Special tools, testers and items required

-Vag-Com,VAS 5051
-Adapter for oil filling VAS 6262
-Oil collecting tray
-Torque wrench V.A.G 1331
-5.5 liter DSG oil
-Oil filter
-Engine off - do not start!
-Place oil collecting tray underneath transmission
-Slowly remove filter housing; before removing filter housing from transmission, tip it slightly in its seating.
This allows oil to flow back into transmission from filter housing
-After you have inserted filter with - shoulder - downward, tighten housing to 20 Nm
-Raise vehicle
-Remove noise insulation tray
-Remove inspection plug A near pendulum support
-A black plastic overflow tube is located in this hole (with 8 mm hex socket head, torque specification: 3 Nm).
Its length determines oil level in transmission
-Remove this oil tube (about 5 liters of oil will drain)
-Reinstall overflow tube, 3 Nm
-Install adapter - A - from VAS 6262 hand-tight in inspection hole
-Shake oil containers before opening fill 5.5 liter DSG oil
To change bottles, shut-off valve can be closed or oil filler adapter VAS 6262 can be held higher than transmission
-Move through VAS 5051 until DSG oil temperature is displayed or
Vag-Com Select 02 Auto Trans go to Meas.Blocks-08 grup 019 and then GO.
-Now start engine
-Press brake and shift into each selector lever position for approx. 3 seconds. Place lever in position P again
Do not switch off engine!
-Wait till DSG oil temperature riches between 35 ° to 45 ° Celsius
-Disconnect quick-release coupling of adapter for oil filling VAS 6262 with engine running
-Let excess oil drain
-As soon as the oil has run out (it begins to drip), remove adapter for oil filling VAS 6262 and install bolt with new
seal - arrow -
-Tightening torque: 45 Nm
-Turn off engine
-Dispose of oil in an appropriate manner
-This completes changing oil and filter.