These are some fragments of chapters 5 and 6 of my book THE WORLD R!DS !N
"E#!$O% &''6% (here ! e)p*a+n that there +s poss+b*y a *+nk bet(een some astronom+ca*
and geophys+ca* propert+es of one of the ma+n mo,nta+n ranges of "e)+co and a myth+c
a-tec *egend re*ated to a godess% Tonant-+n .named ,ada*,pe by $hr+st+an
There are correct+ons to be made to some of the math f+g,res e)pressed here% as the correct
c+pher for &'.5 1 para**e* +s &'.23&1.
Enr+/,e Ort+-% S4"N
.Sect+on of 0
$H56TER 5 7 OTHER 5"58!N D!S$O9ER!ES !N THE S!ERR5 5ND OTHER 65RTS O: "E#!$O
I said a few lines behind that Mexico City is crossed by important grid
meridians. This place, being one of the world's most crowded and polluted
metropolis is located in El Valle del nahuac, one of the numerous !alleys in
the midst of "ierra #eo!olcanica. It is crossed by one of these grid meridians
$%%.&'() *+ but also by the ,.&-.( grid system meridian, %%.&&'() *, being
both close to each other $&./ 0ms.+.
1arallel &%.() # $remember its tetrahedral2spherical origin+ crosses those two
meridians in the area of one of the most sacred hills since pre2hispanic times
called Cerro del Tepeyac, to which, besides the small barren island where a
magical eagle de!ouring a serpent standing on a nopal cactus that designed to
3tecs in &/'/ the place for the foundation of their capital, the great
Tenochtitlan, in the middle of a fascinating la0e, also their gods as0ed them
to go to purify and prepare themsel!es before attempting the 4nal
settlement in the middle of the 5a0e of Texcoco. El Tepeyac later continued for
centuries being a ceremonial place with pyramids and churches until present
I most say also that a lot of 678 sightings ha!e been made in this city.
In a future paper I will present extensi!ely many 4ndings that relate grids to
!arious sacred places of this city and also to the long 9ourney that 3tecs also
wal0ed to reach the great la0e. This time I will only add that after reali3ing that
two !olcanoes of 7ig. &: lay at &%.() #, and considering that this parallel also
crosses Mexico City, I wanted to see if I could 4nd a natural harmonic
relationship between this three places, because being all of them at the same
latitude, they could well be related not only to each other, but also to the basic
multidimensional informational properties of tetrahedron and sphere. The 4rst
place is Volcan de Colima $V. de 7uego+ at &,/.;'() *< the second is Mexico
City at %%.&'() * and the third is the Cofre de 1erote !olcano at %..&'() *.
5et us consider this=
A= Distance between Volcan de Fuego and Mexico City : 4.5 arc degrees
B= Distance between Mexico City and Cofre de erote !olcano : ".#
C= $otal distance between Volcan de Coli%a and Cofre de erote:&.5
Volcan de Fuego Mexico City Cofre de erote

'(.5)* +, -............. A ............./  -..... B ...../ +,
-...................... C ....................../
'#0.&"5)1 ((.'"5)1 (2.'"5)1
If we di!ide the total length C by :.( to 0now how many times length is
contained in it $while considering exclusi!ely the angular !alue of this lengths
as measured upon the surface of the Earth at the latitude of "ierra
#eo!olcanica and not ta0en as great circle distances+ we obtain the 4gure
&.:::::::, repeating, which incorporates a basic decimal submultiple of the
speed of light harmonic in grid terms, &::, while di!ided by C, ,.;%'/,.;%',
is a submultiple also close to the speed of light reciprocal harmonic ;%:::. It
seems to be clear that the distance between Volcan de 7uego and Mexico City
in relation to total distance C is related to light speed in grid terms. I could also
4nd that the !alue of , :.( degrees, can be obtained by multiplying the Earth
resonance harmonic, /':, by one of the s>uare roots of the speed of light,
,.-//////, and then di!iding by ;,, a decimal multiple of the basic number of
the sexagesimal measure system.
