Writing allows a person to reveal and compose the innermost thoughts of her soul and mind.

Influential writers are able to reach vast audiences through important pieces of work while others write
personal expressions in sealed notebooks or diaries. Although I’m not a Jane Austen, I have been able to
become a new writer and develop as a person. Throughout this semester, I have been able to explore my
writing abilities by opening doors to new ways of thinking, and I have gained insight from fellow writers.
I am thankful for how this course has positively affected my composition and how it has given me a
personal, clear style of writing.
As a child, I always read stories of fantasy and fiction filling my mind with extraordinary ideas.
By the sixth grade, I was writing new journal entries, stories, articles, and letters almost every week
because writing had become my passion. As I matured and changed throughout the years, I lost my sense
of fantasy and vision for writing, and I admit that I lost my touch and admiration for it. I lacked
sensitivity towards abstract thinking and putting words on paper. As I entered into English 104, I didn’t
know how deep of a hole I dug myself into. After receiving my first grade on my reflection essay, I knew
that I had become a weak writer, and it became a primary goal to strengthen my weaknesses. I was told
that I write spiritually, but I don’t allow myself to see any negativity or opposition. As the semester went
on, I believe that I permitted my mind to form to criticism and insight from those around me. I believe
that my weaknesses have improved significantly, but there is always room for improvement. I have once
again gained my passion for writing, and I am back with a better perspective to issues around me.
Learning different perspectives definitely took some adaptation, but I believe that I have
succeeded in gaining this skill from this course. I remember walking into my English class on the first day
not knowing anybody. I was very skeptical of everyone and analyzed the conversations and actions
around me. After a few classes and peer reviews, I learned that the people in my class were incredible.
They all had unique perspectives and angles to writing and life in general. I learned this not only through
one-on-one interactions with my peer review group, but I also experienced this through meaningful,
controversial, and opinionated class conversations. Because my class and I were engaged to discuss
certain topics, my perception improved, and it indulged itself in the differences of opinions that had been
once confined to the corners of my mind. I believe that this was the greatest thing that I learned, and I am
excited and open to expanding my way of thinking through the similarities and differences of those
around me.
By the last paper, I believe that this new skill played a role in how I wrote and researched my
topic, but I am still proud of the work and effort I invested into my previous papers. My first paper, the
reflection essay, was hard for me to write because I had not written anything with significance or deep
meaning for a while. I did not have anything dramatic to write about, and I assumed that my chosen topic
would bore my instructor. After bearing my heart out one night, I realized that this paper described me as
a person and as a writer. I want the reader to see the struggle that I faced in my experience and how I
grew. I not only developed in one area, but I also grew as a person through a gentle, unexpecting
experience. This paper shows spiritual growth, and I believe it allows the reader to take part in the
character’s change of heart. My last paper was written about a completely different topic, but I believe it
allows the reader to rhetorically decide what is spiritually and morally correct through facts and research.
I chose to write on the violence of video games because it is a prime example that many see as something
that crosses the line of human principles. I allowed myself and the reader to rhetorically ask if violence in
video games is appropriate, and I gave room to the reader to form a personal opinion. Through research,
openness to opinions, and a strong position, I was able to write the persuasion paper with all of the skills I
acquired from English 104. My last paper is my strongest because I was able to incorporate a new twist
and perspective to my writing.
Although my style of writing hasn’t changed too much, I believe the things that I have learned
and picked up from English 104 have made me a better writer. I do not recognize the writer who stepped
into that first English class, and I’m excited for the future as a student and composer. I want to continue
writing spiritually but with an improved insight and sensitivity to the things and opinions around me. I
may not be Jane Austen, but I will get there eventually through learning experiences such as this.