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Million, or lacquer Sanskrit the 'lac' is derived from the word is understood. Probably due to the
millions of insects named wax had occurred.
Million a natural resin, synthetic resin as everyone else. Hence it 'gift of nature' call. There are
very subtle and insect million million resulting from your body and provide financial help. Million
in scientific language 'Lesifr Lakha is called.'Million' of the Sanskrit word 'mission' is derived
from the term, possibly due to countless females funds (ie goal) is to get the baby bugs. Worms
almost 34 thousand million kg. A colorful lakh and 14 thousand 4 hundred million kg
worms. Kusumi million to create.
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History [ edit ]
Since prehistoric Indian wisdom million people. Berne million in the
discussion. Mahabharata mentions the Laksha, which was erected for the accommodation of
the Pandavas Kauravas. Kaurven intended Laksha was put to death by burning the
Pandavas. Grasya The Arta (Gracia de Orta, 1563 E) lac dye and lacquer resin used in India is
mentioned. Ain - A - Akbari (1590 AD) The varnish also describes million, which was used at
that time R◌ँgne things. Tavnryen (Tavernier) its Yatravritant (1676 AD) of lac dye, which in
calico printing, and millions of resin, lacquer and polished to give the stamp was used in
construction, is mentioned.
Use [ edit ]
They are using the Cpde million. Million of refinement, and a special way shellac is
prepared. Shellac before extraction of dyes million million. Million in the gramophone record,
electrical instruments, such as separatist, varnish and polished to create specific types of
cement making and ink, powder binders in Shanckron work, creating millions to die and so, in
many works are used. Government of India Ranchi Namkum near Lac Research Institute is
established in which millions are working on research topics related to. The purpose of this
organization is to create advanced million, million and million Padavar increasing consumption
and for export abroad do not have to depend on demand.
Today, shellac wax used to make the tag, bangles and Palison building wooden toys R◌ँgne
silver and gold jewelery is to fill in the blanks. Million in utility due to its alcohol decompose
easily on heating thaw, strongly adhere to surfaces, calcification on cooling and electricity is
Achalkta. It is resistant to most organic Vilykon and weak bases like ammonia and borax
solution, it becomes binding properties.
By the 19th century the importance of million million was due to pigments, dyes million on the
construction of cheap synthetic dyes were reduced in importance. Captivating aura, especially
in the garments of silk, with a view to generate optimal lac dye is understood today, but it is
expensive and not sold anymore due to. Due to the importance of lacquer resin on it today, but
now has hundreds of cheap and large-scale synthesis of Rejinon are sold. All properties that are
not in a synthetic resin in a resin million. It is still demand for lac resin, how long it will remain in
demand, it is hard to say. Some people have the idea that the future is bright as long as it is not
low enough to Utpadnkrc. Million a type of wax remains, called the lac wax.
Production [ Edit ]
Million, is generated by insects. Lac insect pests, or Lasifr Lakka (Laccifer lacca) says. This
Coksidi (Coccidae) of the total insect. It belongs to the same genus is the bug insect of the
order. Lac insect that feeds on certain trees, India, Burma, Indonesia and Thailand are
propagated. India and Burma at a time millions were produced. Million in Indonesia and
Thailand have now grown and foreign countries, particularly in Europe and the USA, is sent to.
Fifty trees, on which the lac insect can grow, which in India is grown on trees million, these are -
• Safflower (Schleichera trijuga),
• Well (Acacia catechu),
• Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba),
• Palash (Butea frondosa),
• Strangle (Zizphus xylopyra) trees and
• Pigeon pea (Cajanus indicus) plant,
• Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia),
• Panjmn (Ougeinia dalbergioides),
• Cc (Albizzia stipulata),
• Pakd (Ficus infectoria),
• Fig (Ficus glomerata),
• Peepal (Ficus religiosa),
• Acacia (Acacia arabica),
• Be knuckles and
• Custard apple , etc.
Million by manure crop is grown for cut trees - Chha◌ँtkr is prepared. When new shoots grow out
when enough is seated million seed them.
There are two crops million. The Ktki - Aghni says the other one crutch - Jetvin says. Karthik,
Aghn, Bashak and Brother months to collect the raw million names mentioned above are lying
crops. June-July in the Ktki - Aghni crop crutch for October and November - are aligned Jetvi
million seed for crops. Set from two to ten million seed for a tree to set the seeds and raw
lacquer receive half times to three times. Aghni and raw million from crops Jetvi "Kusumi million"
raw million from crops of Baisakh and Kartik and "colorful million," he says. Receive more than a
million colorful million, although derived from Kusmi million million degrees is excellent. Million
of the crop "Erie" might be, or "Funki". Poa insect spray before leaving the Lakwali million is
being cut from her, that million "Erie" Million says. Insect million live in Erie, mature or immature
stages remain. After leaving the twig is cut poa of pests, get him to a million "Funki" Million
says. Funki million million extra dead remains of insects are female.