Issue #22S

VoI. XX, No. 6
November 199S
Puo| i sncr
TSR, Inc.
Assccia|c Puo|isncr
Brian Thonsen
Iierce Wallers
|úi |cr
Anlhony }. Bryanl
Assccia|c cúi|cr
Dave Cross
|ic|icn cúi|cr
Barlara Young
Ar| úircc|cr
Larry W. Snilh
|úi|cria| assis|an|
MicheIIe Vuckovich
Prcúuc|icn s|aff
Tracey IsIer
Suoscri p|i cns
}anel L. Winlers
U.S. aútcr|ising
Cindy Rick
U.K ccrrcspcnúcn|
anú U.K. aútcr|ising
CaroIyn WiIdna
The Lords oI the NIne-CoIIn
The Lords of the Nine Layers of Baator
have been revealed at last. Do you dare
read about them?
PrImaI Rage-Rob Letts and Wayne A. Haskett
Straight to your campaign from the hottest video game of our
time come three new demigods.
The RIght Monster Ior the RIght Adventure-Gregory
W. DetwIIer
Picking your scenario appropriately will make the many
horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos that much more terrifying.
WInter's KnIght-Mark Anthony
Adarr was ancient, but he was Queen’s Champion; only he
could face the great wyrm and save the land from desolation.
RoIe-PIayIng RevIews-RIck Swan
Bugs take over Chicago, Rick considers Asia, and TSR parodies
the tabloid industry.
The RoIe oI Books-John C. BunneII
What’s good and what’s not in the latest F&SF books?
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GettIng OpmotIzed-DavId º2eb" Cook
Window 95 vs. Games. And the winner is...
FIrst Quest-Tom Dowd
First there was SF. Then Tolkien. Then Gaming.
Dragon's BestIary: Four GuardIan GargoyIes-
John W. BaIchtaI
If you think you know all about gargoyles—think again.
MagIcaI EIIect Cards-Lester SmIth
A gaming accessory to make your ÐRAGON ÐIC£ warfare easier.
Bazaar oI the BIzarre: NIne RIngs to RuIe Them AII-
Robert S. MuIIIn
Nine new rings for attack, defense, and esoteric pursuits.
WInter Fantasy '96-Scott DougIas
Find out what’s happening at winter’s biggest gaming con.
EcoIogy oI the ChItIne-BeIInda G. AshIey
A drow scout reports her observations of a tribe of Chitine.
Sage AdvIce-SkIp WIIIIams
This month, the sage continues to tackle questions about
IntervIew: Margaret WeIs and Tracy HIckman-
Sue WeInIeIn
The authors of the newest ÐRAGONIANC£® novel, Dragons of
Summer Flame, discuss Krynn, writing, and the dawning
Fifth Age.
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Òur cover lhis nonlh is ly forner TSR
slaff designer Roy Iarker. Iainled origi-
naIIy as an inlerior piece for an arlicIe
lhal never nade il lo press, il vorks very
veII represenling our leaslIy lhene. We
haven´l forgollen lhe painling (or Roy)
and are pIeased lo presenl il as lhis
nonlh´s cover. ¨HeIp! I´n feII and I can´l
gel up.¨
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| can rc|a|c |c |nc frus|ra|icn, ou| |nc scf|-
uarc ana|cgq is ac|ua||q an ancna|q. Ta|c
anc|ncr ccnncn i|cn purcnascú anú
upúa|cú. |nc au|cncoi|c. |f qcu ouq a 1995
Ccrtc||c, qcu can´| cxpcc| |ncn |c gitc qcu
a úisccun| uncn |nc 1996 ncúc| ccncs
cu|. As |c |nc aútancc nc|icc cf tcrsicn
upúa|cs, uc||, qcu gc| cnc, in DRAGON
Magazinc #220. Tnc ncu tcrsicn is cu| in
As |c |nc tiaoi|i|q cf qcur- purcnascs, ccn-
siúcr |ncn a|| ta|iú. lc´tc aúúcú |c A|nas,
|na|´s a||.
Wn|tne| K|ynn ?
Dear Dragon,
RecenlIy I´ve noliced a dranalic drop in
lhe nunler of DRACÒNLANCL® producls and
I can´l undersland vhy. Why is lhere lhis
drop in producl and pulIicily` I personaI-
Iy lhink lhal DRACÒNLANCL is one of your
nosl exciling gane sellings and I vouId
hale lo see il fIushed ly TSR.
Mike Lassen
Atnc: 2.0 ?
Dear Dragon,
Il is vilh greal fear lhal I read your arlicIe
in DRACÒN® Magazine #22O aloul lhe
re-reIease of lhe DARK SUN® canpaign. I´n
ashaned lo say lhal I vas officiaIIy duped.
I an lhe nol-so-proud ovner of four
soon-lo-le oul-of-dale producls.
In an efforl lo spice up our ganing ses-
sions, I recenlIy purchased lhe DARK SUN
loxed sel, lhe Dragcn Kings suppIenenl,
lhe ||tcs cfA|nas, and lhe Ccnp|c|c
Psicnicis|´s Hanúocc|. I an nosl upsel
lhal lhree of lhese four ilens viII nov le
of Iiniled use. Al lhe very Ieasl, I´II prola-
lIy have lo purchase lhe nev loxed sel
vhen il cones oul in a fev nonlhs. My
pIayers gel a free guide jusl lecause nine
viII le superseded.
Why don´l ve ever gel a lreak on a nev
reIease if ve aIready purchased lhe oId
one` Mosl of lhe conpuler soflvare con-
panies viII nolify in advance of a nev
reIease and viII offer a discounl if you
Are you pIanning lo updale lhe enlire
series of DARK SUN producls` I undersland
lhal lhe ficlionaI vorks associaled vilh
lhe producl Iine have pronuIgaled sone
of lhese changes. I an very gIad I heId off
luying lhe Tnri-|ccn and Si|| Sca
I hope lhis Ieller doesn´l sound cranky,
I´n a lig fan of lhe vasl najorily of your
producls. I Iove lhe nev ILAYLR´S ÒITIÒN
ruIes lo assisl in characler generalion,
and IÒRCÒTTLN RLALMS® is greal. Òne of ny
pIayers jusl purchased BIRTHRICHTS¯ and
ve´re sliII puzzIing our vay lhrough.
Tin L. TayIor
MidIand, MI
Hatc nc fcar, Mi|c. Nc| cn|q is
DRAGON|ANC| tcrq nucn a|itc, TSR p|ans
scnc tcrq cxci|ing cnangcs anú ncu |nings
in |nc ncar fu|urc. Tncrc is nc|ning | can
rca||q |c|| qcu ncu (ui|ncu| gc||ing in oig
|rcuo|c ui|n |nc DRAGON|ANC| úcsign |can
fcr spi||ing |nc ocans), ou| | can saq |na|
1996 ui|| oc a spccia| qcar fcr |nc scrics.
|cr ncu, as a nin|, naq | suggcs| qcu run
|c |nc ncarcs| occ|s|crc anú gc| |nc |a|cs|
DRAGON|ANC| nctc| (a Nctcnocr rc|casc),
Dragons of Sunner IIane, oq Tracq
Hic|nan anú Margarc| lcis? || ui|| gitc
qcu an iúca cf una|´s in s|crc...
8ook 'en. Dcno.
Dear Dragon,
I grealIy enjoy your nagazine. I have leen
using il as an aid for sone years. I aIso
Iove lhe slories, is lhere a chance of a
look of aII lhe lesl slories prinled in
DRACÒN Magazine`
Andy Hand
Cardner, IL
Gcc, |nan|s. |tcrq ncu anú |ncn a |i|||c
cgcocc is a gccú |ning. As fcr an an|nc|cgq
cf scnc cf |nc ocs| DRAGON Magazinc s|c-
rics, | úcn´| |ncu. lc´ú natc |c rcacquirc
rign|s frcn |nc au|ncrs |c rcprin| |ncn in
an an|nc|cgq, ou| if |ncrc is cncugn sup-
pcr|, naqoc uc´|| |cc| in|c i|. Hin|, nin|...
Mo|e íSF C||t|que:.
Dear Dragon,
We need your revievers lo slarl criliquing
nosl, if nol aII, TSR producls. Why`
Because no one eIse does. I knov you
don´l vanl lo le perceived as a house
organ, lul I lhink ve deserve lo le given a
reviev of ilens ve nighl acluaIIy luy
inslead of deservedIy olscure ganes lhal
very fev of us care aloul. Afler aII, ve luy
DRACÒN Magazine prinariIy lo heIp our
AD&D® gane, righl` So vhy aren´l lhe
najorily of lhese goods revieved vhere
lheir nain luyers can read lhen`
I cheered vhen I sav lhe reviev of
AL-QADIM® in issue #22O! Thal is exaclIy
vhal ve need nore of. Seeing lhal nade
ne reaIize vhal lhe nagazine is nissing.
Your readers deserve lo knov, for exan-
pIe, lhal in Spc||ocunú lhey need lo redo
lhe speIIs of sone of lhe nages lecause
lhe nunler of speIIs per IeveI granled lo
sone of lhen is vrong for lhe Iisled cIass
and IeveI.
Mislakes Iike lhis have aIso crepl inlo
lhe Marco VoIo series, as veII, lul no one
apoIogizes or pulIicizes lhis so lhal legin-
ning DMs can le varned. I aIso lhink peo-
pIe shouId le aIerled lo lhe deIighls of
Ruins cf Zncn|i| Kccp.
Sleve ShavIer
29O1 Rio Rila Ave, #3
LouisviIIe, KY 4O22O
lc |rcaú a finc |inc ncrc, ou| qcu´rc rign|.
lc sncu|ú rcticua| |cas| in cncapsu|a|cú
fcrn-as nucn as uc can. Tnc prco|cn,
ncuctcr, is |ini|cú spacc. lc ccu|ú a|ncs|
úc a ncn|n|q nagazinc jus| fcr ganing
rcticus if uc cctcrcú ctcrq|ning úcscrting
cf ncn|icn. | a|sc agrcc ui|n qcu aocu| |nc
A|-QUAD|M ar|ic|c. sc nucn sc |na| | inncúi-
a|c|q ucn| |c |nc Canúq S|crc (AKA |nc Mai|
Orúcr Hcooq Sncp) anú graoocú cnc cf
ctcrq|ning cn A|-QUAD|M. Mq cun canpaign
is aocu| |c |a|c a surprising |urn fcr nq
So Yc Wcnnc w||te
|o| U:. en ?
Dear Dragon,
Iealure seclions such as Arcane Lore,
Bazaar of lhe Bizarre, and lhe Dragon´s
Besliary are ly far ny favoriles, and I
eagerIy search for lhen in lhe lalIe of
conlenls vilh each nev issue. I under-
sland lhal lhe slaff of DRACÒN Magazine
can onIy prinl lhose arlicIes lhal are vor-
lhy of pulIicalion, so as I hone ny vriling
skiIIs I pIan lo sulnil arlicIe proposaIs for
lhe alove fealures.
Continued on page 40
each olher vhen lhere are no
learded, Iosers vho´ve never kissed a girI.¨
´Vanpirc pIayers are posers vho invenl
lragic personae lo vhine aloul sonelhing
nore ronanlic lhan lheir ovn palhelic
Iives.¨ ´S|ar ||cc| 8a|||cs pIayers are nalh
geeks vho denonslrale lheir ovn lrand
of herd doninance ly nin/naxing lhe
lesl spaceship.¨
The firsl line I knev lhere vas sone
lhing desperaleIy vrong vilh science-
ficlion and fanlasy fandon (I´II caII il
sinpIy ¨fandon¨) vas in lhe eIevalor of
lhe Hunl VaIIey Inn near BaIlinore. We
vere lhere for BaIlicon, a Iarge regionaI
SI convenlion. My lvo friends and I had
dressed up, lhe Iadies in a nalching pair
of drop-dead lIue dresses, ne in a lIack
pinslripe suil and spiffy lie. Il vorked oul
lecause I had lo leach earIier lhal day.
And no one in his righl nind vouId
conpIain aloul lhose dresses.
The olher peopIe in lhe eIevalor vere
dressed in lhe alypicaI fashions lhal
lecone so lypicaI al SI convenlions, I
lhink lhere vas a KIingon, a pair of fanlasy
varriors, nayle a furry nonsler, and
severaI peopIe in lhe uliquilous T-shirls
and jeans of cons. My friends and I vere
lhe ones vho Iooked oul of pIace, as a
young nan in lallered nedievaI garl
poinled oul.
¨Look, ils a fan dressed up as a nun-
dane!¨ he said, poinling al ne. The olhers
Iaughed, and I sniIed. Bul lhen I lhoughl
aloul il for a second.
We in fandon~neaning everyone vho
reads fanlasy or SI, vho enjoys roIe-
pIaying ganes, vho valches S|ar Trc|
vilh nore lhan passing inleresl, or vho
knovs vhal a TARDIS is~ve Iike lo lhink
of ourseIves as uniqueIy crealive and
open-ninded. Throughoul high schooI
and coIIege, especiaIIy, ny friends and I
prided ourseIves on leing unique and
speciaI peopIe. We aIso had a Iol of fun
pulling dovn ¨lhe nundanes.¨ We vere
inleIIigenl and crealive, nundanes vere
slupid and duII. We vere accepling and
friendIy, nundanes vere narrov-ninded
and nean. CIearIy, ve vere superior.
Bul ve´re lhe ones vho cane up vilh
lhe appeIIalion ¨nundanes¨ (nol a lerrilIy
cIever lern, fron a group lhal prides ilseIf
on crealivily), and ve´re lhe ones vho use
il as a pejoralive. Worse yel, ve allack
nundanes around for us lo gang up on.
We need lo le leller lhan soneone, even
if il´s soneone eIse vho pIays ganes or
reads conic looks.
Hov nany rivaIries or even aninosilies
do ve have in fandon righl nov` Readers
of hard SI oflen Iook dovn on lhose vho
read space opera, Iel aIone lhose ridicu-
Ious fanlasy noveIs. And fans of fanlasy
noveIs oflen Iook dovn on lhose vho read
gane-reIaled ficlion or vho, vorse yel,
acluaIIy p|aq lhose veird ganes. Then ve
gel inlo lhe reaI cannilaIisn, vhere pIay-
ers of dark and grilly fanlasy ganes scoff
al lhose vho pIay in nedievaI fanlasy sel-
lings-and vice versa. The screviesl forn
of lhis prejudice has gol lo le anong pIay-
ers of lhe sane gane, vhere even knov-
ing loo nuch aloul your gane can gel you
IaleIed a geek anong geeks. (AIvays open
lhe look and prelend lo Iook up a ruIe,
even if you knov il. Òlhervise your feIIov
ganers viII lhink you need lo gel a Iife.)
Iev of us are reaIIy aII lhis lad, al Ieasl
nol aII lhe line. Bul nosl of us have Iooked
dovn our noses al lhose vho Iike lo pIay
differenl ganes, read differenl looks, see
differenl novies. Mayle il´s lecause ve´re
aII so lired of defending our ovn paslines
lhal il´s a greal reIief and a guiIly pIeasure
lo allack soneone eIse for a change. Mayle
sone of us are so sick of leing picked on
for enjoying lhe roIe of a vanpire or a paI-
adin or a cIone lhal ve need soneone eIse
lo aluse. I knov I´ve done il. I´II prolalIy
do il again, loo, on a lad day.
Bul if I´n having a good day, I nighl lile
ny longue inslead, and ask lo join one of
lhose fIaky ganes lhal soneone eIse pIays
inslead of naking a joke aloul il vhen
I´n safeIy lack in lhe ranks of ny group.
If I´n Iucky, I´II have fun vilh a nev gane
and nake a coupIe of nev friends.
Assuning, of course, lhal lhey don´l
nind having a D&D geek al lhe lalIe.
When I Iefl leaching lo vork al TSR, I fig-
ured, ¨CooI. Nov I´n Iegil.¨ And indeed,
vorking for a gane conpany gives you
inslanl, unearned crediliIily and ceIelrily
anong olher garners. Lvery one of us has
experienced lhal veird, dizzying lransi-
lion upon arriving here fron coIIege or
olher jols.
Il´s fun lo valch lhe nev ¨Iegil¨ ganers
have lhe sane reaclions I did onIy lvo
years ago. ¨I gel off vork lo go lo a ganc
Nov, vhen I go lo convenlions, peopIe
acluaIIy ask lo hear slories of ny hone
canpaign, lhey ask ne vhal I lhink nakes
a good advenlure. They lreal ne Iike a
prince, never a gane geek, even as sone-
lines soneone Ieans sIyIy in and says,
¨}usl Iook al lhose frca|s dressed aII in
Lxcepl lhal I´n doing il aII for a Iiving,
vhal has changed aloul ne` Yeah, I
hadn´l lhoughl il aII lhe vay lhrough.
Nol very Iong ago, I had occasion lo
lhink aloul hov ve forn IillIe superiorily
socielies even anong lhe peopIe vho
nake ganes for a Iiving. I figured I vas
prelly safe vilhin a connunily of feIIov
gane geeks and SI nerds, here al TSR.
Bul vhiIe crealing characlers for a
pIaylesl, soneone asked lhe lalIe al Iarge,
¨Hov nany lonus proficiencies do you
gel for a 17 InleIIigence`¨
Wilhoul cracking lhe look, I ansvered,
Lveryone al lhe lalIe Iooked up al ne,
eyes vide. Then BiII (or nayle il vas Zel)
raised his arn as his head lipped lack in
an expression of horror (jus| Iike DonaId
SulherIand al lhe end of |ntasicn cf |nc
8cúq Sna|cncrs).
FIRST QUEST is the title of TSR, Inc.’s Audio CD introduction
to Role-playing Game. This series is a feature where veterans
of role-playing describe their first experience in the hobby.
In the BegInnIng, There was SF...
ly Ton Dovd
My firsl experience of a roIe-pIaying gane
can le lraced vilhoul any difficuIly lo
vhal I do loday. Sure, virluaIIy everyone
eIse in lhis induslry can do lhe sane, lul
vere il nol for a singuIar eIenenl lhe firsl
gane I ever pIayed I can safeIy say lhal I
vouId nol le vriling lhis loday. Irior lo
lhinking aloul vhal I vas going lo vrile
for lhis coIunn I reaIIy hadn´l nade lhal
I had aIvays, as far lack as I can
renenler, enjoyed science ficlion. I lhink
lhal slenned fron an earIy fascinalion
vilh lhe space progran lhal grev inlo
nore specuIalive areas. Òne of ny earIiesl
nenories, and I have very fev, is of silling
and valching lhe firsl noon Ianding, and
I´n sure lhal if I Iooked hard enough I
couId find a reguIar 8nn fiIn of lhe
ApoIIo-Soyuz Iinkup fiIned off a liny
lIack-and-vhile leIevision silling on lhe
lack palio lecause our lig 2O¨ Zenilh vas
lroken and lhe lackyard vas lhe onIy
pIace lhal I couId gel good enough recep-
lion. I can aIso renenler gelling up earIy
lefore schooI lo valch Spccú Raccr
Tnunúcroirús, and occasionaIIy |ircoa||
X|-5 vhen lhe TV slalion had run oul of
Tnunúcroirús episodes. My inleresl in sci-
ence ficlion grev concurrenlIy vilh lhe
counlry´s inleresl, an inleresl lhal soared
vilh S|ar lars, A|icn, and leyond.
Ianlasy, hovever, vas anolher naller
enlireIy. When I vas sliII in grade schooI (I
can´l pIace lhe year exaclIy) ny aunl gave
ne copies of Tnc Hcooi| and Tnc |crú cf
|nc Rings. I did nol read lhen for nany
years afler nolicing lhal Tnc Hcooi| legan
auspiciousIy vilh ¨In a hoIe in lhe ground,
lhere Iived a hollil.¨ Thal vas cIearIy
kid´s sluff and I vas veII leyond il. The
looks sal and Ianguished for sone line.
I don´l renenler vhal drev ne lack
lo lhen, and I don´l reaIIy renenler any
inleresl in fanlasy prior lo ny fuII reading
of lhe series. Bul once I had read lhen,
lhal vas lhal. TypicaI, I suppose, lul I´ve
noliced IaleIy a reIuclance on lhe parl of
sone in lhis induslry lo poinl lo lhose
looks as an earIy infIuence. Òkay, lrand
ne connon lul lhe deplh, coIor, sense of
vonder, delaiI and perhaps nosl inpor-
lanlIy, lackground, vere najor conlrilu-
lions lo ny leconing invoIved vilh gan-
ing. The reaIizalion lhal Tnc |crú cf |nc
Rings vas a slory sel in a fanlaslicaI vorId
lhal had hislory vas aslounding. Celling
lo read Tnc Si|nari||icn, dense and olluse
as il is, vas reveIalory. Wilh lhal knovI-
edge, Tnc |crú cf |nc Rings lecane
aInosl a differenl laIe. Thal lo ny nind al
lhe line vas lhe cooIesl lhing lhere vas.
To lhe lesl of ny recoIIeclion, I lecane
avare of ganing lhrough an arlicIe in lhe
Ncusúaq nevspaper on Long IsIand, Nev
York, soneline in lhe earIy ´8Os. The arli-
cIe slarled oul laIking aloul lalIe-lop
varganing and lhen lriefIy louched upon
lhis slrange cousin of lhe vargane, sone-
lhing caIIed roIe-pIaying. The aulhor
didn´l seen lo undersland il, and lhe onIy
expIanalion he couId nake fron il vas
lhal pIayers in a roIe-pIaying gane gol lo
prelend lhey vere laking parl in Tnc |crú
cf |nc Rings. Bang. ´Nuff said. I vas lhere.
The nane of lhe parlicuIar roIe-pIaying
gane lhe aulhor vas referring
lo vas
of nagging Ialer I´d convinced ny falher
lhal ve had lo find lhis pIace.
Il vas al Ieasl a year lefore I sav lhe
nane nenlioned again, and lrulh le loId,
I´d prolalIy prelly nuch forgollen aloul
il ly lhen. Il vas again in Ncusúaq, lul
lhis line in an adverlisenenl aIong lhe
lollon edge of lhe fronl page of lhe
Sunday funny pages. The ad vas for
WalerIoo Hollies in MineoIa, Long IsIand,
and il said lhey carried DUNCLÒNS &
DRACÒNS. I pronplIy Iosl lhe ad (okay, I
forgol lo leII ny parenls lo save il) lul
renenlered lhal lhe slore vas on
MineoIa BouIevard. A coupIe of veekends
We sel oul on a Salurday aflernoon and
quickIy found il. We vere lhere for hours,
ny falher lored oul of his skuII, and I
vandering vide-eyed. There vere looks,
nagazines, dice, and ganes vilh nanes
Iike TraveIIer*, TunneIs and TroIIs*,
ViIIains and VigiIanles*, MeIee*,
DipIonacy*, Cangsler*, and of course
DUNCLÒNS & DRACÒNS. There vas even
sonelhing lhere caIIed ADVANCLD DUNCLÒNS
& DRACÒNS®, lul I had no reaI idea vhal
DUNCLÒNS & DRACÒNS vas Iel aIone an
advanced version. I spenl ny noney and
vaIked avay vilh lhe lasic D&D® loxed
sel (lhe one vilh lhe lIue ruIelook) and a
sel of anazing disinlegraling roII-forever
dice. I read lhal look on Sunday and lhe
nexl Salurday ny falher and I vere lack
al WalerIoo Hollies, and I vas lhe proud
ovner of a copy of lhe ADVANCLD DUNCLÒNS
& DRACÒNS P|aqcr´s Hanúocc|, ´cause,
veII, if vas advanced il had lo le leller,
righl` (And, veII, lhere vere lhings in lhe
lasic ruIes lhal I jusl didn´l undersland
and figured lhal lhe ligger ruIelook
vouId expIain lhen leller... I lhink lhal
concepl has lecone an axion of gane
A fev veeks Ialer I´d pul ny nane up
on one of lhe sign-up sheels on lhe luI-
Ielin loard al lhe slore and shoved up for
ny firsl gane, I and aloul 1O olher peo-
pIe. The ganenasler, Dan IilzgeraId, vas
onIy a IillIe nore experienced lhan I vas,
lul il vas a fev gane sessions lefore he
Iel lhal on, and if he hadn´l I don´l lhink
ve´d have knovn. The group´s size vas
quickIy paired dovn lo a nanagealIe
seven or so, lhe najorily of vhon lecane
lhe core of lhe group I ganed vilh for
nearIy a decade. Dan, CaroIine Maher,
Ton Keane, Sluarl Wieser, }eff }arka, and
a IillIe Ialer Chris Criscione, vere lhe peo-
pIe fron vhose pIaying and gane-
naslering slyIes and halils I Iearned
nuch of vhal I knov loday. None of use
vere experienced ganers, ve figured il
oul as ve venl aIong.
Those ganes look pIace in one of lhe
ganing roons al WalerIoo Hollies, and
lhal´s lhe eIenenl lhal if differenl I
vouIdn´l le vriling lhis loday. Il lurned
oul lhal WalerIoo Hollies shared space
and ovnership vilh Ianlasy Canes
UnIiniled, pulIishers al lhe line of
Bunnies and Burrovs*, ChivaIry and
Sorcery*, Land of lhe Rising Sun*, and lhe
aforenenlioned ViIIains and VigiIanles.
And lecause of lhal lhe ovner of Ianlasy
Canes UnIiniled (AKA ICU, ´cause al lhe
line you veren´l a gane conpany unIess
you had an acronyn), Scoll Bizar lhis par-
enls, SyIvia and Leon, ran WalerIoo) vas
conslanlIy around, as vere }eff Dee, BiII
WiIIinghan, Bol WeIIer, and Bol
Charrelle. LnpIoyees al various lines of
Ianlasy Canes UnIiniled, lhey vere ny
firsl professionaI exposure lo lhe gane
induslry, and I vas veII served ly lhen
aII. I evenluaIIy gol a jol vorking in lhe
Continued on page 40
10 NOVEMBER 1995
Il´s no dark lhal lhe laalezu are cagey lash-
ers. They´ve gol secrels hidden lhal vouId
aslonish lhe povers, and lhey do lheir IeveI
lesl lo keep lheir secrels dark, lul occa-
sionaIIy lhey sIip. When lhey do, lheir
nysleries spiII oul across lhe nuIliverse.
This arlicIe is lased on lhe 8aa|cr look
fron lhe ILANLSCAIL¯ Canpaign Sel. Il´s
highIy reconnended lhal one read lhal
look lefore lhis lexl.
Thc Lngs nf WI!!gan thc Dnggcd
Tnc qcars ain´| occn |inú |c nc, ou| úiú
|na| s|cp nc? Nc. || úiún´|. Anú uni|c |ncsc
scús unc ca||cú ´cnsc|tcs scnc|ars úanccú
anú |augncú ui|n |nc Scnsa|cs s|ippcú auaq
acrcss |nc ocunúarics cf úca|n, |´tc nc|ú
cn, nq s|uúics jus| occcning a|| |na| nucn
ncrc inpcr|an|.
Anú ncu |ncq´tc paiú cff. | nign| nc| natc
occn |cc|ing fcr |nc c|usitc scunú cf cc|cr
cr |nc nqs|crics ocninú |nc fcrns cf |nc
pcucrs. |´tc nctcr occn |na| inagina|itc.
Scnc´ú ca|| |na| a cursc. Mc, | ca|| i| a
o|cssing. || ncans |na| | fccus cn |nc fac|s
anú úcn´| |c| i||-fcrncú fancics úis|rac| nc
frcn |nc |ru|n.
Dc | sccn oi||cr? | an. |´tc occn ncc|cú
anú rcti|cú, nq qucs| ca||cú cnp|incss, nq
ncar| |cf| úcsc|a|c frcn |nc o|ca|ncss cf
|nc |ru|n | scugn| |c uncctcr. 8u| ncu i|´s
úcnc anú |´tc sna|cncú |nc úar| rign| cu|
frcn unúcr |nc oaa|czu ncsc.
|´tc gc| |nc úar| cn |nc |crús cf |nc Ninc,
anú |´|| oc curscú if anqcnc can s|cp nc frcn
na|ing nq |ifc oc||cr frcn |nis pcin| cn!
The Lords of lhe Nine are lhe nyslerious
ruIers of Baalor, lhe Nine-Layered Iil, lhe
Slinking Mav of lhe pIanes. Their origins
are Iosl lo lhe nisls of line, seeningIy
slrelching lack lefore even lhe povers
renenler. Their lrue capaliIilies have
never leen defined, al Ieasl unliI nov.
They are, in shorl, an enigna. Whal is
lheir purpose` Do lhey sinpIy acl as var-
dens for lheir pIane, or do lhey pIay a
nore aclive roIe` Do lhey lruIy even exisl`
And hov do lhey reIale lo lhe denizens of
lheir pIane, fron lhe Iovesl laalezu lo lhe
nosl poverfuI of lhe gods`
To undersland lhe Lords, perhaps il´s
lesl lo sunnarize exaclIy vhal il is
lhey´re said lo le and do.
Thc Lnrds and What Thcy Arc
Though nany discounl lhe Lords as lhe
crazed inaginings of lhose vho´ve van-
dered lhe lIeak vasles of Baalor, lhe lrulh
is lhal lhe Lords have shaped lhe pIane
since line innenoriaI. They nay seen lo
le nolhing nore lhan prinaI forces,
incorporeaI and unvanling, lul lhal isn´l
so. They´re aII individuaIs, and lhey´re aII
ferociousIy hungry for nore pover. Il´s
jusl lhal lheir desires nake lhen knovn
over lhe niIIennia, as opposed lo lhe pelly
Ienglh of a norlaI Iifeline. Thal´s nol lo
say lhal lhe Lords can´l acl quickIy vhen
lhey need lo, lhey jusl prefer lo nake lheir
pIans on a nuch Ionger range.
The Lords are each sel over a singIe
Iayer of Baalor, lheir presence lvisling
and varping lheir Iayers lo le nore pre-
ciseIy vhal lhey lhenseIves enlody. Thus
il is lhal Avernus, lhe firsl Iayer, is a lIasl-
ed and scarred vasleIand, perfecl for
lraining lhe arnies of laalezu in lhe end-
Iess BIood War, vhiIe lhe fourlh Iayer of
IhIegelhos is a fiery pil, lurning aII vho
lraveI ils infernaI deplhs. They are lhe
defenders and proleclors of each of lhese
Iayers, each Lord laking lhe quaIilies of
lhe Iayer in an efforl lo keep ils essenliaI
nalure pure of lhe ravages of chaos. Who
sel lhen lhis lask, none can say-lul il´s
an assignnenl lhey fuIfiII lo lhe lesl of
lheir aliIilies.
Lvery Lord has a nane, lhough lhrough-
oul line onIy lhe nanes of lhree have
leen connonIy knovn. }usl Iike olher
fiends, lhe nanes of lhe Lords of lhe Nine
are nanes lo conjure pover vilh-lhe
prine vizard vho acluaIIy uses lhese
nanes is in for a deviI of a line, lul lhal
doesn´l keep lhe allenpled conjuring
fron leing an inconvenience.
|| uasn´| ui|ncu| pain |na| | úiscctcrcú
|ncir nancs. |´tc cnúurcú nucn fcr |nis
ncncn|, |nc sc||ing cf |ncir nancs |c
papcr anú |nus |c inncr|a|i|q. Tncugn
|ncsc arc nc| |ncir |ruc nancs, |ncq arc
s|i|| nancs ui|n pcucr. Tnc |crús arc. 8c|,
lar|crú cf sna||crcú Atcrnus, Dispa|cr,
Arcnúu|c cf ircn-nc| Dis, Minaurcs,
Visccun| cf |nc sun|cn Minaurcs, |icrana,
|nc |icrq |aúq cf Pn|cgc|ncs, Princc
|ctis|us cf ua|crq S|qgia, Tnc Hag
Ccun|css Ma|agarú cf Ma|oc|gc, Tnc S|ug
Arcnúu|c cf Ma|aúcnini, Tric| |nc |a||cn,
8arcn Mc|i|rc|n cf icc-|cc|cú Cania, anú
|nc Dar| |crú cf snaúcuq Ncssus.
Chanl is lhal lhe Lords occasionaIIy
allenpl lo vresl avay pieces of anolher
Lord´s Iayer. Irince Levislus, Lord of lhe
Iiflh, is said lo le parlicuIarIy greedy in
lhis regard. Il´s lhoughl lhal he´s pIanning
an assauIl on one of his conpalriols-al
Ieasl, lhal´s lhe vord in Slygia, his Iayer,
and lhe annizu laalezu lhere are lusy
recruiling lerks lhey lhink vouId le good
for lhe jol.
ThcIr Pnwcrs
Thc Othcr Lnrds
Tnc |crús arc scnc cf |nc ncs| pcucrfu|
oasncrs in |nc |ncun ccsncs. Tncq ccn-
|rc| unc|c |aqcrs cf a p|anc, unicn is far
ncrc |nan ncs| pcucrs can c|ain. Tnc
Aoqssa| |crús c|ain as nucn, ou| |nc cnac|-
ic pc|i|ics cf |nc Aoqss cnsurc |na| |nc
|anar´ri |crús nctcr risc far aoctc |ncir
ccnpa|ric|s. Tnc |crús cf |nc Ninc, cn |nc
c|ncr nanú, arc ui||ing |c sc| asiúc |ncir
úiffcrcnccs |c acnictc a ccnncn gca|, |nc
Aoqssa| |crús sccn incapao|c cf |na|.
In a sense, lhe Lords arc lheir Iayers. They
have lhe aliIily lo shake lhe Iand around
lhen, lo nake il erupl and heave up ils
conlenls. They can see aII lhrough lheir
Iayer, piercing lhrough nearIy any veiI
lhrovn up for privacy-il´s uncIear as lo
vhelher lhey can see inlo a pover´s reaIn
vilhoul lhe god´s say-so.
Òf course, lhey´re nol onniscienl. They
aren´l avare of every pellIe´s faII and
every gusl of vind-lul if lhey vanled lo
le for a line, lhey couId le. They´d jusl
have lo diverl lheir allenlions fron olher
nallers, lhal´s aII.
Are lhey onnipolenl on lheir hone
Iayer` Il´s unknovn lul lhe lrulh is lhal
il´d le highIy unIikeIy. They´ve gol an
incredilIe anounl of pover, yes, lul lhal
doesn´l nean lhey can do everylhing. Il´s a
veII-knovn facl lhal lhey rareIy coerce
soneone inlo doing sonelhing, lhe lesl-
Iaid pIols viII nake anyone of vhalever
slalion carry oul his funclions viIIingIy,
lhinking vhalever il is vas his idea in lhe
firsl pIace. Dispaler especiaIIy Ioves lo lvisl
peopIe inlo doing his lidding. ÒnIy in lhe
nosl exlrene cases viII he ever use his
innense nighl lo varp a nind.
They´ve gol lhe povers of vind and rain,
earlh and fire al lheir disposaI (lhough of
course sone are nore IikeIy lo use one
lhan lhe olher). They´ve aIso gol speciaI-
lies, each of lhen focusing on a parlicuIar
deslruclive pover. The Lord of Avernus
uses expIosions. Dispaler uses enolion.
Minauros favors disease. Iierana, naluraI-
Iy, punishes vilh fIane, vhiIe Levislus car-
ries lhe pover of annesia and ils allen-
danl niseries. The Hag Counless deslroys
ly sheer force and crushing veighl, vhiIe
TrieI fancies enlropy and decay. MoIikrolh
favors ice. . . and lhe ninlh` None knov,
lul il nusl le a fearsone pover indeed, if
no one viII speak of il.
ThcIr Rc!atInnshIps
||´s nc úar| |na| |nc |crús pass |ncir crúcrs
|c scnccnc. Tncq´tc gc| |c natc úca|ings
ui|n scnccnc if |ncq uan| anq|ning acccn-
p|isncú, rign|? Sc unc úc |ncq úca| ui|n?
Tnc |is| is fair|q sna||. Tncq úca| ui|n cacn
c|ncr, na|ura||q. Tncq oargain ui|n |nc
pcucrs. Tncq pass crúcrs |c |nc pi| ficnús
anú |csscr oaa|czu. Anú cccasicna||q, |ncq´||
na|c a pac| ui|n a ncr|a|.
Their feeIings aloul each olher couId le
lesl descriled as resigned halred. They
despise each olher, lul lhey´re rareIy in a
posilion vhere lhey can affecl one
anolher. As nenlioned alove, lhey occa-
sionaIIy allenpl lo poach sone Iand fron
one Iayer or anolher, lrying lo increase
lheir ovn hoIdings al lhe expense of lheir
feIIovs, lul lhis pIoy rareIy succeeds.
When il does, il´s nol vilhoul conse-
quence. SliII, lhey find il an anusing gane.
Ierhaps lhey´re lesling each olher, or per-
haps lheir roIe in lhis is lo see vhal nalure
viII energe lriunphanl. RegardIess of lhe
lrulh, il´s knovn lhal lhey use norlaIs as
pavns in lheir endIess ganes, sleering
lhen hilher and yon in fruilIess quesls
unliI lhe Lords grov lored of lhe charade.
Il has leen said in Iegend lhal a norlaI
has acluaIIy nanaged lo Iure lhe Lords
inlo oulrighl fighling. Hov lhis vas
achieved, no one knovs, lul lo nalch
vils againsl lhe Lords of lhe Nine, you´d
have lo le larny or lriIIianl... or lolh.
