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Eastminster Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina

Eastminster Update
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Volume 38 Number 26

August 17, 2014

Rally Day this Sunday - Join us!
1 COR. 12

Dr. Bradley D. Smith
Dr. Mark E. Durrett
Associate Pastor
Rev. Lynn A. Grandsire
Associate Pastor
Dr. James I. St. John
Parish Associate
Rev. Jonathan S. Wagner
Associate Pastor
Mr. Croskeys Royall
Director of Children’s Ministries
Mrs. Fredna Lee
Director of Music Ministries
Mrs. Lucy Corley and
Mrs. Anita Poole
EDS Day School Co-Directors
Mr. William L. Collins, Jr.
Business Manager
Ms. Julie McDaniel
Service Coordinator
Our Missionaries:
Rev. & Mrs. Donald Marsden-Virginia/Russia
Steven & Natalie Hall - Alaska
Sarah Snapp - Bolivia
Rev. John McCall - Taiwan
Steve & Kathy Amar - Virginia/Muslims in the US
George & Anne Harper - Philippines
Cindy Correll - Port au Prince, Haiti
Dr. John and Gwenda Fletcher - Congo

Sunday, august 17

9:00 & 11:15 a.m. - Gym
11:15 a.m. - Jubilee
Dr. Bradley D. Smith
“It’s Not About You!”
Ephesians 2:14-22

*Regular Worship Schedule Resumes*
9:00 a.m.

Worship in the Gym

10:00 a.m.

Sunday School

11:15 a.m.

Worship in Thompson Hall & the Gym

Visit www.eastminsterpres.org for information on Sunday school opportunities
Dear Eastminster Family,
Rev. Jon Wagner Accepts New Call
As was shared with the church family by email Monday, Jon, Elizabeth, and Judah will
be moving to Monroe, Louisiana, where Jon will serve as Associate Pastor at the Covenant
Presbyterian Church. Jon shared this news with the Session this past Sunday. As with Jeff
Smith upon his departure, I encourage you to let Jon and Elizabeth know what their ministry
has meant to you and your family. Notes of thanks and love offering contributions sent to
Eastminster marked “Thanks, Jon” will be compiled in a single check and a single scrapbook
to be presented at a reception to take place immediately after worship on Sunday, September
14, which will be the Wagner family’s last day at Eastminster.
Middle School and Senior High Ministry Update
With the departures of Jon Wagner and Jeff Smith, the Personnel Ministry of the Session
is working diligently to build on the foundation and momentum God has provided these past
years. Please see page four of this Update to see the steps that are underway not only to
continue, but strengthen Eastminster’s ministry to young people and their families. (Continued
on back page)
Discussion of General Assembly Actions Continues this Sunday at 10:00 a.m.
Dr. Smith will continue the conversation regarding General Assembly actions regarding
Israel/Palestine and Marriage. The gathering will take place in the same rooms as this past
Sunday, CLC rooms 271-273. All are invited to attend.
Sanctuary Renovation Update
The asbestos is out. The elevator is in, and the stained glass windows have been reinstalled. The HVAC work is well under way; the restroom work is coming along nicely; the
porte-cochere is nearing completion; a hearing loop has been placed in the sanctuary floor,
and the slate tile is being installed. Estimated completion and move-in is mid-October. A
new video update can be viewed by visiting eastminsterpres.org and clicking on “Construction Updates” in the lower right corner.
In Christ’s love,


SUNDAY, august 17

9:00 Sanctuary Worship
10:00 Jubilee Band Practice

Sunday School
11:15 Jubilee Worship

Sanctuary Worship
12:15 Youth Parent Mtg.
5:00 Kerygma

Monday, august 18



Men’s Prayer Breakfast
Count Team
Fifty Plus Exercise Class
Pastors Mtg.
CHAMPS Tutoring
Program Staff Mtg.
Staff Mtg.
Personnel Committee

TUESDAY, august 19

8:30 OCA Mtg.
9:00 Drop-In Nursery
10:00 Senior Fitness
11:45 Tuesday Lunch
12:00 Finance Committee
1:00 Footcare Ministry
3:00 Exercising for Arthritis
5:30 Zumba Fitness

CLC Committee
6:00 Handbells
7:00 Scottish Country Dancing

Zumba Fitness

WEDNESDAY, august 20


Drop-In Nursery
Fifty Plus Exercise Class
EDS Chapel
Prayer Shawl Ministry
EDS Ministry Team

THURSDAY, august 21

9:00 Drop-In Nursery
10:00 Senior Fitness
3:00 Exercising for Arthritis
4:30 Transitions
7:00 Zumba Fitness
7:30 Jubilee Band Practice

FRIDAY, august 22

9:00 Fifty Plus Exercise Class
11:00 Support Staff Mtg.
2:00 Flora Football Team Meal

SATURDAY, august 23

Sunday School Classes resume- 10:00 a.m.