8n the other hand and for the same purpose, if we di!ide total length C by the
!alue of ? to see the relationship of Mexico City 2 Cofre de 1erote distance, to
total length C we 4nd 4gure /.'( which is the number of times that segment is
incorporated in C. I could 4nd that the reciprocal of /.'(, doubled
$,.;&(/-:;&(+ is close to the !alue of 1hi $,.;&-,//%-%+. This means, when
ma0ing the proper correction, that %,'.:; mts. west of meridian %%.&'()
* , meridian %%.&//;&,:;) * exactly 4ts a resonance with this 1hi number,
the golden ratio of sacred geometry, beauty and biological and material form.
7urther sur!ey showed that this golden ratio meridian crosses right through
the most important 3tec ceremonial place called @Templo Mayor@, the center
place of their cosmo!ision, right in the heart of the nation's capital $situated in
the sacred complex where also the magical eagle was seen by founder
3tecs+, and also a few meters away, through 1alacio #acional, seat of the
Mexican federal go!ernmentAA $"ee 7ig.&-+.
I will reta0e ciphers &.:::::: and /.'(, which represent as I said before, the
number of times that distances and ? are contained within distance C, only to
show a mathematical relation between them. If we add &.:::::: and /.'( we
obtain cipher :.;%:::: $which is the mathematical reciprocal of light speed
harmonic, preceded by a :+.
Fig. '3.. $4e 4eart of Mexico City is located between 5arallels '() "#6 and
'() 0#6 *. 7n t4is %a5 is s4own 8lower circle9 t4e 4i related %eridian
((.'00&'#4&) 1 8or (() 3.#'69 crossing t4roug4 $e%5lo Mayor 8:ust on t4e
rig4t side of t4e Metro5olitan Cat4edral; t4e s%all rectangle9 and
alacio *acional 8Federal <o!ern%ent alace; t4e s%all triangle9. Also
%eridian ((.''(""44"3&) 1 8w4ic4 will be discussed a4ead9 is s4own crossing
t4e Basilica de <uadalu5e s4rine 8u55er circle9 in t4e area of =l $e5eyac.
Meridians ((.'"5) 8>urta?6s grid9 and ((.''"5) 1 8#.'325 syste%9 are also
8ne important thing here is that if we multiply these two numbers, instead of
being added we obtain the same result= :.;%::::. I would suspect that this
4gure is an important grid harmonic. I found that this 4gure is related to
the 1hi decimal multiple &;&.--- if we raise it to the fourth power and then
di!ide the result by three.
lso we can obtain a decimal submultiple of harmonic ''', doubled, if we
di!ide ? by $' B :.( C ,.::::::::+. The reciprocal of this cipher is '.'( which
if multiplied by &::,,,, yields /': ,,,, the Earth's resonance harmonic. This
same harmonic can be obtained if we consider cipher '.'( as an angle in
degrees and translate into arc seconds $-&,,+ and then multiply it by Earth's
grid meridian di!ision number, :.
8n the other hand the fourth root of its decimal multiple ::.:::::: is e>ual to
'.(-&%---%., which is !ery close to the time harmonic related to the
precession of e>uinoxes.
I will consider now the relationships between said lengths , ? and C and the
whole longitude extension between the most western and most eastern
mentioned !olcanoes of the "ierra #eo!olcanica to see if I can 4nd some
ob!ious grid harmonics.
7rom 7ig. &: we can see that "anganguey !olcano is in the extreme west while
Cofre de 1erote is the most oriental one. 5ength D $as seen in 7ig. &%+ is the
angular perpendicular distance between the meridians crossing these two
points at no particular latitude. 5ength D is longer than distance C.
D C &,:..() 2 %..&'() C ..;'()
Fig. '(.. @%all circle distances between 5oints of t4e @ierra Volcanica
$rans!ersal located at '(.5) * : A 84.5)9; V. de Fuego . Mexico CityA
B 8".#)9; Mexico City . Cofre de eroteA C 8&.5)9; V. de Fuego . Cofre
de erote. Distance D 82.&"5)9 is t4e total distance V. @anganguey .
Cofre de erote.
