(Nov 7-15, 2013) ─ HITDC dele

gation of 11 investors including
businessmen and women jour-
neyed across the Atlantic on a
United Airlines Boeing 787
Dream liner direct flight to the
Federal Republic of Nigeria to
visit Ministers and private sector
executives in the capital city
Abuja and most populated Lagos.
The West African nation is the #1
exporter of crude oil to the U.S
from Africa and #1 importer of
Texas agriculture products and
myriad non-oil products.
Val Thompson, President and
CEO of HITDC, Inc. on behalf of
the Mayor of Houston and the
City Council in presenting gifts
to Governor Seriake Dickson of
Bayelsa State who hosted a
Texas-style breakfast for the
delegation. Mr. Thompson also
conferred mementos to the Min-
ister of Communication & Tech-
nology and Minister of Works.
On behalf of the Mayor of Hous-
ton, Mr. Thompson presented a
written request to the Minister of
Foreign Affairs to establish a
consulate in Houston as it boasts
the highest population of Nigeri-
ans in the U.S. Considered “The
Heart of Africa”, Nigeria offers
unlimited opportunities for inves-
tors in the Oil & Gas, Construc-
tion, Agriculture (Rice Produc-
tion), IT, Communication Tech-
nology and Real Estate industries.
Free Trade Zones, competitive
incentives, and the opportunity to
keep 100% profit bodes attractive
for investors yearning to get a
foothold in the country that has
garnered the second largest econ-
omy in Africa and abundant re-
sources in natural gas, petroleum,
iron ore, coal and many other pre-
cious minerals.
The HITDC’s mission to create
economic opportunities for Hous-
ton area small and medium-sized
enterprises by promoting trade &
investment opportunities was real-
ized as several members of the
delegation are in the process of
finalizing contract agreements
through the Private Private Part-
nership (PPP) Model a strategy of
Nigeria Vision 2020. The genu-
inely-warm hospitality extended
by Nigerians complemented by the
high-level business acumen and
professionalism made for an excit-
ing and memorable occasion for
the delegation.
HITDC Trade Development Mission to Nigeria November 2013
Trade Development Mission To China
On December 10 to 16 Dr. Jim Wu, HITDC
Chairman and Val Thompson, President organ-
ized and lead a delegation of eight Houston area
businessmen on a trade development mission to
Tianjin and Pu Yang, China. The purpose of the
mission was to seek business opportunities in
China's oil & gas equipment industries.

A Publication of Houston International Trade Development Council Inc.
January 2014
First Quarter 2014
Volume 2 , Issue 1
Special points of interest:
 Trade Development Mission
to Nigeria
 Trade Development Mission
to China
 2014 Upcoming Events
 Global Seven (G7) Awards
 Trade Development Mission
to Liberia 2014
 Trade Development Mission
to Myanmar & Malaysia

Inside this issue:
Presidents Message 2
Trade Mission to China 2013 2
From the Chairman 2
Upcoming Events 3
Global Seven (G7) Awards 3
Executive Committee 3