Fireside Class
Room 353 of the CE building. Contact: Jeff Burden, 312-2867, or Peter Zornow, 730-7570,
or email firesideclass@eastminsterpres.org.
Frank Harden Class
Room 350 of the CE building. Contact: Frank Brown, 776-4471, or email hardenclass@
Gift Class
Room 256 of the CE building. Contacts: Charlie or Laura Irick, 269-4235 or 553-5537, or
email giftclass@eastminsterpres.org.
Hope Class
Rooms 269 of the CLC building this week only. Contact: Greg Moise, 429-3189, Jennifer Rayfield, 917-0064, or Matt Reynolds, 783-3399, or email hopeclass@eastminsterpres.org.
Room 355 CE building. Contact: Della Coulter, 782-4072, or email ichthusclass@eastminsterpres.org.
JOY class
Room 357 of the CE building. Contact: John or Julie Hudson, 782-8935 or email joyclass@
Parenting Teens
Rooms 275 of the CE building this week only.. Contacts: Nancy Smith, 699-0204, or Alison
McGowan, 252-3434, or email parentsofteensclass@eastminsterpres.org.
Solid Rock
Room 358 of the CE building. Contact: Bick Halligan, 254-4035, or email solidrockclass@
Spiritual Discoveries
Room 351 of the CE building. Contacts: Jeff and Martha Casto, 776-7407, Ron and Winnie
Dew, 691-3765, Herman and Betty Snyder, 776-4086, Anne and Wendle Snapp, 787-8158, or
email discoveriesclass@eastminsterpres.org
Ted Haigler Classs
Room 352 of the CE building. Contacts: Bill Tarrant, 791-0054, or John Hart, 787-8731, or
email haiglerssleaders@eastminsterpres.org
For additional information about classes please go to www.eastminsterpres.org.

Peanut Butter Sunday, August 24

Summer is an important time to remember your peanut butter! Children are home from
school and not receiving their school lunches. Many families turn to Harvest Hope for additional assistance during the summer. Please continue your support of the peanut butter
program at Eastminster and bring your jar(s) to church with you.

Israel Through the Eyes of Eastminster

Make plans to attend dinner and an Israel trip presentation on Wednesday, August 27, in
Thompson Hall from 5:15 - 7:15 p.m. Hear from the trip participants who journeyed to Israel
in January 2014. Save the date!

Organizational Meeting for 2014-2015 Cub Scouts

Jason Anders, the new Cub Scout Master, is seeking parents with sons in the first - fifth
grade who are interested in participating in Cub Scouts this year! If you are interested in
attending an organizational meeting, please contact Jason at janders115@sc.rr.com or call at
(803) 467-7781.

Cookies for First Responders September 7

Please bring a dozen or more home made cookies on September 7, to be distributed to first
responders in our area. Make sure they are well-wrapped and leave them on tables in the parlor or
Thompson Hall for distribution following the 11:15 AM worship service.
Would you or your family like to deliver cookies to a nearby fire house, emergency room, or law
enforcement station? E-mail Julie at jmcdaniel@eastminsterpres.org.

Congregational Meeting August 24

The Session has called a congregational meeting for Sunday, August 24, immediately following the 11:15 a.m. service, for the purpose of nominating and electing
new officers, and to dissolve the pastoral relationship of the Rev. Jon Wagner.

KERYGMA Bible Study

This introductory course is an encounter with scripture texts by reading select
passages and then participating in discussion about what you have read. Class
begins Sunday, August 17, from 5:00-6:30 PM with teachers, John Asman and John
Arnold, facilitating the discussion and provoking probing questions. The class will
be held in room 351 in the CE building with childcare for ages 5k and under in the
drop-in rooms. Cost of the student book is $30.00. To register for the class, email
Julie (jmcdaniel@eastminsterpres.org) or call her 256-1654 ext., 143.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Support Group

Do you have Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) or know someone who does? Would you
like to have support? Eastminster is forming a support group for RA, with others at
EPC with RA. If you would like to be a part of this group, contact Lynn Grandsire
at lgrandsire@eastminsterpres.org or 256-1654 ext., 163. Once the response to the
group is known, an initial meeting will be scheduled.

For our loved ones . . .