?ecause at the e>uatorial latitude one arc degree $of longitude+ upon the
surface of the Earth is longer than the same one degree but at higher or lower
latitudes, this means that ..;'( degrees of longitude at the e>uator are
e>ui!alent to -:..-,/-;: 0ms. $translate degrees into minutes or nautical
miles multiplying by ;, and then again multiply the result by &.-(/&'/' that is
the !alue in 0ilometers of one arc minute +. t &%.() # latitude this !alue is
reduced to .%%.&.(,%-( 0ms. This correction is obtained by multiplying the
!alue of the angular distance D, or any other, by the cosine of the actual
Eere I use the absolute !alue of angles $ I will wor0 mostly with pure angular
!alues+ without ma0ing the correction 9ust mentioned because I only calculate
relations by di!iding the !alues I am comparing and this doesn't alter the 4nal
result, besides considering that at any latitude any circle $or parallel+ has /;,
ll this implies that the e>ui!alence of &.-(/&'/' 0ms. per minute of arc is
correct only for any circle $li0e the e>uator or any other meridian+ whose center
is also the center of the Earth< these are called great circles. This e>ui!alence
changes for so called small circles, li0e the parallels $li0e the tropics of Cancer
or Capricorn+ or any other circle upon the surface of the Earth whose center is
not the center of the planet.
Feturning to the lengths I want to compare, the number of times length C is
contained in length D can be obtained if we di!ide D by C=
2 D B C is e>ual to &.&./,.;%'/, $whose decimal logarithm is ,.,;%/';:%&+.
gain we see a cipher close to the reciprocal of light speed harmonic. lso this
proportion if s>uared is e>ual to &./.;&,%:;., containing harmonic &/..
#ow I will do the same for lengths and ?=
2 D B is e>ual to &.;%:::::::, clearly again harmonic &;%::. s you
remember is e>ual to :.() $being the 4rst decimal submultiple of angle :()
which I will mention ahead+. Thus we can say that the !alue of D can also be
obtained by multiplying the !alue of by &.;%:::::::.

2 D B ? is e>ual to /.-&'(. If we di!ide /.-&'( by reciprocal 1hi, ,.;&-..., we
obtain cipher ;.&;-.(:(- which is a decimal multiple close again to this 1hi
cipher. lso /.-&'( di!ided by ''( $almost 1i B ' and raised to the &'th power+
is e>ual to ,.,&;%:::::.
I 9ust mentioned that ''( is related to a number !ery close to that of half 1i. If
we use the exact !alue of 1i B ' as base with exponent &' we obtain cipher
''(.;(&;((. which if multiplied by ,.,&;%::::: produces 4gure
/.-'/(:&-:/ that is slightly bigger than /.-&'(. ?ut to which point in this
"ierra corresponds this relationship G 7or that purpose /.-'/(:&-:/ must be
substituted by /.-&'( in the e>uation =
D B ? C /.-'/(:&-:/
Hnowing the !alue of D and then sol!ing for ? we are able to locate a longitude
which 4ts this proposed harmonic relationship and in this case it results to be
%%.&&%'':'-;) *. In the map of Mexico City this meridian crosses right
o!er the ?asilica de Iuadalupe $and Eill of Tepeyac+ $"ee 7ig. &-+, which is the
most important Christian shrine in the whole country that was built on the pre2
hispanic sacred site I alluded earlier.
ll this 4gures and exact locations led me to consider that there is indeed a
harmonic relationship between lengths D, C, and ? that can be traced bac0
into tetrahedron and sphere geometry besides other things that I will remar0
ahead. Femember that distances C, and ? are related to the &%.() # parallel.
Distance D is related to the whole length of "ierra #eo!olcanica and contains
distances C, , and ? in 0ey proportions.
s I said earlier I located meridian %%.&//;&,:;) $7ig. &-+ as passing o!er
Templo Mayor archaeological site in Mexico City. 5ongitude distance between
this meridian and Cofre de 1erote is '.,,-;&,:;:), which I now name as
distance ?'. 5ets di!ide length D by ?' to see how many times this distance is
contained in length D =
D B ?' C /..%;&(;;;(
The reciprocal of this resulting 4gure is ,.';/:':/'/ which is !ery close to the
s>uare root of speed light reciprocal harmonic $';/;+. lso /..%;&(;;;(
s>uared is e>ual to &:.:&,-,(:/ which incorporates the speed of light
harmonic again $&::+.
In the same way ?' can be obtained by multiplying $C B ?+ by ,.;&- =
/.'( x ,.;&-,//%-% C '.,,-;&,:;: C ?'
