Internet Mapping – Assignment 2 (15%



The purpose of this assignment is to assess your understanding of MapServer, Map files and HTML
templates. Most of the information to complete this assignment can be found in module 5 and its
associated links on Desire2Learn. I would suggest studying the .map and .html files included with the
sample maps and tutorial if you are having troubles during the assignment. The final submission for this
assignment will be a single zip file containing all of the files to run an interactive map of Canada.
To complete this assignment you will need to create a directory within the directory:
C:\wwwroot\spring2014\Assignment2, using the format (Lastname_Firstname_Assign2). i.e. My name is Jason
Oldham so I would create a folder called Oldham_Jason_Assign2. This folder is where you will store all of
the files for this assignment.
For this assignment you will be creating an interactive map of Canada using the Canada.shp, Roads.shp
and Cities.shp files which can be found in: C:\wwwroot\spring2014\Assignment2\AssignmentData. For this
assignment you can manually create your Map file and HTML files or you can start with a Map file
generated by QGIS. You are also allowed to copy and paste sections of HTML or map file code from any
of the samples or tutorials to save from re-typing code that already exists. The final product from
Assignment 2 should be a well-designed and functional interactive map of Canada which meets all of the
criteria described below.
Internet Mapping – Assignment 2 (15%)

Criteria for Assignment 3 Interactive Map
The interactive map you create should have elements in it to meet the following criteria. You will also
need to add extra code to the file to enable querying which is described in more detail
General Criteria
 Map Size should be 500x500 pixels (square).
 Displayed using Lambert Conformal Conic projection.
 Extents showing all of Canada.
 Include a Scale Bar.
 Map background should be blue.
 Map should include Canada.shp, Roads.shp and Cities.shp.
Provinces Layer (Canada.shp)
 Each province should be a different color.
 Provinces layer should always be on.
 Provinces should be labeled using truetype Calibri Font.
Roads Layer (Roads.shp)
 Roads layer should be split into two classes “Expressway” and “Primary highway” based on the
“TYPE” field.
 Expressways should be red, have a line width of 2 and should always be visible if the layer is
 Primary highways should be black and have a line width of 1.
 Primary highways should only be visible when zoomed in past 1:2500000.
 Roads should not be labelled.
Cities Layer (Cities.shp)
 Should use the S3 symbol in the \wwwroot\samples\symbols directory. And should use the
symbols.sty style sheet created for the sample maps.
 Should only be visible when zoomed in past 1:2500000.
 Should be labelled when zoomed past 1:1000000 but otherwise should not be labelled.
Internet Mapping – Assignment 2 (15%)

HTML Design Criteria
The global.html file should have the following map controls but you have full control over how you want
to lay the design out on the page. Be creative, this is where some of the design/creativity marks will
come from. The layout below was achieved using an 800px wide table with the first column set to
510px to hold the map. You should also include your name in the title for the page as well as in the title
 There should be 5 check boxes to turn the layers and labels on and off. The labels should be off
by default. (Hint: Your labels may need to be separate layers for this).
 There should be 3 radio buttons to select between re-centering and the two zoom modes. Re-
center should be selected by default and the zoom level should be set to 2 (Hint: this is set in the
index.html file).
 There should be a dropdown box which allows you to set the maps “mode” between browse
and query. Browse should be the default.
 There should be a refresh/submit button which refreshes the map and displays/hides layers that
have been selected.
 There should be a link to a popup legend at the bottom of the map controls.

Internet Mapping – Assignment 2 (15%)

Querying Criteria
If Query mode is selected on the map you should be able to query only the roads layer and get a page
similar to the page displayed below.
 There should be a header and footer included which should describe what is being shown in the
 A map image of the queried feature should be shown.
o The map of the queried feature should be 500x500 pixels.
o The queried feature should be highlighted in green.
 A small table showing the ID (Hint: “[shpidx]”), Name and Type of the queried feature should be
under the image. This table should have clearly labelled headers.
 When no result is returned from the query a page stating that there were no results should be

Internet Mapping – Assignment 2 (15%)

Ensure all parts of the assignment have been completed and that all files have been saved into the
assignment folder. An example of what you assignment folder should look like can be seen in the image
Once you have confirmed all of your assignment files are in the directory named
Lastname_Firstname_Assign2, compress the folder and all of its contents into a .zip or .rar file.
To submit the assignment upload the zip file as an attachment using the assignment 2 submission drop-
box on Desire2Learn.
Remember, marks will be taken off for improper naming or structuring of files so please ensure you have
followed the directions for submission.

Assessment for this assignment will follow the outline below and will come to a total of 100 pts. This
assignment is worth 15% of the final mark for this course.
Assessment Points
Inclusion of all required Criteria 50 points
Functionality 30 points
Design/Creativity 15 points
Structure and File Naming 5 points