International Focus Quarterly Newsletter
International Trade Center
11110 Bellaire Blvd., Suite 222
Houston, Texas 77072
Val Thompson & Minister of
Foreign Affairs. Abuja, Nigeria.
Val Thompson & Gov. Dickson.
Abuja, Nigeria.
HITDC Delegation, Visiting Gov.
Mansion in Abuja Nigeria.
HITDC Delegation with Chairman Dr. Jim Wu
and President Val Thompson. Tianjin, China.
Continuation Pg 2
“ Trade reduces poverty, free and fair trade is the great equalizer”
Non– Profit 501 © 3
milestones for the year 2013 in
terms of trade development, how-
ever, we don’t plan to rest on our
laurels going forward.
*Making a cultural and economic
impact for Houston area SMEs
though our programs that bring
awareness of International oppor-
tunities available throughout our
regional focus.
*Leveraging existing relationships
with our partners locally and
*Participating collaboratively with
local International trade organiza-
tions and Institutions for cultural
and economic development.
We did not create theses suc-
cesses alone. Throughout our
short history we’ve enjoyed
working closely with the US
Commercial Service, the Interna-
tional Trade Center-Houston
(ITC) the Houston World Affairs
Council and the City of Houston
Mayor’s Office of Protocol and
International Affairs.
This support has given us the
freedom to create programs and
services which has allowed
HITDC to grow into an Interna-
tionally recognized trade devel-
opment organization that assist
Houston area SMEs all over our
regional focus while advising
foreign organizations on how to
do the same. The year 2014 we
plan to expand to even greater
*We share the secrets of our
success with many other Interna-
tional trade organizations, Cham-
bers of Commerce throughout
our regional focus of Africa,
Asia, the Caribbean, Central and
South America.
*This effective approach is how
we will continue to assist our
members and participants maxi-
mize their global trade potential,
credibility and profitability in
President’s Message
Trade Mission to China Continuation from Pg 1
The delegation met with manufactures of drilling, pump, down- hole, valve, jack up, coupling and many other various oilfield equipment
and they were very impressed of the quality of the Chinese manufactured tools. In Tianjin they were treated with warm hospitality which
is very common with the Chinese business tradition. HITDC officers were welcomed with a tour of one of the organization Advisory
Board Members headquartered in Tianjin, China. In the city of Pu Yang, China the delegation had a similar experience with the District
Promotional team who lead them on tours of factories that manufactured truck, offshore and onshore drilling rigs platforms. Overall, the
trade development mission was a success and the HITDC delegation was please with the outcome
Page 2 ifocus

Since our
founding in
2008, in the
span of five
years Houston
Trade Devel-
opment Coun-
cil (HITDC)
has operated
and settled
into an of-
fice in the
International Trade Center-
Houston, Texas, USA.
During this time we’ve provided
hundreds of Houston area Small &
Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with
high-value trade information and
services that they need in order to
compete and succeed in the global
marketplace via trade mission and
forums. We’ve reached important
Val Thompson
President & CEO
HITDC Delegation in Pu Yang , China 2013
HITDC Delegation in Pu Yang , China 2013
HITDC Delegation in Tianjin , China 2013
HITDC Delegation in Tianjin , China 2013
HITDC Delegation in Pu Yang , China 2013


We are very excited to announce our first annual International awards presentation "Global Seven (G7) Awards." The awards will
be Identified to honor one corporation for its Socially Responsible Initiatives in the developing countries of our focus regions within
Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central and South America; We will present three awards to Small & Medium Enterprises( SMEs) in
Exporting, Importing and International Business Services; one award for a nonprofit organization that promotes International trade;
one award for an International Business Advocate organization, and one Individual award for "Global Impact." Our theme is "G7
Business Achievement Awards."

Also we will present scholarships to seven International students from Houston Community College (HCC). Each student must rep-
resent one of the seven global regions. Since the U.S. President's National Export Initiative (NEI) has a goal of doubling exports
within five years, our International Student Scholarships theme will be "Exporting Education."

We believe the "Global Seven (G7) Awards" will capture the hearts of Houston's International community. It will be well attended
and highly anticipated each year. The event will be held May 16, 2014, 6:00 to 9:00p.m. The venue is the Hilton Americas.


2014 Trade Missions
 Liberia
 Myanmar
 Malaysia
 Nigeria
Page 3 Volume 2 , Issue 1
From the Chairman, Dr. Jim Wu
“Chinese investment in the United States dou-
bled in 2013, driven by large-scale acquisitions
in food, energy and real estate” and as the largest
energy headquarter of the United States, Houston
will be more attractive for Chinese Investors.
After achieving two trade missions from Hous-
ton to China in 2013 and set up a office in Tian-
jin, China, Houston International Trade Develop-
ment Council will organize three trade missions
in 2014.
We will invite more Chinese Petroleum
Equipment Manufacturers including offshore
and onshore to visit Houston and help them to find investment opportu-
nities in Houston.
Based on the their request, Oil Fields, Oilfield Services Companies, and
Small and Mid-size Oil Equipment Manufacturer and Services Compa-
nies will be the target for Chinese Investors.
Dr. Jim Wu, Chairman

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