Archangel Metatron: Sorting Yourselves for Ascension

Archangel Metatron:
I want the whole world to know that this week is a crucial time in your development toward Ascension.
The energies continue to flow powerfully across the planet, awakening the crystalline potential of your
DNA. or those who are ready and open to the movement to higher vi!rations, it is a time of great
growth and change. or those who are still dou!ters and sleepers, not so much, as you like to say.
"ither way, all will !e e#periencing incremental modifications.
$e have created this plan together, of course, with input from all involved. The arrangement is
perfectly designed to allow each soul to ascend as %uickly as you feel you can. &ome of you were
aware !efore you came here that you would !e hampered in some way, either through a lifetime of
training in negative thinking, or !ecause you have previously not yet reached high levels of
development. $hatever your preference, there is a 'track' for you, and your (Igher &elf will !e
directing you accordingly.
It is very different here in higher dimensions than on the ground in one way. There is a!solutely no
competition for high positions of responsi!ility or 'power.' In fact, it is impossi!le for a soul to travel
to dimensions of a higher vi!ration than they are adapted to) it is a matter of acclimating to the
atmosphere of each dimension, one !y one, as you practice and learn throughout many, many lifetimes,
*ust as you advance through one grade to another here. &teve +eckow has written a!out this dynamic
very clearly in his short e,!ook called 'Negative Alien -aces.' Do not !e alarmed !y the title. It is
reassuring you that you need not worry a!out them. They are not !eing allowed into the "arth.s
vicinity any more. /ou are a planet in ascension, and are under the protection of the 0alactic
ederation. No worries.
/ou have !een told !efore that each level of vi!ration re%uires effort and physical adaptation. This is
true whether you are in a human !ody or in you soul light!ody in higher dimensions. or instance, if
you are a young soul who has !egun your lessons and have achieved the transition from, say, the 1th
dimension to the 2th, it is an occasion for cele!ration and congratulations. The 1th dimension is the
starting point for all souls. 3ne can descend to lower vi!rations if one wishes, although it is an effort
for us who are used to the lighter atmosphere a!ove the 4th. This is what we have done to manage the
transition to life on "arth in this current time.
"ven the most am!itious soul cannot rise to a level higher than they have achieved !y the work of
learning to raise themselves to the lighter vi!ration. &o, you see, as in (eaven, so on "arth. Those of
you who are used to traveling through higher dimensions will not find it unfamiliar or difficult to !e
lifted !y the incoming energies at this time. Those who are resistant, or those who are less e#perienced
will choose a slower path. This is fine. It is not a race) all will !e accommodated in the end. (owever,
we do encourage you to take the fastest and highest track you are a!le to achieve. This will speed the
process of Ascension for all.
Now, Dearest 3nes, cooperate with your (igher &elf to work out your goal. It is important for
everyone to focus on lifting themselves now, regardless of how high your end point will !e. This
Ascension is for everyone who is here. Those who have chosen a path of darkness will !e given the
opportunity to awaken, and their path will !e one which goes only as far as is appropriate for them.
/ou see, it protects everyone this way. If you have achieved a high level of development, you will not
!e !othered !y sight,seers and gawkers !y the prover!ial !usload if you are working in high
dimensions. +y the same token, those who are comforta!le and well adapted to the 2th dimension will
!e given the work appropriate for their rise to the 5th, no more.
/ou are all students of the &chool of &oul Development. This is our primary interest and goal in every
lifetime. /ou will notice that people are now sorting themselves out !y levels, to form groups to work
with those who are at their own level. $e have programs for everyone. &ome who were reading these
messages in the $ho Needs 6ight7 family have 'opted out' at this time, !ecause they sensed the
content was !ecoming more and more challenging and difficult for them. This is fine) it makes it
possi!le for us to continue to raise the !ar for the rest of you. /ou have noticed that these messages are
more psychologically oriented and more intricately constructed than others. This is !y design and !y
previous agreement with the channel, who has !een trained for this.
This sorting process means that for those of you who are Ascended Masters from higher realms in your
previous e#perience, you will !e feeling more and more isolated in your day to day e#perience. /ou
may find your friends and family 'falling !y the wayside' from your point of view. They may choose
to deride or mock your interest in spiritual development, distancing themselves from your discussion of
the things that are dear to your heart, a deep part of your present identity. Do not condemn them, or try
to slow yourself down on their !ehalf. &earch instead for those who take for granted what you are
feeling now , the urgency to !e of service and to hone your &elf to !e the finest tool for 0od.s work that
you can possi!ly !e.
