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Caleb Moore

Research Paper-Rough Draft
Gay Marriage: Right or Wrong?
On May 17, 2004 Massachusetts was the first U.S state to legalize same-sex marriage. This
caused major conflict in the U.S. Do other states want to legalize it as well? What about tax
benefits? All of these questions and many more came up as a result of the legalization of same-
sex marriage in Massachusetts. On May 17, 2004 the Goodridge v. Dept. of Public Health case
made its way to the Massachusetts Supreme Court and it was related to same-sex marriage and it
was won in favor of same-sex marriage. A poll of Massachusetts residents taken on November
1920, 2003, found that 50 percent supported the Supreme Judicial Court's decision to legalize
same-sex marriage, 38 percent opposed it, and 11 percent had no opinion; 53 percent opposed a
proposed constitutional amendment to define marriage as the union of a man and a woman and
36 percent supported it. The majority of the public opinion was for marriage equality for same-
sex couples.
Why about the 38% that opposed the Supreme Courts decision? Why do they not support same-
sex marriage? Well many factors play into this opinion that Gay Marriage is wrong and I do not
support it. Many of the people who opposed it are religious and many religions oppose the idea
of a homosexual all together so two homosexuals getting married would be totally out of the
question for them. Some of these are not religious and its just a generational thing. Many of the
people from the older generation oppose it because it is just plain new; not normal. The whole
idea that it is not normal is just absurd because many things are not normal or old-
fashioned. Some people view marriage as one man and one woman for life and it does not
always have to be like that. Change is good and if two adults love each other why should you
keep them from having their loving relationship recognized under the law? There is no reason at
all. Gay marriage does not affect anyone elses straight marriage so it should not be a problem.
If you take any married person and ask them how a same-sex marriage affects their marriage
they could not give an honest answer because it does not.
Scott Lee Peterson is a condemned criminal convicted of murdering his wife, Laci Peterson, and
their unborn son in Modesto, California in 2002. He was given the right to marry in jail although
he turned it down. To me, there is something wrong with him being able to marry when hes
undeserving of that right but two adults of the same sex cannot have their loving relationship
recognized under the law.
Today there are 17 states that have legalized same-sex marriage. I believe that one day every
single state in the U.S.A will have legalized same-sex marriage. It is only a matter of time before
same-sex marriage is legal in the whole country because the main problem is the generational
issues. To me, preventing an adult from marrying another adult who they love because they are
the same sex is pure discrimination. Gloria Allred said, If you want to fight for discrimination,
you have the right to fight for discrimination, but I will fight for equality every time and that is
the principle that I stand for. I believe in that quote. I am a strong advocate for equality and I
believe that should be something that everyone should stand for.
One day two loving adults will be able to get happily married without being called names for it
or being discriminated against or being thought of negatively for it. One day.