Lombardi Edition Proof of Concept (POC)
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Lombardi Edition Proof of
A Proof of Concept (POC) is designed to demonstrate the value of WLE in the context of your
usiness! POCs have een used y many of our clients as an important and necessary step in
the evaluation of the WLE "usiness Process #anagement $ystem ("P#$)! %he POC provides a
detailed understanding of our product as &ell as the s'ills re(uired to use it!
At )"#* &e feel it is critical for every POC to focus on experiencing the capabiities and
differentiation of WLE in all phases of a process life+cycle* including,
• process modeling and impxfxsdgsgdfgdrhhhhdhdgdgdgdgdfggdgdgdgdflementation
• process execution
• process monitoring and visiility
• process analysis and optimi-ation
)ntegral to all of these capailities is the coaboration bet!een b"siness and #$ fostered y
WLE! )n addition to highlighting collaoration during modeling and implementation* &e also use
.playac's/ to demonstrate the collaoration &ith end+users in the
iteradfhdgdgdgdgdfggdgdgdfgdgdgfdgdgdgdggdgdgdgtive development and deployment of your
We also elieve that the hands%on experience and ed"cation in a POC offers the est &ay to
understand 'ey capailities and differences et&een "P#$ products 0 it is not 1ust a (uestion of
“if the product does it”, ut also “how the product does it.” Our POC agenda dedicates most of
the time to educating your team* and &e strongly encourage hands+on participation! Additionally*
our agenda typically includes time for discussions on topics such as security* scalaility and
reliaility* integration* configuration management* and supported platforms!
What &akes a 'ood Process Exampe in a POC?
%he POC focuses on a process example from your usiness! %he est process examples are
ones that are familiar to you and your team! )t is very helpful for you to understand ho& the
process &or's today* &ho performs the process steps* &hich systems are involved* and &here
there are areas for improvement2
)t is also important that the process example can e used to demonstrate the various capailities
of WLE* and help you understand the s'ills re(uired to use them! 3ood candidate processes
include (at least one instance of),
• 4uman activities* especially &here .process coaching/ can occur for end users!
• Wor'flo& et&een human users!
• $ystem activities that can e automated!
• Access to external data!
• Process rules* used to determine dynamic routing ased on process data!
• #anaging process events!
• #anaging multiple complex process application pro1ects
• 5e+use of common components across pro1ects
• 6eployment of process applications to production
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Lombardi Edition Proof of Concept (POC)
%he process example does not have to e too complex 0 it only ta'es a couple of user interface
flo&s* dataase calls* events* and so on* to demonstrate ho& to model and implement processes
in WLE! And the process example should not e so simple that it is missing important process
constructs that you &ill &ant to see and understand during your evaluation!
(o! )iffic"t is it to Change a Process?
5eal usiness processes change all the time! And the changes can e re(uired at any time 0
driven y external usiness re(uirements* changes in regulations* or significant opportunities for
process improvement! A ma1or consideration of ongoing process improvement and maintenance
is ho& easy (or difficult) it is to ma'e changes to a process over time!
)n WLE POCs* &e intentionally focus on ho& easy it is to determine &hat to change in a process*
assess the impact of changes* implement those changes* and roll those changes into production*
using our .playac'/ approach!
What Ese Sho"d We *oc"s On in the POC?
5eal+time process visiility* process performance trac'ing* and process analysis and optimi-ation
are 'ey capailities that truly enale management of your usiness processes! )"# POCs &ill
sho& you ho& to enale and define process trac'ing and reporting for oth real+time monitoring*
and analysis ; optimi-ation using historical and in+flight process performance data!
(o! !i !e manage a compex +P& program !ith m"tipe process
%he aility to manage multiple process development pro1ects and manage all the assets across
these pro1ects &hile maximi-ing re+use is a 'ey component to "P# program success! )"# &ill
demonstrate advance versioning and process application deployment capailities! )"# has
helped many enterprise customers move from single "P# pro1ects to effective "P# programs
and "P# centers of excellence that deploy multiple "P# pro1ects in a repeatale manner! )"#
&ill discuss specific customer use cases and ho& the product capailities support these est
What ,bo"t #ntegrating to o"r #n%ho"se S-stems?