The Lords are usuaIIy loo lusy lo allend
lo every pressing naller. Thal´s vhy lhey
crealed lhe sulslrala of nolIes leIov
lhen. In fine feudaI fashion, each has an
enlire slaff and courl vho deaIs vilh lhe
pelly nallers of lhe Iayer, Ieaving lhe Lord
free lo concenlrale on lruIy inporlanl
nallers. The nolIes are olviousIy of Iesser
ranks, lhough lhey nighl prelend lo le of
Iofly slalus. AII of lhen, hovever, are pil
fiends of incredilIe pover. Sone are
nore poverfuI and Iong-Iived lhan lhe
Dark Lighl lhenseIves, vhiIe olhers are
sliII young lul shov exceIIenl cunning.
The nolIes pIol and schene on lheir
ovn, vorking lo furlher lhe ends of lheir
naslers and lo lenefil lheir ovn careers.
Il´s said lhal vhen a pil fiend Iearns hov
lhe lrue pover vorks and lhings are run,
he can lry lo seize lhe nanlIe of lhe Lord
for hinseIf. Il´s happened severaI lines.
NaluraIIy, lhese nolIes are nol alove lhe
use of norlaIs in lheir schenes. Sone
aIIov lhe norlaIs lo pIay an inporlanl
roIe in lheir pIolling. And sone acluaIIy
encourage lhe norlaIs lo deveIop lheir
ovn schenes.
The Powers
So vhal´s lhe reIalionship of lhe Lords
vilh lhe povers` Nolody reaIIy knovs,
prolalIy slrained al lesl, lhough il´s
unIikeIy lhal lhey´re acliveIy hosliIe lo
each olher. SlruggIes anong leings of lhis
nagnilude generaIIy Ieave enlire Iayers of
pIanes devaslaled, and il´s unIikeIy eilher
lhe povers or lhe Lords vouId find lhal
NeverlheIess, il´s no secrel lhal Sel and
Irince Levislus have nearIy cone lo oul-
righl var. The lvo have ains lhal aren´l
enlireIy conpalilIe, and each vorks in
sullIe vays lo lring dovn lhe olher.
Levislus has used his norlaI agenls lo
deslroy lenpIes dedicaled lo Sel, vhiIe
Sel´s ninions vreak havoc on lhe annizu
and lhe cilies of Slygia. They´ve reached
an inpasse for nov, lul lolh vouId Iove a
chance lo lveak lhe nose of lhe olher, and
lhey´II handsoneIy revard anyone vho
can do il for lhen.
Runor has il lhal il vas lhe ennily of
one of lhe Lords lhal forced lhe orcish
panlheon lo fIee lo Acheron and poinls
leyond. Nov, lhal nay or nay nol le
lrue-lul if il is, lhe Lords have gol lo le
even nighlier lhan previousIy leIieved.
Il´s nol unknovn for lhe Lords and lhe
povers lo vork logelher on occasion.
They´ve gol connon enenies in lhe
lanar´ri, lringers of chaos, nol lo nenlion
various olher povers. Why, a Lord nighl
aid one of lhe povers on his or her ovn
Iayer againsl lhe pover fron anolher. Il´s
caIIed lhe poIilics of expediency, and lhe
Lords and lhe povers praclice il
vhenever lhey can.
Thc FIcnds
Tnis is |nc par| |na|´s ncs| in|crcs|ing |c
nc. lnq in a|| |nc ncatcns ucu|ú scnccnc
as pcucrfu| as cnc cf |nc |crús ctcr
cnccsc |c natc anq|ning |c úc ui|n |nc |cu|q
ficnú? Arc |nc |crús ua|cncrs ctcr |nc
oaa|czu racc, cr úc |ncir úu|ics run úccpcr
|nan |na|? lna| is i| |na| uc´rc nissing?
ÒddIy enough, lhe Lords lend lo Ieave lhe
fiends lo lheir ovn devices. Il´s unknovn
if lhe Lords have any deaIings vilh lhe
Dark Lighl, lhe noninaI ruIers of lhe
laalezu. SliII, one vouId lhink lhal lhe
elernaIIy raging BIood War vouId give lhe
Lords pause for lhoughl, since il´s lheir
Iand lhal´s going ly lhe vayside if lhe
lanar´ri nake il lhis far.
Mq |ncugn| cn |nc na||cr is |na| |nc
ficnús arc sinp|q |i|c |nc prcxics cf |nc
|crús, |na| |ncq´rc an ctcn |csscr |cc| |nan
|nc nco|c cas|c. Tnc |crús úc carc aocu|
|nc lar, i|´s jus| sc far úcun cn |ncir pri-
cri|ics |na| |ncq´tc úc|cga|cú i| in i|s cn|irc-
|q |c |nc oaa|czu.
The Lords cerlainIy connand vasl
arnies of laalezu on lheir ovn-fiends
vho are oulside lhe slruclure of lhe
laalezu hierarchy inposed ly lhe Dark
Lighl. Though lhe Lords´ ninions have lo
undergo lhe sane seIeclion and eIevalion
lorlures, lhey ansver onIy lo lhe nolIes of
lhe Lords, and lo lheir Lord in parlicuIar.
Thal doesn´l keep lhe Dark Lighl´s
laalezu enforcers fron lhroving lhese
lerks inlo lhe arny vhen possilIe-il´s
said lhal lhe Lords´ servanls are insuffer-
alIy snug, and lhey´re usuaIIy lhe ones in
lhe fronl Iines, unIess lhey can find
soneone lo lake lheir pIace.
AII fiends evenluaIIy lov lo lhe Lords of
lhe Nine, if for no olher reason lhan lhal
lhe Lords couId crush lhe Iife fron lhe
laalezu. Bul lhe fiends are rareIy caIIed
upon lo do such a lhing, for lhe Lords
have olher servanls and proxies lo fuIfiII
lheir vishes.
12 NOVEMBER 1995
Thc Mnrta! Cnmpact
Ònce in a niIIenia, a norlaI is poverfuI
enough or canny enough lo le alIe lo
sneak lhrough lhe defenses of lhe Lords~
or perhaps lhe Lords aIIov il as parl of
sone schene lhey have. RegardIess, lhe
Lord conjured occasionaIIy finds il anus-
ing lo nanifesl hinseIf fuIIy in lhe pres-
ence of lhe norlaI, ¨gracing¨ lhe poor sod
vilh lhe conpIele gIory of lhe Lord.
Sonelines il´s lo lurn lhe offender lo cin-
ders, nore oflen il´s lo Iead lhe norlaI on
a palh of lelrayaI lhal´II drive hin lo
insanily vhiIe increasing lhe Lord´s pover
This happens nosl connonIy lhrough
prieslhoods. The Lords gains pover fron
norlaI vorshipers, jusl as a god vouId,
lhough he cannol granl speIIs. SliII, lhe
devolion of norlaIs is a poverfuI lhing,
and il´s sonelhing Lords covel. Il´s said
lhal lhal´s lhe reason lhe Lords even
lolher lo lrifIe vilh norlaIs al aII.
The onIy prolIen is lhis: Hov do lhese
cuIls relain vorshipers if lhere´s no evi-
dence lhal lhey´ve gol pover` Thal´s
vhere lhe poIilics of expediency cone in.
Before eslalIishing a prieslhood on lhe
Irine, lhe Lord usuaIIy has lo perforn a
favor for one of lhe povers of Baalor. In
relurn (and usuaIIy in relurn for sone of
lhe pover gained fron lhe cerenonies),
lhe pover sends aIong sone of his riluaIs
lo lhe norlaI priesl, crealing a slrange
conlinalion of leIiefs, lul one lhal´s
deadIy nonelheIess.
These prieslhoods have lecone nore
and nore connon of Iale. Their riles are
olscene, lheir nelhods perverse. Are lhe
Lords aIIoving nore prieslhoods` And if
so, does lhal nol nean lhey´re lrying lo
lecone povers in lheir ovn righl`
Whalever lhe cause, lhe cuIls of lhe
Lords of lhe Nine are seducing nore nor-
laIs vilh pronises of pover and innor-
laIily ever year, across lhe Irine and
across lhe Òuler IIanes. Il´s onIy a naller
of line lefore draslic neasures nusl le
laken lo curl lheir vorship.
The Lords ThemseIves
Tnis uas |nc narúcs| úar| cf a|| |c ccnc oq.
|f |nc |crús rcsis|cú gcncra|i|ics aocu|
|ncnsc|tcs fcr sc |cng, ncu ú´qcu |nin|
|ncq´ú fcc| aocu| |ncir pcrscna| sccrc|s
ocin´ spi||cú?
lc||, |cc oaú, cnc uaq cr anc|ncr. Tncq´rc
gcing |c natc |c face |nc nusic scnc|inc,
anú i| nign| as uc|| oc ncu. |´tc cu||incú
|ncir nancs, una| | ccu|ú g|can cf |ncir
nis|crics, anú anq c|ncr infcrna|icn |
|ncugn| nign| oc uscfu|.
Thc War!nrd nf Avcrnus
The originaI Lord of Avernus (nol Tianal,
conlrary lo popuIar leIief) found herseIf
inprisoned and enlrapped ly her var-
Iord, lhe pil fiend BeI, lhousands of years
ago. She´s nov slruggIing lo lreak free,
lul her slruggIes lecone veaker and
14 NOVEMBER 1995
veaker as BeI siphons nore of lhe Lord´s
pover for hinseIf. Ior aII inlenls, BeI is
lhe nev WarIord of Avernus, and lhal
suils lhe olher Lords jusl fine-al Ieasl, il
seens lo, lhey´ve nol Iifled a finger lo aid
lheir ensnared sisler.
Hovever, lecause of lhis, Avernus has
lecone a IillIe fiercer, nore lrulaI lhan il
vas under lhe originaI Lord, and lhe Lord
of lhe Iirsl nov has IillIe line lo oversee
lhe nainlenance of lhe Iayer-for vhiIe
he has lhe pover, he does nol have lhe
line. He cannol lack oul of his responsi-
liIilies lo lhe Dark Lighl, lhough he couId
prolalIy crush lhen if he so desired~
excepl lhal lhey renain in lhe forlress
MaIsheen in Nessus, and BeI´s doninion
exlends onIy over lhe firsl Iayer.
BeI has onIy recenlIy discovered hov lo
creale an avalar. The avalar lakes lhe forn
of a lurIy hunanoid vilh a julling chin
and poverfuI arns. The avalar´s skin is
sIighlIy linged vilh red, and his lrooding
scovI and lhe pronise of rage heId lareIy
in check dissuades nany fron offending
lhe represenlalive of lhe Lord of lhe Iirsl.
Thc War!nrd's Avatar (fIghtcr 20)
Slr 24 Dex 22 Con 21
Inl 18 Wis 15 Cha 2O
MV 15, I124 SZ L (7´) MR 75°
AC -4 HD 2O hp 155
#AT 3 THACO 2 Dng 112 +16
5pccIa! Att/Dcf: The sheer size and
pover of BeI´s avalar is enough lo nake
anyone of good aIignnenl under lhe 1Olh
IeveI save vs. speIIs or suffer as if under
lhe effecls of a fcar speII. Those of neulraI
or eviI aIignnenl under 1Olh IeveI nusl
save vs. speIIs or suffer fron auc.
If necessary, BeI can caII forlh 15 HD firc-
oa||s fron lhe air al viII.
Thc Archdukc nf DIs
Dispaler is lhoughl lo le one of lhe oIdesl
of lhe Lords of lhe Nine. He´s cerlainIy
cunning enough lhal he´d vanl lo give
lhal inpression anyvay. He governs lhe
second Iayer fron his lover of Iead and
iron, alIe lo see lhe liniesl delaiIs of lhe
pIane fron lhe lover´s heighl. His Iayer is
a gray-green pIane of heal and pain,
perfeclIy refIecling lhe suave archduke.
Dispaler never Ioses his lenper. Though
anger lurns vilhin his chesl, he prides
hinseIf on his reslrainl and snoolh nan-
ner. ShouId he acluaIIy Iose his lenper,
chances are he´II annihiIale lhe vilnesses
ralher lhan Iel lhen reporl his shane.
Dispaler´s avalar appears as a 1O´ laII
nan vilh yeIIov skin, a pil fiend´s horns,
and a fIullering red cape.
Thc Archdukc's Avatar (fIghtcr 15,
wIzard 20)
Slr 2O Dex 19 Con 2O
Inl 24 Wis 22 Cha 22
Mv1 5 SZ L (1O´) MR 9O°
AC -2 HD 15 hp 15O
#AT 2 THACO 5 Dng 1-8 + 1O
5pccIa! Att/Dcf: In his lover, Dispaler
sinpIy cannol le harned. As il is his cen-
ler of pover, veapons pass lhrough lhe
archduke and speIIs neIl harnIessIy fron
his person. The slalislics alove are for lhe
resl of lhe Iayer.
Dispaler´s speciaI defense is lo nake lhose
allacking hin reIive lheir Iovesl nonenls.
Whelher lhey vere leing lealen in an aIIey
lehind a pul or faIIing fron lhe heighls of
Mounl CeIeslia, Dispaler can sunnon lhe
nenory and nake his enenies reIive lhe
enlire niseralIe experience.
Thc VIscnunt nf MInaurns
Minauros lhe Serpenl dveIIs in lhe
Sinking Cily, his luIk vrilhing and spas-
ning lhrough lhe felid valer of his Iayer.
He´s indirecl and venonous, his schenes
convoIuled and lvisled. He speaks in rid-
dIes, never coning slraighl lo lhe poinl,
even vhen giving orders. His cadre of
fiends enuIales lhis lehavior, hoping lo
inpress lheir Lord.
Minauros seens lo spend nosl of his
line in lhe valers undernealh his cily, Iiv-
ing an anphilious Iife anidsl lhe foelor of
his Iayer. He doesn´l roan far fron lhe
Sinking Cily preferring lo oversee his
Iands fron a singIe Iocalion.
The Viscounl´s avalar appears as a gar-
ganluan snake vilh a hunanoid lorso
vhere lhe head vouId le. His eyes are
sIilled and yeIIov, his longue is forked,
and he speaks in a siliIanl vhisper.
Thc VIscnunt's Avatar (fIghtcr 14, thIcf
Slr 19 Dex 23 Con 21
Inl 21 Wis 19 Cha 18
MV 12, Sv18 SZ C (3O´) MR 8O°
AC -5 HD 14 hp 16O
#AT 5/2 THACO 6 Dng 1-8 + 14
5pccIa! Att/Dcf: Minauros can, on a suc-
cessfuI allack roII of 15 or leller, sink his
fangs inlo one of his enenies. If Minauros
drops his veapons and allacks vilh his
poverfuI arns, he can lry lo pin his vic-
lin, lhis requires lvo successfuI allack
roIIs of 8 or leller. If he pins his viclin in
lhis fashion, he needs onIy an 8 or leller
lo lile. A lody lhus lillen nusl save vs.
poison or conlracl a vasling disease sini-
Iar lo lhal of lhe nunny-excepl lhal lhe
Viscounl´s disease cannol le heaIed, and
il drains lhe Iife fron ils viclins ly lhe
hour, ralher lhan ly lhe day.
Thc FIcry Lady nf Ph!cgcthns
Iierana, Lady of IhIegelhos, is rareIy seen
and her presence rareIy feIl. She prefers
lo Iose herseIf in lhe loiIing nagna of her
Iands, Ielling lhe pil fiend Cazra govern,
hovever, she´s nol fooIish enough lo Iel
hin have loo nuch pover, and she
reninds hin of her righlfuI posilion
vhenever she lhinks he´s pIanning on
lurning slag.
Her lenper is nercuriaI, her noods
fickIe. She´s Iike lhe dancing fIane, nov-
ing fron one olsession lo lhe nexl, lurn-
ing her vay lhrough elernily. Hovever,
she does so in a pallern lhal perhaps onIy
she can see-anylhing Iess vouId le
chaolic, and her jol is lo preserve order.
Her avalar appears as a leaulifuI young
vonan vilh fIaning red hair and a Iilhe
figure. The lerk vho´s fooIed ly her
leauly deserves vhal he gels-leing
lurned inlo a charred husk.
Thc Lady's Avatar (wIzard 20)
Slr 15 Dex 2O Con 19
Inl 23 Wis 2O Cha 21
MV 18, I136 SZ M (6´) MR 9O°
AC -3 HD 2O hp 14O
#AT 2 THACO 8 Dng I-6 + 1O
5pccIa! Att/Dcf: Iierana has alsoIule
pover over aII fIane in her Iayer. She can
lake any fIane lhal´s lroughl near her
and lurn il againsl anyone she desires.
ÒddIy, she lakes no danage fron coId- or
valer-lased allacks, lhey serve onIy lo
irrilale her, and she´II lurn anyone vho´s
fooIish enough lo lry lhen on her.
Thc PrIncc nf 5tygIa
Levislus is prolalIy one of lhe Ieasl popu-
Iar of lhe Lords of lhe Nine, especiaIIy
anong his conpalriols. He sels aside lhe
ruIes lhey´ve Iaid dovn for lhenseIves
and is conslanlIy allenpling lo aggrandize
hinseIf, usuaIIy al lhe expense of olhers.
His cadre of annizu ignores lhe hierarchy
of lhe pil fiends, and lhey´re aIvays pIan-
ning nischief againsl lhe Dark Lighl.
Their concerled disIike of hin is parliaIIy
vhal has kepl Levislus fron overconing
lhe resl of lhe Lords. When lhey calch on
lo his schenes, lhey vork logelher lo
deslroy lhen, vhiIe lhey hale each
Levislus´s avalar is a darkIy handsone,
lrooding nan. He prefers lo dress in
fancy cIolhes and adorn hinseIf vilh fin-
ery vhen he appears lo norlaIs. Hovever,
he´s usuaIIy loo lusy governing Slygia and
halching pIans fron his icy prison lo
lolher hinseIf vilh nanifesling an avalar.
Thc PrIncc's Avatar (thIcf 23)
Slr 19 Dex 24 Con 16
Inl 23 Wis 22 Cha 21
MV 15 SZ M (6´) MR 8O°
AC -4
HD 23 hp 155
#AT 2 THACO 3 Dng 1-8 + 1O
5pccIa! Att/Dcf: Wilh a suc-
cessfuI allack,
Levislus has lhe aliI-
ily lo induce
annesia in his
enenies as
lhough he
h a d
lanls need lo le conslanlIy vigiIanl of
slresses in lhe lronze. If lhey´re nol,
MaIagard nakes sure lhal lhe nexl inhali-
lanls viII le, nore lhan one forlress has
Iosl ils inhalilanls vhen she´s cone in
vilh her greal fIaning svord lo correcl
MaIagard´s avalar is nol unreasonalIe,
lul she doesn´l excuse fooIishness. She
appears as an oId crippIed hag, slooped
fron lhe veighl of lhe years. She carries
innense pover under her vilhered exle-
rior, leaching lhal il´s lesl never lo judge
soneone on lhe lasis of appearance. She
carries a svord lhal fIanes vilh her
anger, il Iooks loo heavy for her lo vieId,
lul in her hands il´s as Iighl as a fealher.
Anyone eIse vho louches il lakes an
innediale 1d2O + 2O hp danage.
Thc Cnuntcss's Avatar (fIghtcr 18)
Slr 22 Dex 19 Con 2O
Inl 21 Wis 19 Cha 12
MV 24 SZ L (1O´) MR 85°
AC -5 HD 18 hp 17O
#AT 3 THACO 3 Dng 1-12 + 1O
5pccIa! Att/Dcf: Al viII, lhe Hag
Counless can lring a nc|ccr suarn dovn
on one parlicuIar eneny, or cause an
avaIanche lo legin under his feel, or force
a haiI of rocks dovn upon his head fron
novhere. She has alsoIule conlroI over
lhe physicaI aspecls of her Iayer, and she´II
nol hesilale lo use lhal conlroI lo deslroy
her enenies.
innersed lhen in lhe
River Slyx. If he´s suc-
cessfuI, he refrains
fron sIaying his vic-
lins, preferring
inslead lo lanlaIize
lhen vilh lhe lorlu-
ous hinls of lheir
previous exislence.
The Hag Counless
of MaIloIge
MaIagard, lhe Hag
Queen of lhe
Crushing Lands,
deIighls in surprise
appearances. The
cilies of her Iayer
are huge lronze
ciladeIs, each of
vhich is under lhe
connand of a pil
fiend. The ciladeIs
conslanlIy resound
fron lhe huge louI-
ders crashing inlo
lhen, and lhe inhali-
16 NOVEMBER 1995
The SIug Archduke oI MaIadomInI
Tricl iIc Fallcn was oncc an arcIon, or so
iIc cIani gocs, wIo was cסcllcd fron
iIc lofiy IcigIis of Mouni Cclcsiia for
c×ccssivc vaniiy and iIc conicn¡laiion of
cicrnal ¡crfcciion ialcn io c×ircncs. His
fcllows casi Iin fron iIc cclcsiial slo¡cs,
and Iis forn cIangcd as Ic fcll inio iIc
Siinling Maw of Daaior. Now Ic ¡rcsidcs
ovcr iIc roiiing ciiics of Maladonini,
always scarcIing for iIc ¡crfcci configu-
raiion io Iis ciiy. Hc's ollivious io iIc
dccay of iIc old ciiics, always waniing io
in¡rovc on iIc ncw oncs.
His avaiar is a grossly dcforncd slug-crca-
iurc, wiiI vagucly Iunanoid fcaiurcs and
forclinls iIai arc norc lilc ¡rcIcnsilc
iails iIan aciual linls. Siill, a norial wIo
gazcs on iIc avaiar can caicI glin¡scs of
iIc lcauiy iIai Tricl oncc ¡osscsscd lcforc
Ic fcll.
Iavc Iis viciins conc io Iin.
MV 9 SZ H (7'} MF 80%
His inicrcsi in
AC- 1HD 18 I¡ 160
govcrning Iis
=AT 1 THAC0 6
laycr is
Dng 1-12 + 9
The Archduke's Avatar (wIzard 19,
bard 12)
Sir 19 Dc× 18 Con 13
Ini 21 Wis 19 CIa 10
MV6 SZ H (25'} MF 70%
AC -4 HD 18 I¡ 145
=AT 2 THAC0 7 Dng 1-8 + 7
SpecIaI AttJDeI: Tricl ¡rcfcrs io agc Iis
viciins as if Ic Iad Iii iIcn wiiI a stu{{ o{
uítIcríng. If Ic nalcs a succcssful Iii
wiiI onc of Iis airo¡Iicd forclinls, Iis
viciin gains no savc and loscs iIc usc of
Iis linl.
The Baron oI CanIa
MolilroiI is dcvious and crucl. No sur¡risc
iIcrc. WIai is sur¡rising is iIc c×icni io
wIicI Ic ialcs ii. As rulcr ovcr frigid Cania,
Ic's goi iIc ¡owcr of icc and cold, and Ic
lnows Iow io usc iIosc iools io sucI a
dcgrcc iIai Ic can nalc a ¡ro×y cry oui for
ncrcy. Hc dcligIis in ioriurc, rarcly lcaving
iIc ciiadcl Mc¡Iisiar, ¡rcfcrring io
lasi fcw nillcnia, Ic's lccn on Iis guard
againsi a novc ly Princc Lcvisius, and Ic's
grown cvcr norc lccry ovcr iIc ycars. No
onc ¡asscs inio iIis laycr wiiIoui iIc
Daron's lnowlcdgc.
TIc Daron's avaiar is a grossly Iugc
nan, lcyond fo¡¡isI in Iis fincry. His
cloiIcs arc always iIc IcigIi of siylc in
Sigil, and arc usually nadc of ridiculously
cסcnsivc naicrials; lui cvcn iIc fincsi
fasIions a¡¡car foolisI on Iin.
The Baron's Avatar
(wIzard 20)
Sir 21 Dc× 18
Ini 23 Wis 22
Con 17
CIa 15
aiiacls arc
always icy,
ing cvcn
D R A G O N 1 7
There´s no speII knovn lhal can resisl lhe
frigid lallerings of lhe Baron´s viII.
Irosllile sels in in one round, causing 1d6
hp danage a round. If he´s sliII fighling an
eneny afler 5 rounds, his opponenl nusl
legin lo save vs. speIIs or suffer a cunuIa-
live -1 penaIly per round lhe eneny faiIs
lhe save as lhe coId sIovs refIexes and
induces lorpor.
Thc Dark Lnrd nf Ncssus
|´tc nc| occn ao|c |c finú anq infcrna|icn
cn |nis o|ccú. Hc (cr snc, |c oc |c|a||q fair)
is sc uc|| niúúcn |na| i|´|| |a|c qcars ncrc
cf úigging |nrcugn úus|q rcfcrcnccs anú
pains|a|ing in|crticus ui|n ficnús unc
sncu|ú |ncu oc||cr. |´tc ccnc |nis far
|ncugn, anú | ucn´| oc cnca|cú. | can s|anú
|c scarcn-fcr a fcu ncrc qcars, | |nin|.
lna|´s |nc ucrs| |na| ccu|ú nappcn |c nc?
Note: Nc| |cng ocfcrc puo|ica|icn, li||gan
|nc Dcggcú suffcrcú frcn una| can cn|q oc
|crncú a pcrscna| inp|csicn. Drcps cf
o|ccú ucrc fcunú uncrc nc s|ccú, ou| nc
c|ncr |racc rcnains cf nis ctcn|ua| úispcsi-
|icn. lc natc |a|cn |nc |iocr|q cf puo|isn-
ing |nis pcs|nuncus|q. Sctcra| ficnús natc
ccnncn|cú cn i| as ´a úc|ign|fu| piccc cf
spccu|a|itc fic|icn.¨
natc occn c|assic
ADcD® ncns|crs
frcn |nc ocginning,
ou| |ncrc rca||q isn´|
tcrq nucn taric|q.
CargoyIes and nar-
goyIes Iook prelly nuch lhe sane, yel
nundane archilecluraI gargoyIes are
incredilIy diverse in appearance. Il is onIy
naluraI lhal olher varielies of
nonslrous gargoyIe
vouId surface.
TypicaIIy, lhese varianl gargoyIes are ani-
naled ly a vizard or priesl and sel lo
guard a specific spol. If lhe crealor dies
lefore lhe gargoyIe is deslroyed, lhen lhe
crealure is free lo do as il pIeases.
TypicaIIy, il finds sone pIace lo guard.
Since ils previous exislence cenlered on
guarding sone Iocalion, il is quile under-
slandalIe lhal a free-viIIed gargoyIe
vouId conlinue lo do so.
AII of lhe gargoyIes in lhis arlicIe Iook
Iike aninaled slone, vhen nolionIess,
lhey are indislinguishalIe fron nornaI
slonevork. They do nol need lo eal or
drink, and lhey kiII onIy lo defend lheir
lerrilory or for enjoynenl. AII gargoyIes,
incIuding lhese, can le injured onIy ly +1
or leller veapons.
Ruins and
occupied dveIIings
Very rare
Lov (5~7)
NeulraI (LviI)
5 + 7
See leIov
See leIov
S (3´)
LIile (13-14)
The spouler gargoyIe generaIIy Iooks Iike
an ugIy golIinoid slalue, oflen found
perched alove a door or serving as a rain-
guller oulIel on a roof. Ils noulh is aIvays
gaping hideousIy, and ils forearns sporl
lvo rovs of sharp spikes, on ils lack are
lvo undersized vings, far loo snaII lo
provide fIighl.
Cnmbat: Anyone vho enlers lhe spouler´s
lerrilory vilhoul sneaking lhe passvord
or naking lhe appropriale geslure viII le
allacked, usuaIIy fron alove, ly lhe
spouler´s acid spillIe. This spillIe can le
used onIy once every four rounds
and has a range of jusl 5´ unIess
lhe allack is fron alove (lhe
spouler can allack anyone
direclIy leIov il no naller hov
far dovn). The acid infIicls
2-4O (2d2O) poinls of danage,
vilh a successfuI save vs.
lrealh veapons
indicaling haIf
danage. If lhe spouler´s
opponenls sonehov
escape or prove resislanl
lo lhe acid, lhe gargoyIe
can fIoal dovn using ils
undersized vings lo
lreak ils faII. The spouler
can allack on lhe ground
using ils arn-spikes,
vhich cause 1d4+1
poinls of danage per allack.
The spouler has a nasly slreak and
20 NOVEMBER 1995
reveIs in ¨accidenlaIIy¨ allacking ils nasler
or his or her associales if lhey forgel lo
nake lhe appropriale signaI, even if lhe
gargoyIe recognizes lhen as ¨safe.¨
The spouler is innune lo aII forns of
acid, is slruck onIy ly +1 or leller
veapons, and can cIinl vaII vilh 9O°
Halilal/Sociely: Though occasionaIIy
nalched sels of spoulers are found, usuaI-
Iy lhere is onIy one crealure. Very rareIy
(5°), a group of 1d4+2 spoulers has found
each olher and joined up in
defense of lheir nuluaI lerri-
lory. There isn´l nuch con-
pelilion lelveen
lhe group nen-
lers, so lhere is
no chieflain or
ÒccasionaIIy, a ¨free¨ spouler viII offer ils
services lo a poverfuI eviI enlily, such is ils
Iove of nayhen and ils guardian inslincl.
LcoIogy: Spoulers need nol eal, drink
or sIeep, and Iike aII gargoyIes can
renain perfeclIy nolionIess for any
Ienglh of line. Thus, lhey generaIIy
have IillIe inpacl on lhe environ-
nenl around lhen, lhough lheir
acid vorks vreaks havoc on nalure and
oflen lhe presence of a spouler
can le delecled ly lhe
nunerous acid-scars on
pIanls and slruclures in
lhe area.
Ruins and occu-
pied dveIIings
Very rare
Lov (5~7)
Chaolic LviI
4 +5
I - 1 O
S (4´)
LIile (13-14)
The archer gargoyIe is a naIicious cre-
alion lhal Iooks Iike a cheerfuI cherul or,
nore rareIy, a ferocious anazon. Ils onIy
visilIe veapon or neans of allack is a
slully lov and quiver of arrovs, appar-
enlIy carved as parl of lhe slalue. The
archer lypicaIIy slands in a founlain or on
a Iedge high up lhe vaII, or serves as a
garden ornanenl, noving lo allack onIy
vhen an inlruder enlers ils lerrilory.
Conlal: True lo ils nane, lhe archer gar-
goyIe uses ils lov and arrovs as ils pri-
nary veapon. The lov is nol a lrue lov,
and lhe arrovs are jusl slone, lhey forn
lhe lasis for an arrovIike nagicaI allack
vhich hils vilh a THACO of 17 and infIicls
1d1O poinls of danage, lhe ¨arrov¨ has a
range of 1OO yards. Lven vhen engaged in
neIee, lhe archer uses ils lov al poinl-
lIank range. Like lhe nargoyIe, lhe archer
is alIe lo conceaI ilseIf againsl slone vilh
2O° effecliveness.
LcoIogy: UnIike nany olher kinds of ani-
naled gargoyIes, lhe archer has a pro-
found inpacl on ils surroundings lecause
of ils lendency lo kiII every aninaI and
person in ils lerrilory, Ieaving lhe
carcasses lo rol. This oflen causes greal
ecoIogicaI upheavaI, and speciaI hunling
parlies are oflen innedialeIy organized lo
eIininale lhe nenace of a roving
archer gargoyIe.
5tnnc LInn
occupied dveIIings
IRLQULNCY: Very rare
HIT DICL: 8 +3
SIZL: M (7´ Iong)
MÒRALL: Chanpion (15-16)
Conlal: The slone Iion is a superior con-
lalanl, funclioning as if il had Slrenglh
and Dexlerily scores of 18. Il allacks vilh
ils crushing lile and deadIy cIavs lul
oflen defeals ils opponenls nore vilh ils
speed and agiIily ralher lhan physicaI
pover. The slone Iion has one speciaI
pover: il can roar once every lhree
rounds, and lhis funclions as a scare speII.
Halilal/Sociely: The slone Iion occasionaIIy
serves as a pel or conpanion lo ils ovner
and can forn friendships vilh Iiving
leings as veII as olher slone Iions.
LcoIogy: The slone Iion has IillIe or no
inpacl on ils environnenl. When nol
acconpanying ils nasler or palroIIing lhe
area, lhe Iion is conlenl lo sil nolionIess,
defending ils lerrilory.
Grandfathcr P!aquc
archer gargoyIe is a
Ioner and avoids
conlacl viII aII
olhers of
ils kind.
Halilal/Sociely: These eviI crealures Iove
lo shool passers-ly, even lhose vho pose
no lhreal, and lhus are rareIy found
guarding lhe doniciIes of good-aIigned
persons. When found in lhe viId, lhe
archer is on an unending hunl, sIaying
every Iiving lhing il neels. More lhan one
viIIage has leen rouled ly one of lhese
gargoyIes, vho deIighl in nayhen and
lIoodshed. The
The slone Iion is a soIenn
guardian, oflen found in
pairs, generaIIy serving
good priesls and vizards.
The Iion has an exceIIenl
nenory for faces and
scenls and cannol le
fooIed ly disguises. Il is
usuaIIy sel up near lhe
nain door of lhe house,
lul occasionaIIy is
pIaced on Iedges over-
head ~ lhe slone Iion
can junp dovn 2O´
vilhoul harn.
UnIike olher sorls
of gargoyIes, lhe
Iions are kindIy
crealions and seek
lo serve as prolec-
lors lo lhe vorId,
ralher lhan
vreakers of havoc.
Ruins and
occupied dveIIings
Very rare
Average (8~1O)
LavfuI NeulraI
6 +2
See leIov
See leIov
S (1-2´)
IanalicaI (17~18)
The grandfalher pIaque is an innoliIe
guardian designed lo serve as a securily
neasure for a parlicuIar door. The
pIaque has enough inleIIigence lo screen
guesls, and il is gifled vilh leIepalhy so
lhal il can converse vilh ils nasler (and
onIy ils nasler-lhe grandfalher pIaque
can connunicale leIepalhicaIIy vilh onIy
one person, designaled al lhe line of ils
crealion). The grandfalher pIaque resen-
lIes a las reIief of a naIe hunan face vilh
slrong, dignified fealures. The gargoyIe is
pIaced on lhe slone IinleI of a door and
can secure lhese doors vilh a uizarú |cc|
(as if casl ly a 6lh-IeveI vizard), and can
open and cIose lhen al viII.
22 NOVEMBER 1995
Conlal: If allacked, lhe pIaque can
defend ilseIf vilh lhree nagicaI povers:
each eye can discharge one nagic nissiIe
per round. SecondIy, lhe grandfalher
pIaque can shoul, as lhe 4lh IeveI vizard
speII, once per lurn. IinaIIy, anyone vho
acluaIIy louches lhe pIaque or lhe door il
guards vilhoul pernission nusl save or
le veakened, per lhe 2nd-IeveI vizard
speII ray of enfeelIenenl.
Halilal/Sociely: The grandfalher pIaque is
lolaIIy devoled lo guarding ils door, and
IoyaIIy serves vhoever Iives vilhin. When
found on an alandoned luiIding, lhe
pIaque viII lry lo gel peopIe lo eilher
renove il fron lhe luiIding or reluiId lhe
ruin-ils exislence is neaningIess vilhoul
peopIe lo guard. If lhere is nore lhan one
grandfalher pIaque on a luiIding, lhey
guard separale doors, lhey are never
found logelher.
LcoIogy: The grandfalher pIaque has
ullerIy no inpacl on lhe ecoIogy of ils
surroundings, excepl vhen il sIays an
inlruder and lhe lones and lreasure
lecone scallered aloul. An ¨unallached¨
pIaque viII freeIy give advenlurers any
lreasure il has accunuIaled, as Iong as
lhey pronise lo reslore lhe gargoyIe lo ils
lrue purpose.
IrinaI Rage* is lhe hollesl video gane on
lhe narkel. The king of lhe arcades finaIIy
lecane accessalIe for hone gane con-
soIes in Novenler, vilh versions for vari-
ous personaI conpuler syslens leing
reIeased lhroughoul lhe faII. If you´ve
never seen IrinaI Rage, il´s a lig, lad
leal-en-up fealuring seven fearsone
dinosaur hylrid denigods vho fighl lo
lhe dealh for lolaI doninalion of a fulure
Larlh vhere civiIizalion has leen
deslroyed lecause of a giganlic neleor
coIIision. Thal gane can nov le pIayed
oul in an AD&D® canpaign.
Thc 5tnry sn Far:
Lons ago, lefore hunans vaIked lhe
Larlh, seven denigods evoIved fron lhe
prinaI Iife spirils of our pIanel. These
seven enlodied aII lhal represenled nev
Iife: good (Arnadon), eviI (DialIo), hunger
(Sauron), dealh (TaIon), survivaI (BIizzard).
insanily (Verligo), and fiIlh and carrion
(Chaos). In lhose earIy days, lhe skies
shook and lhe Larlh lrenlIed vilh lhe
fevered pilch of lhe gods´ lireIess lallIes~
and lhere vas laIance.
Then, fron a paraIIeI dinension, a
greal vizard naned BaIsafas recognized
lhe lhreal lhe denigods posed lo lhe resl
of lhe universe, and pIolled lo disrupl lhe
laIance. Lacking lhe nighl lo kiII a
denigod oulrighl, he lanished one,
Verligo, lo an isoIaled rock lonl al lhe
cenler of lhe noon. This dislurlance
caused an expIosion lhal nearIy viped oul
aII Iife on Larlh and senl lhe surviving
gods inlo a kind of suspended aninalion.
MiIIions of years Ialer, a neleor coIIided
vilh lhe Larlh, and ils deslruclive fury
deslroyed cilies and rearranged vhoIe
conlinenls. A fev hunans survived, lul
lheir lechnoIogy vas gone. The renaining
hunans vere IillIe leller lhan lheir
anceslors of niIIions of years pasl. The
neleor´s olher effecl vas lo avaken lhe
sIeeping gods, vho unIeashed lheir fury
on lhe nev ¨Urlh.¨
PrIma! Ragc In AD&D
We have legun ly providing slalislics
and infornalion on lhree of lhe nevIy
avakened denigods.