In memory of Peggy Seigler, given by Susan Coleman Fedor, Nancy Coleman
Hart, Bill Coleman, Mary Coleman Gwinn, Franklyn & Susan Owen, Peggy Copley, Dogwood Garden Club, Peggy Ebert, Dicky & Ivey Bouknight, Dot & Dom
Tringali, Rose Mary Price, Richard & Jane Kennedy, Patricia S. Copley, M/M
Richard Ulmer, Jr., Una Bowers, Betty B. Chapman.
In memory of Barbara Hamm, given by George & Phyllis Beighley.
In memory of Marnie Pearce Walker, given by John & Dolore Walker.
In memory of Jerry Foster, given by Dot & Dom Tringali, Sissy Dickerson,
Caroline & Frank Ellerbe, Jr.
In memory of Walter Hayden given by Peggy Spann, M/M Richard Unger.
In honor of Alison & Bryant McGowan, given by Amy & Edwin Martin.
In honor of Susan & Franklyn Owen, given by Lucy & Chip James.
In honor of Allison & Bill Deloache, given by Lucy & Chip James.
In honor of Betsy Beale, given by Lucy & Chip James.

Eastminster Day School

EPC Prayer List
Part of what it means to be a Family of Faith
is to be in prayer for one another. Contact
the church office at 256-1654 to be included
on this Prayer List.
EPC Special Concerns
Remer Waguespack, Bill McInnis, Dave
Steven, and those serving in our military,
Stephen Ministers and their care receivers,
and all those in need of God’s special care.
Jean Winter
Congregational love and sympathy
are extended to:
Jack & Kathy Wolfe, on the death of his
brother, Rhett Wolfe, August 8, 2014.
William & Marie Wolfe, on the death of
their uncle. Allison Anders, on the death
of her step-father.

Bill Ketchin, Jr., on the death of his sister,
Margaret Gardener, August 8, 2014. Billy
Ketchin, III, on the death of his aunt.
Becky Airheart, on the death of her father,
Andrew Jackson (Jack) Airheart, August
11, 2014.
On weekends a minister is on call. If you
have a crisis which one of the ministers
needs to know about, phone 256-1654 and
leave a message. A minister will return
your call.

The Eastminster Day School is now accepting applications for part-time teachers and substitutes - mornings and afternoons. Interested applicants, please call


Would you like to put a “little” PEP in your step? The planning team for Eastminster’s 55+ adults has changed their name! They are no longer the Savvy Seniors,
they are now PEP@EPC! PEP (People Enjoying People), or maybe a picnic, or
pancakes or . . . This group meets for lunch once a month. With the name change
comes plans for more fellowship and new ways to live out their faith in Jesus
Christ. Stay tuned for their next event!

Eastminster Hymnal Campaign (August 1 – September 1)

The Presbyterian Publishing Corporation has published a new hymnal, “Glory
to God!” containing 800 hymns. In addition to our current hymns, this book will
include beloved older hymns and inspirational new hymns. A bookplate will be
placed in each book with the name of the person being honored or remembered.
This would be a wonderful tribute to a child just baptized, being confirmed or
completing Worship Discovery. Pick up an order form from the reception area,
welcome desk in the CLC, or download from the E-News.

Deadline for UPDATE

Don’t miss out! Send your information to share with the congregation to
Please have your information in by
Wednesday, August 20, to be shared
in our next newsletter on August 31,

Eastminster Presbyterian Church
3200 Trenholm Road
Columbia, South Carolina 29204

Nonprofit Org.
Columbia, SC

Update for August 17, 2014

Middle School and Senior High Ministry

A strong youth ministry can mold young lives in crucial and life-shaping
ways. Eastminster is called to excellence in the area of youth ministry, and, with
Gods’ help and your help, we will seize this transition as a time to move forward
in faithfulness. In Jeff and Jon, Eastminster took a step forward by having two
ordained ministers, each spending half their time on youth ministry. Even then,
it has become clear that even more time for building relationships with the
young people is essential to this ministry. In order to increase time for relationship building and to move more quickly to address these vacancies, the Session
voted to create two positions with primary focus on youth ministry. A nonordained Middle School Youth Director and a non-ordained Senior High Youth
Director, will each spend 30 hours a week focused on reaching and shaping our
youth. The other ten hours will be spent addressing needs that match their particular strengths with Eastminster’s needs. A Youth Director Search Committee has already met once. Serving are Zeke Bennett, Julie Hudson, Beau Long,
Linda Long, Alison McGowan (chair), and youth Lucy Wardlaw.
In addition, the Personnel Ministry is arranging interim support for our
Middle School, Confirmation, and Senior High Ministries. Please pray for the
Search Committee and for the people God is calling to serve in these exciting
ministries. If you know of someone you think our Lord might be calling to
serve as Middle School or Senior High Youth Director, please contact Alison
McGowan at alisonmcgowan11@gmail.com.