Every real+&orld process interacts &ith existing systems! Our customers can testify that they have
numerous systems that are integrated to their WLE processes 0 ranging from in+house
homegro&n applications* to <
+party enterprise applications! %ime constraints in a typical POC
&ill not allo& us to exhaustively prove all possile technical integrations = ut &e do &ant to
demonstrate our WLE integration frame&or'* &hich is ased on standard technologies and is
extremely .open/! We &ill &or' &ith you to determine a fe& examples that sho& ho& connectors
to your 'ey systems can e (uic'ly defined and configured in WLE!
And &e &ill also e prepared to discuss the roader topics of enterprise integration and .fit/*
including leveraging your messaging infrastructure* security systems* and preferred execution
platforms in WLE deployments!
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Lombardi Edition Proof of Concept (POC)
What #f We (a.e ,dditiona $echnica Proof Points?
%here may e a numer of technical proof points that you feel strongly aout including in your
evaluation* ut may not easily fit in the mainstream POC agenda* or may re(uire the participation
of some speciali-ed )"# resources! >or example* you may &ant to prove more time+consuming
integrations* or installation and configuration on your preferred app server and O$!
)n these cases* &e &ill e happy to discuss ho& &e can ma'e arrangements to address the
additional technical proof points! %his often occurs follo&ing the POC experience* after having
determined that WLE and )"# are indeed your preferred platform and vendor* and that you &ould
li'e to ma'e the continued investment in evaluating the technical feasiility of WLE!
What *aciities Wi We /eed to (ost the POC?
We are e(uipped to ring WLE pre+installed on portale )"# POC servers* if desired! Or &e can
install WLE on your hard&are and dataases! We typically use our .Express/ installer for POC
purposes! %he Express installer is designed for (uic' installation of WLE Enterprise Edition on an
emedded application server running on Windo&s* accessing your choice of $?L $erver* Oracle*
or )"# 6"8 @6" dataases!
%he hard&are and soft&are re(uirements for WLE clients and servers on Windo&s are found in
the appendix!
A conference room &ith pro1ector* etc! is also strongly recommended for a productive experience!
What Peope Wi We /eed to (ost the POC?
A productive and successful POC can only e achieved &ith your active involvement! We
recommend that you have at least 8 people dedicated full+time to &or'ing &ith our team side+y+
side during a POC! @sually* one of these people is more technical* and one of them is more
usiness focused! )n addition* during the daily .playac's/* &e recommend participation y
additional usiness users and managers to see the process development and provide feedac'!
>or the focused discussion topics during the POC* &e invite your net&or' security* infrastructure*
and 6"A staff to attend!
What #s a $-pica ,genda for a POC?
A standard WLE POC consists of the follo&ing A parts,
1. $tart from scratch* uild and execute the example process
Playback #1
2. )terate on the process and ma'e changes
Address discussion %opics
Playback #2
3. Bisiility* 5eporting* Optimi-ation
Playback #3
4. Executive presentation
6epending on your availaility* the numer of topics to e addressed* the complexity of the
process* and the numer of 'ey participants* these .core/ parts of the POC agenda &ill span : to
< days!
%he POC activities are typically closed &ith an Executive Presentation! %his provides a means
for a roader audience to revie& the 'ey learnings and results of the POC* including an end+to+
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Lombardi Edition Proof of Concept (POC)
end demonstration of the .final playac'!/ %his is a usiness focused presentation lasting C9+:89
minutes! 6epending on the audience* this may include a detailed technical discussion!
A fe& days after the POC* &e &ill produce a .Post+POC Pac'age/ that includes a presentation
and screenshots of the POC highlights that can e shared &ith those that &ere not ale to
An example POC agenda is found in the attached appendix!
Please let us 'no& if you have any (uestions or concerns! )"# elieves it is critical for us to &or'
&ith you to deliver a POC experience that provides all the information you need to ma'e an
informed "P#$ evaluation and selection!
The I! tea" looks forward to worki#$ with you%
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