Summer Reading Assessment Part 1

English 1- Honors
How do people become resilient when faced with a difficult situation or choice?
How does one resolve conflicts faced in life? How do our choices define who we
are? Through your selection from Wando High School’s summer reading
assignment, you will reflect on a reoccurring theme: resilience through adversity.
To begin, you will need to review your summer reading selection by annotating
your chosen book in preparation for both the visual product and formal essay.
Here are some ideas to prompt your annotations:

Connect – What are the challenges faced by the protagonist of your book? How
do you react when confronted by a challenge?
Reflect – What is the thought process of the protagonist? What obstacles,
consequences, and opportunities does he or she consider while struggling?
Predict – Think ahead. What are the implications of the decisions reached by the
protagonist? How will the protagonist’s choices impact him or her in the future?
Question and Clarify – What choices does the author or protagonist make that
confuse you? Can you clarify them later?
Consider – How do the protagonist’s choices define who he or she is? What
would have happened if the protagonist had not attempted to liberate him or
Analyze – How does the author construct the plotline? How do the key details and
stylistic features contribute to the central theme? How does the book’s plotline
affect your interactions with it?
Evaluate – What is your opinion of the author or protagonist’s perspective? How
might you apply the lessons learned in the book to your life today?

Once you have created an effective annotation of the book, you will create a visual collage that
will symbolize the analysis of literary elements identified in your book. This product will be
graded as a minor assessment grade (30%). Hint: Your annotations will also be used for your
Formal Academic Essay (part 2)!!
Part 1: Your collage will be a visual representation of a universal theme; resilience through
adversity. This collage should not just be a literal display of symbols, but your interpretation of
what the images represent in the book. For example, the adversity a character must overcome
could be illustrated with a picture of a setting sun symbolizing defeat, or a soaring eagle
symbolizing resolve. Even the colors used in your collage may communicate mood, feelings, and
conflicts of the characters from your summer reading. The creative component is to interpret and
illustrate the theme of resilience through adversity. Lastly, a typed paragraph describing how
your symbols and motifs communicate and illustrate this theme in relation to the book will be
handed in with your collage.
1. Annotate your book noting examples of resilience through adversity.
2. Brainstorm images that could capture the character’s resilience. *Note: Think
beyond literal symbols…rather images that represent the deeper meaning.
3. Decide on a medium for the collage which will best illustrate your analysis.
4. A minimum of 5 symbolic images and motifs are visually represented in your
collage. Remember, the images are selected from your interpretation and analysis
of the character’s resilience through adversity.
5. The collage must be your original work signifying your creative analysis and
understanding of the theme.
6. Your collage may be on a poster board, a canvas, a 3-D sculpture and/or
interactive movie- maker (i.e. Pic Collage, Book Creator, Animoto). Please see
teacher with other ideas for approval.
7. Your typed-paragraph must accurately identify and explain the symbols and
motifs illustrated on your collage.
8. You will present your collage on the date due!
Have fun and be creative!!!
Time and effort are a critical element in creating a quality work.

Due Date: September 3 B-day/September 4A-day