Eastminster Youth Basketball 2014

We are looking forward to organizing another exciting Eastminster Basketball season. Be sure to include us in your family’s plans for this fall. Teams
will be available for boys and girls 2nd grade through high school, and will be
formed based on the availability of coaches and gym space. Registration will
be held from September 1- October 1. Also, All current EPC youth basketball
coaches and those interested in coaching or helping with basketball, please contact Bill Ketchin at 256-1654 or bketchin@eastminsterpres.org.

Supper Six Returns

Supper Six groups will resume meeting for dinner in September, October and
November. If you would like to join one of the groups, call Mary 256-1654 or
email mbaldauf@eastminsterpres.org to sign up.

Serving on Sunday
Deacon Brian Blackwelder
DEACONS: Lisa Dunbar, Connie Chase
Deacon Kim Leighton (Jubilee)
Deacon Tom Griffin (Jubilee)
Ushers: Don Helms & Milton Moore
(9:00) Peter & Jane Brissette
John & Agnes Asman
Kathy Winterhalter
Danielle Wooden-Lehman
Bill & Susan Coggins
(11:15) George & Phyllis Beighley
Craig Freeman
Joe & Jane Anderson
Steve & Sharon Bryant
(9:00) Katie Alice & Drew Walker
(11:15) Virginia & Nate Henderson
(9:00) Staff
(11:15) Kelty & Matt Riddle
2-K ROOM - CLC 119
(9:00) Mollye & Zack Hudson
(11:15) Elizabeth & George Hutton
(9:00) Ashley & Matt Jeffords
(11:15) Trae & Brie Judy
(9:00) Robb & Jenny Brown
(11:15) Myles & Olivia Burns
(9:00) Scott & Elizabeth Barber
(11:15) Bryce & Elizabeth Bigger

pat buyck
Patricia (Pat) Buyck joined Eastminster in 1992.
Pat is a retired General Contractor and she has
a daughter and two grandchildren. She attends
the Spiritual Discoveries Class, volunteers at the
CLC, is active in the Presbyterian Women and
Savvy Seniors. Pat’s vision for EPC is to learn, pray
and care for one another by seeking growth through
Biblical Equipping. Each person can growing their faith, commit their
lives into God’s care, thank Him for His many blessings and worship Him
as he deserves, through the many opportunities offered here at Eastminster.
Robert F. Fuller
Bobby, a self-employed attorney, has been a
member of Eastminster since 1973. He has two
sons and three grandchildren. He has served
previously as both an elder and deacon. Bobby
has taught Sunday school for 35 years, taught
Kerygma, is on the Prayer Matters Team, attends
Men’s Bible study, is former Clerk of the Session, has served on numerous church committees, including pastor
search committees, Courts, and Stewardship, to mention a few.
Bobby is the Moderator of the Trinity Presbytery Council; Presbytery Trustee; Commissioner to Synod of South Atlantic and General Counsel, in addition to having other duties at the Presbytery.
His community involvement includes, the Salvation Army Advisory Board (Life Member), Certified Barbecue Judge and S.C. Bar
House of Delegates.
Isaiah 43:19 says “Behold, the Lord our God is doing a new thing and
wonders shall break forth. Can you see them?” Our God is faithful, not
static. To do His will, we must earnestly seek to understand what it is
every day. As a church, EPC must be willing to consider that comfortable traditions may need a renewal of understanding to accommodate
the Lord’s “new thing.” Our vision ought always to be in response to
God’s call on us; not a call from us, that God endorse and bless our own
positions of comfort in any aspect of ministry or mission.
C. Michael Gorman
Michael has been a member of Eastminster since
1998 and works as a financial consultant with
AXA Advisors. He and his wife, Robin, live in
downtown Columbia. Michael has served with
the Day School Committee, is a member of the
Spiritual Discoveries Sunday school class, has
been a Bethel, Alpha and Kerygma participant,
and is an usher and greeter. He is a member of the Columbia Rotary Club, Salvation Army and YMCA.
Michael believes God has already called Eastminster to use our resources
to make an impact in our community and in various ministries
around the world. He believes that we are making great strides in that
responsibility. As EPC is a growing church, he feels that God wants us
to be an engaged congregation. Our faithfulness in weekly worship and
Sunday School Bible study helps us focus our attention on God. He
has always felt that Sunday school classes brought him closer to other
Christians and deepened his faith. He would like to see Eastminster
actively help new members and non-attending current member, find a
Sunday school home. The classes themselves will develop the relationship
to bring about active participation.
Jack S. hupp
Jack joined Eastminster in February of 2010. He
served as an Elder at Novato (CA) Presbyterian
Church 1980-1984. He is retired, and he and
his wife, Marilyn, have two children and five

