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2014 Ford Escape Titanium
f you are looking for a sturdy, convenient-to-use, stylish small
SUV the Ford Escape Titanium might be the car for you.
Tough the vehicle is designed to ft almost any lifestyle, it
may particularly beneft families. Some of the features include a
roomy back seat that fts three to make a total of fve seats in the
car, the ability to fold the seats down fat, a 110 volt plug-in for
those in the backseat to charge Gameboys or movie players, and
sturdy car seat anchors.
Nicolas Tyler Bryant, sales professional at Broadway Ford in
Idaho Falls said the model also includes the ability to wave your
foot underneath the back bumper of the car making the lif gate
come up without even touching the car as long as the key is in
your pocket.
Speaking of keys, the one for this vehicle is completely hands-
free. Users simply keep their key in a pocket or purse and the car
will automatically unlock when it senses the key nearby. To get the
engine going, drivers simply have to push a button.
If you happen to forget your key, a keypad is located on the
outside of the car where users can push in a code. Te numbers of
the keypad are completely invisible until they are touched, which
causes them to light up.
Te ease of driving the Escape Titanium doesn’t stop there. Te
vehicle also has the ability to parallel park itself with the touch of
a button. For those who may not trust this technology quite yet,
don’t worry, drivers still have full control of the brake and can
monitor the parking job with other features like the high-tech
backup camera.
Te backup camera reveals the driver’s surroundings on a
screen on the front dash. It also provides the driver with lines
showing which way the wheels will turn and which way is straight.
Backup sensors located on the back of the car also warn drivers if
they are about to back into anything.
Other sensors on the sides of the car sense other vehicles that
are in the driver’s blind spot. Little dots light up on both side
mirrors, which warn the driver not to move over to the lef or the
Bryant explained that the most important part of the new
technology and the design of these newer models is safety. Besides
the sensors, technology to make phone calls and send messages
without the driver taking his or her eyes of the road or hands of
the wheel is an essential part of the newer Ford models.
“Ford is really proud of their new technology called the My-
Ford Touch,” said Bryant. “It’s like having a big tablet screen in the
middle of your dash.”
Almost anything in the car can be controlled with SYNC or
MyFord Touch. Bryant said it recognizes about 10,000 diferent
voice commands. Drivers can do things like change the tempera-
ture, change the radio station and program in addresses without
having to fddle with several diferent knobs and buttons.
Drivers can also sync their phones to it so they can make
hands-free phone calls, send text messages and play download-
ed music. Bryant said the screen on the dash will also display a
picture of the person you are calling.
Trough the SYNC technology, the Escape Titanium sends
health reports to the driver’s email if there is ever a problem or if
something needs to be changed.
Tis Ford model features a 2.0 EcoBoost I-4 engine. Te tech-
nology for this engine helps to generate “more power per drop of
fuel,” according to the Ford website. Tis means that the engine is
much more ef cient but performs like a larger engine.
Among the features mentioned are things like the intelligent
4-wheel drive, a remote key start, 12-way adjustable seats, auto-
matic dimming mirrors, dual exhaust and ambient lighting on
the inside of the car that allows drivers to select from dozens of
diferent colors.
Bryant said the Escape Titanium has been a very popular
choice so far for Broadway Ford customers.
— Casey Archibald
Broadway Ford
980 W Broadway
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
To advertise:
Call 524-SELL or email:
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