5ength ?' is also e>ual to .'/,.; seconds of arc, 4gure that incorporates the
half of the speed of light harmonic, .', ha!ing also a natural logarithm of
-.--;,..'%% which incorporates four times harmonic '''.
In the last comparisons complementary distance ' is e>ui!alent to length C
minus ?'=
;.() 2 '.,,-;&,:;:) C :.:%&/-%(/;) C '
5ength ' is e>ual to &;&;%.: seconds of arc and this cipher includes not only a
!alue close to a 1hi decimal multiple $&;&;%+ but also contains in the last four
digits $...&;%.:+ a decimal submultiple of harmonic &;%:.
' is also e>ual to ';%.:-//.'&; minutes of arc which is !ery close to
harmonic ';%:::. lso the tangent of :.:%&() is ,.,.-((,:%;-/&which is
!ery close to a submultiple !alue of 1i $,.,.-(/%-&;+ $to the fourth decimal
place+ with only a diJerence of ,.,,,,&,;-,-/&which is negligible.
The fourth root of its decimal multiple ::.%&( is '.(--.-,'&::'&, a close
4gure to the decimal submultiple of harmonic '(-'..(, the precession of
e>uinoxes !alue.
If all this se>uence of geometric and mathematical harmonic correlations are
to be authentic then lengthD by itself should exhibit similar properties . This is
what I found in a 4rst intent =
2 If ..;'(), which is length D is multiplied by '''.''' $1hi related harmonic
''', repeated+ we obtain important cipher harmonic &;%:.:::::/.
2 If we di!ide D by half 1i and the result is again di!ided by / $the "un's grid
meridian number+ we get 4gure &.;&-,.('((, clearly a 1hi related 4gure.
2 D multiplied by ,.;&-,//%-% and then s>uared is ''.',..:';: which
incorporates again a submultiple of harmonic '''.
2 D multiplied by '(:(.(- $geomagnetic 4eld harmonic+ is e>ual to
&%:&,.,:.(. Its decimal submultiple, &.%:&,,:.( has a decimal logarithm of
,.'--,';(%-, which shows harmonic '--, twice the speed of light $in free
space+ harmonic.
&.%:&,,:.( degrees is also e>ual to the latitude diJerence between
"anganguey and Cofre de 1erote !olcanoes, the two extreme points of length
D. If we assume "anganguey's latitude gi!en in Table #o. &, the actual
diJerence is e>ual to &.%:,-;,'), which is &;.,.'&/- mts. shorter than the
4rst calculated diJerence.
2 D di!ided by this 4gure is e>ual to /.%'-/..-&;, another harmonic
associated to the geomagnetic 4eld.
2 D multiplied by &.%:&,,:.( is e>ual to &:.-,,&;&'' whose natural logarithm
is '.;%:;/-,.:, cipher that is !irtually e>ual to a submultiple of harmonic
';%:::. The tangent of &:.-,,&;&'') is ,.';:'&::,. which is !ery close
to ';/('/&/-, the s>uare root of the speed of light reciprocal.
2 Cipher '., is a special di!iding factor I obtained by multiplying /': $Earth's
resonance harmonic+ by ,.-//////// $s>uare root of ,.;%:::::::+. *hen D,
in minutes of arc or :(..(' is di!ided by '., we get extremely important
hatmonic &.;%:::::::.
2 D di!ided by harmonic '-- is e>ual to ,.';:.(;%: which is !ery close to one
of the s>uare roots of the speed of light $in free space+ reciprocal harmonic,
';/('/&/-. It is possible to obtain a 4gure e!en closer to it, '.;/-''&.,', if
we s>uare the di!ision of D by :.;%::::::: $obtained earlier+.
It is e!ident that distance D is beginning to teach us some of its grid
harmonics secrets.
I want to include here some analysis of distances , ?, C and D in relation to
the basic measure unit found by Earleston in &%./ while ma0ing some
archaeological studies in Teotihuacan. The Eunab or "tandard Teotihuacan 6nit,
e>ui!alent to &.,(%:;/,%: mts.$the &'th root of '+ was proposed by that
researcher at the same time that he found a stri0ing relationship of the
architectonic proportions of this ancient Mexican city with the geometry of
tetrahedron, fact that he interpreted as a fundamental geometric2mathematical
message left by this lost ci!ili3ation= the physical uni!erse has a tetrahedral
foundation. The tetrahedron is the simplest solid that is constructed by the
smaller number of points $:+ in a tridimensional space.K::L
Distance , :.(,) is e>ual to ::(&.'.%(-% Eunabs, at &%.() latitude =
2 This 4gure di!ided by two yields '''(-;.:.%( which incorporates harmonic
2 Its natural logarithm is e>ual to &/.,,;'&-&;, incorporating pre2hispanic time
cycling 0ey 4gure &/.