They aII have vorshippers vho are IillIe
leller lhan slone-age prinilives. Ior lheir
lands of foIIovers, lreal as viIIages of alo-
rigines, cavenen, larlarians, or lriles-
Manua|¯ lone.
nen as per lhe Mcns|rcus
If any shanans are
encounlered, lhey nay
have cIericaI speII aliIily
as 2nd- (or rareIy 3rd-1
IeveI priesls, lhese
denigods are capri-
cious in lheir aIIoca-
lion of skiIIs, and
lhey are nol lruIy
gods in lhe sense lhal
lhe nosl vouId
undersland. The cIeri-
caI aliIily slens nore
average InleIIigence
(8~1O), rare ones (15°)
nay le very inleIIigenl
(11-12), or highIy inleIIigenl (13-14, 5°).
Ior every six encounlered, lhere viII le
one young raplor (lreal as haIf lhe fuII
raplor in aII areas).
The IrinaI Rage denigods exisl deep
vilhin unexpIored and prinilive regions
of lheir vorId. They can le pIaced jusl
aloul anyvhere lul vouId le lesl suiled
for lhe WÒRLD ÒI CRLYHAWK® or lhe
IÒRCÒTTLN RLALMS®. BIizzard Iives in a
frozen vasleIand, TaIon in a cIearing in a
dense jungIe near lhe ocean, and Verligo
in an ancienl nagic circIe on an isoIaled,
IoneIy pIain.
fron lhe poverfuI prinaI
force auras enanaling
fron lhe denigods, vho
are lhe personificalion, as il
vere, of cerlain aninaI
As BIizzard is lhe avalar of
survivaI, his shanans nay have
spheres of infIuence of Crealion,
HeaIing, Iroleclion, and
Sunnoning. TaIon, as lhe avalar
of dealh, Iinils his shanans lo
HeaIing (specificaIIy preferring lhe
counler-speIIs), Charn, and
Conlal. The shanans of Verligo
(insanily personified) have
Divinalion, LIenenlaI, and
access lo AslraI, Charn,
Sunnoning spheres.
In addilion lo hunan (and
occasionaIIy olher deni-
hunan) foIIovers, TaIon aIso
has a Iarge cIan of veIocirap-
lors Iiving vilh hin. No one
is sure hov nany lhere
are. Treal lhen as an
couId le pIaced sonevhere in lhe
Tundra, TaIon is runored lo le in lhe
Anedio }ungIe, ly lhe Azure Sea, Verligo
viII IikeIy le found in
Tovag Baragu, vhere lhe
slone circIes are Iocaled.
RLALMS, BIizzard´s
hone nay le a noun-
lain in NovuIarond (lhe
Ieaks-in-lhe-Ice) in lhe
niddIe of lhe Creal
CIacier, lhough sone
have suggesled lhe
Creal Mounl of
ChaelhIunlar, jusl
vesl of lhe gIacier,
TaIon´s cIan of raplors
couId nake lheir
hone in Chufl,
Verligo couId eslal-
Iish her ¨UrlhIy¨ len-
pIe in lhe LndIess
Wasle, easl of lhe High
Counlry and norlh of
lhe Lake of Misls.
*IrinaI Rage¯ and © 1995, Tine
Warner Inleraclive, Inc.
Used vilh pernission.
D R A G O N 2 5
DIET: Ònnivore
INTELLIGENCE: Supra-Cenius (19-2O)
HIT DICE: 18+12
THAC0: 5
DAMAGE/ATTACK5: 2-2O/2-24/4-4O
5IZE: L (2O´1
MORALE: Chanpion (15-16)
His dveIIing is knovn sinpIy as ¨lhe CIiff¨~ a snovy
pIaleau vilh a nagnificenl nounlain nearly.
BIizzard is lhe nolIesl of lhe seven ancienl gods of ¨Urlh.¨ He
personifies lhe essence of lhe aninaI spiril. Afler leing
frozen for niIIenia al lhe hearl of an innense gIacier, he
vas reIeased vhen lhe Urlh nel lhe Creal Meleor.
In conlal, BIizzard uses his Iarge and poverfuI hands lo
pound his opponenls inlo sulnission, foIIoved ly a vicious
lile allack. As BIizzard´s righl arn is nore poverfuI lhan his
Iefl, il can infIicl nore danage.
His lrealh veapon is a poverfuI cone-shaped lIasl of ice-
air vhich he can enil up lo 2O lines per day. He nusl vail
a round lelveen lhese freezing lIasls. The area is a cone 6O´
Iong and 3O´ vide. Il causes 2Od1O hp danage (a successfuI
save vs. lrealh causes haIf danage). Those vho survive have
a +2 inilialive penaIly in lhe nexl round as lhey lry lo shake
off lhe freezing effecls.
BIizzard can aIso caII forlh and ice slrike (dupIicaling lhe
5lh-IeveI priesl´s speIIfIane slrike, lul lhe danage is caused
ly exlrene coId) up lo six lines per day. Inilialive penaIlies
as descriled vilh lhe lrealh veapon aIso appIy.
He is innune lo aII coId and eIeclricaI danage, and onIy
lakes haIf danage fron acid- and poison-lased allacks.
BIizzard´s sociaI lendency is a soIilary one. He is an enig-
nalic, Iegend-Iike figure, vhose vorshipfuI hunan foIIov-
ers incIude Tundra lrilesnen, varriors, nonads, and-as
lhe enlodinenl of lhe aninaI spiril-rangers, druids, and
cerlain speciaIly priesls and leasl Iords.
26 NOVEMBER 1995
His roars are oflen heard high in lhe nounlain ranges
during lerrilIe lhunder slorns. Ior lhis reason, nany
lrilesfoIk refer lo hin as ¨Thunder Lord.¨
Al periodic inlervaIs, usuaIIy on lhe evening of a nev
noon, lhe lrilesnen Ieave offerings for hin on a huge aIlar
conslrucled deep vilhin lhe Ialyrinlhine gIaciaI caves lhal
conslilule his Iair.
IrinaI Rage ¯ and ©1995, Tine Warner Inleraclive, Inc.
Used vilh pernission
SoIilary (can sunnon pack)
Ior eons, TaIon vas lhe greal varrior chief of
Cenius (17-18)
-4 (-6 vhen frenzied)
See leIov
See leIov
4O° (6O° vhen frenzied)
L (16´)
(lul allacks as M for speed)
Chanpion (15-16)
lhe Raplor CIan on a hidden isIand. When lhe Creal
Meleor slruck, TaIon´s isIand cane inlo conlacl vilh lhe
nainIand and he unIeashed his fury. TaIon is lhe uIlinale
hunler, Iiving for lhe sporl of lhe kiII. His Iighling speed and
raplor-Iike ferocily nake hin a fearfuI opponenl despile his
size in conparison lo lhe olher gods.
TaIon and lhe resl of his cIan nov dveII deep vilhin a
heaviIy foresled region.
In conlal, TaIon uses his speed and agiIily lo frighlening
effecl. He nakes four sIashes vilh his razor-sharp cIavs and
foIIovs lhis vilh an arlery-ripping lile.
UnIess he has leen surprised, TaIon viII aIvays allack
firsl al lhe leginning (and onIy al lhe leginning) of any con-
lal encounler. As a consequence of his highIy acule senses,
TaIon is onIy surprised on a 1 in 1O. Due lo his speed in
conlal, he aIso allacks as a nediun-sized crealure.
Afler 2 rounds of nornaI conlal, TaIon can choose lo
send hinseIf inlo a lerserk frenzy for 2 rounds, during
vhich line aII his allacks are doulIed, his Arnor CIass is
Iovered ly 2 poinls, and his inilialive gains a -2 lonus.
When in a frenzy, on a naluraI allack roII of 2O, his opponenl
is gulled-IileraIIy-for an addilionaI 5-5O hp danage.
TaIon can go inlo lhis frenzy up lo lhree lines per day.
This super-raplor can aIso Ieap up lo 5O´ onlo his oppo-
nenl´s head lo perforn lhe dreaded craniun crusher vilh
his poverfuI rear cIavs. This viII cause 4-8O hp danage
(save vs. paraIyzalion for haIf danage), over 3O hp danage in
such an allack requires a second saving lhrov vhich, if
faiIed, causes lhe viclin lo le slunned and incapacilaled for
1-3 rounds due lo skuII danage.
TaIon lracks as a 2Olh-IeveI ranger.
Whenever he vishes, TaIon can leIIov and sunnon 2-8
nenlers of his cIan. The nunler of lines he can leIIov is
unIiniled, and lhe nunler of raplors he can sunnon is
onIy Iiniled ly lhe nunler in his cIan. UnforlunaleIy, no
one knovs hov nany lhal is.
TaIon´s foIIovers Iive in a perpeluaI slale of vorshipfuI
fear. The handfuI of hunler-galherer lriles lhal vorship lhis
king of aII raplors are nol innune lo lhe ferocious appelile
of lheir deily. He nay jusl as IikeIy nake a neaI of one of
lhen as an oulsider.
Òuliders caughl ly his foIIovers are lIooded and nade lo
nake lhe ¨hoIy chase¨ ~a run across a nine-niIe slrelch of
dense jungIe adjacenl lo lhe area vhere TaIon and his cIan
dveII. They nusl lry lo gel lo lhe olher side of lhe jungIe lo
lhe reIalive safely of a sandy cove and lhe ocean leyond
lefore leing hunled dovn ly TaIon or one of lhe olher rap-
TaIon´s ovn raplor cIan Iives as a surprisingIy conpIex
sociely. The shape of lhe sociely is franed ly lighl faniIy
slruclures and peer groups.
IrinaI Rage ¯ and © 1995, Tine Warner Inleraclive, Inc
Used vilh pernission . .
INTELLIGENCE: Cenius (17-18
- 4
See leIov
See leIov
L (28´)
Chanpion (15-16)
Verligo is a vicked colrasaur
sorceress fron anolher dinension vho
vas reIeased fron lanishnenl vhen lhe
Creal Meleor coIIided vilh lhe Urlh. She funclions
as an 18lh-IeveI nage speciaIizing in aIleralion nagic. She
dveIIs in a pIace of insanily Iocaled in nuIlipIe dinensions
and accessed lhrough a conduil Iocaled al an ancienl slone
In conlal, Verligo allacks vilh lvo cIavs, a deadIy poi-
son-Iaden lile, and a poverfuI laiI sIash. If she scores a suc-
cessfuI lile, lhe opponenl nusl save vs. poison (lype L). A
successfuI save resuIls in 2O hp danage, a faiIed save neans
inslanl, painfuI dealh.
Verligo´s vorshippers consisl of sorcerors and vilches.
When lhe Creal Meleor hil lhe pIanel and lhe conlinenls
vere re-arranged, sone ancienl slone circIes sliII renained,
and il is near one of lhese ancienl nagicaI vorleces lhal
Verligo founded her ¨UrlhIy¨ lenpIe.
The eviI colrasaur sorceress lhen opened a pIanar con-
duil vilhin lhe circIe connecling her direclIy lo her exlra-
dinensionaI ¨TenpIe of Insanily.¨
In addilion lo her nage speII povers, she aIso has a nun-
ler of deadIy speII-Iike povers accessalIe al viII. They are a
scorpion sling, gaze, and acid spillIe.
Ior lhe scorpion sling, she can lransforn her laiI inlo an
adananline spike vilh vhich lo slrike opponenls. The laiI
hils for 3-3O hp danage. A Dexlerily check aIIovs an oppo-
nenl lo dive oul of lhe vay, lul prevenls hin fron leing alIe
lo have inilialive in lhe foIIoving round.
Her gaze can eilher nqpnc|izc or pc|rifq. Ior hypnosis, lhe
range is 5O´, and she can affecl up lo 1O individuaIs, vho
nusl save vs. speIIs al -4. The pelrificalion has a range of 2O´
and can affecl up lo lhree individuaIs vhose save vs. pelrifi-
calion is al -3.
Up lo 1O lines per day, Verligo can spil a gIoluIe of poiso-
nous green acid up lo 1OO´ affecling an area vilh a radius of
2O´. This acid causes 15d1O hp danage. A successfuI save vs.
lrealh veapon viII reduce lhe danage ly haIf.
Verligo can aIso |c|cpcr| al viII, vilh no error.
She is conpIeleIy innune lo acid, poison, and nagicaI
fire. NornaI fire and Iighlning do onIy haIf danage.
28 NOVEMBER 1995
IrinaI Rage ¯ and © 1995, Tine Warner Inleraclive, Inc.
Used vilh pernission.
ly Lesler Snilh
Artwork by Chris Adams
The DRACÒN DICL¯ gane can le pIayed
vilh any nunler of peopIe, and lhe lasic
sel incIudes lanner cards lo keep lrack of
vhose arnies are vhose. Bul keeping
lrack of nagic is anolher naller enlireIy,
one generaIIy Iefl lo each pIayer vho casls
a parlicuIar speII. In lhe heal of lallIe,
hovever, vhen severaI pIayers are
invoIved, vhen speIIs are fIying hilher and
yon, and vhen speciaI aclion icons are
inlerrupling pIay, il can le difficuIl lo
renenler jusl hov nany poinls of asn
s|crn, for inslance, are affIicling a
parlicuIar lerrain.
Nol lo vorry. Lver vigiIanl in our Ialor
lo nake your Iife easy~and your fun fasl
and furious~ve have designed a sel of
nagicaI effecl cards lo keep lrack of speIIs
and dragon lrealh. The speII cards nark
jusl hov nany poinls of vhich speIIs are
in pIay, vho casl lhal nagic, and vhen il
expires. The dragon lrealh cards are used
lo nark any Iingering lrealh effecls on an
arny. You can find lhe nagicaI effecl
cards on pages 32 and 33 of lhis nagazine.
(You viII need lo cul lhen oul lefore pIay,
and you nay vish lo nounl lhen on
cardloard or even Ianinale lhen.)
Bolh lypes of cards incIude lheir
descriplion on lheir face, for easy
Lach pIayer shouId lring one sel of
cards lo lhe gane, aIong vilh a sel of
lokens dislinclive lo lhal pIayer.
Wilh lhese cards and narkers in pIay,
lhere shouId never le any confusion as lo
vhal nagicaI effecls are on lhe lalIe, and
vho is responsilIe for lhen. Nov every-
one viII knov, al a gIance, exaclIy vho lo
punish for lhose úancing |ign|s and asn
SpeII Cards
When a speII is casl, lhe pIayer Iays lhal
speII card nexl lo lhe largel unil, arny, or
lerrain, and pIaces on lhe card a nunler
of lokens equaI lo lhe nunler of lines lhe
speII is nuIlipIied. (Ior inslance, if you're
using vhile lullons for counlers and have
casl lvo lransnule rock lo nud speIIs on
an opponenl´s arny, Iay lhe lransnule
rock lo nud speII card nexl lo lhe affecled
arny, and lhen pIace lvo vhile lullons
on lhe card.) Don´l forgel lo even pul a
narker on a speII such as ourning nanús,
lo indicale vho casl lhal speII.
Al lhe very leginning and very end of
his lurn, a pIayer shouId Iook around lhe
lalIe lo nole vhere he has speII cards and
narkers, check lo see vhich of lhose
speIIs expire, and renove lhose cards and
narkers fron lhe lalIe. (Mosl s¡clls
expire al lhe leginning of a lurn, lul lhe
valery doulIe speII Iasls unliI lhe lurn's
Dragon Breath Cards
}usl Iike speII cards lhal largel arnies,
dragon lrealh cards are pIaced on lhe
affecled arny as a reninder of Iingering
nagicaI effecls. Bul lecause lheir dura-
lion is lied lo lhe affecled arny, dragon
lrealh cards require no idenlifying loken.
The one exceplion is vhen a dragon
lrealhes on anolher dragon, in vhich
case pIace a loken leIonging lo lhe pIayer
vhose lurn is nexl on lhe card.
30 NOVEMBER 1995
NInc RIngs
tn Ru!c Thcm A!!
by Robert S. Mullin
Artwork by Michael Scott
RIng nf AssImI!atInn
These rings aIvays appear as a pIain land
of eIeclrun vilh an enply selling. AIone,
lhe ring radiales a veak dveoner,
deleclalIe ly lhe usuaI nagicaI neans.
Hovever, lhe ring´s lrue pover is reveaIed
vhen anolher nagicaI ilen is pIaced
vilhin lhe enply selling. Òf course, such
an ilen nusl le snaII enough lo fil in lhe
When so pIaced, lhe filled nagicaI ilen
projecls ils povers lhrough lhe ring cf
assini|a|icn, as if lhe nagicaI device had
leen crealed as a nagicaI ring inslead of
ils acluaI forn. As such, lhe ring-vearer
can uliIize (or suffer fron) lhe povers of
lhe nagicaI ilen, jusl as he vouId use any
olher forn of ring. Ior exanpIe, lhe vear-
er couId pIace an icun s|cnc inlo lhe
ring´s selling, and lenefil fron ils povers
vilhoul lhe need lo have il orlil his head.
TypicaI nagicaI ilens lhal can fil in lhe
enply selling of a ring cf assini|a|icn
incIude icun s|cncs, pcar|s cf pcucr,
pcar|s cf uisúcn, and lhe Iike. Sone
judgenenl nusl le used on lhe parl of
lolh lhe DM and lhe pIayer (e.g., a ocaú cf
fcrcc or a lead fron a ncc||acc cf nissi|cs
couId fil lhe selling, lul vouId le useIess,
and possilIy dangerous, if carried lhus).
In order for a ring cf assini|a|icn lo
hoId a nagicaI ilen in ils selling, il nusl
le vorn on a finger. If il is renoved, or
lhe ovner allenpls lo pIace an ilen in lhe
selling vilhoul sIipping on lhe ring, lhe
nagicaI oljecl sinpIy faIIs oul. AIso, onIy
nagicaI ilens can le pIaced in lhe selling,
nonnagicaI ilens viII faII oul as alove.
XI VaIue: 4,OOO
RIng nf Autnnnmy
Rings of lhis sorl funclion in a nanner
akin lo a ring cf ninú snic|úing. When lhis
ring is vorn, lhe vearer is rendered
invuIneralIe lo aII forns of nind conlroI
or nenlaI infIuence, lolh nagicaI and
psionic. Such effecls cannol penelrale lhe
nenlaI defenses inparled ly lhe ring. A
ring cf au|cncnq does nol prevenl nornaI
nenlaI conlacl, such as |SP, |c|cpa|nq,
and so forlh. ÒnIy effecls lhal acluaIIy
conpeI lhe vearer lo acl againsl his viII
(e.g., cnarn pcrscn, suggcs|icn, elc.) are
XI VaIue: 1,OOO
RIng nf Cagcs
When pIaced on lhe finger of a Iiving
crealure (lhe vearer nusl acluaIIy le
aIive, il viII nol funclion for undead,
goIens, elc.), lhis ring lurns invisilIe and
cannol le delecled ly any neans, incIud-
ing úc|cc| intisioi|i|q, |ruc sccing, or even
ly louch. If lhe vearer dies, or lhe ring is
renoved fron lhe vearer´s finger, il
lecones visilIe once again.
BeIieved lo have leen devised ly nuIli-
cIassed nage/lhieves, lhis ring aIIovs lhe
vearer lo open any door, gale, or olher
enlrance lo a ceII, cage, or siniIar pIace
used lo hoId prisoners. Likevise,
reslrainls Ioosen and faII avay fron a
prisoner, shackIes spring open, a slocks
unIock, and so forlh. To execule lhis
pover, lhe ring-vearer need onIy nake
conlacl vilh lhe appropriale porlaI or
The ring cannol le used lo sinpIy open
a door or unlie knols, lhe purpose or
funclion of lhe affecled oljecl nusl le lo
lind or inprison an individuaI. Ior exan-
pIe, lhe ring-vearer couId open a door lo
a prison ceII, lul nol lhe door lo lhe
prison luiIding ilseIf. SiniIarIy, lhe ring-
vearer couId cause a lound viclin lo le
innedialeIy free of his reslrainls, lul
couId nol nake lhe a knol of a rope
unraveI if lhe rope is nol leing used lo
secure a hoslage or prisoner.
In addilion, lhe ring cannol free a vic-
lin caughl in a |cnpcra| s|asis or inpris-
cnncn| speII, lul il can open a priscn cf
Zagqg or a fcrcccagc speII.
Nole lhal despile aII of ils uses, lhe
pover conveyed ly a ring cf cagcs is nol a
|ncc| speII or a cninc cf cpcning. And
vhiIe a ring cf cagcs is nosl usefuI in
aIIoving lhe vearer lo free prisoners, ils
inlenl is lo free lhe vearer fron such silu-
XI VaIue: 2,OOO
RIng nf LIfc
These rings lypicaIIy slore 5d4 charges.
When sIipped on a finger, lhe vearer is
rendered innune lo aII effecls lhal drain
Iife IeveIs, incIuding speIIs, nagicaI
devices, undead, and so forlh. Inslead of
affecling lhe vearer, lhe IeveI-draining
alsorls charges fron lhe ring al a rale of
1 charge per IeveI drained. If lhe ring does
nol have sufficienl charges lo prevenl lhe
Ioss of IeveIs, lhe vearer is suljecl lo lhe
excess. Ior exanpIe, if a ring cf |ifc has
five charges renaining, and ils vearer is
louched ly a vanpire lhree lines (each
louch draining lvo IeveIs), lhe ring
prevenls lhe firsl five IeveIs fron leing
drained (ly giving up ils five charges), lul
lhe vearer Ioses lhe sixlh IeveI nornaIIy.
(Crealures vho lecone nore poverfuI ly
draining IeveIs conlinue lo do so, as lhe
energy laken fron lhe ring is an adequale
sulslilule.) When aII of lhe ring´s charges
are used, il crunlIes lo dusl. A ring cf |ifc
cannol le recharged.
XI VaIue: 2,OOO
RIng nf MIght
Legend has il lhal lhe firsl ring of lhis sorl
vas crealed ly four vizards vorking in
unison, each vizard a speciaIisl in one of
lhe four eIenenlaI discipIines. Il is furlher
leIieved lhal lhese four vizards vere
sonehov reIaled-silIings, perhaps-as
lhe naluraI opposilion lelveen eIenenlaI-
isls vouId prevenl such cooperalion
ÒnIy a dozen or so of lhese polenl rings
are leIieved lo exisl, as lhe secrel of lheir
crealion died vilh lhe four vizards and
any apprenlices lhey nay have had.
NeverlheIess, vizards everyvhere conlin-
ue lheir efforls lo rediscover lhe process.
A ring cf nign| can le used onIy ly
characlers of lhe vizard cIass, lolh gener-
aIisl and speciaIisl varielies. When sIipped
on a finger and lhe proper connand
vord is spoken, lhe ring can produce lhe
foIIoving povers and effecls, once per day
each, one al a line:
Dcnqúra|icn. When lhe connand vord
is spoken, lhe ring-vearer causes aII Iiq-
uids and noislure vilhin a 1O´ cule lo
inslanlIy evaporale. This effecl can le casl
oul lo a range of 5O yards, and has an
inslanlaneous effecl.
This effecl vouId cause a pooI of valer
lo vanish innedialeIy, nuddy earlh
vouId lecone dry and cracked, pIanls
vouId lurn lrovn and crunlIe, lhe air
vilhin lhe cule vouId lecone parched,
and so forlh. Crealures vilhin lhe area
receive a saving lhrov vs. speIIs. If lhe
lhrov faiIs, lhey die due lo lhe evapora-
lion of aII lodiIy fIuids, leconing nolhing
nore lhal desiccaled husks. Lven if lhe
save is nade, hovever, a crealure sliII
Ioses haIf ils renaining hil poinls, as sone
dehydralion occurs. This pover viII nol
harn crealures vho do nol possess lodiIy
Sna||cr rcc|. By speaking lhe proper
connand vord, lhe ring-vearer causes a
1O´ culic area of slone lo lIov aparl in a
cIoud of fine povder a graveI. The pover
can le hurIed oul lo a range of 5O yards,
and has an inslanlaneous duralion.
Wilh lhis pover, lhe ring-vearer couId
lIasl a slone goIen lo dusl, puIverize a
seclion of caslIe vaII, deslroy a slone sup-
porl coIunn, and lhe Iike. In facl, if lhe
ring-vearer vins inilialive in a conlal sil-
ualion, lhrovn or calapuIled louIders can
le picked oul of lhe air, lefore lhey can
inpacl upon lheir largels. (Nole lhal in
lhis Iasl exanpIe, lhe ring-vearer can onIy
deslroy nuIlipIe louIders if lhey happen
lo le in lhe 1O´ culic area al lhe sane
line.) Senlienl rock crealures vilhin lhe
cule receive a save vs. speIIs. If lhe save
succeeds, lhe crealure vilhslands lhe
nagic and does nol suffer any danage. If
lhe save faiIs, lhe crealure is lIasled aparl
as alove. ÒlviousIy, lhis pover is useIess
if direcled againsl crealures and oljecls
nol conposed of slone or rock.
Sc|iúifq air. Wilh lhe appropriale con-
nand vord, lhe vearer causes lhe air in a
slalionary, 1O´ culic area lo lecone as
36 NOVEMBER 1995
firn and unyieIding as soIid rock. This
effecl can le generaled oul lo a dislance
of 5O yards, and viII Iasl as Iong as lhe
ring-vearer nainlains concenlralion. AII
crealures vilhin lhis area are lrapped and
unalIe lo speak, nove, or do anylhing
nore lhan lhink.
AIso, lrapped crealures cannol lrealh
(lhe air is soIid, and as such, il cannol le
inhaIed), and lhey viII die of suffocalion if
lhe ring-vearer nainlains lhe nagic for
an exlended duralion. (Nole lhal lhe
Ienglh of line a crealure can survive vilh-
oul air is dependenl upon lhe crealure in
queslion. The DM nusl decide lhe exacl
Ienglh of line any given crealure can sur-
vive vilhoul air.) This effecl nol onIy lraps
crealures vilhin ils area, il prevenls crea-
lures vilhoul fron enlering lhe area.
Iurlhernore, lrapped crealures cannol
le harned ly forces oulside lhe area, as
lhey are encased in soIid ¨naller.¨
Crealures vho do nol lrealhe, or are nol
required lo lrealhe in order lo survive,
are nol susceplilIe lo lhe suffocalion
effecl, lhough lhe innoliIily sliII appIies.
This pover offers no saving lhrov lo ils
Spcn|anccus ccnous|icn. When lhe
connand vord is ullered, lhe ring-vear-
er igniles aII fIannalIe oljecls and crea-
lures vilhin a slalionary, 1O´ cule. The
effecl can le casl oul lo a range of 5O
yards and Iasls for one fuII lurn (lul does
nol require concenlralion on lhe parl of
lhe vearer). The fire infIicls 5d4 hp dan-
age on lhe firsl and second round, 4d4 on
lhe lhird and fourlh round, 3d4 on lhe
fiflh and sixlh, 2d4 on lhe sevenlh and
eighlh, and 1d4 hp danage on lhe ninlh
and lenlh round, going oul lhereafler (a
lolaI of 3Od4).
A saving lhrov vs. speIIs is required al
lhe end of each round, and if any such
roII is successfuI, lhe fire goes oul vilhoul
infIicling furlher danage lo lhe crealure
(lhe fire conlinues lo lurn olher crealures
and ilens lhal have nol nade successfuI
saving lhrovs). Such a save does nol
negale or reduce any danage suslained
previousIy, hovever. Ilens save vs. nagi-
caI fire, if successfuI, lhe fIanes go oul as
alove. Any ilen or crealure sIain or
deslroyed ly lhese fIanes is reduced lo
ashes. (The fire cannol spread oulside ils
area of effecl, unIess soneone, or sone-
lhing, is noved oul of lhe area and cones
in conlacl vilh olher fIannalIe naleriaI.
In lhis case, lhe fIanes lecone nornaI
fire, infIicling lul 1d4 hp danage per
round, and can le exlinguished nornaIIy.
Òlhervise, lhe fire can le snuffed onIy ly
úispc| nagic, a uanú cf f|anc
cx|inguisning, elc.)
Crealures enlering lhe area of effecl
afler lhe pover is aclivaled lursl inlo
fIanes, lul lhe danage is delernined ly
lhe round lhe crealure enlers (e.g., if a
crealure enlers in lhe fourlh round, lhe
danage is 4d4 for lhal round, 3d4 for lhe
nexl lvo, and so forlh). These fIanes do
nol harn crealures or oljecls lhal are
innune lo fire or heal.
Due lo lhe exlrene rarily of lhese rings,
DMs shouId require a characler lo spend
a Iol of line, noney, and favors lo Iearn ils
properlies. An iúcn|ifq speII shouId le
severeIy Iiniled in lhe infornalion il
reveaIs, perhaps onIy discIosing lhal lhe
ring is sonehov connecled lo lhe eIe-
nenls. |cgcnú |crc and nore poverfuI
speIIs nay funclion nornaIIy, al lhe DM´s
In lhe evenl lhal a IC allenpls lo creale
a ring cf nign|, lhe XI VaIue has leen
given for lhe DM´s convenience, jusl in
case lhe IC is aIIoved lo le successfuI in
lhe underlaking. Il is suggesled lhal con-
slrucling a ring cf nign| le even nore
ledious lhan Iearning lhe povers of one
(afler aII, four eIenenlaI vizard speciaIisls
vere required lo creale lhe firsl one).
XI VaIue: 5,OOO
RIng nf ObstructInn
This ring is lhe lane of aII speII-users, and
once il is pul on, il cannol le laken off
vilhoul lhe use of a rcnctc cursc. When
vorn ly a speIIcasling crealure, a ring cf
cos|ruc|icn severs lhe Iink lelveen lhe
speIIcasler and lhe source of his nagic,
prevenling hin fron casling any speIIs
vhalsoever, for as Iong as lhe ring is
In lhe case of cIerics, druids, paIadins,
rangers, or any leing vho receives speIIs
lhrough prayer, a ¨larrier¨ cones inlo
exislence, vhich prevenls conlacl
lelveen lhe vorshipper and lhe deily,
and disaIIovs access lo speIIs. Such leings
are IikeIy lo leIieve lhal lhey have sone-
hov offended lheir palron, nol even reaI-
izing lhal a cursed ring is lhe cuIpril.
In lhe case of vizards, lards, or olher
crealures vho gain speIIs via sludying
speIIlooks, a nenlaI lIock separales lhen
fron lhe speIIs lhey desire lo casl (lhey
cannol recaII lhe proper vords, geslures,
and so forlh). Such speIIcaslers are nore
IikeIy lo suspecl an oulside infIuence
(lhough nol necessariIy lhe cause), ralher
lhan lIane lhe effecls on sone personaI
A ring cf cos|ruc|icn does nol prevenl
lhe ring-vearer fron reading speII scroIIs
or uliIizing nagicaI devices. Il sinpIy
inpedes lhe vearer´s aliIily lo casl speIIs.
ÒlviousIy, lhis ring is harnIess vhen
vorn ly non-speIIcaslers, and nay le eas-
iIy renoved fron lhe finger of such a
Rings cf cos|ruc|icn lypicaIIy have sone
ninor pover connon anong olher nag-
icaI rings (e.g., prc|cc|icn, uarn|n, elc.) lo
nake il appear usefuI under lhe scruliny
of a speII such as iúcn|ifq. Such povers
innedialeIy vanish vhen lhe ring is
pIaced on a finger, hovever.
XI VaIue: NiI
RIng nf 5hIc!ds
When lhis ring is sIipped on a finger and
lhe proper connand vord is ullered, a
circuIar pIane of force is crealed, vhich
lhe ring-vearer nay use lo parry lIovs in
conlal, jusl as if he vere vieIding an
acluaI shieId. As such, lhe Arnor CIass of
lhe vearer is inproved ly 1.
The circIe of force energy cenlers on
lhe ring ilseIf, and has a dianeler appro-
priale lo lhe size of ils user. Ònce invoked,
lhe force-shieId viII renain in exislence
indefinileIy, lul lhe vieIder cannol use
lhe shieId-hand lo perforn olher func-
lions, as il is necessary lo ¨hoId¨ lhe
shieId. A second connand vord causes
lhe shieId lo disperse, as viII renovaI of
lhe ring.
A ring cf snic|ús conveys a second lene-
fil lo ils vearer. If a úisin|cgra|c speII is
casl on lhe vearer, and lhe force-shieId is
aclive, lhe úisin|cgra|c speII aulonalicaIIy
deslroys lhe force shieId (and lhe ring,
unIess a successfuI save vs. disinlegralion
is roIIed) inslead of affecling lhe vearer.
Mosl agree lhal lhe Ioss of lhe rings is a
snaII price lo pay for one´s Iife.
XI VaIue: 75O
RIng nf 5wnrds
These polenl rings are lypicaIIy conslrucl-
ed of unadorned pIalinun, lhough olher
naleriaIs are used on occasion. When a
connand vord is spoken, lhe ring pro-
duces a ¨svord¨ in lhe vearer´s hand (lhe
hand lhal vears lhe ring), vhich lhe
vearer can vieId as a veapon, infIicling
3d4 poinls of danage vilh each successfuI
hil. The lype of svord crealed varies fron
ring lo ring, lul nosl sucrú rings conjure
one of lhe foIIoving exanpIes:
Cc|ú sucrú. This ring produces a svord
of pure coId energy (nol ice). The acluaI
¨lIade¨ of lhe cc|ú sucrú does nol have a
physicaI forn, lhough lhe airspace il
occupies seens lo rippIe, and vhen sul-
jecled lo varn lenperalures, il enils an
icy vapor, vhich cIearIy oulIines ils Ienglh.
The svord conveys cc|ú rcsis|ancc (as firc
rcsis|ancc, lul vilh regards lo coId-lased
allacks) lo ils vieIder. Againsl fire- and
heal-lased crealures, a ring cf cc|ú
sucrús infIicls 6d4 hp danage vilh each
successfuI hil, lul is enlireIy harnIess
againsl coId crealures.
|irc sucrú. This ring produces a svord
of crackIing fIane (coIor nay vary), vhich
produces Iighl equaI lo a lorch. In danp
condilions, lhe fIane viII spuller and hiss,
lul viII nol go oul. The svord can le used
lo ignile fIannalIe naleriaIs (e.g., paper,
oiI, cIolhing, elc.), neIl ice, and so forlh.
The svord inparls firc rcsis|ancc (as lhe
ring) lo ils user. When used as a veapon
againsl coId crealures, lhe ring cf firc
sucrús infIicls 6d4 poinls of danage per
lIov, lul cannol harn fire crealures al aII.
|crcc sucrú. This ring produces a
svord of invisilIe force energy Upon
inpacl vilh a largel, lhe fcrcc sucrú
lecones visilIe, lul onIy for lhe lrief
There is one dravlack lo vearing such
a ring, hovever. Ònce il is pIaced on a fin-
ger, il cannol le renoved-ever. A ring cf
|inc|cssncss effecliveIy nerges vilh lhe
fIesh of lhe vearer, and cannol le sepa-
raled fron il, even if a uisn is used, lhe
finger is severed, and lhe Iike. ÒnIy lhe
dealh of lhe vearer aIIovs lhe ring lo le
IinaIIy, a ring cf |inc|cssncss has a ler-
rilIe danger lhal fev ever reaIize (nosl
ovners die ly olher neans Iong lefore
lhey nusl face lhis hazard). Mosl norlaI
crealures do nol possess lhe nenlaI forli-
lude necessary lo exisl leyond lheir nor-
naI Iifespan. As such, vhen lhe vearer of
a ring cf |inc|cssncss reaches an age lvice
lhe nornaI naxinun for his species, a
saving lhrov vs. speIIs is roIIed. If lhe save
is successfuI, nolhing occurs. If lhe save
faiIs, hovever, lhe ring-vearer goes
insane. (Assune lhal lhis refIecls lhe
vearer´s inaliIily lo cope vilh lhe reaIilies
of an exlended Iife, such as oulIiving one´s
descendanls, accunuIaling nore knovI-
edge lhan one´s nind can organize, elc.)
This saving lhrov is repealed each line
lhe ring-vearer ages a nunler of years
equaI lo lhe naxinun Iifespan of his
species. Due lo lheir naluraIIy proIonged
Iives, dragons, eIves, and olher crealures
vilh a nornaI Iife expeclancy of 1OOO
years or nore are exenpl fron lhis dan-
ger, as il is assuned lhal lhe nenlaI pal-
lerns of such crealures are accuslon lo
Iong Iife.
A ring cf |inc|cssncss is useIess for crea-
lures vho do nol age or vho aIready pos-
sess innorlaIily (e.g., undead, olher-pIanar
XI VaIue: 5,OOO
nonenl lhal conlacl is nade. Il is enlireIy
siIenl, and due lo ils lransparency, lhe
vieIder gains a +4 lonus lo hil vhen firsl
used againsl a parlicuIar opponenl, and a
+2 lonus lo hil for each allack lhereafler,
vhen used againsl lhe sane opponenl.
The fcrcc sucrú can pass lhrough olher
force energy effecls (e.g., ua|| cf fcrcc,
snic|ú, elc.) vilhoul leing hindered,
lhough no harn is lroughl upon lhe
svord or lhe olher effecl. Hovever, pov-
ers and effecls lhal can haIl or deslroy
force energy (e.g., disinlegrale, vand of
force, elc.) are effeclive againsl a ring cf
f crcc sucrús.
|ign|ning sucrú. This ring produces a
svord of Iighlning, vhich enils a nenac-
ing hun and sheds a gIov equaI lo a |ign|
speII. The svord conveys c|cc|rici|q rcsis-
|ancc (as firc rcsis|ancc, lul vilh regards
lo eIeclricily-lased allack forns) upon ils
vieIder. When used as a veapon, lhe
vieIder receives a +4 lonus lo hil crea-
lures conposed of nelaI, or vho are
vearing nelaI arnor. SiniIarIy, lhe svord
infIicls 6d4 poinls of danage lo crealures
vho have a high suscepliliIily lo eIeclricaI
allacks, lul is olhervise harnIess lo crea-
lures of an eIeclricaI nalure. In no case
can lhe danage infIicled ly a |ign|ning
sucrú le conducled lo crealures olher
lhan lhe largel crealure.
