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Course Description

This rigorous course includes a review of first year Algebra I and all essential topics for a second year Algebra course.
Students enrolling in this class are expected to have successfully completed Algebra I and Geometry, where extraction
of information from both subjects is applied. Advanced and new topics include a thorough introduction to matrices,
determinants and their applications, exponential, logarithmic and polynomial functions and their graphs. In addition,
quadratic equations, complex numbers, rational exponents, and radical equations are also examined. It is recommended
that students in this class to have access to a graphing calculator so that they may use it as a tool to help facilitate their
learning and make connections to the concepts being learned.. The recommended model is the TI-83-Plus or TI-84.

Homework is a fact of life in mathematical courses. New topics are introduced each day that focus on
knowledge gained from previous lessons. Keeping pace with homework assignments, getting that daily
repetition on one’s own, will provide students with the ability to have questions or concerns on problems
clarified, as well as prepare them for the topics that follow. Homework will be assigned each day and will be
checked daily for completion; daily homework points are based on completion and not accuracy. Homework
must be done in pencil and is worth 2 points. No partial credit will be given and no credit will be given to
assignments that do not show formulas, calculations, and steps that are necessary in completing the
assignment. In addition, homework will be randomly collected and graded throughout the course, allowing
me to assess student’s comprehension and accuracy. Late assignments will not be accepted unless excused.

Missed Assignments
Students will be permitted to make up missed assignments only if their absence from class is excused. An excused
absence does not mean the student is excused from completing the assignment, only that the assignment can be made
up. The number of days a student will have to complete missed assignments is equal to the number of days absent from
class plus an additional day. Students will not be allowed to make up quizzes, tests, or retake exams due to an
unexcused absence.

MATH 3315 - 3316
Course - Information

Dundee-Crown HIGH SCHOOL 2014 - 2015 School Year


Grades are cumulative through the end of each term and will be based only on demonstrated mastery of concepts and
development of skills. Students will be graded in total points earned in the areas homework, class/group activities,
participation, quizzes, tests, and final exam. Final grade will be based on:

20% - Homework/Classwork
60% - Assessments (Quizzes and Tests)
20% - Final Exam

A: 100 – 90 B: 89 – 80 C: 79 – 70 D: 69 – 60 F: 59 and below

Grades will be updated in Infinite Campus every week. Due to the complexity of student work, as well as class size,
assignments will not always be immediately returned, although I will do my best to get them back to you as soon as
possible. Your parent/guardian will also be notified if you are in danger of failing, your grade drops significantly, or if
you have been disruptive in class.

Course Overview
As a result of being successful in Advanced Algebra II, students will know and be able to evaluate, solve, graph, and
apply algebraic expressions, equations, and inequalities. Also, they will be able to apply concepts of matrix algebra,
logarithms, sequences, and probability to real world situation.
MA.HA2: Students will be able to simplify algebraic expressions, translate from verbal to algebraic form,
solve and graph linear equations, inequalities, and absolute value inequalities and equations. (9C)
MA.HA2: Students will be able to graph linear equations, generate equations from data and apply linear
functions to real world situations. (9C)
MA.HA2: Students will solve systems of linear equations graphically and develop algebraic methods to
solve systems of linear equations in two and three variables. Students will create graphic
representations of solutions of systems of linear inequalities and apply these solutions to real
world situations as linear programming problems. (9C, 5B)
MA.HA2: Students will perform basic operations with matrices. They will evaluate the determinant of a
matrix and find the multiplicative inverse of a square matrix and apply this inverse so solving
systems of equations with matrix methods. (9C)
MA.HA2: Students will apply basic arithmetic operations to polynomials, radical expressions, and complex
numbers. They will express polynomials in factored form and solve equations and inequalities
involving polynomials, radicals and complex numbers. (8D, 6A, 7C, 6B, 9C)
MA.HA2: Students will solve quadratic equations. They will use the discriminant to find the nature of the
roots of a quadratic equation and show the relationship to the graph of a parabola. (8D, 9C)
MA.HA2: Students will perform operations, evaluate, solve, and graph polynomial functions and their
inverses. (8B, 8C, 8D)
MA.HA2: Students will analyze and graph equations of the conic sections. Students will also graph and
solve systems that contain conics. (8B, 9C)
MA.HA2: Students will perform operations with rational expressions and will solve and graph rational
equations and inequalities. (8B, 8D, 9C)
MA.HA2: Students will solve and graph exponential and logarithmic equations and apply to real world
situations. (6B, 6D, 7A, 8B, 8C, 9C)
MA.HA2: Students will apply formulae for arithmetic and geometric sequences and series. (6D, 8A)
MA.HA2: Students will apply counting techniques to probability situations. (9B, 9C)

1. Always be on time and ready to learn. Tardiness is unacceptable. You are expected to be in your seat
when the bell rings or you will be marked tardy. Consequences will be issued from the Dean’s office.
2. Students will show respect for their teacher and the ideas, feelings, and property of others.
When a member of the class is speaking, all others are to be listening. Responses must be appropriate to
the topic at hand.
3. Always raise your hand if you have something to say.
4. Always be prepared (2 inch binder, calculator, pencil).
5. Assignments are an important part of being successful in mathematics. Students are expected to
accurately complete all assignments on time.
6. Cheating, in any form, will not be tolerated. Any offense will result in loss of credit and a referral to the
Dean’s office. This includes copying of homework, and helping students who have not yet taken a
7. No swearing or use foul language. If caught swearing or use of foul language, a 1 minute detention for
every incident will be served immediately after the bell rings.
8. Participate in class and group activities.
9. Ask questions when confused. Students are to seek help when understanding of a topic is at a minimum.
10. Get signed materials in on time.
11. No sleeping, eating food, chewing gum, or rough play in class.
12. When a substitute is in the classroom, please be on your best behavior. If a substitute leaves me your
name for misbehavior/disruption, your parents will be notified of your actions and will be assigned a
13. Students will be allowed to go to bathroom and/or locker ONLY if he/she has their passport,
and after the lesson.
14. No lining up by the door before the bell rings (I dismiss you, not the bell).
15. No cell phones or iPods. Use of or playing with a cell phone or iPod will be confiscated and turned into
the main office.
16. Have fun.


If you do not understand something that we cover in class, PLEASE ASK!! I am very willing and helpful in
answering questions. If you have a question about your grade or I have reported a grade that you disagree on,
please talk to me. I will not always agree with you or change my mind, but I value your opinion, and I will
always listen. I try to be as accurate as possible, but even I am not perfect all the time. I strongly encourage you
to help others if the opportunity arises. We often learn the best by helping others.

Most importantly, I expect students to participate and ask questions on regular basis. Involvement increases

Lastly, I would like to welcome all of you to our class. I am very happy to have you. I wish you the best of luck
in the coming semester. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to bring them to my
attention. I hope you enjoy learning about Algebra.

Dear Parent(s) and/or Guardian(s),

The course syllabus reflects goals and objectives of Advanced Algebra II. Please read the syllabus along
with the classroom expectations with your child and complete the information below. Thank you.

MATH 3315 - 3316: Advanced Algebra II
I have read and understand the expectations as presented in the MATH 3315 - 3316: Advanced Algebra II.

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