer5s car$ Aarney$ 6C<.