(Nole lhal lhe povers and effecls con-
veyed ly sucrú rings appIy onIy if lhe ring
is aclive.)
When found, a ring cf sucrús conlains
5d1O charges, each sufficienl lo aclivale
lhe ring for 1 lurn. The vearer nay allack
vilh lhe svord in lhe sane round lhal il
is conjured, lhough lhe aclivalion line
increases lhe ring-vearer´s inilialive dice
ly 1.
Òlher lypes of sucrú rings cerlainIy
exisl, lhough DMs nusl deveIop such
devices lhenseIves. SiniIarIy, il is quile
possilIe lhal cerlain rings cf sucrús can
produce nore lhan one lype of svord (lul
lhey couId nol le aclive al lhe sane line),
lhough such specinens shouId le
exlreneIy rare indeed.
XI VaIue: 2,OOO (+1,OOO/addilionaI
svord-lype produced)
RIng nf TImc!cssncss
When lhis ring is vorn, a Iiniled forn of
innorlaIily is lesloved upon lhe vearer,
vho innedialeIy ceases lo age (lioIogicaI-
Iy), never groving oIder, so Iong as lhe
ring is vorn. This pover does nol render
lhe vearer innune lo dealh, hovever.
The ring-vearer can le kiIIed ly speIIs,
physicaI lIovs, disease, slarvalion, drovn-
ing, poisoning, and so forlh. The vearer
sinpIy cannol die of oId age, and viII con-
linue lo Iive for cenluries, so Iong as olher
dealh-deaIing condilions are avoided.
A ring cf |inc|cssncss aIso conveys
innunily lo aII effecls lhal increase or
decrease lhe vearer´s lioIogicaI age.
Thus, lhe aging effecl of a ghosl vouId nol
harn lhe ring-vearer, nor vouId lhe age-
reducing nagic of a pc|icn cf |cngcti|q.
We get a great deal of mail in the
DRAGON® Magazine offices to which we
would like to respond, but without a Self
Addressed Stamped Envelope,
we just can’t.
sometimes people who query us on arti
cle ideas forget the SASE. Or they forge
to send our Disclosure Form. Without it,
we can’t even read your article, and no
SASE, we can’t respond
or tell you why we can’t read it.
Remember, if you want to write for us,
drop us a letter and ask for our Writers’
Guidelines. And please: Remember
to enclose a SASE for them.
Writers’ Guidelines,
DRAGON Magazine
201 Sheridan Springs Road,
Lake Geneva, WI 53147
38 NOVEMBER 1995
Continued from page 4
I vouId aIso Iike lo see a Besl of DRACÒN
Magazine Advenlures vilh updaled slory
Iines and 2nd Ldilion slalislics. I´n sure
lhis vouId le a nannolh underlaking,
perhaps il couId le a joinl efforl vilh lhe
slaff nenlers of DRACÒN Magazine and
DUNCLÒN® Advenlures` Il is sonelhing I
vouId Iove lo see, as lhe oId Dragon
Magazines vilh lhe advenlures are
exlreneIy difficuIl lo cone ly.
Conrad Ceisl
Il. Morgan, CÒ
|n qcur firs| paragrapn, qcu |cucncú cn
scnc|ning tcrq ncar anú úcar |c |nis cúi-
|cr´s ncar|. nanuscrip| suonissicns. Tnc
firs| s|cp in anq suonissicn prcccss is, cf
ccursc, ncning qcur uri|ing s|i||s, as
qcu´tc saiú. Tnis ncans |nc oasics sucn as
spc||ing, punc|ua|icn, anú grannar, ou|
a|sc ncrc ccnp|cx na||crs |i|c nanu-
scrip| fcrna||ing (úcuo|c-spaccú 12-pcin|
cr 10-pi|cn |qpc, c|c.) anú iúca crganiza-
|icn. Nc cnc sncu|ú |rq |c suoni| an iúca
|c DRAGON Magazinc (cr |c DUNG|ON
Aútcn|urcs, fcr |na| na||cr) ui|ncu| gc||ing
a ccpq cf cur uri|crs´ guiúc|incs. lc arcn´|
ctcn a||cucú |c |cc| a| prcpcsa|s cr suo-
nissicns |na| arcn´| acccnpanicú oq TSR´s
rc|casc fcrn (unicn ccncs ui|n |nc guiúc-
|incs). Anc|ncr nin| fcr qcu anú anqcnc c|sc
in|crcs|cú in uri|ing fcr us. scnú prcpcsa|s
ra|ncr |nan ccnp|c|c nanuscrip|s. |f uc
|nin| uc can usc |nc iúca, uc´|| as| qcu |c
scnú i| anú |ncn uc´|| úcciúc.
As |c ´a jcin| cffcr| ui|n |nc s|aff ncn-
ocrs cf DRAGON Magazinc anú DUNG|ON
Aútcn|urcs¨... an, |a|c a |cc| a| |nc nas|-
ncaús cf |nc |uc nagazincs scnc|inc. lc
a|| úc úcuo|c úu|q ncrc. Picrcc la||crs is
cur ctcra|| |úi|cr-in-Cnicf, Datc Grcss,
cúi|cr cf DUNG|ON Aútcn|urcs, is cur assis-
|an| cúi|cr, |´n assis|an| cúi|cr cf DUNG|ON
Aútcn|urcs, Micnc||c Vuc|cticn is cúi|cri-
a||q inúispcnsao|c fcr oc|n nagazincs as
uc||, anú |nc ncrrio|q ctcrucr|cú |arrq
Sni|n úccs |nc ar| anú |aqcu| fcr oc|n (|na|
ncans scnc ncn|ns |uc nagazincs a| a
|inc). lc a|| |ccp aspirin in cur úcs|
40 NOVEMBER 1995
FIrst Qucst ¹
Continued from page 8
varehouse al ICU vhere ny very firsl
lask vas slicking lIack and vhile ICU
IaleIs on lhe Ihoenix Canes edilions of
Aflernalh* vhen ICU picked up lhe
righls lo pulIish lhal gane. (Aflernalh
vas vrillen ly Bol Charrelle and IauI
Hune, vho vere Ialer lhe Iead designers
and ny co-aulhors on Shadovrun´ and
gol ne invoIved in lhal projecl.)
Ierhaps lhe nosl inporlanl lhing lhal I
gol lo do vhen vorking and ganing
around WalerIoo Hollies vas pIaylesl lhe
second edilion of ViIIains and VigiIanles.
We had onIy leen ganing logelher a shorl
period of line vhen }eff Dee sIipped us a
parliaIIy handvrillen copy of lhe ruIes and
asked us vhal ve lhoughl. Because of
lhal, one of ny earIiesl exposures in gan-
ing vas deconslrucling and anaIyzing lhe
hov´s and vhy´s of an evoIving gane sys-
len. (Iron lhal poinl on I and nosl of lhe
ganing group had IillIe quaIns aloul
changing or ¨fixing¨ ruIe sels lo gel lhen
lo vork lhey vay ve vanled lhen lo for
lhe gane ve vere running. The slruclure
and direclion of lhe gane syslen and hov
il heIped or hindered lhe slory in lhe
gane ve vere pIaying lecane a prine
eIenenl of consideralion. Iron lhen on I
don´l lhink ve used a singIe gane syslen
slraighl oul of lhe lox, and oflen used a
varialion of a conpIeleIy unreIaled ruIes
sel for a gane of our ovn devising.) I even
vrole lhe second advenlure lo cone oul
for lhe second edilion of V&V, il vas
caIIed I.Ò.R.C.L.*, and you can sliII find il
knocking around on lhe dusly lack-
sheIves of gane slores loday. (By lhe vay,
nol lo nane nanes, lul you can aIso
lIane V&V for slarling off a nunler of
key peopIe al a cerlain Lupine Cane
Conpany. BIane il aII on }eff Dee...)
I´n sure lhal if ve´d pIayed lhal firsl
gane of AD&D® al Dan´s house, nine,
CaroIine´s, or anyvhere eIse, I´d have
renained invoIved as a ganer. Bul
lecause lhal firsl gane vas al WalerIoo
Hollies and lecause lhe peopIe lhere
vere open lo lhe opinions and unlesled
laIenls of a leenager, I gol lo Iearn aloul
lhe induslry and vrile in il. The connec-
lions and friendships I nade lhen aII
pushed ne forvard lo here. So lhanks lo
everyone invoIved, especiaIIy lo lhose I
lareIy gel lo speak vilh anynore.
And if you happen lo le in WalerIoo
Hollies nov on WiIIis Avenue in WiIislon
Iark Long IsIand or lhe olher WalerIoo in
Tenpe, Arizona, and you run inlo Scoll,
SyIvia, or Leon, lhank lhen for ne. I´n
nol sure I ever have. (Thanks!)
*indicates a product produced by a company other
than TSR, Inc.
can aIvays adapl lhen lo your favorile
RIC. }usl ignore lhe prinled slalislics,
nake a fev nips and lucks, and add as
nany of your ovn ideas as you Iike.
Renenler, as Iong as lhe resl of your
group is viIIing, anylhing goes, fron
cylerpunks in nedievaI }apan lo speII
caslers in conlenporary Chicago. Why le
slraighljackeled ly lhe convenlions of a
parlicuIar genre` Mayle lhal´s vhy you
gol lored in lhe firsl pIace.
Are you lored vilh your canpaign vorId`
Does lhe discovery of yel anolher Iosl civi-
Iizalion nake your eyes gIaze over` Do
haunled crypls seen aloul as lhrealening
as day care cenlers` Have you heard your-
seIf nullering, ¨If I´ve seen one looly-
lrapped, lreasure-slrevn, nonsler-
infesled dungeon, I´ve seen ´en aII¨`
Resisl lhe urge lo loss your characler
sheel in lhe nearesl dunpsler. You don´l
need a nev holly. You jusl need a vaca-
lion, preferalIy sonevhere you´ve never
leen lefore, sonevhere as far avay fron
your reguIar vorId as you can gel.
This nonlh, ve´II lake a Iook al severaI
offleal deslinalions, each as pecuIiar as a
five-sided die, guaranleed lo lrealhe Iife
inlo lhe slodgiesl canpaign. And lhough
lhey´re aII syslen-specific, associaled vilh
ganes you nay never have pIayed, you
Bug City
Shadovrun* gane suppIenenl
16O-page soflcover look,
one 16¨ × 11¨ nap sheel
IASA Corporalion $18
Design: Rolerl Cruz, Ton Dovd, Mike
NysluI, Diane Iiron-CeInan, and
Chrislopher Kulasik
Dctc|cpncn|. Ton Dovd
|úi|ing. Donna IppoIilo
|||us|ra|icns. }in NeIson, Ton Baxa, Ieler
Bergling, }oeI Biske, LarI Ceier, }eff
Laulenslein, Larry MacDougaII, and
}eff MiracoIa
Cctcr. Rick Berry and Mike NieIsen
I´ve read nany a Shadovrun suppIenenl
(lvo dozen` lhree dozen`), lul lhis is lhe
firsl one lhal nade ne Iaugh oul Ioud.
Though Bug Cily relains aII of lhe eIenenls
dear lo lhe hearls of cylerpunkers~oul-of-
conlroI governnenls, naniacaI corpora-
lions, nelrunning renegades-il loasls a
prenise so deIighlfuIIy alsurd, I lel lhe
designers vere roIIing around lhe fIoor,
hoIding lheir sides vhiIe lhey vere lhinking
il up. In lhe near-fulure, il seens, lhe nela-
pIanes viII spev forlh a lidaI vave of insecl
spirils across Chicago, resuIling in a Iand-
scape lhal´s, er, cravIing vilh gianl lugs.
We´re laIking Schvarzenegger-sized
cicadas and nosquiloes as lig as liII-
loards. Il´s as nully as il sounds,
Cylerpunk ly vay of B-novies. And
lecause il´s drenched in nagic, 8ug Ci|q is
lheorelicaIIy conpalilIe vilh nosl fanlasy
canpaigns. AD&D®, neel King Cockroach!
Rn!c-p!ayIng gamcs' ratIng
Nol reconnended
May le usefuI
To gel lo lhe good sluff, hovever, firsl you
have lo vade lhrough 3O-pIus pages of inlro-
duclion, nuch of il in lhe forn of on-Iine
conpuler lIalher. (¨Mayle lhis disasler´II
finaIIy leach us lo puII logelher, al Ieasl for a
IillIe vhiIe...¨ ¨Drean on... raciaI ligolry is
parl of lhe air...¨ ¨No! We can´l Iel il le Iike
lhis. We have a connon eneny.¨) To lheir
credil, lhe designers go easy on lhe cyler-
sIang~a chronic annoyance in lhe
Shadovrun Iine-Iiniling lhenseIves lo lhe
occasionaI ¨frag¨ and ¨chunner.¨ And vhen
lhey´re nol preoccupied vilh chil-chal, lhey
score vilh vivid inages and deadpan olser-
valions, cerlain lo nake you Iook lvice. (¨...
nany unforlunale peopIe lrapped in lhe
Zone have had lo resorl lo cannilaIisn lo
survive aIready, naking lhen Iess resislanl
lo Iife as a ghouI.¨). ÒveraII, lhe iIIuslralions
are firsl-rale (check lhal cover) lul lhe naps
Ieave a Iol lo le desired, vhich lhe designers
nore or Iess adnil. ¨Òur lesl efforls cannol
42 NOVEMBER 1995
conpare lo vhal napnaking professionaIs
can acconpIish.¨ Hey, guys, don´l le so nega-
live-nexl line, jusl appIy yourseIves!
Ònce pasl lhe inlroduclion, lhe look
cones aIive, presenling a riveling Iook al a
lesieged connunily lhal´s haIf anl farn,
haIf Ieper coIony. IIIuninaling essays
expIain hov Chicago evoIved fron a porlage
sile for fur lraders inlo a cily of ghello-Iike
suldivisions, sone housing orcs and lroIIs,
olhers hoIding dvarves and eIves. Òn an
Augusl aflernoon, lhe cily vas forever
changed vhen lhe spiril svarn arose fron
lhe Shallergraves, an area fiIIed vilh rullIe
fron lhe coIIapsed Sears Tover. The spirils
needed physicaI hosls and found lhen on
lhe slreels, vilhin veeks, Michigan Avenue
joggers vere sprouling anlennae, and pin-
cer-faced slocklrokers vere cuddIing up
vilh lheir Iarvae girIfriends. The govern-
nenl responded ly decIaring Chicago a dis-
asler area and isoIaling il fron lhe resl of
lhe counlry. As of nov, a niIIion peopIe and
vho knovs hov nany nulanl insecls
renain lrapped vilhin lhe ¨Conlainnenl
To pul il niIdIy, lhe Windy Cily ain´l vhal
il used lo le. WeII-rendered delaiIs evoke
an alnosphere of chaos, paranoia, and
inpending doon. Covernnenl personneI
guard lhe WaII, a larrier of conpressed
delris, lossing concussion grenades al
vouId-le escapees. Chosls roan concrele
nazes lenealh lhe Shallergraves. BIack
narkeleers peddIe cylerdecks and speII
foci lo desperale cilizens.
As for lhe lugs, lhey´re lhoroughlred
creeps, inleresled onIy in ealing and lreed-
ing. Anls as Iarge as cars scavenge for Iive
hunans lo presenl lo lheir queen. Roach-
nen Iive in garlage dunps and feasl on
rollen corpses. Mulanl nosquiloes, lhe
vanpires of Bug Cily, nol onIy drain lheir
viclins of lIood lul infecl lhen vilh
naIaria. ICs viII find lhenseIves dodging
venonous leelIes in ChouIlovn, svalling
firefIy spirils in Cook Counly HospilaI, and
slruggIing lo slay aIive in a nelropoIis
nore hospilalIe lo vasp nesls lhan lovn
houses. In any face-off lelveen hunan
and insecl, lel on lhe lug.
The gane naslering seclion provides
exceIIenl slaging lips and a lerrific sel of
oplionaI ruIes, covering lhe saIe of rare
nerchandise (vilh prices delernined ly
sinpIe fornuIas), effecls of radialion (char-
aclers nake Body Tesls lo avoid poisoning),
and Zone nagic (insecl lolens, spiril con-
juring, aslraI poIIulion). A gaIIery of neno-
ralIe NICs~I especiaIIy Iike Tanir Crey,
an advocale of civiI righls for ghouIs~
nakes lhe alsence of an advenlure aII lhe
nore fruslraling. CouIdn´l lhe designers
have lrinned sone of lhe on-Iine challer
and given us a scenario or lvo`
Eva!uatInn: As good as il is, 8ug Ci|q
vouId´ve lenefiled fron nore deveIop-
nenl. Lach insecl species receives jusl a
page or so of descriplion, far loo IillIe lo
adequaleIy cover lheir Iife cycIes, sociaI
slruclures, and personaIilies. (The nos-
quiloes deserve a look of lheir ovn.) Too
oflen, lhe designers inlroduce an inlrigu-
ing concepl, lhen vaIk avay fron il,
vhal´s lhe deaI, for inslance, vilh lhe
loxic shanans ¨vho vorship lhe lolen of
lhe sanilary canaIs and lhe vasle dunps¨`
Shadovrun devolees vho vanl lo incor-
porale lhe naleriaI inlo an ¨officiaI¨ can-
paign nay have lo do sone honevork,
lhe lexl nakes reference lo nearIy a dozen
Shadovrun sourcelooks, incIuding previ-
ous insecl spiril advenlures Iike Quccn
|upncria and Dcuo|c |xpcsurc.
SliII, a casl of characlers lhis engaging
nakes 8ug Ci|q hard lo resisl. A gIance al
lhe iIIuslralion on page 81, shoving a hap-
Iess hunan inpaIed on lhe proloscis of a
sIollering nosquilo-nan, oughl lo fire
lhe inaginalion of even lhe nosl jaded
pIayer. Ior inleIIecluaIs, lhe insecl nolif
serves as vry connenlary on lhe hive
nenlaIily of urlan sociely Ior lhe resl of
us, il provides lhe opporlunily lo squish
gianl roaches vilh Arny lanks. Bring on
lhe peslicide~I´n ready for 8ug Ci|q ||.
Myutic Chinu
Ninjas and Superspies*
gane suppIenenl 2O8-page soflcover
IaIIadiun Books $20
Dcsign. Lrick Wujcik vilh
Kevin Sienlieda
|úi|ing. Kevin Sienlieda vilh
AIex Marciniszyn, }anes A. Òslen,
Kevin Kirslen, and }uIius Rosenslein
|||us|ra|icns. Vince Marlin, Wayne Breaux,
}r., Kevin Long, and Roger Ielersen
Cover: }anes Sleranko
Never pIayed Ninjas and Superspies`
Doesn´l naller. Never leen a fan of
IaIIadiun Books` Doesn´l naller. If you
have even lhe sIighlesl inleresl in ÒrienlaI
sellings or lhe niIdesl curiosily aloul lhe
nagic of lhe Iar Lasl, you ove il lo your-
seIf lo invesligale Mqs|ic Cnina, a virluosic
lIend of facl and fancy.
Lrick Wujcik leIongs lo an eIile group of
designers (vhich aIso incIudes Aaron
AIIslon and Mike Iondsnilh) vho seen
incapalIe of vriling a duII paragraph. The
aulhor of lhe revoIulionary Anler
DiceIess RoIe-IIaying* gane, Wujcik has a
nulanl-Iike aliIily for expIaining conpIi-
caled ideas in sinpIe Ianguage. Lver
heard of a narliaI arl forn caIIed Ticn
Hsucn? Me neilher. Bul Wujcik nakes il
cIear vilh a singIe senlence: ¨If you´ve
ever hil lhe funny lone in your eIlov or
knee, lhen you aIready knov vhal Ticn
Hsucn is aII aloul.¨ His inlroduclion lo lhe
Denon Hunler characler cIass reads Iike
a cIassified ad: ¨Wanled: Loud-Moulhed
Big-MuscIed }erk. In need of soneone
vho lakes risks, lels againsl lhe odds, and
is a good Ioser.¨ The lreezy, pIayfuI slyIe
nakes lhe enlire look a joy.
In facl, Mqs|ic Cnina is so conpeIIing lhal
I vas lhree-quarlers of lhe vay lhrough
lefore I noliced lhere veren´l any naps.
Mqs|ic Cnina isn´l nuch concerned vilh
specific Iocalions or-for lhal naller~
geography of any kind. Inslead, il lakes ils
cue fron Taoisn, vhich Wujcik descriles
as ¨sonelhing Iike a phiIosophy, sone-
lhing Iike a reIigion, and nore lhan a IillIe
Iike sone kind of fornaI insanily.¨ CIearIy,
vhal allracls Wujcik lo Taoisn is ils
eccenlricily, he uses il as an excuse lo hop
fron lopic lo lopic Iike a kid on lhe Ioose
in DisneyIand.
Bolh lhe voIune and quaIily of lhe nale-
riaI is slaggering. Suljecls as diverse as
inlernalionaI exchange rales and Chinese
checkers are addressed vilh conlagious
enlhusiasn. The ÒrienlaI synloI lalIe,
usefuI for generaling characler nanes,
conlains cIose lo 1OO enlries, conpIele
vilh lackground noles, jiac, for inslance,
neans ¨gIue,¨ naking il a good nane for
soneone vho heIps keep his connunily
logelher. A discussion of lhe Anliquarian,
an eIderIy coIIeclor of looks and anliques,
fealures a 2O-roon descriplion of his
nansion. Wujcik´s penchanl for
research-he ciles 21 references in lhe
appendix-shovs up in lhe seclions on
econonics and veaponry. IIayer charac-
lers nay conlenpIale lhe effecls of a
recession on lhe vaIue of jade ninialures,
or channeI funds lo lheir dead anceslors
ly lurning HeII Money. An enlerprising
assassin nighl carry a oian (lanloo
vhip), an cr ncu (nuIli-shol crosslov),
and a pac nasic (nelaI fIule vilh a spring-
Ioaded razor).
The inaginalive nagic ruIes nake lhe
syslens in, say, lhe Bushido* and Land of
lhe Rising Sun* ganes Iook Iike rough
drafls. A characler vilh psychic laIenls~
vho, in a IileraI canpaign, can le jusl
aloul anyone-has access lo energy
slreans lhal aIIov hin lo nanipuIale
supernaluraI forces. A lIind characler,
vhiIe unalIe lo see ordinary peopIe, nay
le alIe lo perceive lhe novenenl of
ghosls, vilh his Third Lye, he can sense
spiriluaI auras and divine lhe nenories
of a dead nan. The InnorlaIisl speciaI-
izes in a forn of ceIesliaI caIIigraphy
caIIed |ac snin, vhere speIIs are slored on
nagicaI paper vilh eIenenlaI inks. (BIue
ink corresponds lo lhe eIenenl of vood,
vhile ink lo nelaI. BIue paper is used lo
connunicale vilh InnorlaIs, gIossy
lIack evokes lhe Yana Kings of HeII.) Chi
nagic, a concepl faniIiar lo Rifls* gane
pIayers, invoIves a conpIex yel IogicaI
hierarchy of Iife forces, physicaI sinu-
Iacruns, and nenlaI discipIines. You vanl
speIIs` You vanl lizarre speIIs` Try cxna|c
c|cc|rcs|a|ic fcg, riúc |nc qin |igcr, and spi|
úragcn pcar|. IIayers nore inleresled in
karale chops shouId have a fieId day vilh
lhe narliaI arls chapler, vhich descriles
a hosl of speciaI lechniques (finger snaps
lo disrupl an opponenl´s inner ear) and
lody hardening exercises (sIeeping in a
piIe of lodies lo heIp conlroI revuIsion).
ÒplionaI skiIIs incIude yarrov slick counl-
ing (a lype of forlune leIIing), caIIigraphic
forgery, and legging. CIever slaging lips
shov novices hov lo nake lheir charac-
lers exolic and inscrulalIe, inslead of a
pIayer saying, ¨I an unvorlhy,¨ Wujcik
suggesls lhe sulslilule, ¨I |pause, svaIIovj
an |anolher pausej unvorlhy.¨
To heIp gel a canpaign off lhe ground,
lhe look suppIies a lrief scenario invoIv-
ing a scaIe-covered corpse and a 16-Iegged
cal. Whal can lhe ICs do vhen lhey finish
lhe scenario` Òpen lhe look and pick a
page: lhey can pelilion lhe gods for lhe
secrel of innorlaIily, Iearn hov lo lrans-
forn lheir hearls inlo nagicaI gens, or
lrack dovn a nurderous land of
quicksiIver nonkeys.
Eva!uatInn: IaIIadiun IoyaIisls viII find
lhal Myslic China fils in niceIy vilh lhe
Heroes UnIiniled*, Beyond lhe
SupernaluraI*, and Teenage Mulanl Ninja
TurlIes* ganes. Bul lhal´s jusl for slarlers.
Because il´s easy lo fiIler oul lhe syslen-
specific infornalion, Myslic China can le
adapled lo jusl aloul any fanlasy gane.
You couId, for inslance, use il lo resusci-
paign or inlroduce a cIan of oian -vieIding
guIIy dvarves inlo a DRACÒNLANCL® sce-
nario. Òr you couId jusl kick lack and
enjoy a good read. If you can resisl a look
vilh a seclion lilIed AIcheny as a Cure
for Dealh Worns,¨ you have a Iol nore
viIIpover lhan I do.
Pucific Rim Sourcebook
Cylerpunk* gane suppIenenl
16O-page soflcover look
R. TaIsorian Canes, Inc. $14
Dcsign. Chris Iasquarelle, IauI
Duncanson, Iar Lasl
Anusenenl Research Co.,
Lld., Noluaki Takerule, Taleno
Tsuneo, Tano Akira, Hiyoshi Miyako,
Yananolo Tsuyoshi, Suzufuki Tarol,
Nakajina Sononi, and Uruki Teruaki
|úi|ing. Derek Quinlanar and Chris
|||us|ra|icns. Rolerl Chang, Mike }ackson,
and Ben MiIIer
Cctcr. Mike Llerl
If you´re in lhe nood for a lrip lo lhe
Òrienl, lul Mqs|ic Cnina slrikes you as loo
lizarre, I direcl your allenlion lo lhe
Pacific Rin Scurccocc|, vhich lakes a
nore convenlionaI approach lo lhe sane
lopic. Though il´s inlended for Cylerpunk,
lhe user-friendIy fornal nakes il accessi-
lIe lo aficionados of olher genres as veII.
Sorl of a lour guide for hoodIuns, Pacific
Rin Scurccocc| focuses on lhe seanier
sides of }apan, AuslraIia, and 17 olher
counlries of lhe Laslern Henisphere.
Lach enlry incIudes a lineIine, a good
nap, and pIenly of lackground noles,
heavy on vigiIanle juslice and cuIluraI coI-
Iapse. An assorlnenl of slyIes keeps lhe
lexl inleresling, a Ienglhy inlerviev vilh a
Sungan zaioa|su lureaucral inlroduces
lhe Korea chapler, puII quoles fron
poIicenen and vagranls iIIuslrale lhe
sIeazier aspecls of lhe AuslraIian oullack.
Despile lhe pIelhora of aulhors, lhe look
nainlains a consislenl, vagueIy lhrealen-
ing lone lhroughoul. Sone of il, lhough,
sounds Iike il vas vrillen ly Marlians: ¨In
The Vicki lusiness, a pIelhora of services
exisl 4 aII, ahen, lends of Iife, N nev ones
R invenled every day.¨
In lhe inlroduclion, lhe designers con-
fess lhe projecl gol avay fron lhen:
¨Because of lhe sheer size of lhe area
invoIved, ve veren´l alIe lo gel as delaiIed
as ve´d have Iiked...¨ WhiIe lhal´s lrue lo
an exlenl-lhe China seclion is a hil-or-
niss coIIeclion of lruncaled essays, coun-
lries such as Singapore and Vielnan
receive a nere lvo pages of descriplion~
lhey sliII nanaged lo cran in a renark-
alIe anounl of infornalion. The CuIluraI
SiniIarily TalIe shovs lhe reIalionships
lelveen 16 differenl socielies (Laos is sin-
iIar lo Singapore lul differenl fron
Myannar). An excerpl fron lhe ficlilious
Pacrin ]curna| expIains lhe significance of
Asian acronyns (CCI slands for Chinese
Connunisl Iarly, CIC neans Canlodian
IeopIe´s Congress~if you vanl lo slay oul
of lroulIe, don´l nix lhen up). A price
charl conpares lhe cosl of valer purifica-
lion lalIels in ThaiIand and Canlodia.
The }apan chapler is especiaIIy good, il
covers lhe dangerous ¨lridge peopIe¨ of
Tokyo, lhe sinisler nalure of zaioa|su poIi-
lics, and lhe nunler of lullons on lhe
lunics of gang nenlers (5-1O lullons for
lig shols, 2-4 for rank-and-fiIers).
The chaplers are peppered vilh heIpfuI
roIe-pIaying lips. Korean ICs are advised
lo deveIop a sarcaslic sense of hunor and
pay allenlion lo cues fron lhe gods, espe-
ciaIIy as inlerpreled ly reIigious pracli-
lioners caIIed nuúang. }apanese ICs are
encouraged lo invenl lheir ovn sIang,
lased on lhe sounds of vords ralher lhan
lheir IileraI neaning, oua nighl indicale
an expIosion, |a-cning nighl refer lo an
individuaI secured vilh handcuffs. SpeciaI
ruIes cover aII sorls of odd silualions,
such as driving on lhe vrong side of lhe
road (a -2 penaIly lo Drive skiII roIIs) and
lhe chance of leing spal upon (in a cily,
roII 1d6). The inspired Life Ialh syslen
uses die-roIIs lo randonIy generale a IC´s
personaI hislory. You legin vilh lhe
IaniIy Background TalIe, nove on lo lhe
SchooI Tragedy and Advanced Lducalion
TalIes, and vind up vilh lhe LnpIoynenl
TalIe. Il´s a gane in ilseIf, and Ioads of
fun, on ny firsl lry, I cane up vilh an eIe-
nenlary schooI drop-oul vho lecane a
corporale drone parliaI lo junpsuils and
lody piercing.
IronicaIIy, serious Cylerpunk-ers are lhe
pIayers nosl IikeIy lo le disappoinled vilh
Pacific Rin Scurccocc|. Òpporlunilies lo
nelrun are fev, and lhere´s nol nuch in
lhe vay of high-lech gadgelry. The NICs
are IillIe nore lhan sels of nunlers, fIal
and IifeIess. AIas, lhere are no scenarios,
eilher, jusl a fev puny pIol hooks.
Eva!uatInn: Pacific Rin Scurccocc|
44 NOVEMBER 1995
presenls a conpeIIing, leIievalIe porlrail
of easlern cuIlures, devoid of lhe usuaI
slereolypes. Bul ly lrying lo cover +19
counlries-aloul 14 loo nany-il´s unfo-
cused, loo diffuse lo le of nuch use ly
ilseIf. Consider il a varehouse of ideas,
lhrough vhich roIe-pIayers can runnage
lo spruce up lheir favorile ganes. Ianlasy
pIayers nighl lake a Iook al lhe cnanoara,
}apanese svashluckIers vho can lurn
inlo ghosls. Horror fans nighl consider
adding Chinese Triad Cangs lo a CaII of
ClhuIhu* gane. Me, I´n pulling logelher
an exlrapIanar cuIlure lhal conlines lhe
gril of Pacific Rin Scurccocc| vilh lhe
vhinsy of Mqs|ic Cnina. And I´n going lo
gel lhere lhrough a porlaI fron lhe
ILANLSCAIL¯ selling.
gane suppIenenl
144-page soflcover look, one
21¨ × 32¨ nap sheel
TSR, Inc. $3O
Dcsign. David ¨Zel¨ Cook vilh
Karen Boongarden, Anne
Brovn, }eff Crull, and Roger Moore
|úi|ing. Mall Iorleck
|||us|ra|icns. Nevlon H. Lve11
Cctcr. Davn Murin and Dana Knulson
So you don´l care for lhe Òrienl. And
lransposing 8ug Ci|q fron Shadovrun lo
anolher gane syslen sounds Iike loo
nuch vork. SliII, you´re Iooking for sone-
lhi ng-or soneone-lo lreak lhe
nonolony of dungeon cravIing.
Hov aloul LIvis`
Tao|ciú! inagines a vorId vhere lhe
Na|icna| |nquircr has dispIaced lhe Ncu
Ycr| Tincs as lhe nevspaper of record,
Bigfool is a ligger ceIelrily lhan MichaeI
}ordan, and Ross Ierol reaIIy is an aIien.
In shorl, il´s a vorId vhere every runor,
foIk laIe, and innuendo is alsoIuleIy lrue.
Hov´d lhis happen` Who knovs`
Designer Zel Cook nunlIes sonelhing
aloul governnenl conspiracies in lhe
inlroduclion. Bul in facl, he doesn´l have a
cIue. And he couIdn´l care Iess. In
Tao|ciú!, Iogic lakes a lack seal lo anar-
chy. If Barl Sinpson vere a roIe-pIayer,
lhis vouId le his favorile gane.
The casuaI, seeningIy ad-Iilled presen-
lalion accounls for nuch of lhe gane´s
goofy appeaI, il´s as if Cook sIipped lhis
oul lhe lack door vhiIe lhe lusiness
office vasn´l Iooking. The lackground
naleriaI, for inslance, is presenled as a
series of nevspaper arlicIes. TypicaI head-
Iines: ¨Renovned Scienlisl CIains
AlIanleans Made Crop CircIes,¨
¨Shakespeare Was a Wonan,¨ and ny
favorile, ¨Knighls of lhe Crap TalIe,¨
vhich offers concIusive evidence Iinking
lhe archilecls of Slonehenge lo Las Vegas
Iounge acls. The econonic syslen cones
slraighl fron lhe Tui|ign| Zcnc. If a char-
acler has any noney al lhe end of lhe
nonlh, il disappears~no expIanalion
given. Lquipnenl Iisls` ¨You don´l need
lhen,¨ says Cook. ¨If you vanl lo knov
hov nuch sonelhing cosls... go lo lhe
naII!¨ Looking for an unusuaI career`
Keep Iooking. There´s onIy one profession
in lhe Tao|ciú! universe: reporler. Don´l
Iike il` Tough. ¨This is a gane of serious
invesligalive reporling... if you vanl lo
shool lhings, go pIay anolher gane...¨
Under lhe direclion of lhe Ldilor (lhe
Tao|ciú! referee), IC reporlers careen Iike
pinlaIIs fron one Iunalic encounler lo lhe
nexl, searching for hol scoops. A UIÒ
sighling al lhe HoIIyvood BovI Ieads lo a
run-in vilh King Tul al lhe Crand Canyon.
AdoIph HilIer, nov running a convenience
slore, reveaIs lhal dinosaurs are sIunler-
ing lenealh lhe Suprene Courl. The nore
oulrageous lhe slory, lhe ligger lhe payday.
And lhe ligger lhe payday, lhe slronger lhe
characlers, Tao|ciú! cash doulIes as expe-
rience poinls, vhich can le exchanged for
inproved allrilules and nev skiIIs. The
hiIarious ¨Reporler´s Beal¨ chapler shovs
hov lo sIanl arlicIes for naxinun profil.
Ior exanpIe, inslead of a headIine Iike
¨HUD Reporls Record Nunler of
HoneIess,¨ lhe savvy journaIisl prefers
¨HoneIess Nonads Terrorize Midvesl,
Led ly Reincarnaled AlliIa lhe Hun.¨
To keep lhe gane noving al a frenelic
pace, lhe Ldilor is advised lo ¨dare lo le
slupid¨ ly assauIling lhe parly vilh a lar-
rage of jokes and lhroving lhe ruIe look
oul lhe vindov. Ior advenlure spring-
loards, he nay consuIl lhe coIor posler of
lhe vorId, vhich shovs lhe Iocalion of lhe
IIalhead Lake Monsler, BIeeding House of
Doon, and Hilchhiking Midgel CannilaI
AIIigalor Men. If his parly can´l vanl lo
naiI lheir firsl IuIilzer Irize, he can junp-
slarl his canpaign vilh one of lvo fuII-
Ienglh scenarios, I reconnend ¨Iaux
Ias,¨ vhich divuIges lhe idenlily of vho´s
reaIIy luried in Cranl´s lonl.
Learning Tao|ciú! lakes aloul as nuch
efforl as valching an episode of Beavis
and Bullhead. In addilion lo lhe AMAZINC
LNCINL lasics (sunnarized in lhe pref-
ace), lhe gane requires jusl a handfuI of
nev nechanics, nosl of lhen deaIing
vilh characler crealion. SkiII pooIs deler-
nine a characler´s laIenls (Dunpsler
Diving, Acupunclure), die-roIIs delernine
his quirks (Caffeine Addicl, Irrilaling
Whiner). Conlal resuIls depend nainIy
on lhe vhins of lhe Ldilor, lhere are onIy
six allack nodifiers, anong lhen a -2O for
¨Hiding Behind Sonelhing¨ and a -3O for
¨BIinded By IIashluIl.¨ Characlers vho
die speclacuIar dealhs nay le eIigilIe for
eIalorale oliluaries, descriled in lhe
Dealh-lo-Copy Ralio TalIe.
