is a Hounslow Carers Employment Service (HCES) newsletter. HCES provides support with
Employment, Training and Education for long-term carers in the London Borough of Hounslow.
Welcome to the second edition of Careers,
Hounslow Carers Employment Service’s
newsletter. The summer has been an exciting
time for HCES and the wider Carers Out-
reach Service, with our move to new offices
on the top floor of the Treaty Centre in Cen-
tral Hounslow. Being based in the centre of
the borough has made a big difference already,
helping us to build close bonds with other
local organisations and giving a far more
convenient space for drop-in sessions.
In this edition we speak to our friends, Volun-
teer Centre Hounslow, about their service and
the numerous benefits of volunteering, both
for one’s career and wider wellbeing. We also
focus on some of the achievements of the
service over the last couple of months and
provide some useful upcoming dates.
If you would like to find out more about
HCES or to contribute to our newsletter
please contact Lewis on the details below.
Lewis Garland
Hounslow Carers Employment Officer
07759258520 or 020 8831 6027
You can visit to search for opportunities in your local area. For more information just get in touch, we are
always happy to help & advise anyone with a query about volunteering. Polly can be contacted via: 020 3096 4230 or
A word from our friends: Volunteer Centre Hounslow
One of the great benefits of our summer move to the Treaty Centre is that
it has enabled us to build closer ties with other local organisations. One such
organisation is Volunteer Centre Hounslow, a 37 year old charity that aims
to support and inspire volunteering across the Borough. This month Polly
Seaman, Good Practice officer for Volunteer Centre Hounslow, spoke with
us about the numerous benefits of volunteering and how to find volunteer
opportunities in your local community that suit your needs and interests.
Tell us a about Volunteer Centre Hounslow and what you do?
Volunteer Centre Hounslow (VCH) has been operating for approximately
35 years. We support people living or working in the London Borough of
Hounslow to find volunteering opportunities in their area that match their
skills and interests. We help our member organisations recruit volunteers by
advertising their opportunities on the national volunteering website as well as promoting them to individuals who come to the
VCH office for one to one interviews.
Why should I consider Volunteering?
Volunteering can make real, positive changes to your life. There are a huge
range of benefits, including the opportunity to:
• Meet new people
• Boost your confidence
• Set yourself goals
• Learn new skills
• Adding skills/experience to your cv
• Build up your experience
What advice would you give to people looking to find voluntary roles?
Issue 2 August 2014
Pushing to the next level
Fiona, 20, loves working with children and is fascinated by watching and helping
children develop, educationally and socially. She is a full time carer for her
Our work with Fiona began by sitting down informally to discuss her career
ambitions. When we met Fiona in January this year she was already taking her
Children and Young Peoples Workforce Cache Level 2. Fiona really wanted to
continue onto the Level 3 qualification in September. In order to do this it was
necessary for her to gain guaranteed weekly hours within the Early Year and
Child Care sector.
Since this first meeting we have worked together closely, making strides towards
these goals and giving Fiona the career she deserves. We began by rewriting
Fiona’s CV- highlighting all of her achievements and key skills-from her multiple
practical skills to her kind and empathetic approach.. This process not only
resulted in a CV that stood out but helped Fiona become more confident in her
own abilities.
Once the CV was complete we began applying for jobs, carefully ensuring that
the roles we were going for would not impinge on her caring responsibilities (for
her mother and her own child). The responses to Fiona’s applications were
overwhelmingly positive and in April Fiona was offered a Bank role with Teddies
Nurseries in Twickenham.
Fiona is now awaiting her DBS check and is eager to get started, putting her in a
great position to be taking on her level 3 qualification. However, although Fiona
has now found employment, our support will not be stopping anytime soon-
HCES will continue to provide Fiona with advice and support as a carer in
employment for as long as she wishes.
HCES run a drop-In service at the Treaty Centre in Hounslow.
These sessions run between 2pm and 4pm.
2nd Floor, Treaty Centre, High Street, Hounslow TW3 1ES

Our upcoming sessions are on:
Monday, September 1st
Monday, September 22nd

These sessions are open to all Carers within Hounslow Borough who would
like support, advice or information on employment, volunteering or Educa-
Lap-tops are available to help you search for education or employment. These
are available on a first come basis.
We also provide literature and ‘help sheets’ ranging from CV and application
advice to useful local contacts.
A matter of confidence

We first met Mr Malik through our monthly
drop-in sessions in January. In this session and
through subsequent conversations we learned
about Mr Malik’s varied and distinguished
career including roles in the aviation industry
and nearly 30 years as the owner and manager
of an electronics business.
After meeting Mr Malik it was instantly clear
that he was vastly talented and experienced.
However, like many long-term carers he was
lacking in self-esteem and, after a number of
years as a full time carer for his wife, he felt
alienated by the rapidly changing work environ-
ment. Moreover, like many carers he felt his
opportunities were limited by his caring
After working together to build his CV we
identified a number of courses that may benefit
Mr Malik by updating his industry knowledge
and giving him the confidence to re-enter the
Mr Malik initially started an online Excel train-
ing course. After a couple of months he then
started a weekly SAGE accountancy course
through Hounslow Adult and Community
Mr Malik has said, “I am grateful to HCES and
INS for all they done for me. I had gone into a
phase of low self esteem. I am now in regular
touch with Lewis (from HCES) who keeps me
on track with the courses I have undertaken. I
look forward to completing my courses and
foremost return to my original confidence
These newsletters include: Providing Borough-wide information and advice about care and support services, offering support for
self-funders in assessing, planning and managing their care, implementing new rights for carers, putting them on the same footing as
those they care for and implementing a lifetime cap on care costs of £72,000.
We will find out more about how Hounslow Borough will be implementing these changes over the coming months. To read the full text
of the legislation you can visit:
The Care Act 2014
The Care Act of 2014 has been spoken of in
expansive terms. The headlines talk of the greatest
changes in the social care Stature for over 60 years.
The changes in, coming into action in April 2015,
will both consolidate and clarify existing legisla-
tion, as well as placing new duties on Local