Strategic Marketing

Marketing Strategy

Strategic marketing deals with Product line strategy,
corporate reputation, branding strategic planning,

Marketing strategy is one type of functional strategy.
Other functional strategies include HRM strategy,
financial strategy and Sales strategy.

Strategic marketing is a Planning process

Marketing strategy is implementation of a strategy.

Strategic marketing related to the corporate level for
example CEO& Director, in which we allocate budget to
each strategic business units(SBU), downsizing SBU

Marketing strategy is related to product manager level in
which we create the marketing strategy for some product
(for example Price, distribution & promotion)

Strategic marketing cover how an organization intends
market its brands, product and services etc.

Marketing strategy would take guidance from the above,
but would be more streamlined for a particular product
or service.

Strategic Marketing is at the organizational level

Marketing strategy would be at the level of each
marketing initiative.
Strategic marketing provides direction and analyses the
market, competitors, customers and the capability of the
organization by focusing on geographic, demography
and behaviour of customers.

Marketing strategy focuses on the company’s products
and their positioning in relation to sales competition and
customers. Marketing plans ensure that concrete and
clear actions, approaches and methodologies are
undertaken to achieve the same.

Strategy is a plan you device to differentiate all internal
and external processes in your value chain, from your
competition, with one clear outcome in mind. The
outcome which the value chain should be tailored to
achieve is the corporate vision.
Marketing strategy is a roadmap of how you plan to
differentiate all activities which has an impact on the
customer, in relation to the competitive environment,
where the theme of differentiation is the corporate
Strategic marketing is the process planned to attain the
organizational goal
Marketing strategy is one of the functional strategies
towards that goal.

Strategic Marketing is using identified resources,
capabilities, processes and services
creatively/strategically in hope to leverage a return on
investment to all involve stakeholders.

Marketing strategy is the plan/holy grail that sets out
how you intended to use the predetermined marketing
/organizational tools, resources, capabilities and /or
services in hope to leverage an intend to use the
predetermined marketing/organizational tools, resources,
capabilities and /or services in hope to leverage an
intended return on investment to all stakeholders.

Strategic marketing is the process of continuously making alterations to the marketing strategy, with feedback from
your external environment.
Strategic marketing is intended as a stage of analysis which is a premise to strategic decision related to the
competitive positioning and in general, to the mission of the firm.
After the business plan is made, every department in the organisation makes their own strategy of making things
happen. So to implement our marketing objectives, the marketing strategy is made.
Strategic marketing is a marketing orientation based on the strategic issues of how companies identify and create
superior value for their customers compared to their rivals. The purpose of strategic marketing is the company gains
a competitive advantage in its industry.