Complete the sentences using can or be able to.

1. Gary has traveled a lot. He _______ speak five languages.
2. I haven’t been _______ sleep very well recently.
3. Nicole _______ drive, but she doesn’t have a car.
4. I used to _______ stand on my head, but I can’t do it any more.
5. I can’t understand Mark. I’ve never _______ understand him.
6. I can’t see you on Friday, but I _______ meet you on Saturday morning.
7. Ask Katherine about your problem. She might _______ help you.
8. We _______ see the lake from our hotel.
9. Applicants for the job must _______ speak two foreign languages.
10. Maria _______ speak French, Spanish, and English.
Complete the sentences with can / can’t / could / couldn’t + the following
come eat hear speak do hear run see sleep wait
11. I’m afraid I _______ to your party next week.
12. When Danny was 16, he _______ 100 metres in 11 seconds.
13. “Are you in a hurry?” “No, I’ve got plenty of time. I _______ .”
14. I was feeling sick yesterday. I _______ anything.
15. Can you speak a little louder? I _______ you well.
16. “You look tired.” “Yes, I _______ last night.”
17. We had a lovely room in the hotel. We _______ the lake.
18. I was sitting at the back of the theatre and _______ very well.
19. We were totally free. We _______ what we wanted.
20. When I was a baby, I _______ English.
Complete the answers to the questions with was/were able to…
21. A : Did everyone escape from the fire?
B : Yes, although the fire spread quickly, everyone _______.
22. A : Did you finish your work this afternoon?
B : Yes, there was nobody to disturb me, so I _______.
23. A : Did you have problems finding our house?
B : Not really. Your directions were good and we _______.
24. A : Did the thief get away?
B : Yes. No-one realized what was happening and the thief _______.
Complete the sentences using could, couldn’t or managed to.
25. My grandfather travelled a lot. He _______ speak five languages.
26. I looked everywhere for the book, but I _______ find it.
27. They didn't want to come with us at first, but we _______ persuade them.
28. Laura had hurt her leg and _______ walk very well.
29. I ran my first marathon recently. lt was very hard, but I _______ finish.
30. I looked very carefully and I _______ see somebody in the distance.
31. My grandmother loved music. She _______ play the piano very well.
32. I wanted to buy some tomatoes. The first shop I went to didn't have any, but I _______ get
some in the next shop.
33. A girl fell into the river, but fortunately we _______ pull her out.
34. I had forgotten to bring my camera, so I _______ take any pictures.

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