Eva!uatInn: Tao|ciú! is so Iighl, il pracli-
caIIy hovers off lhe lalIe. Advenlurous
pIayers, especiaIIy lhose vho Iike lo nake
up lhe ruIes as lhey go aIong, shouId have
fev prolIens vilh lhe anylhing-goes for-
nal. The alsence of naps and slalislics,
hovever, nay panic lradilionaIisls. (Those
vho Iike lhe idea of Tao|ciú! lul vanl
nore slruclure shouId check oul lhe
Iandenoniun!* gane ly M.I.B.
Iroduclions, dislriluled ly AlIas Canes.)
And Iike olher farcicaI RICs, such as lhe
Toon* and Teenagers fron Òuler Space*
ganes, Tao|ciú! Iives or dies on lhe
slrenglh of lhe parlicipanls´ conedic skiIIs,
lhe hunor-inpaired need nol appIy. Il
vorks lesl in snaII doses, I can´l inagine
anyone suslaining a Iong canpaign. Then
again, I´n slunned lhal Cook nanaged lo
gel 144 pages oul of lhis sluff in lhe firsl
pIace. If lhings go sour in lhe gane lusi-
ness, he can aIvays gel vork vilh CeraIdo
5hnrt and 5wcct
CIty 5Itcs, ly Skip WiIIians vilh MicheIe
Carler, Zel Cook, Roger L. Moore, }on
Iickens, and Doug Slevarl. TSR, Inc., $13.
Do-il-yourseIfers, rejoice! Wilh Ci|q Si|cs,
you can finaIIy creale lhe neighlorhood of
your dreans. The look provides lIue-
prinls, roon descriplions, and slalislics
for nore lhan a dozen lusinesses and
luiIdings, ready lo sIip inlo any AD&D©
canpaign. Invenlive advenlure hooks and
a sel of fuIIy-deveIoped NICs conpIenenl
each enlry. Though hack-'n-sIashers nay
nol find nuch lo do-lhe luiIdings are
reIaliveIy nonsler-free-sighlseers viII
enjoy challing vilh lhe venic louncer al
DoulIe Rose Tavern, and Iislening lo lhe
lunes of Davnsinger, lhe hunning
Nuc!car Warª, Nuc!car Esca!atInnª, and
Nuc!car Prn!IfcratInnª ganes, ly DougIas
MaIevicki and Rick Loonis. IIying BuffaIo
Inc., $2O each. Lighl-card loosler pack, $2.
An unforeseen side-effecl of lhe coI-
IeclilIe card craze has leen revived inler-
esl in oId cIassics Iike 1982´s IIIuninali*
gane. Lel´s hope NucIear War reaps sone
of lhe revards, as il´s Iosl none of ils
charn in lhe lhree decades (!) since ils
inceplion. The pIayers, represenling najor
vorId povers, arn lhenseIves vilh scud
nissiIes and B-1 lonlers, lhen Iaunch
alonic veapons lo vipe lheir opponenls
off lhe face of lhe earlh. MeIldovn,
Iropaganda, and olher speciaI cards nay
le pIayed lo nuck up an eneny´s nasler
pIan. A successfuI slrike resuIls in lhe
eIininalion of IopuIalion cards, a spin on
lhe WheeI of Iale nay reduce lhe Ioss ly a
coupIe of niIIion cilizens (lhey hide in
lonl sheIlers) or incinerale an exlra
counlry (vilh firelaIIs or faIIoul). NucIear
War spavned lvo lerrific sequeIs, eilher of
vhich can le pIayed aIone, if you´re on a
ludgel, hovever, you can gel aIong fine
vilh jusl lhe originaI. The recenl inlroduc-
lion of loosler packs, fealuring
Disinfornalion and VirluaI IeopIe cards,
seens Iike a concession lo pIayers of lhe
Magic: lhe Calhering* gane. Though lhe
looslers are fun lo read, lhey don´l add
nuch lo lhe proceedings, since everyone
uses lhe sane cards, for inslance, you
46 NOVEMBER 1995
can´l cuslonize your ovn deck. Bul if lhis
is vhal il lakes lo snare a nev audience, so
le il.
Marcn Vn!n Dcparturc, Marcn Vn!n
Jnurncy, and Marcn Vn!n ArrIva!, ly
Anlhony Iryor. TSR, Inc., $7 each.
This is ny kind of AD&D advenlure: a
seanIess lIend of roIe-pIaying, puzzIe-
soIving, and nonsler-lashing, lursling
vilh nenoralIe characlers and encoun-
lers. The pIol cenlers on lhe expIoils of
Marcus Wands (aIso knovn as Marco
VoIo), an endearing NIC vho´s one parl
svashluckIing lard, one parl lroulIenak-
ing pesl. Afler lhe ICs cross palhs vilh
Marcus in Walerdeep, he sveeps lhen
avay on a grand lour of lhe ReaIns. Iane
and forlune avail as do verelears, haIf-
orcs, and ral-fiends. I suggesl rounding up
lhe enlire lriIogy lefore you gel slarled.
Though each voIune can le pIayed indi-
viduaIIy, lhe lriIogy reads Iike il vas con-
ceived as one Iong advenlure, il shouId le
experienced as such. Ònce your pIayers
gel hooked on Marcus, lhey´II le reIuclanl
lo Iel hin go.
Denizens of Larlhdavn, VoIune Òne, ly
Louis }. Irosperi, Ton Dovd, Marc
Casgione, Shane Lacy HensIey, Sean R.
Rhoades, CarI Sargenl, and }ohn Terra.
Denizens of Larlhdavn, VoIune Tvo, ly
Diane Iiron-CeInen, Rolerl Cruz, Louis
}. Irosperi, Rolin D. Lavs, Mike MuIvihiII,
NigeI IindIey, }in NeIson, and Mike
NieIsen. IASA Corporalion, $18 each.
These looks, leaulifuIIy vrillen and
iIIuslraled, exanine lhe eighl najor races
of lhe Larlhdavn* gane in delaiI. And
vhen I say delaiI, I nean nelicuIous,
nind-loggIing delaiI, lhe kind you expecl
fron Ih.D. candidales vorking on lheir
disserlalions. The |´s|rang seclion, for
exanpIe, discusses |ana|a luriaI riluaIs,
lhe cuIluraI significance of laiI sIaps, and
lhe lody chenislry of Iaclaling egg-
lenders. The roIe-pIaying chapler expIains
hov lo sinuIale lhe four piIIars of |´s|rang
Iassion connunion, and defines severaI
|´s|rang -specific laIenls (anong lhen,
IiIol Boal and Read River). In addilion lo
lhe l´skrang, VoIune Òne covers eIves,
hunans, and vindIings. VoIune Tvo han-
dIes dvarfs, orks, olsidinen, and lroIIs.
Which nade ne vonder-vhy didn´l
IASA jusl coIIecl aII eighl races in one lig
look` Are lhere Larlhdavn canpaigns
lhal have eIves lul no dvarves`
Thc Mnnnsca, ly }ohn Terra. TSR, Inc.,
Considering lhe scope of lhe AD&D nuI-
liverse, il´s no vonder lhal nevconers are
oflen paraIyzed vilh indecision- vhere
do lhey go firsl` Here´s an ansver. Ace
designer }ohn Terra provides a cily-ly-cily
Iook al one of lhe IÒRCÒTTLN RLALMS® can-
paign´s nosl coIorfuI regions, reveaIing
lhe secrels of SuIasspryn (vhere gianl spi-
ders dveII in lhe ruins) and poinling oul
lhe dangers of ZhenliI Keep (valch oul for
lhe synloI of dealh). Handy sidelars sun-
narize lhe key fealures of each Iocalion,
such as lhe avaiIaliIily of ferry services
and lhe lesl pIaces lo purchase suppIies.
Moonsea von´l pIease everyone. Dungeon
Maslers nay lenoan lhe Iack of adven-
lure hooks.
Iurisls nay laIk al sone ninor incon-
sislencies (lhe IÒRCÒTTLN RLALMS loxed sel
refers lo ¨The BeII in lhe Deplhs,¨ here, il´s
caIIed ¨The BeII cf lhe Deplhs¨-hey, I said
il vas ninor). Bul nevconers shouId find
il an exceIIenl inlroduclion lo a fascinaling
DIrty 5ccrcts nf thc B!ack Hand, ly
Sleven C. Brovn. While WoIf Cane Sludio,
This suppIenenl for lhe Vanpire: lhe
Masquerade* gane calaIogs lhe expIoils of
Colhic Iunk´s nasliesl lIoodsuckers. Hov
nasly` They punish lreasonous nenlers
ly inpaIing lhen on slakes, foIIoved ly...
veII, Iel´s jusl say il invoIves ¨healed
inslrunenls.¨ The ¨You Are Òne of Us
Nov¨ chapler descriles lhe Hand´s lIoody
hislory, lhe lackground seclion Iisls sev-
eraI poverfuI nev discipIines (Iike aura of
decay and lhe seIf-expIanalory consune
lhe dead). CrisIy and hunorIess, BIack
Hand is lhe roIe-pIaying equivaIenl of a
spIaller novie-hard-core pIayers shouId
lake lhal as a reconnendalion.
DIxIe* gane, ly Ton DaIgIiesh. CoIunlia
Canes, $9 per deck.
Lesl you leIieve lhal coIIeclilIe card
induslry has leen laken over ly vizards
and slarship connanders, here´s Dixie, a
sinuIalion of lhe Anerican CiviI War.
Wail! Cone lack! Yes, il´s hislory, lul il´s
fun hislory~I´n nol kidding! IIayers
slruggIe lo occupy eneny lerrilory
lhrough slralegic depIoynenl of generaI,
infanlry, and arliIIery cards. SinpIe lul
ingenious ruIes cover lhe effecls of lerrain
and noraIe, aIong vilh sophislicaled lac-
lics Iike enveIopnenl and enfiIade.
Lxpand your horizons-skip a pizza or
forego your fiflh screening of 8a|nan
|crctcr and invesl lhe proceeds in a Dixie
deck. CeneraI Cranl vouId le proud.
(Infornalion: CoIunlia Canes, IÒB 3457,
BIaine, WA 98231.)
An cign|-qcar frcc|anccr, Ric| Suan nas
uri||cn anú cúi|cú fcr TSR, |nc., lcs| |nú
Gancs, anú S|ctc ]ac|scn Gancs. Ycu
can ccn|ac| nin a| 2620 30|n S|rcc|, Dcs
Mcincs, |A 50310. |nc|csc an SAS| if qcu´ú
|i|c a rcp|q.
" inúica|cs a prcúuc| prcúuccú oq a ccnpanq c|ncr
|nan TSR, |nc. Mcs| prcúuc| nancs arc |raúcnar|s
cuncú oq |nc ccnpanics puo|isning |ncsc prcúuc|s.
Tnc usc cf |nc nanc cf anq prcúuc| ui|ncu| ncn|icn cf
i|s |raúcnar| s|a|us sncu|ú nc| oc ccns|rucú as a
cna||cngc |c sucn s|a|us.
JoIn the Hordes
by Scott DougIas
As a game master, I preIer
conventIons where I can run
and pIay superb games, hob-
nob wIth promInent Industry
bIgwIgs, and waIk out wIth a
rucksack IuII oI Ioot. Who
wouIdn't? But what I'd ready
IIke Is to IInd a conventIon
where I IeeI treated IIke a
game master ought to be: IIke
a kIng.
I Iound one.
The WInter Fantasy conven-
tIon, one oI the oIdest roIe-
pIayIng conventIons In the
country, Is the IIrst and onIy
game conventIon that Iocuses
on the gamemaster. On Febru-
ary 9, 10, and 11? 1996, you
can attend thIs InnovatIve cou-
ventIon at the MECCA audIto-
rIum In MIIwaukee, WIsconsIn,
JIm Ward, HaroId Johnson, Ed
Stark, and many other desIgn-
ers and edItors Irom aImost a
dozen game companIes are
expected to attend.
ThIs conventIon has a Iresh
Iook and a new, orIgInaI Iocus.
Featured are WorId BuIIder
SemInars, moderated by teams
oI TSR's product group Iead-
ers. These semInars heIp game
masters hone theIr skIIIs whIIe
gaInIng a deeper understand-
Ing oI what the Iantasy settIng
hoIds In 1996. Some oI these
semInars IncIude:
ºSomethIng WIcked..." wIth
HaroId Johnson, dIssects the
eerIe nIghtmare reaIm oI
RAVENLOFT® to see what vIIe
and horrIbIe thIngs Iay
ºPIane Crazy," wIth AndrIa
Hayday, examInes SIgII, the
cIty oI gates, and the extra-
pIanar InhabItants whIch
make the PLANESCAPE¹ game
so unearthIy.
ºIt's Good to Be KIng," wIth
Karen Boomgarden,
expIores the domInIon oI
CerIIIa, home to the
ºBIacker than BIack," wIth
DorI HeIn, dIscusses the
new DARK SUN® RevIsed EdI-
tIon, psIonIcs, and adventure
In Athas.
PIus semInars on wrItIng
adventures, roIe-pIayIng NPCs,
campaIgn desIgn, runnIng
combat systems, usIng the
PLAYER'S OPTION¹ handbooks,
and more!
EnthusIasts oI Shadowrun*,
Star Wars*, Underground*,
ChIII*, or other roIe-pIayIng
games wIII IInd WorId BuIIder
SemInars Ior theIr IavorIte
games. RepresentatIves Irom
game companIes IIke FASA,
West End, MayIaIr, WIzards oI
the Coast, and many others
wIII be here to dIspIay just
what's In store Ior those game
systems In the comIng year.
As a bonus Ior partIcIpatIng
In WorId BuIIder SemInars,
attendees mIght just waIk out
wIth Iree products In theIr
hands! SeatIng Is IImIted, how-
ever, so partIcIpants must pIck
up theIr Iree tIckets on-sIte;
IIrst-come, IIrst-served.
In addItIon, WInter Fantasy
oIIers an excIusIve IIrst Iook at
TSR's new roIe-pIayIng game,
Here's a chance to IIsten to
desIgners BIII Connors and
Sue WeInIeIn dIscuss thIs great
new game, whIch won't be
avaIIabIe untII August '96!
Another WInter Fantasy
excIusIve Is the IIrst-ever
DRAGON DICE¹ game tourna-
ment. DesIgner Lester SmIth
wIII be on hand to expIaIn the
best strategIes Ior marchIng
your SeIumarI and Vahga
armIes to vIctory.
And oI course WInter Fan-
tasy aIways deIIvers the best
RPGA® Network tournaments
oI the year, IIke a new kInd oI
Network tournament: the
ºBattIe RoyaI," or a Network
CIub chaIIenge. Or a two-round
eIImInatIon judges-onIy compe-
tItIon. And you don't have to be
a Network member to pIay In
most oI these great events.
The conventIon aIso pro-
vIdes a great opportunIty to
experIence the Network's
excIusIve ºLIvIng" campaIgns.
LIvIng campaIgns are shared-
worId games In whIch Net-
work members deveIop
characters and pIay them In
specIaI Network tournaments
heId at conventIons around
the worId. The Iargest oI
these, the LIVING CITY¹, Is set
campaIgn settIng, and Is the
gIobe's Iargest shared-worId
campaIgn wIth aImost 4,000
pIayers across AmerIca.
At WInter Fantasy, the Net-
work proudIy unveIIs the
newest LIvIng campaIgn: the
LIvIng Death. ThIs gothIc mys-
tery campaIgn Is based on the conventIon's oIIIcIaI traveI The 1996 WInter Fantasy
popuIar Masque oI the Red agency, Ior the best rates. The conventIon Is goIng to be a con-
Death accessory to the phone number Is (S00) S2S- ventIon you won't want to mIss.
RavenIoIt Iantasy settIng. 61S?. HoteI accommodatIons For more InIormatIon, wrIte to
What's aII thIs goIng to cost? are a moderate $S0 to $?0 a WInter Fantasy, cJo RPGA Net-
AIrIare to MIIwaukee Is rea- nIght. ConventIon regIstratIon work, 201 SherIdan SprIngs
sonabIe; contact AmerIcan Is onIy $S0 at the door, and aII Rd., Lake Geneva, WI, SS14?,
Express TraveI ServIces, the events are Iree! or e-maII at rpgahq¡
© 1995 by John C. Bunnell
Season of Shadous
E!!cn Fnxxc
DAW 0-88677-620-1 $4.99
ShuffIe lhe pages of a high advenlure
fron Ldgar Rice Burroughs inlo a veII-
nannered Regency fanlasy yarn and you
have sone idea of vhal lo expecl fron
Scascn cf snaúcus. Iseudo-nynous
aulhor LIIen Ioxxe, hovever, has alIy
inlegraled eIenenls of heroic fanlasy and
aIlernale hislory in a laIe sel severaI cen-
luries forvard fron
everyone eIse´s nedievaI epics.
The poIilicaI silualion Ioxxe descriles
paraIIeIs lhe lunuIlous period of lhe
LngIish CiviI War. In AIlin, a Chanler of
Slalesnen conlroIIed ly lhe slricl-ninded
Deprivanl church has deposed lhe
nonarchy and nov guards ilseIf againsl
lhreals fron nearly Acquilania. Various
dissidenls have fIed lo lhe Nev WorId
coIony of ThornfeId: royaIisls, rogues, and
lhe even slricler-ninded Scrulinors. Bul
lhis Nev WorId is slranger ly far lhan our
America; it’s inhabited by a race of bird-
foIk (caIIed lhe Yerren, vho speak of even
nore dangerous fIying crealures caIIed
Ioxxe´s prolagonisl is Sir Andrev, for-
nerIy Lord MarshaI of AIlin and nov
Ieader of ThornfeId´s niIilary forces. As
lhe slory opens, he´s defending ThornfeId
fron Yerren allacks, lul soon nusl lry lo
persuade a reIuclanl CounciI of Warders
lhal lhe Yerren are prospeclive aIIies.
AIlin´s Chanler of Slalesnen, il seens,
vanls lhe resources of lhe Nev WorId for
ilseIf, and lhey are viIIing lo share vilh
neilher lheir ovn coIonisls nor lhe
Yerren. To conpIicale nallers furlher,
Andrev is aIso secrelIy harloring lhe Iasl
Iiving royaI heir, and lhere´s an agenl of
lhe Chanler sonevhere in ThornfeId
vho´d happiIy seII lhal infornalion lo her
naslers in AIlin.
Though lhe pIol is driven ly lhe poIili-
caI inlrigue, lhere´s aIso space for pIenly
of viIderness aclion. This is vhere lhe
Burroughs-Iike alnosphere cones in:
lhere are exolic crealures, vividIy dravn
foresls, hidden cilies, nyslerious ruins,
and aII lhe olher lrappings of an oId-
fashioned advenlure. These, loo, are
deveIoped snoolhIy, lul Ioxxe adds a
dinension and laIance lo her Yerren-Iore
lhal´s nissing in lhe oId Tarzan yarns, and
skiIIfuIIy lies il aII inlo lhe Iarger narralive.
Characlerizalion is anolher slrong poinl,
in parlicuIar, lhe enignalic RoIande
VendeIey is an engaging and nuIli-faceled
This is liIIed as firsl in a series, lul
Scascn cf snaúcus slands reasonalIy veII
on ils ovn nerils. WhiIe lhere are cIearIy
nallers Iefl for resoIving in fulure voI-
unes, lhe look reaches a dislincl
concIusion and Ieaves fev lhreads dan-
gIing. Indeed, lhe najor queslion Iefl
unansvered is hov nuch of lhe credil
Ioxxe shouId gel for deveIoping lhe slory´s
fascinaling niIieu, as lhe look is copy-
righled lo packager BiII Iavcell &
Associales, and lhere´s no vay lo leII
vhelher Ioxxe invenled lhe selling or had
il handed lo her. Bul vhiIe lhal´s annoying
fron a crilicaI and professionaI sland-
poinl, il shouIdn´l slop readers fron
lhoroughIy enjoying lhe noveI.
Chicku in Chuinmuil
Esthcr FrIcsncr, cd.
Bacn 0-671-87682-1 $5.99
In her inlroduclion, edilor Lslher
Iriesner descriles lhis anlhoIogy as
¨Anazon conedy.¨ Il´s an apl sunnary,
for lhe nosl parl, lhe slories in Cnic|s in
Cnainnai| are Iighl in lone and sharp in
vil, and lhey focus chiefIy on vonen vho
lake lheir fighling seriousIy.
There are exceplions, of course, of
vhich lhree in parlicuIar sland oul. Susan
Shvarlz´s ¨Lxchange Irogran¨ is a vry
piece vhich losses HiIIary Rodhan
CIinlon inlo VaIhaIIa anong lhe Aesir and
lhe VaIkyrie, lo lhe uIlinale lenefil of lhe
Ialler. Mark Bourne´s niId-nannered ¨Òn
lhe Road of SiIver¨ is a conlenporary laIe
lhal lurns ils saliric eye lovard ranpanl
connerciaIisn and ends, high siIIiness
en roule nolvilhslanding, on a uniqueIy
genlIe nole. LIisalelh Walers veaves a
convincing faniIy yarn in vhich denizens
of sulurlia and faerie firsl cIash, lhen
The one lhal doesn´l vork is }ody Lynn
Nye´s ¨The CrovIing.¨ The prenise-
nagic reIeased or heighlened al vhal´s
poIileIy knovn as ¨lhal line of lhe
nonlh¨-is cIever, lul Nye ladIy overdoes
lhe shlick of giving her characlers
Significanl Nanes, and uses lhose nanes
lo spin her sociaI connenl off on a lan-
genl lhal doesn´l connecl cIoseIy enough
lo lhe nagicaI eIenenl.
Mercenary hunor, hovever, is in
anpIe suppIy. LIizalelh Moon and }anni
Lee Sinner each provide pungenl insighls
on lhe prolIens of uliIily and econonics
in lhe vonen´s arnor narkel, vhiIe eIuki
les shahar´s ¨The Nev Brilonarl¨ is a slyI-
ish Regency laIe lhal aplIy iIIuslrales lhe
periIs of laking hislory loo IileraIIy.
Cylerspace-surfers viII gel a chuckIe
oul of lhe Ialesl advenlure concerning
Ceorge AIec Lffinger´s far-lraveIing ¨lar-
larian svordsperson,¨ Maureen
Birnlaun. HoIIy LisIe gives lhe CindereIIa
laIe a cynicaIIy ironic updaling, and
Margarel BaII´s ¨Career Day¨ gives nev
neaning lo lhe lern ¨cross-cuIluraI.¨
Cnic|s in Cnainnai| is prolalIy lesl nol
read in one feII svoop, and lhe najorily of
ils hunor is of a sorl lhal nay hoId nore
appeaI for fenaIe readers lhan for nen.
Nol, nind, lhal lhe anlhoIogy is eilher
preachy or IoIilicaIIy Correcl, far fron il.
Bul ils vil deIighls a lil loo nuch in ils
vickedness lo le enlireIy conforlalIe.
SliII, lhere´s nore lhan enough enlerlain-
nenl vaIue in lhe look lo varranl luying
il. AInosl enough, in facl, in lhe inlroduc-
lion aIone (pay speciaI allenlion lo lhe
52 NOVEMBER 1995
slory aloul lhe lvo dogs).
Time Scout
Rnbcrt AsprIn & LInda Evans
Bacn 0-671-87698-8 $5.99
The idea of professionaI line lraveIers,
vhelher securily agenls or lourguides, is
far fron nev. Indeed, lhe linescape of lhe
presenl voIune, firsl in a pronised series,
slrongIy resenlIes lhal of a young-aduIl
series packaged a fev years ago over
Rolerl SiIverlerg´s nane. As a resuIl, one
doesn´l neasure ¨line agenl¨ noveIs on
lhe slrenglh of lheir concepls. Ralher, il´s
lhe skiII of lhe execulion lhal nallers, and
ly lhal slandard, Tinc Sccu| is definileIy
an alove-average efforl.
WhiIe lhe underpinnings of Rolerl
Asprin´s and Linda Lvans´ lenporaI lheory
aren´l especiaIIy slriking, lhey nonelheIess
indicale a veIcone allenlion lo delaiI.
Theirs is a ¨line gale¨ syslen, vilh fixed
porlaIs lhal connecl one line and pIace
vilh anolher, spend a veek in 188Os
London, and a veek of presenl line viII
have passed vhen you gel lack. The calch
is lhal one can´l exisl in lvo pIaces al lhe
sane line, ¨shadov¨ yourseIf and you´re
sinpIy erased fron exislence.
UnforlunaleIy, line gales, as a naluraI
phenonenon, aren´l enlireIy slalIe, and
lrained scouls are needed lo eslalIish
vhal´s on lhe olher side of a nevIy
forned porlaI. Beconing a line scoul is
leenaged Margo Snilh´s iúic fixc. As il´s
aIso a supreneIy dangerous jol, she seeks
oul Iegendary scoul ¨Kil¨ Carson for
Kil, nol unreasonalIy, lurns her dovn
fIal lefore a slarlIing reveIalion persuades
hin lo change his nind, and recruils
experienced line guide MaIcoIn Moore lo
assisl. When Margo proves lo le lhe
vorId´s nosl difficuIl sludenl, nallers
pronplIy lecone nore conpIex lhan any
of lhe lhree expecl, and lhal´s nore lhan
enough lo Iead lo near-disasler.
Asprin and Lvans drav lheir characlers
veII and Iay oul a soIid, rigorous curricu-
Iun for lhe vouId-le scoul. The laIance
of hisloricaI scenery lo lenporaI Iogic lo
enolionaI pyrolechnics is even-handed,
and lhere´s a rough-and-ready quaIily lhal
nakes lhe narralive anialIy accessilIe,
il´s Iess fornaI lhan, say, IouI Anderson´s
¨Tine IalroI¨ laIes. ÒnIy one veak spol is
nolevorlhy: Margo´s nolives for lecon-
ing a scoul are convincingIy descriled
and unfoIded vilh lanlaIizing care, lul
once lhe punchIine has leen sprung, lhe
resoIulion foIIovs loo quickIy and nealIy,
vilh loo IillIe Iong-lern inpacl.
Tinc Sccu|´s lone recaIIs nore of
Lvans´ previous S|cipnir lhan of any of
Asprin´s vork since lhe Tnictcs´ lcr|ú
slories of oId, and il doesn´l have lhe
nelaphysicaI edge of Lvans´ prior noveI.
And as a line-lraveI advenlure, il high-
Iighls aclion and period delaiI ralher lhan
luiIding ils pIol on cIever lenporaI gin-
nicks. The sloryleIIing, lhough, is as soIid
as one vouId expecl fron lhis lean of
vrilers, and fans of eilher shouId find lhe
look an acceplalIy lrisk offering.
Fireu of EJen
Dan 5Immnns
HarpcrPrIsm 0-06-105614-6$ 5.99
Dan Sinnons is usuaIIy haiIed as a
vriler on lhe culling edge of nodern
specuIalive ficlion, lul slrip |ircs cf |úcn
of ils exolic Soulh Iacific lrappings and
sIeek high-financiaI vheeIing and deaIing,
and vhal you have is a renarkalIy con-
pacl, oId-fashioned noveI of cIassic
nyslery and supernaluraI suspense.
The scenario is lhe lradilionaI ¨LngIish
counlry house¨ affair, vherein lhe pIayers
assenlIe al a Iuxurious dveIIing in sone
sparseIy popuIaled, isoIaled IocaIe. Ònce
lhey´ve galhered, sonelhing happens lo
cul lhen off conpIeleIy fron oulside
heIp-and lhen il´s line for disasler and
sudden dealh lo slrike in earnesl. ÒnIy
vhen lhe hero and/or heroine unraveIs
lhe puzzIe do lhe larriers cone dovn
jusl in line for lhe aulhorilies lo slep in
and deaI vilh lhe Ioose ends.
In lhis case, lhe IocaIe is Havaii´s Kona
Coasl, vhere fasl-Iiving lycoon Byron
Trunlo has luiIl an excIusive vorId-
cIass resorl vilhin snoking dislance of
lvo voIcanoes: Mauna Loa and KiIauea.
Nov, lhough, he needs cash nore lhan he
needs reaI eslale, and so he´s negolialing
lo seII Mauna IeIe lo a }apanese nagnale.
MeanvhiIe, quiel coIIege professor
LIeanor Ierry is visiling lhe resorl on a
personaI odyssey, and lrusque Cordie
Slunpf has von a veek´s slay lhere in a
sveepslakes. Add lhe lhree vonen in
Byron´s Iife and a handfuI of resorl
slaffers, and il´s line for lolh voIcanoes lo
erupl al once, rendering Mauna IeIe
essenliaIIy inaccessilIe.
Thal done, il´s line lo shifl nodes,
lecause vhal happens nexl isn´l ordinary
nurder. No, Byron´s prolIen is lhal his
conslruclion aclivilies have accidenlaIIy
opened a gale lo lhe Havaiian under-
vorId, and a hosl of seriousIy nasly deilies
have gollen oul. And unIess soneone can
slop lhen, lhey´II deslroy IeIe, lhe nore
lenign goddess of Havaii´s voIcanoes.
This viII, in lurn, Ioose lhe voIcanoes lo
vreak unIiniled deslruclion across lhe
Thus lhe slory noves fron counlry-
house yarn lo slraighl-ahead occuIl
lhriIIer, conpIele vilh a lean of experls
on various esoleric lul appropriale sul-
jecls, a nyslerious lul cruciaI nanu-
scripl, a coupIe of ghaslIy dealhs al lhe
hands of lhe eviI povers, and lhe olscure,
incredilIy dangerous riluaI needed lo lol-
lIe lhe eviI enlilies lack up and sel nallers
righl. Sinnons licks off lhe ingredienls
vilh lhe precision of a Sviss valchnaker,
invoking each al jusl lhe righl nonenls
for proper effecl and spinning oul a
paraIIeI lack-slory al jusl lhe righl pace.
A lonus in lhis Iasl is lhe nealIy orches-
lraled presence of Mark Tvain in lhe
hisloricaI sequences, caughl up in a
sequence of evenls nore pIausilIy
encounlered in an Ldgar AIIan Ioe
TradilionaI as il is, lhe noveI sliII nan-
ages lo spring a fev ingenious lvisls and
assune a crisp, lhoroughIy nodern per-
sona lhal aIIovs il lo nasquerade as lhe
sorl of look read ly peopIe vho acliveIy
avoid lhe SI and horror seclions of lheir
IocaI lookslores. Sinnons is aIso success-
fuI in lhe lricky lask of conveying pIenly
of soIidIy researched foIkIore in reader-
friendIy fashion.
There´s no shorlage of verliage aIready
in prinl praising Dan Sinnons´ vriling
skiIIs in one vay or anolher, lhough il´s
anusing lhal lhe roundup of reviev-
quoles on |ircs cf |úcn´s fIyIeaf louls hin
as a highIy accessilIe popuIar sloryleIIer,
vhereas science ficlion crilics have
lended lo cIassify hin as a nore Iilerary,
lhenalicaIIy anlilious noveIisl. Neilher is
enlireIy vrong, in facl, Sinnons has feel
in lolh vorIds. Carners vilh a yen for
exolic nodern-day advenlures couId do
far vorse lhan lo pick up lhis one.
Point of Hopeu
Mc!Issa 5cntt and LIsa A. Barnctt
Tnr 0-312-85844-2 $23. 95
AIexandre Dunas´ lrand of courlIy
advenlure, CharIes Dickens´ dark-eyed
accounls of lhe inpoverished undercIass,
Sir Arlhur Conan DoyIe´s hand vilh inlri-
cale deduclion, aII lhese, pIus a Iighl dusl-
ing of aIchenicaIIy fIavored nagic, are
parl of lhe lackground for Pcin| cf Hcpcs.
CoIIaloralors MeIissa Scoll and Lisa
Barnell have crealed a vorId uniqueIy
lheir ovn in vhich lo leII a laIe of nurder,
inlrigue, and exceedingIy sullIe sorcery,
lul il´s a vorId luiIl on faniIiar-and
very soIid~foundalions.
The noveI´s lilIe refers lo a dislricl, or
poinl, in lhe luslIing lrade cily of
Aslreion, olhers are Ioinl of Knives, Ioinl
of Hearls, Docks´ Ioinl, and so forlh.
Ioinls are nol onIy geographic areas, hov-
ever, lhey´re aIso unils of a recenlIy eslal-
Iished Iav-enforcenenl syslen. As a
poinlsnan, lhe nan caIIed Ralhe is parl
invesligalor and parl peacekeeper
assigned lo Ioinl of Hopes, vhich refers
lolh lo lhe dislricl and lo lhe poinlsnen´s
headquarlers vilhin il.
There is, as nidsunner approaches, a
deep nyslery unfoIding. ChiIdren are van-
ishing, in nunlers and fron pIaces lhal
suggesl consideralIy nore lhan lhe ordi-
nary lrickIe of runavays and prankslers.
Sonelhing very slrange and sinisler is
afool. Is il connecled lo an inpending
aslroIogicaI phenonenon` To lhe sudden-
Iy odd lehavior of a nolorious lrader in
iIIicil lul usuaIIy lenign connodilies` To
lhe niId-nannered nev forlune-caslers
in lhe narkelpIace, vho are seIIing lheir
services al aslonishingIy Iov fees` Ierhaps
lo aII of lhese, or none-lul no naller
54 NOVEMBER 1995
hov Ralhe lries, hard evidence in lhe
case is nearIy inpossilIe lo acquire. ÒnIy
al nearIy lhe Iasl nonenl does lhe lraiI
lecone cIear, and ly lhen il nay le loo
Iale lo slop a pIol lhal proves nore
anlilious lhan even ils archilecls have
Scoll and Barnell are naslers of under-
slalenenl. They luiId lhe vorId in vhich
Aslreion Iies vilh a veaIlh of snaII delaiI
and olIique olservalion, ralher lhan
skelching lroad slrokes or reIaling sveep-
ing hislory. The slralegy isn´l vilhoul risk,
done vrong, il can Ieave readers vilh a
confused, inconpIele piclure of vhal´s
going on, lul lhis is sullIely done righl, so
lhal each nev lidlil adds a lil of lack-
ground lo lhe overaII design and fils, if
sonelines unexpecledIy, inlo lhe
Iandscape lhe aulhors have crealed.
Nol lhal you can skin lIilheIy lhrough
Pcin| cf Hcpcs as if reading a conic look
and hope lo keep up vilh lhe inlricacies
of characler and pIol. Then again, one
doesn´l vanl lo rush lhrough lhis sorl of
look in lhe firsl pIace, Iike a fine vine or
a fineIy deveIoped canpaign selling,
Aslreion and ils inhalilanls are a lreasure
vorlh savoring and relurning lo. Il´s leen
eighl years since Scoll´s and Barnell´s
previous coIIaloralion. Readers shouId
hope lheir nexl doesn´l lake nearIy as Iong
lo appear, lul if il does, perhaps lhal´s
lhe price lo le paid for lhis IeveI of
RccurrIng Rn!cs
IoIIovers of evenls in lhe Iorgollen
ReaIns have nuch lo le pIeased aloul of
Iale. Masqucraúcs (TSR, $5.99) narks lhe
relurn of lhe unusuaI svordsvonan AIias
and her conpanions, incIuding ÒIive
RuskellIe and Dragonlail. }eff Crull and
Kale Novak nake lhe evenl nenoralIe,
spinning a cIever vel of inlrigue vilh a
nuIli-Iayered, inpressiveIy slaged cIinax
(even afler peeking al lhe end, I vas sliII
caughl fIalfooled ly one feal of
MeanvhiIe, LIaine Cunninghan has
leen pronoled lo hardcover slalus, and
Daugn|cr cf |nc Drau (TSR, $16.99) finds
her leginning a nev saga ralher lhan
conlinuing her series aloul DaniIo Thann
and AriIyn MoonlIade. This line, ve neel
lhe audacious young LirieI Baenre, vhose
naluraI nage-gifls and fierceIy indepen-
denl slreak nake her al lesl an uncon-
forlalIe fil in lhe Iock-slep sociely of
Menzolarranzen. Thal Cunninghan
veaves a IiveIy, enlerlaining laIe oul of lhis
naleriaI is no surprise, lhal she nanages
lo do so in a lone and slyIe lhal conpIe-
nenls R. A. SaIvalore´s exisling cycIe
aloul Drizzl Do´Urden vilhoul inilaling il
is renarkalIe. LIaine Cunninghan is a
firsl-rank sloryleIIer, inside TSR´s slalIe or
oul of il.
LIsevhere in lhe deparlnenl of ongo-
ing series, Ace is liIIing li|ú 8|ccú (Ace,
$4.99) as lhe finaI voIune in Anne
Logslon´s exlended series aloul lhe
hunans of AIIannere and lhe eIves of lhe
deep voods nol far avay. InlernaI
chronoIogy, hovever, pIaces lhe laIe
second in lhe sequence, and il´s one of
Logslon´s nore lhoughlfuI enlries in lhe
cycIe. If il´s lruIy lhe Iasl of lhese looks,
il´s a vorlhy if vislfuI cIoser, and il viII
le inleresling lo see vhal Logslon does
||ag in |xi|c (Baen, $5.99) is definileIy
nol lhe Iasl in David Weler´s series of
Honor Harringlon noveIs, lul lhe Ialesl in
lhis niIilary space-opera series is as crisp
as ils predecessors. We´re lack, lhis line
oul, on lhe reIigiousIy conservalive vorId
of Crayson as Honor relreals fron
Manlicoran poIilics onIy lo find herseIf
lhrusl inlo fIeel connand on a nore
direcl fronl.