Jack participates in the Men’s Prayer Breakfast, Ushers, Treasurer for
the Savvy Seniors (collects the money at each meeting, accounts for it
and turns it into the church treasurer); participated in small group Vision 2020 discussions; and has helped at the CLC Information Desk.
He is active in the community as a Board Advisor and Past President
of the Columbia Rotary Club; Retired Army Colonel; Executive
Committee & Past President, Association of U.S. Army Palmetto State
Chapter at Fort Jackson; Past Chairman of the Fort Jackson Retiree
Council; Executive Committee and Board of the Capital City Club;
Past President of the Summit Club; VP of Tall Pines Condominium
Association (44 Units) at Pawleys Island; Retired President, Seibels
Bruce & Co; Former President and CEO of the Greater Columbia
Chamber of Commerce; Trustee of Columbia College for 12 years
and further service on its Board of Visitors; Past President of the USC
University Associates; Former Chairman of the USC Medical School
Partnership Board, the Midlands Technical College Foundation Board,
Cultural Council, United Way, USC Educational Council Committees; and numerous other community activities.
He believes Eastminster is and has been one of the leaders in the Columbia
region, with a ministry staff that serves as a magnet to draw participation
from all ages. The Vision 2020 project is just beginning and provides a
solid foundation for the aftermath of the current reconstruction program…
with an unlimited outlook for the future. My wife and I took Kerygma
One and learned a great deal about the bible…but we also learned about
how much we don’t know.

children’s Sunday school for many years, is a member of the Daughters of Deborah Sunday School Class, has taken the Kerygma class
and is on the Transitions Committee. She has been a member of the
Midlands Tech faculty for 23 years, volunteered at area schools to talk
about careers in science, and volunteers for the SC Federation of the
Blind. She believes God is calling EPC to share its time and resources
with those in need both locally and abroad. By helping others whenever
and wherever they are, we can strengthen our relationship with God every
day of the week and praise Him beyond the church service on Sunday.

john M. leighton
John joined Eastminster in 2004. He and his
wife, Kim, have two sons Charles and Sanders.
He has served previously as a Deacon, Moderator of the Diaconate, Personnel, Evangelism
and Membership committees, a member of the
JOY Sunday School class, youth leader and
Celebration of Faith Committee. John believes
God is calling Eastminster to be ever mindful that we are servants and
members of His kingdom. As members of the Eastminster family, we must
be in constant prayer and focus on our spiritual gifts to glorify God. We
utilize these gifts through our time, our talent, and giving back to God
the treasures He has given us.

phyllis S. trippe
Phyllis is a retired nurse, and has been an Eastminster
member since 1989. She and her husband, Paul, have
two children, Preston and Allie. Phyllis is presently
involved in Prayer Matters, women’s Bible study,
PW Circle, young adult Sunday school, as a Brownie UNAVAILABLE
leader and Cub Scout leader. She is active in the
community as a past leader in Bible Study Fellowship, chaplain of the Crape Myrtle Garden Club, SC
Deb Ball chairperson, and street representative for the Wales Garden
Neighborhood Assoc. She believes the most important calling any
person or church can have is the sharing of God’s love and word through
discipleship. Discipleship not limited to other cities or countries, but by
sharing here, in our own city, neighborhood and homes.

robert mcwilliams
Robert is a child of the church having been
baptized and confirmed at Eastminster. He is a
professional engineer, and he and his wife, Susi,
have three sons, Robert, Jr., Larry and John.
Robert has served with Habitat for Humanity, on
the Officer Nominating Committee, previously
served as a Deacon, has chaired both the Usher
Guild and Property Committee, taught third grade Sunday School,
and the Communicants’ class. He worked in the community with the
Boy Scouts and served on their Board of Directors. Robert believes
God is calling EPC to share the love of Christ through service to
others in our community, as well as to the world through education,
service and mission. His vision for answering this call is to daily strive
to follow the teaching of our Lord; to find ways to serve those around me;
to be an active member of EPC and discern what God would have EPC
do to minister to those around us in need; and to further god’s kingdom
on earth.
Ellison D. robinson
Ellison has been a member of Eastminster since
April 1991. She is a faculty member in the Science Dept. at Midlands Technical college. She
and her husband, Clay, have three children,
Henry, Meredith and Sam. Ellison has taught