$e have provided you with many we!sites, many channels. 8athryn.s colleague, 0a!riella is
overseeing a page on ace!ook 9now is the time to overcome your pre*udice against ace!ook: to
provide a meeting place for those who are on the fast track to Ascension. It is called (ealing for
Ascension Tour 0roup. The medium of ace!ook is well adapted to creating an interactive resource
for likeminded people to meet, in fact it is the !est use of this 'modern' tool. $e do not restrict its use
to 'social media networking.' It can !e used in a far more sophisticated way, to connect our
6ightworkers on the ground with one another.
/ou see, I am acknowledging your progress and encouraging you to continue to raise yourselves, and
we are giving you all the tools necessary to do so. An Ascended Master does not remain isolated, nor
does s;he complain that others oppose them. 3f course others oppose you) it is the normal response
when someone is confronted with something they do not understand or feel as you do, and they are still
firmly entrenched in the lower dimensions of "arth.s duality.
ree yourselves now from all regret, all pain from the e#periences of having !een 're*ected' !y your
fellows. 8now that none of it is personal) it is simply the way human !eings are responding to the
challenges at hand. Take your own path, with *oyful anticipation that you will encounter others who
will em!race you and recogni<e the common ground you will tread together from this point on. It is a
truly heart,warming e#perience to work with others who are e#periencing identical challenges to your
Imagine yourself in an enormous !allroom. It is a great cele!ration, and everyone is invited. =se your
radar to hone in on the dancing partners whose energy feels compati!le with your own, since in this
hall everyone hears the music they prefer. There are no restrictions, no rules to follow, nothing to
prove. &ome in the great hall will !e walt<ing with great sweeping gusto, others performing 'electric
!oogie' moves, some practicing a carefully choreographed group two,step, and others doing the odd
gyration you have called 'twerking.' Do not *udge what the others are doing) move instead to the
group whose rhythm lifts your heart and inspires you to *oin in the dance.
This is your time to shine, +eloved 3nes. $iden your circle) reach out to make contact with others you
have not preciously known. It is a time for sorting, aligning and offering comfort and inspiration to
others. +e of service !y !ringing your message, !ut if others refuse to accept you, move on. +e an
e#plorer of possi!ilities, a detector of deep feelings. &ome of you do not yet know each other, for you
have not advertised yourselves as 0reat Masters. 0reat masters do not do that, of course. They simply
do their *o!s as 0od has asked them to do and leave the commentary to others. They teach !y e#ample
and !y !eing transparent a!out what they feel and how they see the world. This is the most effective
teaching style , one which &ocrates made famous, and which remains still as the way to Truth. Do not
confuse it with lecturing or intellectual gymnastics. The &ocratic Method is a state of !eing.
$e ask you now to make yourselves more visi!le. >resent your view to the world simply, directly and
with feeling. This is not the time for intellectual argument or fact,finding to support your opinion.
&peak of your personal e#perience, your deepest feelings, and your 6ove. Make the story of your soul
*ourney interesting to others !y telling it in person. "veryone loves a good story. Make your story of
Ascension real and accessi!le to others !y showing them the *oy it gives you to !e alive, the thrill you
feel when you awaken to each new day. The aith you feel in your heart will !e apparent to all. /ou
need not give it a name, 0od, or even a reference. Tell the world of the rising energies on the planet,
and your e#perience of e#hilaration and lightness as you a!sor! the gift of heightened vi!rations from
the ?osmos.
@oin with us, the ?ompany of (eaven, to e#press 6ove, ?ompassion and unlimited =nderstanding to
those you encounter along your path. "ach chance meeting, every sylla!le you speak, and every step
you take matters in the fulfillment of the 0reat Dream of Ascension.
/ou are our team, our !eloved +rothers and &isters, and we love you without end.
/our >artner in Ascension, Metatron.
Transcri!ed !y 8athryn ". May, @uly AA, ABCD, C >M, 6ac ?hevreuil, Eue!ec.
>ermission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without
additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the we!site,