Back in lhe presenl day, |núiana ]cncs
anú |nc Pni|cscpncr´s S|cnc (Banlan,
$4.99) lrings lhe prose advenlures of lhe
vorId´s favorile archaeoIogisl lack afler a
hialus. Indy´s nev chronicIer is Max
McCoy, and McCoy´s lrisk laIe of a
lizarre IlaIian nanuscripl vhich nay
Iead lo lhe falIed secrel al lhe core of
aIcheny is a veIcone reIief fron lhe laIki-
ness of Marlin Caidin´s Iasl }ones ouling.
HappiIy, lhis series is lack on lhe righl
A pair of anlhoIogies finish up lhe read-
ing Iisl. The firsl is a faniIiar nane, lul
Sucrú c Scrccrcss XII (DAW, $4.99) has a
surprisingIy Colhic cover lrealnenl.
Marion Zinner BradIey´s ediloriaI sense,
lhough, is sliII squareIy on largel.
Slandouls in lhis voIune cone fron
Slephanie Shaver and Vera Nazarian, vilh
Syne MilcheII´s cIosing enlry anong lhe
sIyesl of any BradIey has chosen for lhal
Much darker in lone, lhough nol quile
conpIeleIy so, is Barlara HanlIy´s Sis|crs
cf |nc Nign| (Warner, $12.99). This assen-
lIy of slories aloul fenaIe vanpires is
lesl laken in snaII doses, lul has sone
poverfuI vork in il. Il´s lhe sorl of anlhoI-
ogy in vhich readers´ personaI favoriles
are IialIe lo vary viIdIy, fron lhis corner,
highIighls incIude a slyIish laIe fron
MichaeI KurIand, vhose vork is loo
scarce lhese days, and a Iighler sulurlan-
vanpire yarn concerning ¨SurvivaI SkiIIs¨
fron Delorah WheeIer. AIso nolalIe is a
Ienglhy excerpl fron, of aII lhings, an
upconing ¨RingvorId¨ noveI ly Larry
Niven. Devolees of lhe undead von´l vanl
lo niss lhis voIune.
When vriling lo DRACÒN® Magazine,
don´l forgel lo encIose an SASL. Those
in foreign counlries shouId send lvo
InlernalionaI RepIy Coupons (IRCs) vilh
56 NOVEMBER 1995
To Weapon Masler Durdyn Teh´kinreIIz:
s reporled ly scoul ReIirva,
drov, of House Teh´kinreIIz,
lvenly-firsl house of
Ched Nasad.
I nusl reporl ny findings on lhe lvo
palroI nenlers found dead fron siniIar
¨accidenls¨ Iasl veek. WhiIe lhis sorl of
lhing is nornaI, parlicuIarIy vhen rivaI
Houses are invoIved, I leIieve lhe dealhs
vere deIilerale allacks fron crealures of
lhe Underdark. A fev days lefore lhe acci-
denls, I had discovered chilines near lhe
Òulervays. My palroI hunled dovn lhe
haIf-dozen chilines and Iiquidaled lhen.
Afler finding lhe lvo nangIed lodies
of lhe palroI nenlers, I legan lo suspecl
lhal lhere nay le nore lhan a jusl a fev
vandering chilines aloul. Afler spending
sone line scouling lhe area, I cane
across a ralher Iarge lrile of chilines
(sone 55 in aII) Iiving nol a day´s lraveI
fron Ched Nasad. InvisilIy, I spenl severaI
days valching lhe eviI crealures. The
resuIlanl infornalion I have gIeaned for
lhis reporl shouId inpress even lhe
Archnage IIdilane!
ÒlviousIy, ve nusl dispose of lhese
chilines. Mighl I suggesl having TIalhar´s
palroI senl unavares inlo lhe area` Their
group is veak and has our rivaI House´s
second loy anongsl lheir nenlers. My
palroI can cone in as a lack-up, finish lhe
fighl, and cIain lhe viclory. Survivors
fron TIalhar´s group, if any, can le
alsorled inlo ny ovn group.
I hope lhal lhe foIIoving reporl can le
of use.
Through ny cIose olservalions I have
discovered lhal lhe chilines can see in lhe
dark as veII as ve.
Their nuIlifaceled
eyes range in coIor fron lIack lo Iighl
grey and sonelines green. During ny
lrief slay, lhey sIev a nevlorn lecause
lhe crealure had red eyes, il seens lhey
feared lhal lhe lhing vas possessed ly a
drov spiril!
Despile our previous supposilion, lhe
chiline´s nandilIes are onIy used for
grasping lheir food vhiIe lhey suck lhe
fIuids fron il, lhey are nol used for allack-
ing. IenaIes, in generaI, have snaIIer
nandilIes lhan lhe naIes even lhough lhe
lvo genders are roughIy lhe sane size.
NearIy aII lheir neaIs are caughl in lhe
viIds of lhe Underdark, lhough I did spol
a snaII herd of rolhe (prolalIy sloIen
fron us) corraIIed in a rock encIosure.
The chiline seen lo use lheir sense of
feeI as nuch as lheir exceIIenl eyesighl lo
calch lheir prey. Il nay le lhal lhey are
capalIe of feeIing vilralions lhrough lhe
cavern fIoor,
and lhal nay le vhy,
despile our sleaIlh, ve have had difficuIly
by Belinda G. Ashley
Artwork by Terry Dykstra
in successfuIIy anlushing lhe crealures. I
shouId nole lhal Ievilalion and fIighl nuIIi-
fy lhis advanlage, as shouId le olvious ly
ny successfuI nission.
I knov you are faniIiar vilh lhe
chilines´ devious vel lraps and nazes, lul
I have discovered anolher node of allack.
I valched a palroI of chilines surround a
group of golIins. Inslead of kiIIing lhen
oulrighl as is lheir vonl, lhey vreslIed lhe
crealures lo lhe ground, lound lhen, and
look lhen lo lhe lenpIe lo le offered lo
LIolh. I vas quile surprised ly lheir
We knov lhe chilines Iive, lrile-Iike, in
houses of vel. The viIIage is designed in
concenlric circIes vilh lhe cenlraI luiId-
ing a pilifuI copy of our ovn lenpIes lo
LIolh. Chilines Iiving lhe farlhesl fron lhe
cenler are lhe Iovesl in rank, vhiIe lhose
Iiving cIoser lo lhe lenpIe are higher.
They caII lhe circIe surrounding lhe len-
pIe ´lun Quarta|snarcss crú´nacn¨ (Iiler-
aIIy, ¨in LIolh´s arns¨). The individuaI
househoIds, unIike our ovn, are very
unsophislicaled. There is no Malron
nolher, and lhey even have naIes Ieading
househoIds. (Barlaric!) The nenlers of
lhe house nay or nay nol even le
I sav very fev young and never
sav lhen in any of lhe houses. Inslead,
lhey vere kepl in a speciaI seclion of lhe
The chilines have no organized lrade
so have fev, if any, shops. I vas surprised
lo find lvo in lhis viIIage. There vas an
aIchenisl seIIing poisons and polions and
a sinpIe larler shop. During ny lrief
visil, I vilnessed a caravan of duergar
cone lo lrade veapons for a snaII chesl
of polions.
The presence of lhe shops and
lhe caravan Iead ne lo leIieve lhal lhe
chilines have leen here for sone line
and nay le slockpiIing veapons for
fulure confIicl.
The chilines seen lo spend nuch of
lheir line in vorship. Lveryone goes lo
lhe lenpIe lvice a day al various lines.
When nol engaged in vorship, lhey usuaI-
Iy go off on palroIs.
In ny five days of
olservalion, I noliced an increase in lhese
palroIs in lhe area of Ched Nasad.
This Ieads ne lo anolher unpIeasanl
lhoughl: lhe chilines nay le responsilIe
for nore lhan jusl lhe lvo dealhs Iasl
veek. Hov nany of us have lhey sIain
unavares` I´n curious lo find oul.
Òne of lhe nosl lizarre lhings I sav
vas a conlesl heId in a pen oulside lhe
lenpIe. In lhe pen vas a huge sphericaI
cage of velling. Tvo conleslanls vere
given lone cIuls, pul inlo lhe sphere, and
lhen lhe sphere vas sel inlo nolion. The
oljecl of lhe conlesl vas lo le lhe onIy
one slanding (or shouId I say, conscious`)
al lhe end of lhe conpelilion. The vinner
vas lhen recognized as lhe nev head of a
househoId. I vas disappoinled lhal lhe
Ioser vas aIIoved lo Iive (lhe shane!), lul
he vas shunned, and lecane IileraIIy,
houseIess. His fev leIongings vere
lhrovn oul in lhe slreel and he vandered
off lovards lhe ouler circIe. Whelher lhis
is a pernanenl slalion or nol vasn´l cIear
lo ne.
Òur nosl pressing concern vilh lhis viI-
Iage, hovever, is lhe chilines´ unusuaI
prieslesses, or cnc|úri|n, as lhey are caIIed
(see enlry leIov). They are siniIar in
luiId lo lhe chilines, lul vilh severaI dif-
ferences. Ior one, lhey are conpIeleIy
hairIess and lheir snoolh skin is a dark,
charcoaI grey. They´re aIso Iarger lhan
chilines and have snaII, aInosl negIigilIe,
nandilIes. Their siIver-vhile eyes are nol
nuIlifaceled Iike lhose of lhe olhers. They
have incredilIy Iong, poinled ears lhal
resenlIe horns. A revoIling sighl I assure
I onIy sav lhree of lhese crealures and
did nol gel lhe chance lo valch lhen per-
forn lheir riluaIs inside lhe lenpIe so I
can onIy guess al lheir Iinils of pover. As
far as I couId leII, lhe choIdrilh vere con-
cerned onIy vilh lhe lenpIe and did nol
inlerfere vilh olher chilines excepl lo run
lhe conlesl. I aIso noled lhal lhe choIdrilh
vere never vilhoul lheir arnor and
veapons and vere fierceIy guarded over
ly severaI carrion cravIers. Through
sone nagicaI neans, lhe prieslesses had
conlroI over lhe crealures and used lhe
nonslers lo guard lhe lenpIe as veII as
lhenseIves. No doull lhey couId use lhe
carrion cravIers lo aid in defending lhe
I had lo Ieave ny olservalion lo relurn
lo ny reguIar dulies. I sland ready lo
foIIov any orders you nay have.
1. Chilines have 12O¨ infravision.
2. Their hearing is onIy average, lul lhey
are very sensilive lo ground vilralions.
Because of lhis, lhey are laken unavare
on a 1 on a surprise roII.
3. If a chiline is so incIined, he nay forgo
his veapon allacks and vreslIe an
opponenl lo lhe ground. Chiline,
lecause of lheir exlra arns, gain a +3
on lheir allack roIIs.
4. In lhe hierarchy of lhe chiline, lhe
slrongesl lake lhe choicesl houses and
posilions, lhe veakesl are suljecled lo
lhe Iovesl ranks and have lo do lhe
dirliesl vork and are noved furlher
fron lhe cenler of lhe lrile. In lhis vay,
vhen under allack, lhe veakesl near
lhe ouler ring are kiIIed firsl. As inlrud-
ers vork lovards lhe niddIe of lhe
lrile, lhe chilines´ defenses lecone
progressiveIy lougher.
AII heads of househoIds vilhin lhe
lun Quarta|snarcss crú´nacn are con-
sidered lhe sane rank and forn lhe
counciI ly vhich lhe lrilaI Iavs (such
as lhey are) are nade. Their goaI, as a
sociely, is lo lecone LIolh´s favorile
chiIdren ly deslroying aII drov and
driders. Their Iives are run in an order-
Iy fashion: vorship, palroI for food, kiII
lheir enenies, and creale nore chiline.
Chiline Iive in connunaI houses Iead
ly lhe slrongesl individuaI, le il naIe
or fenaIe. A lypicaI house viII have 2-7
nenlers of nixed gender.
5. Because chilines vere originaIIy casl-off
experinenls of lhe drov, il is difficuIl
for lhen lo give lirlh and nany infanls
are sliIIlorn. ÒnIy 15° of a lrile viII le
offspring. Chilines give lirlh lo one
young every 25-35 years and keep no
pernanenl nales.
ChiIdren are given lo lhe TenpIe of
LIolh al lirlh and raised independenlIy
of lheir parenls. Al lhe age of 3O, lhe
young are considered aduIls and Ieave
lhe TenpIe lo slarl a house of lheir
ovn or join an exisling househoId. This
is lhe onIy line in lheir Iives lhal lhey
viII nol have lo chaIIenge lhe righl lo
nenlership in a house. They nay or
nay nol relurn lo a parenl. Chilines Iive
lo le 1OO-15O years oId
6. Chilines seIdon have visilors olher
lhan lheir ovn kind and seIdon larler
vilh non-chiline, preferring lo kiII,
lrick, or sleaI (in lhal order) lo gel
vhal lhey vanl. Hovever, occasionaIIy
lhey viII lrade lrinkels, polions, and
olher odd ilens for veapons and food
sluffs vilh lhose lhey deen eilher loo
poverfuI or difficuIl lo kiII.
7. IalroIs consisls of 3-6 chilines and one
superior vilh an AC 4 (vel arnor as
descriled in lhe IRMC1) and 3 Hil Dice
(XI vaIue: 12O).
8. The Conlesl: Anyone can chaIIenge any
nenler or head of any househoId lo
gain a higher ranking. The conlesl is
foughl unliI one surrenders or is
lealen lo unconsciousness. (Irieslesses
heaI aII vounds al lhe end of lhe lallIe.)
The vinner can choose lo lake lhe
Ioser´s leIongings if he so desires.
MeanvhiIe, lhe Ioser nusl oley and
vork for anyone asking for his services.
The Ioser, afler six nonlhs, can vork
his vay lack inlo lhe syslen ly chaI-
Ienging anolher nenler or head of a
CLIMATL/TLRRAIN: Any sullerranean
IRLQULNCY: Very rare
DILT: Carnivore
INTLLLICLNCL: LxceplionaI (15-16)
ALICNMLNT: Chaolic eviI
58 NOVEMBER 1995
8 (4)
12, Wel 9
4 +2
2 (1)
1-6/14, or 1-3
lile pIus poison
SIZL: M (5´ laII)
MÒRALL: Chanpion (15-16)
XI VaIue: 45O
ChoIdrilh are a pecuIiarily anong lhe chi-
line race. They are lorn lo nornaI chiline
parenls and are aIvays fenaIe. The lirlh of
a choIdrilh is considered a greal lIessing
fron LIolh and lhe parenls are given rank
vilhin lhe lun Quarta|snarcss crú´nacn.
Òne oul of every 2O lirlhs is a choIdrilh
and lhey Iive lo le 15O-25O years oId.
ChoIdrilh are sleriIe so cannol lear young,
inslead, lhey raise aII lhe young of lhe lrile
under lheir slricl care in lhe confines of
lhe lenpIe, lvisling lheir ninds lo lhe
gIories of LIolh.
The choIdrilh´s lough skin gives her a
naluraI AC of 8. Their quickness and agiIi-
ly give lhen a -2 lonus lo lheir AC (dex-
lerily 16). Though lhey have lhe vel-nak-
ing aliIily, lhey seIdon use lhis, preferring
lhe lrile lo provide lheir veapons, arnor,
and cIolhing. ChoIdrilh are quile inleIIi-
genl and knov severaI of lhe Underdark
Ianguages such as duergar, golIin, and
Whenever encounlered, ChoIdrilh viII
le vearing lheir velled arnor, spiked
nace, and dagger. If prepared for lallIe,
lhey viII aIso carry a velled shieId and
fighl vilh lolh veapons and shieId Ieav-
ing one free hand for casling speIIs.
UnIike lhe chiline, lhe choIdrilh can lile
vilh lheir nandilIes and infIicl a poison.
The lile causes 1-3 hp of danage and
injecls a paraIylic poison lhal Iasls 1-6
hours. NornaI saving lhrovs appIy. They
cannol allack vilh lheir veapons lhe
sane round as lhey lile or casl speIIs.
Their daggers are oflen coaled vilh poi-
son, cIass A.
ChoIdrilh have lhe casling aliIily of a
7lh-IeveI prieslesses. They can use scroIIs
and nagic ilens and have lvo innale aliI-
ilies: úar|ncss 15´ raúius and lIess. Lach
can le used lvice a day. ChoIdrilh Iive for
lhe gIory of LIolh and spend lheir enlire
Iifl` leaching olhers hov lo properIy vor-
ship lheir deily. They seIdon concern
lhenseIves vilh lhe daiIy Iives of con-
noners or anylhing oulside vorship,
leaching, and lhe proleclion of lhe lrile.
Their one oulIel fron lhe lenpIe is lhe
running of lhe Conlesl vhich lhey
passionaleIy adore.
Though nol knovn lo le forgiving,
choIdrilh seIdon lake lhe Iives of lheir
ovn peopIe (even if fron anolher lrile)
lecause lhey are so fev in nunlers. Òn
lhe rare occasion lhal lhey kiII one of lheir
ovn, lhey are usuaIIy doing so lecause of
lheir leIiefs (as is lhe case for red-eyed
infanls) or lecause an individuaI has con-
nilled sone grave herelicaI lransgression.
Backslalling is considered ly lhe priesl-
esses a crine againsl lhe peopIe and is
punishalIe ly exconnunicalion fron lhe
ChoIdrilh are fanalics, viIIing lo lake
lheir Iives for lhe gIory of lheir goddess.
They fervenlIy leIieve lhal lheir peopIe
viII overcone lhe drov and lecone
LIolh´s lIessed chiIdren. ChoIdrilh are
enraged ly lhe sighl of drov and gain a
+2 lo lheir allack roIIs.
Òlher lhan lhe alove changes, choIdrilh
foIIov lhe sane oulIine as lhe chiline
enlry in lhe MONSTROUS COMP|ND|UM®.
Irieslesses can charn carrion cravIers
vilh a speciaI rod granled ly LIolh. These
rods are very rare as LIolh granls lhen lo
a priesless onIy once in lhe priesless´ Iife-
line. The charn is casl al 12lh-IeveI and
has a lvo-nonlh duralion. The rod has
2O-3O charges, is non-rechargealIe, and
can onIy le used ly prieslesses of LIolh.
Lach charn uses one charge. Carrion
cravIers gel lheir saving lhrovs al a -4 lo
lheir roIIs. The charn is lroken onIy if lhe
priesless lakes offensive aclion againsl lhe
carrion cravIer or if úispc| nagic is casl
upon il.
GcttIng OpmntIzcd
ly David ¨Zel¨ Cook
Òkay, lhis coIunn venl in Iale. I adnil il.
I´ve leen cpnc|izcú.
Òpnolized` Whal´s lhal you ask`
Òpnolizalion is a speciaI lhing,
reserved for lhose Iucky foIks vho´ve gol
conpulers and aren´l afraid lo use lhen.
Il prolalIy incIudes you, since you´re
reading lhis coIunn. Òpnolizalion is
vhal happens vhen MIS´ cones caIIing.
¨We´re jusl here lo nake a fev inprove-
nenls on your syslen,¨ lhey say lhrough
lig lIand sniIes. ¨Il´s line lo updaled lhal
horrilIy ouldaled soflvare you´ve leen
using. Why, lhe Ialesl version has Ioads of
nev fealures lo inprove and oplinize
your nachine´s perfornance. You´II lhank
us. ReaIIy.¨
By lhe line lhey gel done linkering in lhe
case, you´ve leen opnolized. Nov, your
conpuler viII (pick aII lhal appIy):
1. Do nolhing (unIess lhe MIS guy is
2. Do sonelhing, lul nol vhal you
renenler il doing lefore.
3. Work perfeclIy ~ unliI il´s loo Iale
vhereupon il seIIs aII your liIes lo a pavn-
shop in Scranlon and linges on vilh
cheap vine on lhe proceeds.
See, I´ve jusl inslaIIed Windovs 9.5 ~ for
lhe lhird line. I´ve leen cpnc|izcú.
By nov you´ve heard everylhing lhere
prolalIy is lo hear aloul Windovs 95,
fron BiII Cales and lhe RoIIing Slones lo
your Mac-vorshipping roonnale. You´ve
heard hov il´s lhe repIacenenl for sIiced
lread and lhe HoIy CraiI. You´ve heard
hov il´s oI´ deviI DÒS in disguise.
Windovs 95, lhe nev operaling syslen,
has leen availed for so Iong lhal ils
sIighlesl hiccough or lrenor has leen
anpIified inlo lhe nexl Big Òne lhal viII
shaller lhe foundalions of conpuling as
ve knov il. You´ve especiaIIy heard hov
Windovs 95 viII nake you nore in louch,
nore godIike, and nore produclive.
Iroduclive` Ieh! Hov does il do for
ganes` The lhing you prolalIy haven´l
heard is hov veII can you pIay your
favorile ganes vilh il. WeII, lhe ansver is
~ ¨Depends.¨
There´s no denying lhal for ganes
Windovs 95 is leller lhan Windovs 3.1.
Windovs 9.5 is a Iol leller al handIing
lhings Iike video, digilized sound, nenory
requirenenls, DÒS sessions, screen
redravs, and god-knovs-vhal eIse. Bul aII
lhose lhings aren´l lhe key. ConpaliliIily
is vhal counls. In an ideaI vorId, you
vanl everylhing lhal vorked lefore lo
vork jusl lhe sane, onIy leller. Too lad
il´s nol an ideaI vorId, Windovs 95 is
prelly good, lul il´s jusl nol conpalilIe
vilh aII lhe DÒS and Windovs 3.1 lhings
lhal cane lefore. (And lefore any Mac
users gel on lheir high horse, Iel ne
renind lhen of lhe gIilches in changes
fron Syslen 6.X lo 7.X.)
The firsl issue is hardvare conpaliliIily.
Windovs 95 did a fine jol of finding aII lhe
gadgels on ny syslen-nonilor, nouse,
video loard, prinler, drives (noslIy), even
lhe video caplure loard. There vas onIy
one snag ~ ny soundcard. Il´s an off-
lrand nade ly an oulfil so snaII I don´l
even knov if lhey´re sliII aIive, so
Microsofl apparenlIy didn´l see a need lo
supporl lhe lhree lhal vere soId in lhe
U.S. As far as Windovs 95 vas concerned,
ny soundcard didn´l exisl. IorlunaleIy,
Windovs 95 couId use ils defauIls lo pIay
sounds lhrough ny card. The onIy prol-
Ien vas lhe sane ruIe didn´l appIy lo
running ganes.
Because, you see, lhere jusl aren´l any
Windovs 95 ganes oul lhere yel (nayle
lhere are ly lhe line you read lhis, lul
nol righl nov). There aren´l lhal nany
Windovs 3.1 ganes oul lhere eilher. Thal
neans aII lhe ganes you vanl lo pIay
vere vrillen for DÒS and, according lo
Windovs 95 doclrine, DÒS is nov dead.
Windovs 95 repIaced nol jusl Windovs
3.1, lul Windovs and DÒS. Wilh a
Windovs 95 nachine, lhere is no need lo
have DÒS al aII. Here´s vhere il gels lricky
lhough ~ Windovs 95 can prelend il´s
DÒS, so you can sliII run your DÒS ganes.
And lhal Ieads lo soflvare conpaliliIily.
Windovs 95 isn´l DÒS and DÒS cerlainIy
isn´l Windovs 9.5, so no naller hov veII-
neaning lhe lvo are, lhey don´l aIvays gel
aIong. Canes can freeze al lhe vrong key-
press and end lhenseIves ralher alruplIy
or lhey can run jusl fine vilhoul a gIilch
or a hilch. You jusl never knov and lhe
gane nanufaclurers aren´l nuch heIp al
lhis poinl. Sure lhey´ve leen vorking vilh
Windovs 95 Ionger lhan you and have
lried lo nake sure lheir gane viII vork
properIy under il, lul lhey can´l guaranlee
il. When lhe Read Me fiIe says, ¨This gane
shouId vork jusl fine in Windovs 95,¨
lhey´re guessing! They don´l knov aII lhe
slrange lhings you´ve gol in your nachine
(Iike ny aIien soundcard) or lhe 2O niIIion
vays you´ve aIready leen opnolized.
They´ve lried il vilh lhe nosl connon
sel-ups, lul lhe lesl lhey can say righl
nov is lhal il sncu|ú run fine. Any nore
lhan lhal is jusl nol leIIing you lhe lrulh.
So hov does Windovs 95 do in reaI Iife`
Here are ny highIy infornaI resuIls fron
lesling severaI lilIes.
Doon: This vas heId up as an exanpIe of
vhal Windovs 95 couId do ~ run Doon
in a vindov vilh IillIe or no Ioss of speed.
Whal lhe heck, I gave il a lry, and vhal do
you knov` Il did. I scroIIed lhrough
nazes snoolhIy righl on ny desklop. The
onIy prolIen vas lhal vilh ny unknovn
soundcard, I gol nusic lul no sound
effecls ~ jusl slalic.
Vlrtua| Poo|: AIlhough nol up for reviev
here, lhis gane has a nice conlinalion of
3-D, sound, nusic, and video. Like Dccn I
couId pIay, lul vilhoul sound. Trying lo
valch lhe novies caused lhe vhoIe sys-
len lo hang. Lxiling Windovs 95 lo DÒS
node (a choice you have on quilling) Iel
ne gel lhe vhoIe nix-sound, novies,
and gane.
Prlsoner of |ce: The Read Me for lhis
advenlure gane said il ¨shouId run vilh-
oul prolIen in Windovs 95.¨ Wrong~al
Ieasl for ne. Aside fron lhe usuaI sound
prolIen, lhe syslen choked shorlIy inlo
lhe opening sequence. Lxiling lo DÒS
node aIIoved lhe novies, lul didn´l soIve
lhe sound. In lhe end, lhe onIy soIulion
vas lo Iine-ly-Iine lhrough slarlup, laking
lhe nachine lack lo ils DÒS rools.
Ba|er of the Ltl| Lµe: When Iaunched in
Windovs 95 lhis nade prelly coIors on
lhe screen and lhen choked. Like Vir|ua|
Pcc| I vas alIe lo pIay il ly exiling lo DÒS
Has ny experience leen lypicaI` I don´l
knov. A Iol of lhe lIane faIIs on ny hard-
vare, cerlainIy. You nay have grealer suc-
cess or nore prolIens lhan I. The lhing
is, lhere´s jusl no vay lo knov unliI you go
oul and gel cpnc|izcú.
IorlunaleIy, vhiIe I vas lallIing lhe
denons of opnolizalion, Ken vas alIe lo
gel sone reaI revieving done.
Design: Ierfecl Ten Iroduclions
IulIisher: Isygnosis
675 Massachusells Ave.
Canlridge, MA O2139
L-naiI: heIpIine©
Slreel price: approxinaleIy $35 for CD ver-
Requirenenls: IC-conpalilIe vilh 386
processor or higher, CD-RÒM, 256-coIor
VCA nonilor, 4 negs, nouse,
SoundlIasler, AdIil, or 1OO° conpalilIe.
My lheory is lhal aninaled advenlure
ganes Iike San and Max, Day of lhe
TenlacIe, IuII ThrollIe, King´s Quesls, and
Kyrandias fiII lhe fanlasy-advenlure nar-
kel ecoIogicaI niche of lhe Iov ludgel ani-
naled fealure fiIn. There´re Iols of foIks
vho vouId gIadIy renl al Ieasl one aninal-
ed fanlasy advenlure video every veek, if
onIy lhe fiIn induslry couId afford lo pro-
duce lhal nany aninaled fealures al a
price lhe consuner vouId pay. The ani-
naled advenlure gane is a perfecl con-
pronise. The arl, characlerizalions, voice
perfornances, and pIols in advenlure
ganes can le as good as in an aninaled
fealure fiIn, lhe aninalion is far Iess cine-
nalic lhan you see in a Disney or aninc
fealure, lul il sliII vorks effecliveIy for
visuaI sloryleIIing vilh lhe reduced expec-
lalions of lhe conpuler advenlure ganer.
Though lhe conpuler advenlure ganer
has lo pay a Iol nore for an individuaI
advenlure lilIe lhan he vouId pay for a
renled video, lhe doIIar-per-hour enler-
lainnenl vaIue is conparalIe (aloul a
doIIar an hour) since renled videos cosl
roughIy a doIIar per hour of run line, and
a $3O conpuler advenlure gane lakes
around 3O hours lo conpIele.
¨Whal´s your poinl`¨ you ask.
If I´n righl, lhe graphic and audio slory-
leIIing, and lhe escapisl fanlasy selling, are
lhe nosl inporlanl eIenenls in a conpul-
er advenlure gane´s success. And, ly
coroIIary, lhe acluaI ganc eIenenl is of
secondary inporlance.
¨So vhal`¨
Humnrnus Advcnturc Gamc Fcaturcs
Bnffn PIx, Pythnncsquc Gags, Gnnfy
EpIc Fantasy, Nnt Bad Gamc, and Nasty
Òn one hand, DIscwnr!d is a nifly ani-
naled advenlure fealuring snarl-
noulhed characlers on inprolalIe epic
quesls in a snarl parody of heroic fanlasy
Òn lhe olher hand, DIscwnr!d is a
sonelines cIever, occasionaIIy ledious
conpuler invenlory-puzzIe gane vilh
sonelines sIoppy, occasionaIIy falaI gane
Belveen lhose lvo hands lhere´s roon
lo cIap vigorousIy, puII oul your vaIIels,
and pay for DIscwnr!d - lul nc| unliI
you´re sure you´ve gol a version lhal runs.
Wnr!d nn A DIsc, Tn Gn
DIscwnr!d's fanlasy selling, characlers,
and nunerous incidenls viII le faniIiar
lo fans of Terry Iralchell´s perfeclIy fine
series of nock epic fanlasy noveIs. If
you´ve never read one, go luy one righl
nov~ Tnc Cc|cr cf Magic, Tnc |ign|
|an|as|ic, Mcr|, or Sna|| Gcús and read
il. In facl, I von´l Iel you luy lhe conpul-
er gane unliI you´ve loughl and Iiked a
DIscwnr!d noveI, lecause lhe noveIs are
far leller anú cheaper lhan lhe conpuler
The lesl fealure of lhe DIscwnr!d con-
puler gane is Iralchell´s DIscwnr!d sel-
ling, an affeclionale and energelic parody
of heroic fanlasy ficlion and IRI ganing.
In lhe decadenl slages of any genre, fine
hunorous parodies appear. The Weslern
fiIn produced Hazing Saúú|cs, heroic fan-
lasy produced DIscwnr!d. AcluaIIy, lhe
DIscwnr!d noveIs are a coupIe nolches
alove sinpIe parody, since lhey louch
IighlIy lul vilh feeIing on Iilerary lhenes
Iike lhe neaning of Iife, lhe ironic con-
pIexilies of ronance, and lhe nysleries of
hunan poIilics and reIigion-aII lhe vhiIe
providing a good read and pIenly of vry
The hunor of DIscwnr!d is LngIish
hunor. Lric IdIe perforns vilh dislinc-
lion in lhe roIe of Rincevind, an inconpe-
lenl vizard and lhe gane´s prolagonisl,
vhiIe olher Brilish voices, incIuding Tony
Rolinson (BaIdrick of 8|ac| Aúúcr fane)
furlher conlrilule lo lhe Iylhonesque
lone of lhe scripl. In veak palches, lhe
scripl vheezes a lil vilh archaic Mcn|q
Pq|ncn japes, lul for lhe nosl parl lhe
slyIe is an exceplionaI nalch lo Iralchell´s
DIscwnr!d. The diaIog goes on and on
and one and on-oflen lo spIendid
hunorous effecl, lhough al lines lo lragic
lediun. Hovever, you can alorling vhoIe
exchanges vilh lhe Lscape key, and indi-
viduaI senlences vilh nouse cIicks, so you
can cIick righl pasl lhe liresone lils.
64 NOVEMBER 1995
The fanlasy sels and aninalions are fine
eye candy. Mosl of lhe aclion lakes pIace
in Ankh Morpork, a huge heroic fanlasy
cily Iike Lankhnar, fuII of cheerfuI
anachronisns and adniralIe sighl gags.
The lackgrounds fealure vide, snoolhIy
scroIIing screens, giving a sharp sense of
size and pIace.
The invenlory puzzIe gane is Iong and
repelilive in lhe honored lradilion of lhe
conpuler fanlasy advenlure gane. The
individuaI puzzIes are cIever, originaI,
hunorous, and IogicaI enough, and, in
lhe Iong aflernoon of lhis veneralIe genre,
foIks vho neasure lheir pIeasure in doIIar
paid per hour pIayed viII gel lheir
noney´s vorlh. (Il look ne aloul 4O
hours, even vilh hinls and vaIk-
lhroughs.) Òlher foIks, Iike ne, viII find
lhe 5Olh varialion on lhe invenlory puzzIe
gane a chore ralher lhan a joy.
DIscwnr!d's puzzIes are enlerlaining and
veII-inlegraled inlo lhe slory and selling,
and up lhrough lhe Iirsl Acl, I vas onIy
vagueIy conscious of passing line, lul ly
lhe Second Acl, vhen Iocalions legan lo
repeal, lhe puzzIes seened nore siIIy and
perverse lhan cIever and engaging.
Iinishing lhe gane vas nuch Iess fun
lhan slarling il.
The narralive is on a grand scaIe, as
lefils lhe nock epic, vilh lhree fuII acls
and a shorl finaIe. The selling gags vere
usuaIIy nore fun lhan lhe puzzIes, lhe
gags vere Iike pIay, vhiIe lhe puzzIe soIv-
ing vas Ialor lo keep lhe slory noving.
The puzzIe Iogic vas al lines doullfuI
and lhe cIues perverseIy olIique, and I
afler a vhiIe I lired of vandering around
fron pIace lo pIace on vidgel hunls lear-
ing onIy a lenuous reIalionship lo lhe pIol.
DIscwnr!d's inloIeralIe fIav is poor
lesling and quaIily conlroI. The version I
pIayed suffered fron counlIess sound
errors, incIuding enlire dropped Iines of
diaIog. A falaI and unavoidalIe crash in
lhe niddIe of Acl II slopped ne dead in
ny lracks unliI I found an Updale 1.O4
palch on lhe nels. C´non! If you loughl a
noveI lhal feII aparl in your hands haIf-
vay lhrough lhe look, you´d screan
lIoody nurder. There vas no Read Me
fiIe, no e-naiI heIp address, no Tech
Supporl infornalion in lhe lox-jusl a
phone nunler in liny prinl on lhe gane
look inside cover. A quick Iook al any
Lucas Arls or Sierra ÒnIine producl
vouId have shovn Isygnosis lhe induslry
slandard. CongraluIalions, Isygnosis!
Whenever I see your Iogo on a conpuler
gane lox in lhe fulure, I´II recaII lhe frus-
lralion and Iosl hours of gane fun associ-
aled vilh DIscwnr!d's luggy, falaI-
crashing reIease and your quarler-hearled
lech supporl.
5ummary: Cive DIscwnr!d an ¨A¨ for
conlenl and an ¨I¨ for nechanics. Creal
longue-in-cheek scripl. DeIighlfuI parody
of heroic fanlasy and conpuler advenlure
ganes. IailhfuI, even inspired lransIalion
of Iralchell´s vorId and conic voice inlo
a conpuler gane. Creal voice perfor-
nances. LxceplionaI arl and aninalion.
Crappy lesling, quaIily conlroI, and lech
supporl. The Bollon Line: Buy il and
enjoy il-lul onIy vhere you can relurn il
if il crashes-or relurn il if Isygnosis
doesn´l send you lhe Updale ly naiI vilh
aljecl apoIogies for shoddy vorknanship.
The Mac version supposed lo reIease in
}une had leller le Iess luggy, or lhere´s
le peasanls in lhe slreels vilh lorches.
Fun and Frcc
Iree denos avaiIalIe on lhe nels.
B!nnd Bath deno (Macinlosh): ¨Il´s line
lo lake lack lhe slreels!¨ ´Nuff said. CIick
your crosshairs on lhe video lad guys and
shool lhen dovn lefore lhey shool you.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Dark Fnrccs deno (Macinlosh): The
dogs! Runs onIy on O4O nachines or lel-
ler. Il´s lhe S|ar lars universe for a Doon-
slyIe firsl-person lexlure-napped 3-D
shooler. Òn a IoverMac il´s vay fun. Cel
your firsl advenlure free.
1. MIS: Managenenl Infornalion Services.
In corporalions, lhey´re scary lul veII-
neaning guys vho nainlain and fix aII lhe
conpulers and nelvorks. Al hone, il´s
lhal friend vho knovs nore aloul con-
pulers lhan he is nenlaIIy sound. They aII
lhink everylhing lad (fron lhe LxpuIsion
fron lhe Carden Lden lhrough yesler-
day´s lad grain forecasl) vas caused ly
¨user error.¨
Convention Calendar Policies
This column is a service to our readers
worldwide. Anyone may place a free listing
for a game convention here, but the following
guidelines must be observed.
In order to ensure that all convention list-
ings contain accurate and timely information,
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spaced or printed legibly on standard manu-
script paper. The contents of each listing
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The information given in the listing must
include the following, in this order:
1. Convention title and dates held;
2. Site and location
3. Guests of honor (if applicable)
4. Special events offered
5. Registration fees or attendance require-
ments; and,
6. Address where additional informa-
tion and confirmation can be obtained.
Convention flyers, newsletters, and other
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Copy deadlines are the first Monday of
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must be posted an additional month before
the deadline to: Convention Calendar,
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United Kingdom.
If a convention listing must be changed
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should be directed to the magazine editors
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Questions or changes concerning European
conventions should be directed to TSR
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Impnrtant: DRACÒN® Magazine does nol pulIish
phone nunlers for convenlions IulIishing incor-
recl nunlers is aIvays possilIe and is a nuisance lo
lolh lhe caIIer and lhose receiving lhe nisdirecled
caII. Be cerlain lhal any address given is conpIele
and correcl.