Catherine P. theus
Catherine became a member of Eastminster in
1986 and has served previously as a Deacon. She
and her husband, Walt, have two daughters. She
served Eastminster on the NED, Safe Church,
and Nominating committee, has been a Sunday
School teacher, is a Bradley Lunch Buddy, Vision
20/20 small group leader, VBS teacher/leader,
Presbyterian Women, MS youth advisor and is on the 2013 Prayer
Team. She volunteered previously at her children’s schools. Catherine
believes God is calling EPC to be an active community of believers
who strive to strengthen faith of all those who enter our buildings
and to share that faith with Columbia and the world. Her vision is
for the church to provide opportunities and encouragement for members
to grow their faith and put that faith into action.

H. wehman sieling
Wehman joined Eastminster in 1953 and has
served as an elder and deacon previously. He is
retired, and he and his wife, Anne, have an adult
son. Wehman is a Captain for the count team,
former active Stephen minister, Kitchen Team,
Men’s Prayer Breakfast, substitute usher, Care
Team member, and previously served on Personnel.
He attends a Thursday Morning Prayer Breakfast.
Discerning God’s will is not always easy, so I fall back to what Jesus said in
Matthew 22:37-38. “You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all
your soul, and all your mind, this is first and greatest commandment. A second
is equally important, love your neighbor as yourself.” Given that Eastminster is
a church rich in resources, both material and human, then all that remains is a
heart to do it. We can be a church that does not wonder how it can be done, but
one that knows with God’s help it will happen. Brick & mortar are important
(to some extent), but are we willing to commit an equal amount in the coming
year for direct service only to others? We are a church that cares for its flock as
well as those beyond our membership. May we continue this effort and create a
spiritual environment that is inviting and comfortable for folks from all walks of
life. If we as a congregation surrender ourselves to God’s love and directions, and
pray for His help, what we do will be pleasing in His sight!

for the
as proposed by the
Eastminster Officer Nominating Committee
At the direction of the Session, the congregation is called
to meet on Sunday, August 24, 2014, at the conclusion of the
11:15 a.m. worship service.
The Nominating Committee has contacted these nominees,
and they have agreed to serve, if elected. If elected, they will
serve a three-year term.
Any member of Eastminster Presbyterian Church has the
right to make further nominations from the floor at the meeting, provided that the nominator has permission from the
nominee and assurance of that person’s willingness to serve.
Further nominations shall not be considered as a rejection of
these nominees or of the Nominating Committee. Our Presbyterian form of Government encourages such action as an
expression of our freedom to choose anyone whom we feel to
be qualified. Please make every effort to attend the meeting on
August 24. Your participation in the elections process is vital
to the life of the church.
“Elders and Deacons should be persons of faith, dedication, and
good judgment. Their manner of life should be a demonstration
of the Christian gospel, both within the church and in the world.”
The Book of Order
Presbyterian Church (USA)

scott barber
Scott joined Eastminster in 2005 and is a
software engineer. He and his wife, Elizabeth,
have three children, Ivey, Mary Elizabeth
and Julian. Scott serves on the EDS Council
and the Communications Committee. He
believes God is calling Eastminster to continue
its commitment to ministry, education, and serving. He sees himself
as being involved at EPC using technology to help engage the church
community more informatively. He cannot do this, but God can.
Scott trusts God will use him to fulfill His plan.
peteR M. balthazor
Pete joined Eastminster in 2009. He and his

wife Elizabeth have a son, Michael, and Pete
is an attorney. He attends the Hope Sunday
School Class, has been a Bradley Lunch Buddy
for the last 3 years, attended an Advent Retreat, was in a Vision 2020 small group, Alpha
class, D-Group participant, Asst. Basketball Coach for EPC
youth league. Pete has served as the past chair of the Satchel
Ford School Improvement Council, Cub Scouts co-den leader,
pack treasurer, and a youth soccer coach. He believes Jesus
tells us to “Love your God with all your heart...” and to “Love
you neighbor as yourself.” This second commandment is God’s
seemingly simply way of telling us how to live in today’s world.
He believes God is calling EPC to first support, love, and strengthen
one another in our church family in order that we might be a good
example, set a high standard, and be a helping, loving, humble,
and compassionate hand in the larger community.