2 Its &/th root is '..&%(-'/:-, !ery close to the !alue of e $'..&-'-&-+, the
base of natural logarithms, also associated to the mathematical and geometric
correlation between the surface area of a sphere and the surface area of the
tetrahedron circumscribed by it $tetrahedral e, '..',;%%+.
2 Faised to &/th power is e>ual to '.;%;%(.: x &,
, a decimal multiple !ery
close to harmonic ';%:::.
Distance ?, '.,), is e>ual to &%.-(:.;:-: Eunabs, at latitude &%.() =
2 Its s>uare root is e>ual to :::.-,-(('; which not only incorporates twice
harmonic ''' but also the fourth root of its decimal multiple ::.:-,-(('; that
is '.(-'(&.((: which is !ery close to a decimal submultiple of the !alue of the
precession of e>uinoxes $'( -'..( years+.
2 Its &/th root is e>ual to '.(((&&%.,&, close to harmonic '(:((-.
2 Di!ided by the exact !alue of 1hi $&.;&-,//%-%+ is e>ual to &'''-,.-%.(,
incorporating one half of possible harmonic '::.
Distance C, ;.(), is e>ual to ;:/,'..;,./ Eunabs at the same latitude=
2 Its natural logarithm is e>ual to &/././%:'%:, close to :B/ and also close to
&//( which is said by Dr. Eurta0 to be a factor of magnetic displacement of
the geomagnetic 4eld correlated with galactic magnetic 4eld cycles, which is
also found in the geometry of Hheops' Ireat 1yramid associated with 8rion's
Distance D, ..;'(), is e>ual to .(:/',.-:.& Eunabs at &%.() latitude=
2 Multiplied by the !alue of 1hi $&.;&-,//%-%+ yields &'',(&;..;%, a 4gure
!ery close to the half !alue of possible harmonic '::.
If distances , ?, C and D are translated into minutes and seconds of arc they
also yield interesting harmonics =
Distance C :.() C ' .,,' C &;' ,,,''

2 cubic root of '.,, B ' C ;.%;'/-/'(&< close to ;%:::.
2 '.,, x &' C /' :,,< the exact !alue of a multiple of
harmonic /':.
2 natural log ' .,, B / C '.;//;;%,&.< close to harmonic
';/(';&/-/, s>uare root of speed light reciprocal.
2 &;' ,,, is the half !alue of harmonic /':.
2 the &'th root of &;' ,,, C '..&.''%,;:< close to the !alue
of e.
Distance ? C '.,) C &',' C . ',,''

2 &', is the s>uare root of a decimal submultiple of
harmonic &::.
2 . ',, is the half !alue of a decimal submultiple of
harmonic &::.
2 natural log of . ',, is e>ual to -.--&-/;/,( which
incorporates harmonic ''' by a factor of four.
Distance C C ;.() C /%,' C '/ :,,''

2 s>uare root of ;.( is '.(:%(,%.(.<close to geomagnetic
harmonic '(:((-.
2 the :th root of /%, is :.::/%&%&.-< incorporates twice
the !alue of harmonic '''.
2 '/ :,, is a decimal multiple of harmonic '/: found by Dr.
l!are3 in the dimensions of the sarcophagus of Deodefre,
1haraoh Hheops' son.
2 '/.: is the angle of Earth's inclination of axis.
Distance D C ..;'() C :(..(' C '. :(,''
2 :(../ multiplied by three yields &/.'.(< incorporating
the 4ne structure of matter harmonic &/..
2 the &'th root of '. :(, is e>ual to './:/(./'//<
incorporates harmonic '/:.

The next thing I did for the next chapter was to see if the latitudes of the most
northern and southern !olcanoes $of 7ig.&:+ of "ierra #eo!olcanica had
something to say with respect to the &%.() # parallel, light and some other
nature's and supernature's harmonics.