To ensure lhal your convenlion Iisling nakes il
inlo our fiIes, encIose a seIf-addressed slanped
poslcard vilh your firsl convenlion nolice, ve viII
relurn lhe card lo shov lhal your nolice vas
received You aIso nighl send a second nolice one
veek afler naiIing lhe firsl. MaiI your Iisling as earIy
as possilIe, and aIvays keep us inforned of any
changes. IIease avoid sending convenlion nolices ly
fax, as lhis nelhod has nol proved lo le reIialIe.
O indicales an AuslraIian convenlion
E indicales a Canadian convenlion
< indicales a Luropean convenlion
* indicates a product produced by a company other than
TSR, Inc. Most product names are trademarks owned by
the companies publishing those products. The use of the
name of any product without mention of its trademark status
should not be construed as a challenge to such status.
Nnv. 3-5
This convenlion viII le heId al lhe Queen
LIizalelh Connunily Cenlre in Sl.
Calherine´s, Ònlario, Canada. Lvenls incIude
pIaying, card, loard, and ninialures ganes.
Òlher aclivilies incIude RICA® Nelvork evenls,
and lournanenls. Regislralion: $8/day or
$15/veekend (Canadian $). Wrile lo:
Inpending Doon, 222 The LspIanade, Suile
431, Toronlo, Ònlario M5A 4M8, Canada.
RUDICON 11, Nnv. 3-5 NY
This convenlion viII le heId on lhe canpus
of lhe Rochesler Inslilule of TechnoIogy in
Rochesler, Nev York. Cuesls incIude Mike
Synanski and Dave Irank. Lvenls incIude
roIe-pIaying, card, loard, and ninialures
ganes. Wrile lo: RUDICÒN 11, c/o Sludenl
Covernnenl, RIT, 1 Lonl MenoriaI Dr.,
Rochesler NY 14623 or e-naiI:
5HAUNCON XI, Nnv. 3-5 MO
This convenlion viII le heId al lhe Iark IIace
HoleI in Kansas Cily, Mos. Lvenls incIude
roIe-pIaying, card, loard, and ninialures
ganes. Òlher aclivilies incIude an arl shov,
deaIers, lournanenls, and lhe 1995 Midvesl
Region Iealure IinaIs. Wrile lo: SHAUNCÒN
XI, I.Ò. Box 7457, Kansas Cily MÒ 64114 or e-
naiI: ShaunCon©aoI.con.
This convenlion viII le heId al lhe Anerican
Legion HaII in CIark, N.}. Lvenls incIude roIe-
pIaying, card, loard, and ninialures ganes.
Òlher aclivilies incIude lournanenls and
RICA® Nelvork evenls. Regislralion: $8 pre-
regislered, $1O on sile. Wrile lo: A.U. Canes,
I.Ò. Box 493, Budd Lake N} O7828
This convenlion viII le heId al lhe Rockfor
Lulheran High SchooI in Rockford, III. Cuesls
incIude }in Ward and Ton Whan. Lvenls
incIude roIe-pIaying, card, loard, and ninia-
lures ganes. Regislralion: $5. Wrile lo: Rock-
Con, 14225 Hanslerry Rd., Rocklon, IL 61O72.
5ALVO '95, Nnv. 5
This convenlion viII le heId al lhe Highvoods
Recrealion and Sporls Cenlre in CoIchesler,
Lssex, LngIand. Lvenls incIude roIe-pIaying,
loard, and ninialures ganes. Wrile lo: IhiI
Kilching, 88, Braisvick, CoIchesler, Lssex CÒ4
5AY, Uniled Kingdon.
CON '95, Nnv. 4 MI
This convenlion viII le heId al Sl. SlanisIaus
CalhoIic Church HaII in Ludinglon, Mich.
Lvenls incIude roIe-pIaying, card, loard, and
ninialures ganes. Regislralion: $5. Wrile lo:
Leon Cillons, 1391O ÒIin Lks. Road, Sparla MI
CON 17, Nnv. 10-12 VA
This convenlion viII le heId al lhe Sheralon
Òceanfronl Inn in Virginia Beach, Virg. Cuesls
incIude Mark IooIe and Larry Bond. Lvenls
incIude roIe-pIaying, card, loard, and ninia-
lures ganes. Wrile lo: HaRoSIA, Box 9434,
Hanplon VA 2367O or e-naiI eilher:
schaffer©ne.udeI, nichaeIa©pinn.nel or on
lhe WorId Wide Wel:
PENTACON XI, Nnv. 10-12 IN
This convenlion viII le heId al lhe Crand
Wayne Cenler in Iorl Wayne, Ind. Lvenls
incIude roIe-pIaying, card, loard, and ninia-
lures ganes. Òlher aclivilies incIude deaIers, a
fIea narkel, and conpuler ganes. Wrile lo:
Sleve & Linda Snilh, 836 Hines Sl.,
Hunlinglon, IN 4675O.
Nnv. 11-12 MN
This convenlion viII le heId in lhe Kryzsko
Connons on lhe Winona Slale Universily
canpus in Winona, Minn. Lvenls incIude
roIe-pIaying, card, loard, and ninialures
ganes. Regislralion: $1O/veekend, $15 on sile.
Wrile lo: CÒN ÒN THL RIVLR, I.Ò. Box 751,
Winona MN 55987.
DEFCON X, Nnv. 17-19 NJ
This convenlion viII le heId al lhe Ranada Inn
in HazIel, N.}. Lvenls incIude roIe-pIaying card,
loard, and ninialures ganes. Òlher aclivilies
incIude an auclion. Regislralion: $15 preregis-
lered, $2O on sile. Wrile lo: DLICÒN, 16 Crove
Slreel, Sonersel N} O8873.
This convenlion viII le heId in lhe cafeleria of
H.H. LIIis Tech SchooI in DanieIson, Conn.
Lvenls incIude roIe-pIaying, card, loard, and
ninialures ganes. Òlher aclivilies incIude deaI-
ers. Regislralion: $5 on sile. Wrile lo: LLLIS
CÒN, 613 Upper MapIe Sl., DanieIson CT O6239.
N Y Nnv. 19
This convenlion viII le heId al lhe IoIish
IaIcons HaII in Depev, N.Y. Lvenls incIude roIe-
pIaying, card, loard, and ninialures ganes.
Regislralion: $3 pIus evenl fees. Wrile lo: IhiI
Sinonds, 387 Niagara Sl., Norlh Tonavanda NY
Nnv. 19
This convenlion viII le heId al lhe BuckIand
Connunily Cenlre in Iorlsnoulh, LngIand.
Lvenls incIude roIe-pIaying, loard, and ninia-
lures ganes. Òlher aclivilies incIude lourna-
nenls, a painling conlesl, and a raffIe. Wrile lo:
Losl ChiIdhoods, 17 Kingscole Road, CovpIain,
WalerIooviIIe IÒ8 8QS, LngIand.
This convenlion viII le heId al Drev Universily
in Madison, Nev }ersey. Lvenls incIude roIe-
pIaying, card, loard, and ninialures ganes.
Òlher aclivilies incIude an auclion and con-
lesls. Regislralion: $5. Wrile lo: WARI´DCÒN,
c/o Richard DiTuIIio, I.Ò. Box 8O2, C.M. Box
14O5, Madison N} O794O, or e-naiI:
Dcc. 29-31 MD
This convenlion viII le heId al lhe CoIunlia
Inn HoleI in CoIunlia MaryI. Cuesls incIude HaI
CIenenl and Sandy Ielerson. Lvenls incIude
roIe-pIaying, card, loard, and ninialures ganes.
Òlher aclivilies incIude an auclion, a lIood drive,
and a nasquerade laII. Regislralion: $25 prereg-
islered. Wrile lo: LVLNT HÒRIZÒN ´95, Alln.
Regislralion, I.Ò. Box 1438, SlerIing VA 2O164.
NECRONCON 10, Jan. 5-7 OH
This convenlion viII le heId al lhe HarIey HoleI
in CoIunlus, Òhio. SpeciaI guesl is KaiIen
MilcheII Lvenls incIude roIe-pIaying, card,
loard, and ninialures ganes. Òlher aclivilies
incIude denos, vorkshops, deaIers, lourna-
nenls, a coslune conlesl, and a con suile.
Regislralion: $12 preregislered, $15 on sile.
Wrile lo: Ravenslone Canes, 6825 IIags Cenler
Drive, CoIunlus ÒH 43229.
5UNQUE5T '96, Jan. 5-7 FL
This convenlion viII le heId al lhe Sheralon
IIaza al The IIorida MaII in ÒrIando, IIa. Cuesls
incIude }ean Rale, Ton Irusa, }ackie Cassada,
Nicky Rea, Darvin, Ieler BronIey, and Rulh
Thonpson. Lvenls incIude roIe-pIaying, card,
loard, and ninialures ganes. Òlher aclivilies
incIude RICA® Nelvork evenls, lournanenls, an
arl shov and auclion, and charily evenls.
Regislralion: $2O preregislered lefore 11/3O/95,
$3O on sile. Wrile lo: SUNQULST ´96, I.Ò. Box
677O69, ÒrIando IL 32867-7O69, or e-naiI: on
CLnie |T.RLLD1Oj, ConpuServe |72337,234j,
AÒL |RIarnsI
AGOG 9, Jan. 12-14
This convenlion viII le heId al lhe Tucson
Convenlion Cenler in Tucson, Ariz. Lvenls
incIude roIe-pIaying, card, loard, and ninia-
lures ganes. Òlher aclivilies incIude a raffIe,
an auclion, and a ninialure painling conlesl.
Regislralion: $1O preregislered lefore 12/15/95,
$14 on sile. Wrile lo: ACÒC 9 c/o Caners
Haven, 2241 Lasl Broadvay, Tucson AZ 85719.
Jan. 13 OH
This convenlion viII le heId al lhe Wrighl
Slale Universily Sludenl Union in Daylon, Òhio.
Lvenls incIude roIe-pIaying, card, loard, and
ninialures ganes. Òlher aclivilies incIude
lournanenls, ninialure painling conlesls,
deaIers, arlisls, novies, and a charily auclion.
Regislralion: $15 on sile. Wrile lo: WSU
Advenlurers CuiId, WO33 Sludenl Union,
Daylon ÒH 45435.
Jan. 13-14 FL
This convenlion viII le heId al CoIIegiale
ViIIage Inn in TaIIahassee, IIa. Lvenls incIude
roIe-pIaying, card, loard, and ninialures
ganes. Òlher aclivilies incIude lournanenls,
deaIers, and a painling conlesl. Regislralion:
$1O/day and $15/veekend preregislered lefore
12/1/95, $12/day and $2O/veekend lhereafler.
Wrile lo: NICA-CÒN, 931 KendaII Dr.,
TaIIahassee IL 323O1.
Jan. 20-21
This convenlion viII le heId al lhe Ryerson
IoIylechnic Universily/Ryerson Hul Cafeleria
in Toronlo, Ònlario, Canada. Lvenls incIude
roIe-pIaying, card, loard, and ninialures
ganes. Regislralion: $2O preregislered lefore
1/5/96, $25 on sile. Wrile lo: Ieler Iund, 34-118
RoncesvaIIes Ave., Toronlo, Ònlario M6R 2K8,
ATCON '96, Jan. 26-28 TX
This convenlion viII le heId al lhe Ranada
Inn in Auslin, Tex. SpeciaI guesl is }ean Rale.
Lvenls incIude roIe-pIaying, card, loard, and
ninialures ganes. Òlher aclivilies incIude
RICA® Nelvork evenls and a charily auclion.
Regislralion: $15 preregislered for RICA
nenlers, $12 for CÒAT nenlers. Wrile lo:
CÒAT 3816 Soulh Lanar #2O19, Auslin TX
70 NOVEMBER 1995
I an vriling in response lo }ohn
HoIconl´s Ieller in issue #22O. }ohn
lIunlIy said lhal he disapproved of lhe
nany nev oplionaI ruIes in lhe AD&D®
2nd Ldilion gane, and cIained lhal he
found lhe originaI D&D® gane nore fun.
}ohn´s nain prolIen seened lo le vilh
nany of lhe ruIes cenlered around
oplionaI canpaigns (e.g., RAVLNLÒIT®, DARK
SUN®, DRACÒNLANCL®, elc.) as veII as severaI
¨nev¨ ruIes such as non-veapon profi-
ciencies, veapon proficiencies, secondary
skiIIs, veapons vs. arnor lypes.. and his
Iisl venl on.
Besides lhe facl lhal he vas confused
and angered aloul aII lhese ruIes, he aIso
has a ganing group vho Iikes lo gel
logelher and conslanlIy argue aloul vhal
canpaign or noduIe lo pIay, and liny
olsoIele prolIens (Iike lhe vaIidily of
Kender in lhe IÒRCÒTTLN RLALMS®).
Sound Iike a prolIen lo any olher
garners oul lhere` Il did lo ne. As a six-
year ganer and a DM vho has run a
IÒRCÒTTLN RLALMS canpaign for lhree and
a haIf slraighl years, I aInosl feII oul of ny
chair reading lhe Ieller.
}ohn, lhere are a Iol of lhings you need
lo gel slraighl if you lruIy vanl lo enjoy
lhe fine arl of roIe-pIaying. Iirsl of aII,
olviousIy you are olsessed vilh nany of
lhe ruIes, lul, }ohn, I´II Iel you in on a Iil-
lIe secrel lhal Iike onIy 9O percenl of lhe
garners oul lhere knov: |nc ru|cs arc nc|
uri||cn in s|cnc.
If you don´l Iike using non-veapon pro-
ficiencies, don´l. Iind a lype of pIay lhal
fils your group. Ignore as nany or as fev
ruIes as you vanl. My group ilseIf is nol a
¨ly lhe look¨ lunch. We Iaugh in lhe face
of encunlrance (lo a cerlain exlenl: you
can´l carry a niIIion goId pieces on you al
once), ve snarI al noraIe check for non-
slers, and spil IoudIy on any psionicisls or
psionic povers happening lo drifl ly.
You shouId do lhe sane lhing. TaIk il
oul vilh your feIIov garners. Iind oul
vhich ruIes you lhink are no good and
vhich ones gel lhe lhunls-up. If vorse
cones lo vorsl, vole on il. If vorse cones
lo vorsl and even vorser sliII, sinpIy reIy
on good oId-fashioned DM judgnenl.
As lo your arguing for an hour and a
haIf over vhal I deen ¨slupid lhings,¨ per-
haps you and lhe resl of your ¨chuns¨
vere nol cul oul lo roIe-pIay logelher
Iind a nev group if lhings don´l vork oul.
As lo your conparison of D&D and
AD&D, I can ansver lhal vilh IillIe doull
AD&D kicks lull! I´ve pIayed D&D and il
Iasled aloul a year lefore ny friends and
I craved nore chaIIenges. Mosl peopIe
slarled pIaying D&D and noved up, loo.
To ne, il´s sinpIy a naller of evoIulion,
AD&D calers lo pIayers vho vish lo nake
lhings nore reaIislic, nore vivid, nore in-
deplh, nore aII around lhree-dinensionaI.
I´II adnil lhal I had a lIasl vilh D&D, lul
il seened Iike sonelhing vas nissing.
WeII, I found lhal sonelhing in AD&D.
You have a lad group, pIain and sinpIe.
If a lunch of so-caIIed friends can´l slop
arguing for an enlire evening, hov can you
expecl lhen lo pIay on a reguIar lasis, Iis-
lening inlenlIy lo lhe DM` You haven´l
given AD&D a fair chance. IIay vilh a
ganing group vho viII respecl and
approve of lhe vay you Iike lo pIay.
As for nol leing alIe lo decide vhal
canpaign lo pIay lhal nighl... un... er...
ncu aocu| s|ic|ing ui|n cnc fcr a uni|c?
IIaying a canpaign vilh grizzIed, high-
IeveI heroes over a lhree-year period is a
Iol nore salisfying lhan running a group
for one nighl and chucking lhen and
running anolher lhe nexl nighl.
You said lhal D&D aIIoved you lo deveI-
op your characler nore. Ierhaps if you
spenl sone line vorking and pIanning
your characler you´II enjoy il aII lhe nore.
Òne of ny pIayers spends a good veek in
preparalion jusl lo nake a firsl-IeveI IC.
Adan VoIk
CaIgary, AIlerla, Canada
I an vriling in response lo }ohn
HoIconl´s Ieller in issue #22O. }ohn con-
pIained aloul hov hard il vas lo roII up a
characler due lo aII lhe oplionaI ruIes.
WeII, I hale lo poinl oul lhe olvious, lul
lhal´s exaclIy vhal lhe ruIes are: cp|icna|!
Nolody forces you lo use a nuIlilude of
ruIes. They are prinled for lhe lenefil of
lhose pIayers vho vish lo expand lhe
reaIisn and freedon of pIay in lhe gane.
You say lhal a DM has lo decide vhelher
lo use lhese oplions. Òf course you do.
Thal´s parl of lhe DM´s jol. If lhis upsels
your pIayers, reach a conpronise. IIay
vilh lheir ruIes lhis ganing session and
your ruIes nexl.
You seen confused, as sone pIayers in
your canpaign are fron DRACÒNLANCL´S
Krynn and sone fron DARK SUN´S Alhas. I
von´l leII you hov lo run your canpaigns,
lul I personaIIy find il easier lo ask your
pIayers lo roII up separale characlers for
each of lhe vorIds you are inleresled in,
and pIay separale canpaigns for each.
This nakes il easier lo delernine vhal
ruIes lo use for each gane, and Iinils
You couId aIso aIIov lhe pIayer vho is
inleresled in DRACÒNLANCL lo DM lhal
gane, and lhe DARK SUN enlhusiasl lo DM
lhal vorId, and so on. This vay, everyone
gels a chance lo pIay, and nolody gels
lired of jusl one vorId. If you cannol han-
dIe having characlers fron aII vorIds
pIaying in one, úcn´|. You are lhe DM, lhe
finaI decision is yours, and your pIayers
have lo respecl lhal.
You say lhal oflen you and your ganing
group cannol agree, and lhis oflen resuIls in
pIayers vaIking oul. Il sounds lo ne as if
you and your group have sone serious
connunicalion prolIens, and if you can-
nol have a ralionaI discussion, nayle you
shouId find a nore nalure group of pIayers.
When reading up on hov lo pIay
sellings, you say you feIl you vasled a
vhoIe evening Iearning lhe ruIes and had
no advenlure al aII. You have lo under-
sland lhal you have lo Iearn lhe ruIes if
you vanl lo pIay lhe gane.
conpuIsory. They are oplionaI. If you
don´l vanl lo pIay lhen, no one viII nake
you: lul don´l say ¨TSR is noving in lhe
vrong direclion,¨ lecause lhere are lhou-
sands of pIayers oul lhere enjoying
pIaying is a no-Iose silualion. AII ganes,
oId and nev, are avaiIalIe for your enjoy-
nenl, and you viII aIvays le alIe lo find
peopIe vho enjoy lhe sane ones as you.
}anes Iahy
9 Nornan Sl.
MiddIelon, Manchesler
M24 2}I LngIand
I´n vriling lo discuss undead IeveI-
draining and ils effecls on a canpaign.
This parlicuIar prolIen has leen a seri-
ous one for ne in ny ovn canpaigns for
nany years, and I lried nany of lhe sug-
geslions of olher readers in lhe pasl con-
cerning lhis naller. Despile aII ny efforls,
il seened lhal I vas dooned lo push aside
sone of ny favorile nonslers in lhe gane.
This aII changed a year ago vhen I slun-
lIed upon an idea lhal has aIIoved ne lo
lring lack vrailhs, vighls, and vanpires
lo haunl ny pIayers once again.
My approach is sinpIe lul lolh effec-
live and IogicaI. In ny ganes, I have
repIaced lhe undead IeveI-draining pover
vilh a syslen lhal causes lhe viclin lo le
lenporariIy drained of one poinl fron aII
lhe physicaI aliIilies (Slrenglh, Dexlerily
and Conslilulion) per IeveI lhal lhe origi-
naI undead nonsler drained. Ior exan-
pIe, a vighl lhal slruck a lIov vouId
cause nornaI danage p|us drain one
poinl fron each of lhe viclin´s Slrenglh,
Dexlerily, and Conslilulion. The viclin
can regain his physicaI povers very sIov-
Iy, jusl one poinl per day. Which slalislic
gels lhe poinl is randonIy delernined.
Al firsl gIance, lhis nay nol seen as for-
nidalIe as draining a IeveI, lul lecause
lhe rale of recovery is so sIov, pIayers viII
quickIy Iearn lo dread lhe aliIily checks
lhal lheir characlers nusl nake. Many
advenlurers cone lo depend grealIy on
lhese lonus Hil Ioinls, Arnor CIass, and
olher conlal nodifiers. Afler severaI
lIovs fron a snaII group of vighls, an
advenlurer nay find hinseIf receiving
penaIlies inslead of lonuses and lo sone
pIayers lhere is no grealer horror.
Anolher prolIen lhal lhis syslen
resoIves is lhal lhe average peasanl can
nov survive a Iale-nighl visil fron a van-
pire. Were one lo slick lo lhe IeveI-draining
aliIilies currenlIy in lhe ruIes, a sinpIe
lrush ly a vanpire viII kiII aInosl every-
one in an average viIIage. Thus il is difficuIl
lo recreale silualions Iike DracuIa preying
on Lucy nighl afler nighl. My aliIily-
draining syslen soIves lhis and even
accounls for vhy a viclin nay appear lo
le affIicled ly sone deliIilaling disease.
CeneraIIy, I enforce a cona upon lhose
vhose aliIilies-any one of lhen-faIIs
leIov 3. Those in a cona nusl nake a
syslen shock check al lheir originaI
Conslilulion´s percenlage or eIse lhe aliIi-
lies conlinue lo drain al a rale of 1 poinl a
day unliI lhe viclin dies lecause a score
drops lo zero. Nole lhal in lhis case, lhe
Ioss occurs even if lhe undead crealure
does nol conlinue ils allacks.
W. }ason Ieck
San }ose, CA
I jusl gol around lo reading lhe Iorun in
issue #216, and I feeI conpeIIed lo
respond lo Sleve ShavIer´s Ieller con-
denning TSR advenlure noduIes. Mr.
ShavIer conpIains lhal TSR advenlures
such as lhe Marco VoIo series raiIroad lhe
ICs aIong a predelernined palh vilhoul
aIIoving lhen any conlroI over lheir ovn
deslinies. He lIanes lhis on lhe
sloryleIIing slyIe of pIay.
WhiIe I vhoIehearledIy agree vilh Mr.
ShavIer´s sland againsl raiIroading adven-
lures, I slrongIy disagree lhal lhe slory-
leIIing slyIe of pIay is lo lIane. Wilhoul
re-opening lhe ¨sloryleIIing vs. dungeon-
cravIing¨ can of vorns, I nusl poinl oul
lhal il is jusl as easy lo raiIroad lhe ICs
lhrough a dungeon cravI as a sloryleIIing
advenlure. AII lhe DM need do in a dun-
geon cravI is force lhe ICs inlo a dun-
geon, lIock off lhe exil, and nake lhe lun-
neIs Iead vherever he vanls lhen lo go.
Having defended lhe sloryleIIing slyIe, I
nusl adnil lhal lhe Marco VoIo series is
guiIly of raiIroading lhe characlers, hov-
ever, lhere are severaI fine sloryleIIing
noduIes oul lhere lhal don´l do so. |cas| cf
Gco|qns for lhe RAVLNLÒIT selling is a firsl-
rale exanpIe. The facl is, dungeon-cravI-
ing noduIes are nore oflen lhe ones lhal
are guiIly of raiIroading. The lIane for lhis
Iies vilh lhe designers and edilors, nol
vhelher lhe advenlure is a dungeon cravI.
Il is cIear lhal Mr. ShavIer prefers dun-
geon-cravIing lo sloryleIIing and I respecl
his righl lo pIay lhe gane hovever he Iikes,
hovever, I lake issue vilh his allenpl lo
gel TSR lo slop pulIishing sloryleIIing
advenlures and arlicIes. TSR pulIishes a
vide variely of noduIes lo suil lolh dun-
geon-cravIers and sloryleIIers. Likevise,
DRACÒN Magazine goes oul of ils vay lo
prinl arlicIes for lolh kinds of pIayers. I
vish nore pIayers vouId Iearn lo respecl
olher peopIe´s righl lo pIay vhalever slyIe
lhey vish.
MichaeI C. DeRosenroII
Darlnoulh, Nova Scolia, Canada
I´ve leen pIaying AD&D for aloul 15 years
(pIaying and DMing). I´n an allraclive, 27-
year-oId fenaIe vho pIays every veek and
highIy enjoys pIaying and DMing. I´n cur-
renlIy invoIved in lvo differenl veekIy
ganes. In one I pIay an eIven nage, and in
lhe olher I DM ny ovn originaI vorId. In
lolh groups lhough, I an lhe onIy
fenaIe, and in ny 15 years of ganing, I
have onIy encounlered four olher fenaIe
pIayers. This spans lvo counlries, lhree
slales, and over 2O differenl cilies. My
poinl is: vhere have aII lhe vonen gone`
Sone-nol aII-naIe ganers use roIe-
pIaying lo ¨seduce¨ fenaIe ganers
lhrough lheir characlers. LxanpIe: fenaIe
pIayer lo naIe pIayer: ¨Ior lhe laziIIionlh
line, ny eIf doesn´l vanl lo have sex vilh
your dvarf!¨ This usuaIIy causes nosl
vonen ganers lo quil oul of disgusl,
lhinking aII naIe ganers are Iike lhal.
The slereolypes lhal aII ganers are
dveels, nerds, unallraclive geeks vilh
high-rise poIyesler sIacks, laped gIasses,
and no sociaI Iives is faIse. The Iooks I gel
fron experienced naIe ganers upon
neeling ne are of ave and surprise.
When lhey Iearn I an a DM, lheir javs
drop-and lhis is fron experienced
There are nol enough fenaIe cIasses,
kils, or appeaI. Iorgel DRACÒNLANCL´S
Kiliara or Laurana, lhey vere poverfuI,
lul paIed nexl lo lhe naIe characlers.
LxanpIe: fenaIe pIayer lo DM: ¨Whal` I
can´l have an 18/OO slrenglh` And I can´l
le a paIadin ci|ncr?¨
Sone-again, nol aII-naIe roIe-pIayers
viev fenaIe NICs and ICs (regardIess of
higher aliIily scores) as venches or lrain-
Iess harIols vho shouId sulnil lo lheir
every vhin. LxanpIe: naIe pIayer lo
roon: ¨Are lhere any chicks here vilh a
Charisna of 15 or alove` Òh, yeah` I vaIk
up lo her and say, 'Hey, laly.¨´
WhiIe I an nol an uIlra-feninisl, nor do
I preach vhal is poIilicaIIy correcl, lhese
scenarios are aII loo faniIiar lo ne, and
have happened counlIess lines. I´n gel-
ling IoneIy oul here in ganing Iand. I reaI-
ize lhal nol aII naIe roIe-pIayers are Iike
lhis, lul lhe fev lad seeds have chased
avay polenliaI vonen roIe-pIayers. I
knov lhere are nore vonen oul lhere,
lul lhey are fev and far lelveen.
Karrie Huff
1OO Aulurn Way S. #A-6
Aulurn, WA 98OO2
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74 NOVEMBER 1995
ly Skip WiIIians
}oin lhe sage in a Iook al lhe nev character stIII get speIIs at 9th IeveI?
P|aqcr´s Op|icn ¯. S|i||s anú Pcucrs look.
unIess olhervise noled, page and lalIe
references are for lhe S|i||s anú Pcucrs
look (ScP). The sage aIso exanines a fev
olher issues slraighl fron lhe naiIlag.
lheir firsl speIIs al 5lh IeveI, is incorrecl. Il
shouId read as foIIovs:
TalIe 2O (page 49), vhich gives paIadins
PaIadIn CastIng SpeII LeveI
LeveI LeveI 1 2 S 4
4 1 1 ~ ~ ~
5 1 1 ~ ~ ~
6 2 2 — — —
7 2 2 1 ~ ~
8 3 2 1 ~ ~
9 4 2 2 ~ ~
1O 4 2 2 1
11 4 2 2 2 ~
12 5 3 2 2 ~
13 5 3 2 2 ~
14 6 3 2 2 1
1.5 7 3 3 2 1
16 8 3 3 3 1
17 9* 3 3 3 1
18 9* 3 3 3 2
19 9* 3 3 3 3
2O 9* 4 3 3 3
I have notIced that In aImost every
AD&D® book, the InIravIsIon ranges
Ior the varIous races are dIIIerent, the
SK1!!s & Pouers book seems to be no
exceptIon. What are the correct
Here are infravision ranges for aII lhe
najor races (and lheir sulraces) pre-
senled in lhe S|i||s c Pcucrs look. The
MONSTROUS MANUA|¯ lone and ils prede-
cessors served as lhe prinary sources for
lhe nunlers.
Dwarves (60'): Deep 9O´, Cray 12O´, HiII
6O´, Mounlain 6O´.
EIves (60'): Aqualic 12O´, Dark 12O´, Cray
6O´, High 6O´, SyIvan 6O´.
Gnomes (60'): Deep 12O´, Ioresl NiI,
Rock 6O´.
HaIIIIngs (S0'): Hairfool NiI, Sloul 6O´,
TaIIfeIIov NiI.
HaII-eIves (60')
HaII Orcs (60')
HaII Ogres (60')
Humans (NII)
The nunler in parenlheses afler lhe
nain race nane is lhe infravision range
for characlers vho purchase infravision
fron lhe race´s aliIily Iisl.
TradItIonaIIy, dark eIves who IIve on
the surIace are not aIIowed to keep
theIr Innate speIIcastIng abIIItIes or
theIr superIor magIc resIstance. In the
SK1!!s & Pouers book It seems that
they are aIIowed to keep theIr Innate
magIc, but not theIr superIor magIc
resIstance. Is thIs correct?
Yes il is. If lhe canpaign is using lhe S|i||s
c Pcucrs ruIes, drov (dark eIves) gel lhe
aliIilies Iisled on page 28 and expIained
on pages 29-3O.
When a paIadIn spends character
poInts on the prIest speIIs abIIIty, he Is
supposed to get speIIs begInnIng at 4th
IeveI. The speII progressIon chart,
however shows that a paIadIn begIns
gettIng speIIs at Sth IeveI. WhIch Is
correct? II a paIadIn does not pur-
chase the prIest speIIs abIIIty, does the
IaIadins vho do nol purchase lhe priesl
speIIs aliIily sliII gel speIIs slarling al 9lh
IeveI (see PH8 lalIe 17), lul fever lhan
lhose vho purchase lhe priesl speII aliIily.
On TabIe 46: TraIts, shouIdn't the
InItIaI RatIng coIumn read Character
PoInt Cost?
Yes il shouId. If a lrail has a lase score il
is Iisled in lhe lrail descriplion.
The weapons tabIe IndIcates that IIght
and heavy crossbow quarreIs InIIIct
consIderabIy more damage than they
used to. Is that correct?
Yes il is, lul lhe increased danage is onIy
haIf lhe slory. The Ccnoa| c Tac|ics
looks gives crosslovs a speciaI aliIily lo
penelrale arnor as veII.
How does one determIne a monster's
MentaI Armor CIass (Ior the new
psIonIcs system)?
Here´s sonelhing lo lide you over unliI
sonelhing leller cones aIong: Assune
lhal lhe crealure´s Wisdon score is aloul
equaI lo ils InleIIigence score. To deler-
nine lhe crealure´s scores, Iook up lhe
nonsler´s enlry in lhe MONSTROUS MANUA|
lone and nole ils generaI inleIIigence
raling. A parenlhelicaI nole righl nexl lo
lhe raling leIIs give you a range of nenlaI
aliIily scores. Ior exanpIe, a ki-rin has
an intelligence rating of supra-genius,
giving in a raling of 19-2O in lolh
Wisdon and InleIIigence. You can roII
1d6 lo delernine lhe exacl score
(1-3= 19, 4-6=2O). Ònce you have lhe
scores, caIcuIale ils MAC using lalIe 74
(S&I, page 144) jusl Iike you vouId for a
characler. If a parlicuIar ki-rin has a
Wisdon of 19 and an InleIIigence of 2O,
ils MAC vouId le 3. If you vanl a vider
range of scores for lhe crealure, you´II
find lalIes for generaling crealure´s aliIi-
ly scores in Chapler 2 of lhe DUNG|ON
MAST|R ¹ Op|icn. Hign-|ctc| Canpaigns
look, pages 58-61. Crealures vilh raciaI
psionic aliIilies, such as su-nonslers and
nind fIayers, shouId gel an addilionaI
lonus of + 1 lo +3.
The weapon specIaIIzatIon ruIe In the
Combo1 & 3oo11os book says characters
can specIaIIze In onIy one weapon at a
tIme. What happens to characters who
must specIaIIze In muItIpIe weapons;
Ior exampIe, the samuraI and the
They have lo give up lheir exlra veapons
of speciaIizalion, aIlhough lhe DM couId
aIIov lhen lo have experlise in lhe exlra
How do you decIde II a grenade-IIke
mIssIIe strIkes Its target? I've Iooked In
both the PHB and the ÐMG and I couId
IInd nothIng that says what attack
number a grenade-IIke mIssIIe uses.
A grenade-Iike nissiIe´s acluaI allack
nunler varies according lo lhe circun-
slances. If a crealure is nol lhe largel and
lhe characler is vilhin shorl range (1O´ for
a fIask of oiI or olher Iighlveighl oljecl) of
lhe largel poinl, a hil shouId le aulonalic.
Ior exanpIe, if a characler vanls lo
snash a fIask of oiI al lhe lop of a slaircase
lhe parly has jusl ascended, lhe fIask
shouId Iand vhere lhe characler vanls il
lo as Iong as lhe largel poinl is vilhin 1O´
of lhe characler. If lhe characler is
rushed, or lhe largel poinl is farlher vay
lhan 1O´, lreal lhe largel poinl as Arnor
CIass 1O and appIy lhe appropriale range
nodifier. (In lhe core ruIes, a lhrovn oiI
fIask has a nediun range of 2O´ and a
Iong range of 3O´.)
If lhe grenade-Iike nissiIe largel is a
crealure, lhe allack nunler depends on
vhal lhe nissiIe is. If lhe nissiIe is sone-
lhing Iike a louIder or a conlainer hoId-
ing a fairIy snaII anounl of Iiquid lhal has
lo nake direcl conlacl vilh lhe largel
crealure lo have any effecl (such as a viaI
of acid or hoIy valer), lhen jusl use lhe
crealure´s arnor cIass and resoIve lhe
grenade loss as you vouId any olher nis-
siIe allack (excepl lhal you vouId roII for
scaller if lhe allack nisses).
If lhe grenade-Iike nissiIe hoIds a fairIy
hefly anounl of naleriaI, such as a fIask
of oiI, I suggesl roIIing an allack vs. arnor
cIass 7, adjusled for lhe largel´s Dexlerily
score and novenenl rale, I suggesl +3
for slalionary largels, -3 for largels nov-
ing a rale fasler lhan 3 lul sIover lhan 12,
and -6 for largels noving al a rale of 12 or
grealer. NornaI range adjuslnenls appIy
in any case.
What are the character poInt costs and
base scores Ior the IIghtIng proIIcIen-
cIes presented In the Combo1 & 3oo11os
book and the psIonIc proIIcIencIes
presented In Chapter 9 oI the SK1!!s &
Pouers book?
Here are lhe nunlers for use vilh lhe
S|i||s c Pcucrs ruIes:
SpecIaI TaIents ( CcT, pages 78-8O)
CP InItIaI ReIevant
SkIII Cost RatIng AbIIIty
6 ~ ~
4 — ~
Anlush 4 5 Inl./Rea.
CanoufIage 4 5 Inl./Lea.
Dirly Iighling 3 5 Inl}Lea.
2 3 ~
Iine BaIance
5 7 Dex./Agi.
Iron WiII
6 3 Wis.WiI.
Leadership 3 5 Cha./Lea.
6 3 Dex./Ain
Sleady Hand
5 ~ ~
TroulIe Sense 4 3 Wis./Inl.
MartIaI Arts TaIents
( CcT, page 98)
CP InItIaI ReIevant
SkIII Cost RatIng AbIIIty
Backvard Kick
3 ~ ~
Crushing BIov 3 ~ ~
IIying Kick 3 5 Slr./Muc.
Inslanl Sland 3 7 Dex./Ain
MissiIe DefIeclion 3 ~ ~
PsIonIc ProIIcIencIes ( ScP, page 1.55)
CP InItIaI ReIevant
SkIII Cost RatIng AbIIIty
Conlacl 3 ~ Wis./WiI.
MenlaI Arnor 3 ~ Wis./WiI.
Cen Culling 3 6 Dex./Ain
Sulconscious 3 6 Wis./WiI.
Medilalive Iocus 3 6 Wis./Inl.
Inslrunenl 2 4 Cha./Lea.
Reading/Wriling 2 8 Inl./Kno.
Rejuvenalion 3 6 Wis./Inl
ReIigion 2 6 Wis./Inl.
T. Under lhe S|i||s c Pcucrs characler
crealion syslen, lhis skiII nusl le seIecled
as a lrail.
1. This is lhe vaIue for lhe aIerlness lrail
as descriled in lhe S|i||s c Pcucrs look.
The version descriled in lhe Ccnoa| c
Tac|ics look is sIighlIy veaker. The CcT
version has a characler poinl cosl of 4 and
a lase score of 5. The reIevanl aliIily is
2. If lhe Ccnoa| c Tac|ics faligue ruIes are
in pIay, lhe characler poinl cosl is 4.