mary D. counts
Mary joined Eastminster in 1950. She is
retired, and she and her husband, Oliver,
have three children. She has participated in
the PW circles, is active in Savvy Seniors,
serving as president for two years. She has
attended the Bethel and Alpha classes, and
is a member of the Frank Harden Sunday
school class. Mary is active as a Board Member of the Golden
K Kiwanis Club, is an active YMCA member, and currently a
Chairman’s Roundtable member and a frequent blood donor
to the American Red Cross. She recently volunteered to help at
the Soup Cellar when called upon, and currently is serving on a
monthly Count Team.
She believes God is calling Eastminster to continue to grow in faith
and service. We are called to witness by the way we live our lives
that we may glorify God, and to love our neighbor as ourselves.
Our spiritual growth is to be nurtured by prayer and strong Bible
study. There are many opportunities at Eastminster to answer God’s
call and to fulfill our vision through benevolences, Music Ministry,
Missions, Youth, Children’s, and Adult Ministry. She believes we
are called to use our time and talents and to be good stewards of
all that we have. With the love and support of our pastors and the
strong leadership of our congregation, she believes we will see the
fruition of our Vision 2020.

Connie D. derrick
Connie joined Eastminster in 2009. She is an
educator, and she and her husband, George,
have four children. She is currently a Bradley
Lunch Buddy, attends Sunday school, Wednesday Night Bible Study Classes, participated
in Vision 2020 and the Alpha Class. She is
involved in the community with Relay for Life, Walk for Life,
Harvest Food Bank, Allen University Advisory Board, Columbia
College Principals’ Panel, and is an officer in her Homeowners
Association. She believes God is challenging Eastminster to be
of greater service to others. At a time when our society has become
so “centered” on its own personal wants and needs, it would be very
easy to apply that societal expectation to church ministry. The church
does have a responsibility to care for its own members. However,
if the main purpose is to focus inward, then she believes we are
neglecting the charge Jesus gave us in “The Great Commission.”
Whether we are serving through church or community missions,
we must be continually mindful of and listen to God’s direction
for our lives and the life of our church.
For many years, her primary avenue for service has been through
her occupation as a principal of an elementary school. However,
since I have retired, I feel that God is leading me to a new avenue.
Recently, I heard this prayer and it helped me make my decision to
accept the nomination to become a Deacon at Eastminster:
“Now go in peace and bless the world: you go nowhere by accident.
Where you are going…God is sending you. And where you are…He
has placed you. God has a purpose for your life…right where you are.
Christ Jesus—who indwells you—has something that He wants to do
in and through your life…right where you are. Believe this…and
go in His love and in His grace and in His power…” (Dr. Richard
Halverson, PCUSA minister). She knows that God has a purpose for
her life and she must be open and willing to respond to His call. I
believe that He can use me right where I am in my spiritual life, and
through service, I can become much stronger in my faith. Even though
I do not feel worthy, I am willing to serve as a Deacon of Eastminster.

Jennifer E. Rayfield
Jennifer has been a member of Eastminster
since 1997. She and her husband, Patrick,
have two daughters, Anna and Julia. Jennifer
works part-time at Jamie Scott Fitness, where
she also enjoys working out. She is a member
of the Hope Sunday School Class and Circle
6. She assists in serving supper to the youth on Sunday evenings,
serves as a greeter before worship, previously served in the following areas: Stephen Minister, Elementary Sunday School teacher,
Vacation Bible School volunteer, EPC Girl Scout Leader and Alpha
Co-Leader. In her free time, Jennifer is the biggest cheerleader at
Anna’s dance performances and Julia’s soccer & basketball games,
and, of course, all USC games! Jennifer is also a former member
of The Junior League of Columbia.
Jennifer believes WMHK 89.7 FM music is powerful. It provides me
with a daily pep talk from God. My favorite song right now is Matthew West’s “Do Something.” West says, “It’s not enough to do nothing.
It’s time for us to do something.” I believe Eastminster is following
God’s calling by providing assistance in local and foreign missions.
Use me; that is my vision for answering the call to become a Deacon
at Eastminster. Years ago on a family Mission Trip in Asheville, our
trip’s bible verse, Micah 6, made a huge impact on my life. “And
what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and
to walk humbly with your God.” Use me, Lord. Use me, Eastminster.

Christopher W. Johnson
Chris has been a member of Eastminster
since 2003. He and his wife, Millie, have
two children, Curry and Evin Cate. Chris is
an attorney with Gignilliat, Savitz & Bettis.
He participates at Eastminster in the Jubilee
Band playing bass guitar, is an A/V presenter
for Jubilee and a small group leader. Chris
believes that God is calling Eastminster to a
deeper understanding of God’s love and grace and to respond to that
love and grace within our congregation and without. We can do this
by working in smaller groups on missions identified by the church and
also by reflecting on living God’s love in our daily lives.

justin self
Justin joined Eastminster in 2012. He and his
wife, Laura, have an infant son, Bascom. He
is in the Army National Guard and works with
Transportation Logistics. He serves Eastminster
as a High School Youth Group leader, Guys
Bible Study Leader, is on the Evangelism committee, and serves at Transitions. he is a greeter
and a welcome desk manager, volunteers to run the projector in
the Jubilee Service, is an EDS parent, and attends the Gifts Sunday
School class. He believes God is calling this congregation to be a
church set apart for Christ – A place of discipleship where members
diligently study the Word and strive daily to live it out. He sees the
Holy Spirit active in the lives of our youth, their parents, and our senior
members, calling each of us to serve wherever the Lord leads, using our
abundant blessings to serve those in need. He sees people worshipping
our God in everyday events as we give Him glory for all He has done
and continues to do. To do all of these things we must give ourselves
fully to Christ and His work in this world, seeking always to live a
life worthy of His calling.

scot M. seigler
Scot became a member of Eastminster in
2002. He and his wife, Jennifer, have two
children Sam (10) and Ella (8). Scot attends
the Joy Sunday School Class and is a part of
the Eastminster Lawn Care Team. He has
participated in Children’s Church on Sunday
morning. He participated in “Stop Hunger
Now,” Bradley Lunch Buddies and the Costa Rico Mission Trip.
Scot attends an early morning downtown Bible study. He believes
God is calling Eastminster to missions and local fellowship outside
of EPC (walls are so important). By taking action in a support role
and rallying younger generations to help assist in this vision of mission
and fellowship, Eastminster will provide vital energy to accomplish
this goals.

margaret C. smolka
Margaret joined Eastminster in 1998. She and
her husband, Jeff, have three children, Meredith
14, Elizabeth and William, both 11. She is a
stay-at-home Mom and does part-time Food
Quality Consulting. She is a member of Parents
w/ Teens Class, Youth Sunday School teacher,
Member of Circle 6, EPW Coordinating Team, Fellowship Committee, Kitchen Ministry, Food for the Soul, Girl Scout leader, and
VBS volunteer. In the community she is active with the Meadowfield
Elementary PTO, Hand Middle School volunteer, Hampton Garden
Club, and a Hunting Creek Swim Team volunteer. Eastminster is
blessed with a large congregation of people at different places in their spiritual journeys. She believes that God is calling the members of Eastminster
to be friends in the faith to those searching for a church home and those
who are feeling a nudge, but don’t know how to answer. With its many
service projects, ministries and Christian Education opportunities, EPC’s
current members can and should encourage new members and visitors to
recognize and use their spiritual gifts to best serve the Lord, each other
and the community.

doris j. stapel
Doris was confirmed at EPC in 1955. After college
graduation in 1965, she moved to Virginia and
transferred her membership. In 2006 after retirement
she returned to Columbia and rejoined EPC. She is
married to Ed, and they have two children and one
She is active at Eastminster with the Presbyterian Women as a Circle Leader,
devotional leader, Moderator and Moderator-elect; Circle project leader for
St. Lawrence Place; representative to Church Women United; participation
in Bible study classes, Circle of Giving, and St. Lawrence Place Christmas
party; EPW pilgrimage to Israel; and writing Lenten and other devotionals.
Activities at other churches: Sunday school and VBS teacher; participation
in various Bible studies and classes; Circle member and treasurer; Served on
Council of Ministries as head of Global missions; and Sunday school class
member. She serves the community as a Friends of the RCP Library; Book
Club; Member/supporter of SC State Museum, Columbia Art Museum,
and Riverbanks Zoo; Alumna and Donor of Queens University and Virginia
Polytechnic Institute.
Doris believes God is calling Eastminster to be a witness for our Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ by preaching the Good News of the Gospel. As faithful servants we are
called to live upright lives. We are called to help those who are less fortunate than
we, to give generously, wisely, and joyously of our time and money to His work,
both locally and in the larger, worldwide community. She believes we are called
to demonstrate our thankfulness for His never-ending grace by “glorifying God and
enjoying Him forever” and by “loving our neighbors as ourselves.”

Sally Ames
Pam Halligan, Chair
Elizabeth Abramson
Jim Hatchell
Myles Burns
Carol Hill
Lucy Corley
Matt Reynolds
Sara Davis
Steve Searcy, Vice Chair