3. The version of lhis laIenl descriled in
lhe Ccnoa| c Tac|ics look vorks lesl
vilh lhe oplionaI ruIe for individuaI inli-
lialive in lhe P|aqcr´s Hanúocc|. If you are
using lhe CcT inlilialive syslen, lhe
quickness lrail does nol affecl lhe charac-
ler´s inilialive roIIs. Inslead, lhe characler
can use lhe skiII onIy during lhe firsl
round of a conlal. A successfuI skiII roII
acceIerales aII lhe characler´s aclions ly
one phase, jusl as if lhe characler had an
inilialive roII of 1. If lhe characler uses
quickness successfuIIy anú roIIs a 1 for
inilialive, lhe characler´s aclions are acceI-
eraled ly lvo phases, hovever, no aclion
can ever le quicker lhan very fasl. If lhe
characler successfuIIy uses quickness and
roIIs a 1O for inilialive, lhe lonus fron lhe
lrail and lhe penaIly fron lhe inilialive roII
(see CcT, page 18) canceI each olher oul.
4. Any characler proficienl in a narliaI arl
can choose a narliaI arls laIenl as a
generaI proficiency.
When a duaI-cIassed character uses a
po!e green 1oun stone, are both cIasses
raIsed one IeveI or just the actIve
cIass? What happens when a muItI-
cIassed character uses the stone?
The slone granls onIy a singIe IeveI. A
duaI-cIassed characler using lhe slone
receives lhe loosl lo his aclive cIass. A
nuIli-cIassed characler receives lhe loosl
lo lhe cIass in vhich he has lhe highesl
IeveI. Nole lhal lhe IeveI loosl is lenpo-
rary, if lhe slone is nol circIing lhe
characler lhe exlra IeveI is Iosl.
ExactIy whIch speIIs are subject to
eIven and haII-eIven magIc resIstance?
The queslion is an oId one, lul I received
severaI Iellers on lhe lopic lhis nonlh. I
vouId prefer lo avoid giving an acluaI Iisl,
lecause nev speIIs are leing added lo lhe
gane aII lhe line. LIven and haIf-eIven
resislance lo sIeep and charn speIIs
appIies lo nosl speIIs, and speII-Iike
effecls lhal cause lhe suljecl lo faII asIeep
or faII under anolher characler´s conlinu-
ing infIuence. Such effecls incIude: cnarn
ncns|cr, cnarn pcrscn, cnarn pcrscn cr
nanna|, úcnina|icn, cqcoi|c (charn
effecl onIy, lhe sIeep effecl vorks nornaIIy
on eIves and haIf-eIves, as do lhe fear and
sicken effecls), firc cnarn, nass cnarn,
and s|ccp. MagicaI devices and crealure
speciaI allacks lhal dupIicale lhese speIIs,
such as cqcs cf cnarning, lhe lehoIder´s
charn rays, and lhe vanpire´s charn
gaze aIso are suljecl lo eIven and haIf-
eIven resislance. SIeep-inducing lrealh
veapons, such as lhe lrass dragon´s sIeep
gas, are nol. Neilher are lhe rcú cf ocgui|-
ing or lhe rcú cf ru|crsnip, charn effecls
fron a s|aff cf ccnnanúing are.
SpeIIs and olher effecls lhal nereIy
incapacilale lhe suljecls or lhal aIIov onIy
Iiniled conlroI, such as nc|ú speIIs, hyp-
nosis, suggcs|icn, qucs|, and gcas are nol
suljecl lhe eIeven or haIf-eIeven resis-
lance. When lhere is a reasonalIe doull,
lhe DM nusl decide.
How do you roII an abIIIty check Ior a
character wIth an exceptIonaI Strength
UsuaIIy on 1d2O, jusl Iike any olher aliIily
check. An exceplionaI Slrenglh score
granls a characler exlra conlal aliIilies,
lul IillIe eIse. Ior nany feals of sheer
slrenglh, a lend lars/Iifl gales roII is oflen
nore appropriale lhan a Slrenglh aliIily
check. If lvo characler vilh exceplionaI
Slrenglh scores are naking opposed
Slrenglh roIIs, you nighl aIIov lhe char-
aclers lo succeed vilh lheir Slrenglh roIIs
on roIIs of 19 if lhey roII Iess lhan lheir
exceplionaI ralings on percenliIe dice.
Can a o!oud o] pur1]1oo11on speII
destroy a character who has been
reduced to an extremeIy smaII heIght
by a reduoe speII or a powerIuI curse?
The speII meIts any creature up to the
sIze oI a normaI rat and turns It to
water. Can a character who has been
turned to water be raIsed, resurrected,
or restored wIth a u1sÞ?
You shouIdn´l aIIov a c|cuú cf purifica|icn
lo affecl any crealure vilh a fuII hil die or
nore. If a IeveI-O characler or crealure
vilh Iess lhan one hil die has leen
shrunk, lhen lurned lo valer ly a c|cuú cf
purifica|icn il cannol le raised or rein-
carnaled, hovever, I vouId aIIov a rcsur-
rcc|icn speII lo vork if lhe crealure´s
renains haven´l leen nixed in vilh a
vhoIe Iol of valer fron olher crealures.
Lven so, a sulslanliaI penaIly lo lhe resur-
reclion survivaI roII, say 3O°, vouId le in
order. A uisn couId lring lack lhe
crealure in any case.
Just how IreeIy can prIest characters
choose theIr speIIs? Does a prIest
choose speIIs one a day? Once a IeveI?
As the character needs them? How
does a prIest go about IearnIng a
newIy Invented speII?
CeneraIIy, a priesl can freeIy choose his
speIIs fron lhe spheres and speII IeveIs
avaiIalIe lo hin aloul once a day. AII lhe
characler needs is a good nighl´s sIeep
and line for prayers. The priesl requires
no speII look and is nol in any vay hin-
dered ly lhe speIIs he nay have chosen
previousIy. NeverlheIess, lhe priesl nusl
nenorize his speIIs ahead of line, he
can´l sinpIy choose lhen as needed.
In lhe case of speIIs lhal have leen
nevIy inlroduced inlo lhe canpaign, lhe
DM is free lo decide hov priesls can gel
lhen. If a priesl characler spends lhe line
and noney lo research an enlireIy nev
speII, no olher priesl shouId le alIe lo gel
il unIess lhe invenlor leaches hin lhe
speII or he finds lhe speII on a scroII.
Teaching anolher priesl a nev speII
shouId lake aloul a day per speII IeveI.
Learning a nev priesl speII fron a scroII
aIso shouId lake a day per speII IeveI and
lhe process shouId consune lhe scroII (il
goes lIank vhen lhe priesl finishes dis-
secling il). In eilher case, lhe priesl Iearn-
78 NOVEMBER 1995
ing lhe speII underslands il aulonalicaIIy
so Iong as he is of a IeveI sufficienl lo casl
lhe speII and lhe speII is incIuded in a
sphere lhe priesl has access lo.
If a priesl finds a vrillen descriplion of a
nev speII (as opposed lo a nagicaI scroII),
lhe priesl shouId have lo research lhe
speII (see DMG, Chapler 7, page 64), lul
lhe cosl shouId le nininaI (1OO gp per
speII IeveI).
In sone very rare cases, lhe DM nighl
decide lo nake a nev priesl speII avaiIalIe
lo aII priesls in lhe canpaign. When lhis
happens, lhe deilies vho granl lhe speIIs
sinpIy add lhen lhe Iisls of speIIs lhey
offer and any priesl vho has access lo lhe
speII´s sphere and is high enough IeveI lo
casl lhe speIIs Iearns il aulonalicaIIy
lhrough divine inspiralion.
What happens to a character who trIes
to use a d1mens1on door or 1e!epor1
speII and he Is carryIng too much
weIght? Does the character stIII wInk
out, IeavIng the excess behInd or does
the speII IaII outrIght? Can characters
prevent an enemy Irom teIeportIng
away by grappIIng the opponent and
pushIng hIm over the weIght IImIt?
Ior purposes of gane laIance, I hearliIy
reconnend lhal any leIeporlalion speII
faiI oulrighl if lhe casler is carrying loo
nuch veighl. Likevise, I suggesl lhal any
crealure louching lhe casler counl lovard
lhe veighl lhe casler is carrying, even if
lhe casler is unviIIing. Characlers vho
are quick-villed enough lo gral a leIe-
porling crealure lefore il can vink oul
shouId le revarded for lheir foresighl.
Isn't the 4th-IeveI wIzard speII po!g-
morpÞ o1Þer too powerIuI? What's to
prevent a ?th-IeveI transmuter Irom
buIIdIng two great wyrm dragons a day
out oI the IocaI rat popuIatIon? II po!g-
morpÞ o1Þer were cast on a rat to
change It Into a goId dragon, there
wouId be more than a 200% chance
that the rat wouId permanentIy
become a dragon, compIete wIth aII
the dragon's magIcaI and specIaI abIII-
tIes. AsIde Irom the system shock
roIIs, savIng throws, and the d1spe!
mog1o speII, there seems to be no IImIt
on what a measIy ?th-IeveI wIzard can
do, and the speII Is permanent!
Il is lrue lhal úispc| nagic and syslen
shock roIIs are lhe onIy Iinils lhe ruIes
pIace on lhe speII. Òlher Iinils cone fron
lhe DM. Il is aIso lrue lhal lurning a crea-
lure vilh aninaI inleIIigence, such as a
ral, inlo sonelhing as snarl as a goId
dragon nakes lhe crealure assuning lhe
nind and aliIilies of ils assuned forn
inevilalIe. The pc|qncrpn c|ncr speII,
hovever, is nol loo poverfuI al aII if lhe
DM is cIever.
Iirsl, lhere´s nolhing in lhe speII lhal
says lhe casler gels lo pick lhe lrans-
forned crealure´s age. Thal´s for lhe DM
lo decide. You nighl vanl lo appIy lhe
suljecl crealure´s age lo lhe Iifespan of
lhe assuned forn lo delernine lhe
assuned forn´s nalurily. In lhe case of a
ral, lhe resuIling dragon is aIvays going lo
le a halchIing lecause rals jusl don´l Iive
lhal Iong. Òr perhaps lhe suljecl´s IeveI of
nalurily lransIales direclIy inlo lhe
assuned forn´s nalurily. So if a casler
vanls a greal vyrn dragon he has lo find
a reaIIy oId and decrepil ral.
You couId reaIIy have sone fun vilh a
greedy pIayer of you choose lhe Ialler
oplion. If lhe casler picks a young and
heaIlhy ral (vilh a reasonalIe chance lo
survive a syslen shock roII), he shouId gel a
halchIing goId dragon. Being young, lhe
dragon is hungry. Being vioIenlIy lhrusl inlo
dragonhood, lhe dragon is shy and inse-
cure. The dragon nighl foIIov lhe charac-
ler around, ealing lhe characler´s lreasure
(goId dragons eal gens), occasionaIIy cul-
ling Ioose vilh ils lrealh veapon lecause il
is scared (nayle il sav a cal), and naking a
generaI nuisance of ilseIf. Inagine lhe
scene if lhe dragon visils a jeveIry shop for
a snack. Being IavfuI good, lhe dragon
sureIy viII leII lhe irale jeveIer and lhe
lovn guard vhere ¨non¨ is.
If lhe casler chooses a veneralIe oId ral,
lhe crealure´s syslen shock percenlage
shouId le very Iov (35° or Iess), Iel´s face
il, oId rals aren´l going lo have reaIIy high
Conslilulion scores. If lhe casler does
nanage lo creale a veneralIe, vyrn, or
greal vyrn goId dragon, lhe crealure
prolalIy is going lo lake charge. CoId
dragons are IavfuI good, lul no crealure
vilh 22 or nore hil dice is going lo lake
orders fron a neasIy 7lh-IeveI vizard.
The dragon nighl heIp lhe characler in
sone snaII vay, lul lhe characler prola-
lIy viII find hinseIf enlarked on sone
series of advenlures of lhe dragon´s
choosing lefore Iong. Woe lo lhe charac-
ler vhen an erranl úispc| nagic speII ends
lhe enchanlnenl and lhe poor fooI is Iefl
slranded sonevhere vilh onIy a nangy
ral for conpany.
Many speIIs in lhe gane are prone lo
aluse, lul onIy if lhe DM Iels pIayers gel
avay vilh il. Creedy NICs, of course, usu-
aIIy gel lheir coneuppance oul offslage. Il
nighl le anusing lo slage an encounler
vilh an enchanled goId dragon and ils
unviIIing vizard servanl as a caulionary
laIe lo lhe pIayers.
How many peopIe are aIIected by a
Þo!d person speII? The earIIer part oI
the speII descrIptIon says that 1d4 peo-
pIe are aIIected, whIch suggest that
there Is a random dIe roII. Later, how-
ever, the speII descrIptIon says that the
caster chooses whIch creatures In the
area oI eIIect are aIIected. WhIch Is
The speII affecls 1 lo 4 crealures al lhe
casler´s oplion. The references lo 1d4
crealures are errors.
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In Ca!! nf Cthu!hu
by Gregory W. Detwiler
Artwork by Jim Holloway and Michael Scott
Chaosiun´s Ca|| cf C|nu|nu * gane is
repIele vilh lhe nonslers of H.I.
Lovecrafl´s ClhuIhu Mylhos, vilh nore
leing crealed aII lhe line in lolh gane
suppIenenls and Iileralure ly vouId-le
¨nev Lovecrafls.¨ This arlicIe gives exan-
pIes of jusl hov lhe nonslers lhal aIready
exisl can lesl fil inlo scenarios. We´re nol
deaIing vilh lhe nassive Creal ÒId Ònes
and Òuler Cods here, lul vilh lhe ¨Iesser¨
crealures lhal are far nore connon in a
canpaign. This Iisl of ideas is nol incIusive,
of course, feeI free lo cone up vilh your
ovn. The Iisl is reslricled lo crealures in
lhe nornaI vaking vorId.
Thc Crcaturcs
Byukhee: Civen lhe resenlIance of lhese
lhings lo lhe gargoyIes of lhe MiddIe Ages,
lhe lesl pIace lo slarl here is al an oId
haunled caslIe of lhal period. Ierhaps lhe
caslIe´s nain cIain lo fane is lhal il is nol
onIy decoraled vilh ¨gargoyIes¨ (4 |a Nolre
Dane CalhedraI), lul lhal al reguIar inler-
vaIs, one or nore of lhese ugIy lul inno-
cenl-seening ¨slalues¨ nay vind up niss-
ing, and aIvays vhen a horrilIe nurder
or nyslerious disappearance lakes pIace
in lhe region. This is a good vay lo inlro-
du c e i n l o a c a np a i g n , l h e s h o c k
of lhe ¨gargoyIes¨ aclions von´l le as
greal if lhe invesligalors have seen
lyakhee lefore. Ierhaps in lhe deplhs of
lhe caslIe is a gale Ieading lo lhe greal
Lilrary of CeIaeno, vhich is guarded ly
hordes of lhese lhings.
Civen lhe facl lhal lyakhee are alIe lo fIy
lhrough lhe vacuun of space-sonelines
vilh a suilalIy prolecled rider-lhis is a
greal nonsler lo spring on aslronaul ICs
in lhe C|nu|nu Ncu suppIenenl. If lhe
invesligalors are al aII connecled vilh lhe
governnenl, lhey nay le caIIed upon lo
invesligale lhe Iosses of orliling saleIIiles
and spacecrafl, and perhaps even dealhs
and salolage al a lop-secrel Iunar coIony.
The facl lhal lyakhee are vuIneralIe lo
ordinary veapons viII nol eIininale lerror
here, hov nany aslronauls carry guns`
And unIess lhey have recoiIIess arns, a
shooloul in a zero-gravily environnenl can
le hazardous. Invesligalors viII have lo
reIy on inprovised veapons, noslIy neIee
arns, as in A|icn 3. Òf course, RipIey didn´l
have speIIs Iike snritc|ing al her disposaI.
Chfhoniunu: Read Brian LunIey´s noveI
Tnc 8urrcucrs 8cnca|n for inspiralion.
The quickesl and nosl lIalanl expIanalion
for lheir inlroduclion couId le a nassive
earlhquake, eilher caused ly lhen or a
naluraI one lhal happens lo expose a palh
lo lheir underground cilies. Òn a Iess
apocaIyplic scaIe-al Ieasl al firsl-is lhe
¨nissing niner¨ advenlure, vhere vork-
ers in a deep nine are disappearing or
dying horrilIy. This vorks parlicuIarIy
veII if previous vork crevs have uncov-
ered any sphericaI nineraI fornalions
and lroughl lhen lo lhe surface.
(Trekkies have noled ly nov lhe resen-
lIance lo lhe advenlure vilh lhe lurrov-
ing Horla in lhe oId S|ar Trc| episode,
¨DeviI in lhe Dark.¨) And if lhe ICs orca|
any of lhose fornalions, ve nov have a
vendella lhal viII Iasl unliI (and prolalIy
lring aloul) lhe end of lhe canpaign.
Chlhonians are aIso good for a phony
¨vanpire¨ scenario, as lhey drain lIood
fron lheir viclins. A parly of invesligalors
couId hear of hapIess IocaIs leing drained
of lIood in lhe vicinily of an oId nonaslery
(vhich is in lurn near an alandoned
nine) and hear IocaI Iegends of hov lhe
nonks-vhose Cregorian chanling can
sliII le heard fron line lo line-slrayed
fron lhe palh of righleousness and vere
lurned inlo vanpires as punishnenl. Any
ICs vho drav olvious, lul quile erro-
neous, concIusions fron lhis and shov up
vilh garIic and vooden slakes viII soon
vish lhey´d lroughl aIong heavy arliIIery
inslead. SiniIar Iegends couId arise
around an oId alandoned nission in
Africa, say, near a cerlain deserled cily...
Durk Young of Shub-Aigguruth: If you
vanl lo advenlure in a foresled area,
you´ve gol lo incIude al Ieasl one of lhese
lhings. There´s nolhing leller for lurning a
¨haunled foresl¨ inlo lhe reaI lhing. Aside
fron lhe slandard scenario of racing lo
prevenl ¨eviI druids¨ fron sacrificing inno-
cenl viclins lo lhe Dark Young and con-
nanding lhen lo allack lhe IocaIs, ve
have sone greal surprise scenarios.
Inagine going for an innocenl vaIk in
lhe voods, or having a picnic lhere, and
running inlo a Dark Young. Less innocenl-
Iy, al cerlain lines of lhe year, a hunling
parly can run inlo one inslead of ils usuaI
prey. Al Ieasl lhe ICs aIready have lheir
guns handy (for aII lhe good lhey´II do). In
lhe nodern era, lioIogisls can le con-
ducling a viIdIife survey, lo discover a
nore varied fauna lhan lhey counled on.
Here´s an idea for you: Assune lhe
parly discovers lhal lhere is a gale Ieading
lack lo nedievaI ScolIand and
Shakespeare´s pIay Macoc|n vas lased on
a nore horrid evenl lhan hislory records.
Mayle lhe parly viII discover lhal Macduff
Iosl sonelhing of his purily in preparing
for vengeance againsl his eneny. Does
everyone renenler lhe Iine¨ ´liII Birnan
Wood do cone lo Dunsinane¨` Nov vhal
kind of ¨lrees¨ couId possilIy vaIk up lo a
caslIe and allack, hnn` Belveen
Maclelh´s crines and lhe nonslers of lhe
Mylhos, invesligalors couId veII le hard-
pressed lo decide vhich side lhey vouId
fighl on, if eilher. Lay on, RandoIph
Deep Oneu: The slandard advenlure here
is ¨The Shadov Òver Innsnoulh,¨ in
vhich lhe invesligalors lIunder inlo a
lovn of veirdos, aII of vhon have lhe
¨Innsnoulh Iook.¨ This is a highIy danger-
ous scenario, nol Ieasl lecause your pIay-
ers nay lurn on you for running such a
derivalive advenlure. Try snaII-scaIe raids
for an opening advenlure, vhere deep
ones in a coaslaI area are kidnapping
IocaIs for lheir ovn nefarious purposes,
and lhe invesligalors nusl rescue lhen
lefore il is loo Iale. AIlernaleIy, lhe parly
couId lry and caplure a deep one for
experinenlaI purposes, lo delernine lhe
secrel of innorlaIily.
Undervaler expIoralion is one of lhe
lesl vays lo encounler deep ones, parlicu-
IarIy as lhe hunan ICs have a luiIl-in
handicap caIIed ¨air suppIy,¨ vhich is
guaranleed lo increase lension in any
encounler. WhiIe diving suils exisl in lhe
originaI gane, diving is far nore connon
in lhe nodern vorId of C|nu|nu Ncu, a
suppIenenl vhich has a conpIele Iisling
of scula gear and-in lhe firsl adven-
lure-slals for undervaler veaponry such
as spearguns and lang-slicks. The odds
vouId cerlainIy le inproved in conlal,
lhough lhe oulcone of lhe fighling vouId
ly no neans le a foregone concIusion.
Ierhaps a IocaI isIand or cove is lhe
scene for Iegends aloul nerfoIk, vilh dis-
appearances of fishernen and leach-
conlers leing allriluled lo leaulifuI
nernaids Iuring lhen avay. Lnlracing a
¨nernaid¨ lhal lurns oul lo le a deep
one cIoaked vilh a nagicaI iIIusion vouId
82 NOVEMBER 1995
cerlainIy run up lhe SAN Ioss.
IIIusions vork for lolaIIy hunan forns
as veII, vacalioning invesligalors vho
vanl lo fIirl vilh lhe IocaI leach lunnies
nay gel nore lhan lhey largained for. Ior
lhal naller, deep ones vho can pass as
hunans (perhaps due lo a nagicaI ¨cuI-
luraI exchange¨ vilh lhe serpenl peopIe)
couId infiIlrale coaslaI connunilies vilh-
oul fear of an inpending ¨Innsnoulh
Iook¨ lIoving lheir cover. Hylrids in lhe
earIy slages of lhis condilion shouId le far
nore connon, hovever, and vouId nake
equaIIy good spies.
Dholeu: Aside fron lhe physicaI appear-
ance on lhe scene of a Creal ÒId Òne Iike
ClhuIhu, lhis is CcC´s lesl candidale for a
CodziIIa-slyIe scenario. Take a Iook al lhe
conparalive size Iislings for hunans and
Mylhos nonslers, and pay parlicuIar
allenlion lo lhe grealer and Iesser dhoIes.
The grealer dhoIes are loo lig lo fil on a
lvo-page spread. MagicaI gales are a vilaI
necessily if lhe scenario is lo have a dhoIe,
vhelher lo lring one lo Larlh, or lo cause
lhe parly lo lraveI lo a vorId inhaliled ly
lhen. Wilhoul nassive firepover, hovever,
invesligalors viII le alIe lo do IillIe olher
lhan run around screaning in lerror.
Dimenuionul Shumbler: These
ape/insecls deserve nore allenlion lhan
lhey´ve gollen in Iileralure. Their onIy
appearance so far has leen in lhe H.I.
Lovecrafl/HazeI HeaId coIIaloralion, ¨The
Horror in lhe Museun.¨ SliII, a crealure
lhal can pop in and oul of various dinen-
sions al viII is nol an opponenl lo le
ignored. AIlhough lhey have niddIing
arnor proleclion al lesl (as Mylhos non-
slers go), lheir aliIily lo sinpIy Ieave a
conlal zone for anolher universe is a far
leller defense lhan a lhick hide.
They are aIso lhieves and kidnappers par
exceIIence, and a rash of unexpIained dis-
appearances and rolleries is lhe lesl vay
lo inlroduce lhen inlo a canpaign. A var
vilh lhen couId le lhe uIlinale guerriIIa
invesligalors can run inlo if lhey lake a
gale lack lo prehisloric lines, vhen lhe
poIyps slrove vilh lhe Creal Race of Yilh
for doninance, or vorse yel, vhen lhey
vere lhe soIe ruIers of lhe vorId c. 6OO
niIIion BC.
Ior lhal naller, line lraveI can Iand lhe
parly in lroulIe vilh a vide variely of lhe
aIien races of lhe ClhuIhu Mylhos.
Because lhe poIyps currenlIy dveII
underground, lhey-Iike lhe chlhonians~
nay le discovered ly hapIess niners or
speIunkers, or an earlhquake nay give
lhen access lo lhe ouler vorId. In facl, a
chlhonian-induced earlhquake nay have
lvo oljeclives: lo danage lhe connunily
ilseIf, and lo creale a passagevay lhal viII
aIIov sullerranean nonslers Iike lhe
poIyps or lhe fornIess spavn (see leIov)
lo cone lo lhe surface and vreak lheir
ovn havoc.
Formleuu Spuun of Tuuthogghuu: These
nonslers are nore cave-dveIIers lhal
cone lo lhe surface as a resuIl of nining
operalions or earlhquakes. The spavn
provide lhe keeper vilh a lil nore variely
lhan olher nonslers, lecause of lheir
nany allack forns. Indeed, lhere is no
reason lhe Keeper shouId reslricl hinseIf
lo lhe vhip, lenlacIe, lile, and lIudgeon
allacks in lhe ruIelook, lhe shapechang-
ing nalure of lhe spavn neans lhal any
olher physicaI allack he can lhink of
couId le inlroduced. Consider lhen lhe
uIlinale dungeon nonslers.
Chouk: In Lovecrafl´s shorl slory
¨Iicknan´s ModeI,¨ lhe aulhor said ghouIs
Iive in sizealIe lunneI conpIexes lenealh
nany cilies, vilh easy access lo grave-
yards, lul lhis is nol lhe onIy pIace one
can encounler lhen. The slory ilseIf
shovs lhe possiliIily of lheir appearing in
anyone´s lasenenl or ceIIar. Iicknan´s
painling, ¨Sulvay Accidenl,¨ even dispIays
lhen allacking peopIe on a sulvay pIal-
forn. Il lakes IillIe inaginalion lo cone up
vilh a series of hil-and-run allacks aII over
lovn, vilh enlire faniIies disappearing
fron lheir hones overnighl, or lhe resi-
denls of aparlnenl luiIdings suffering lhe
sane fale, vilh onIy a hoIe in lhe lase-
nenl lo shov vhere lhey venl. LvenluaIIy,
lhe invesligalors viII have lo nake lheir
vay lhrough lhe narrov, cranped lunneIs
lo confronl lhe raiders.
Ior C|nu|nu Ncu enlhusiasls vho favor
a secrel governnenl var againsl lhe
leings of lhe Mylhos, inagine lhe lroulIe
lhal couId arise fron ghouIs lreaking inlo
lonl sheIlers, underground niIilary or
presidenliaI connand posls, elc. A
nucIear crisis vouId cerlainIy le nore
inleresling if acconpanied ly a coinciden-
laI(`) ghouI invasion of NÒRAD headquar-
Fire Vumpireu: These crealures generaIIy
appear onIy as sunnoned allackers,
vhelher lhe one vho caIIed lhen forlh is
an eviI occuIlisl or lhe Creal ÒId Òne
Clhugha hinseIf. Thus, unIess lhe parly
lIunders inlo a gale Ieading lo lhe fire
vanpire´s poinl of origin, lhey viII onIy
face lhen in lhe slandard ¨sunnoned
nonslers allack IocaIs¨ scenario.
Flying Polypu: These are ideaI inhalilanls
of IoneIy vaIIeys and canyons vhere lhe
vind lIovs frequenlIy and no hunans
Iive (al Ieasl for Iong). Any nyslerious
vindslorn, parlicuIarIy one lhal deslroys
oul-of-lhe-vay connunilies, has lhe
polenliaI for leing an eruplion of fIying
Renenler lhal lhese crealures are a
dying race. Inagine lhe lroulIe a parly of
lers al Cheyenne Mounlain. Wilh naluraI or
nagicaI earlhquakes, of course, lhe sane
invasion couId le allenpled ly any of lhe
olher underground races of lhe Mylhos.
Cnoph-Keh: Due lo lheir choice of hali-
lal, lhese crealures shouId onIy le found
in an arclic or anlarclic advenlure. Aside
fron guardians of ancienl ruins, lhese
crealures serve lesl in lhe ¨Mylhos non-
sler allacks isoIaled hunan sellIenenls¨
scenario. Civen lheir freezing and lIizzard
povers, lhere is a good chance lhal lhe
firsl allacks viII le vrillen off as hosliIe
acls of nalure. Thus, if lhe parly is cul off
fron civiIizalion ly one of lhose allacks~
say, lhe personneI al an isoIaled raiIvay
depol are frozen lo dealh-oulside heIp
couId le a Iong line in coning.
Hunting Horroru: Like fire vanpires,
lhese crealures generaIIy appear onIy
vhen soneone or sonelhing has sun-
noned lhen. In lhal case, lhe parly´s nis-
sion nighl le lo defend lheir designaled
largel, or lhey nay le lhe largel lhen-
seIves. A scenario lhal conlines aclion
vilh deleclive vork can pil lhe parly
againsl an occuIlisl lhal keeps sending
hunling horrors or olher sunnoned
nonslers againsl lhen, lo keep lhen fron
finding hin. ÒnIy ly sIaying hin can lhe
parly lring lhe allacks lo an end, and for
every day of sIoppy deleclive vork, lhere
is an allack ly sone horror lhe foIIoving
nighl. This gives lhe
Creut Ruce of Yith: The onIy reaIislic
scenario for neeling lhese leings
is line lraveI, lul vilh lvo
sulcalegories. Lilher lhe
invesligalors lraveI
lack in line lo
encounler lhen,
or lhey nusl
deaI vilh one
or nore ¨pos-
hunans vilh
Yilhian ninds in lheir lodies. Ior a
rca||q nasly varianl, have lhe
enlire parly of invesligalors
gel lheir ninds dispIaced
inlo lhe dislanl pasl ly a
lean of Yilhians.
Nol onIy viII lhey have lo
accuslon lhenseIves lo lheir
nev coneIike lodies lefore lhey can
even lhink of escaping, lul lhe
aclions of lhe Yilhian lean in lheir
oId lodies can provide endIess
conpIicalions in lhe canpaign
Iong afler lhal parlicuIar advenlure has
prehisloric fauna sonevhere in lhe lrop-
ics, onIy lo discover a najor oulposl of
lhese nonslers, is aIso vialIe. This Iasl,
incidenlaIIy, lesl vorks in lhe Viclorian
Lra suppIenenl, C|nu|nu 8q Gas|ign|¯,
vhen lhere vere sliII pIenly of lIank
spaces on lhe nap. Al any rale, an oppo-
nenl vho can drav off your ovn nagic
poinls lo deslroy you vilh is nol lo le
sneezed al.
nized leings Iike lhe deep
ones, lhey are parlicuIarIy dan-
W-Co: We´ve covered a nunler of non-
slers lhal nighl le uncovered ly hunan
niners, nov ve cone lo leings lhal
nainlain nining coIonies of lheir ovn on
Larlh. Because lhese are orga-
gerous lo inlruders, especiaIIy
vhen lhey have cuIlisls as agenls
anong lhe IocaI popuIalion. If hunan
induslry has uses for lhe sane nineraIs
lhe fungi fron Yuggolh are nining, lhen
ve have lhe polenliaI for a fuII-scaIe var
over resources, nol jusl lhe slandard
Iov-IeveI confIicl.
Since lhe parly is IikeIy lo knov a fev
scienlisls, even if lhey don´l have any in
lheir nidsl, ve aIso have lhe polenliaI for
a nosl unusuaI kidnapping scenario. The
ni-go Iike lo kidnap nen of Iearning, cul
oul lheir Iiving lrains, and ship lhen lo
Yuggolh in nelaI cyIinders for Ialer inler-
rogalion. WouId-le rescuers nov have nol
one lul lvo deadIines lo leal: lhe lrain
surgery as veII as lhe acluaI
lransporl of lhe viclin lo
Yuggolh. If lhey niss lhe firsl
deadIine lul nol lhe sec-
ond, lhe kidnap viclin´s uIlinale fale
lolh pIenly
of aclion and an
excuse lo gel crack-
ing on lheir research.
Lloigor: These vorlices
of Iiving energy are
anong lhe aIien races lhal nighl join
in a generaI for lhe naslery of
viII le very inleresling.
Nole lhal lhe ni-go share vilh
lhe lyakhee lhe aliIily lo fIy
lhrough lhe vacuun of space, so lhey, loo,
can do consideralIe danage lo hunan
space prograns in C|nu|nu Ncu.
ended. Wilh aII lhe veird research lhal
lhe sludious Yilhians engage in, vho
knovs vhal lhe invesligalors nighl vind
up in lhe niddIe of vhen lhey relurn lo
lheir originaI lodies`
HounJu of TinJulou: As vilh lhe greal
race, lhe hounds viII onIy le encounlered
vhen one side or lhe olher is engaged in
line lraveI. If lhe parly doesn´l encounler
lhen on lheir hone lerrilory, lhen escap-
ing lhe hounds il nighl seen lo le a sin-
pIe naller of vailing oul in a roon vilh
no corners (every parly shouId have a
roon in lheir headquarlers prepared for
lhis purpose), lul as slaled in lhe originaI
Irank BeIknap Long slory, ¨The Hounds of
TindaIos,¨ lhey can gel heIp lo lreak
lhrough (in lhe forn of earlhquakes and
lhe Iike) fron feIIov Mylhos nonslers
such as lhe chlhonians. WeaIlhy diIel-
lanles nighl consider funding lhe con-
slruclion of a roon-sized sphericaI chan-
ler of sleeI, vhich can lake a greal deaI of
exlernaI aluse vilhoul changing ils shape.
Larlh. Cranled, lheir elernaI pessinisn Since lhe fungi fron Yuggolh can forn
nay conline vilh lhe nighl of lhe oppo- organized arnies and lhere is high-lech
silion lo nake lhen doull viclory, lul equipnenl lo arn lhen vilh, apocaIyplic
even nany hunans vho despair of viclory Keepers nay consider lhen lhe IikeIiesl
in var have foughl lo lhe liller end. Since candidales for a Mylhos version of lhe
lhey can drain nagic poinls fron hunan lar cf |nc lcr|ús. Inagine lhe confusion
viclins and use lhal pover lo creale leIe- vhen aIien arnies drop in fron space
kinelic effecls and deslruclive inpIo- vilhoul any spacecrafl leing sighled, even
sions-lo say nolhing of leing alIe lo pass assuning ghouIs or olher crealures aren´l
lhrough vaIIs in lheir naluraI slale-lheir allacking lhose sane headquarlers sinuI-
pessinislic doulls of viclory nay veII le laneousIy. WeIIs´ Marlians had nore
unvarranled. connon courlesy lhan lhal.
In lheir naluraI forn, IIoigor are exceI-
Ienl occupanls of ¨haunled houses.¨
IoIlergeisl effecls and frequenl iIIness
anong hunan residenls can le easiIy
expIained ly lheir povers. Their nore
speclacuIar appearance is as gianl nulanl
repliIes resenlIing dinosaurs and drag-
ons. Any nunler of ¨sea serpenl¨ reporls
can le expIained ly lhe IIoigor, and such
reporls can le lail lo drav in innocenl
Aightguuntu: These nyslerious leings are
nainIy encounlered in IoneIy areas such
as caverns, deep foresl, and oId ruins.
Aside fron lhe olvious aclion invoIved in
fighling off an allack, consider lhe ¨occuIl
deleclive¨ scenario, in vhich lhe parly
nusl discover lhe Iocalion of a previous
viclin (eilher a parly nenler or an NIC)
and rescue hin.
The ¨Iosl vorId¨ scenario, in vhich
expIorers invesligale runors of an isoIaled
84 NOVEMBER 1995
OlJ Oneu: Here´s yel anolher race lesl
suiled lo a line-lraveI advenlure, lhough
lhe ÒId Ònes nay sliII have coIonies in lhe
deplhs of lhe ocean. UnIess lhe parly is
invoIved in a SeaQuesl-slyIe oceanic
coIony or survey ship, lhere´s nol nuch
chance of invesligalors running inlo lhese
lhings in a nodern scenario. UnIess...
We keep reading in Lovecrafl aloul hov
aII lhese aIien races cane lo Larlh, lul,
save for lhe Creal Race of Yilh, il vas
never specificaIIy slaled lhal a|| lhe aIiens
Iefl lheir hone pIanel or syslen lo cone
here. Larlh nighl jusl le a coIony lo lhe
ÒId Ònes, ni-go, slar-spavn, elc., possilIy
one of nany. Afler so nany niIIions of
years, even lhe nosl insensilive aIiens
nighl send a niIilary lean lo invesligale
lhe Iack of conlacl vilh lhe coIony and
find oul vhere everyone´s gone.
We have here a lrue apocaIyplic sce-
nario: a coIoniaI var lelveen al lhe very
Ieasl lhe ÒId Ònes, ni-go, slar-spavn of
ClhuIhu, and possilIy lhe fIying poIyps.
Òlher Mylhos races, of course, can gel
invoIved in lhe fighling, vhiIe nankind
vouId le in lhe dulious posilion of lhe
Anerican Indians vhen lhe LngIish,
Irench, Spanish, and Dulch cane lo lhe
Nev WorId.
Lven if hunan vernin are deened loo
IovIy lo serve as aIIies in lallIe, a Iol of
innocenl lyslanders are cerlain lo gel
caughl up in lhe fighling. Invesligalors
couId le reporlers or governnenl agenls
senl in lo nonilor lhe fighling, valching
oul nol onIy for lhe conlalanls, lul aIso
for cuIlisls and Yilhian niIilary hislorians
vho Iike lidy records. Belveen lhe aIien
analony of lhe slar-spavn and poIyps, lhe
high-lech veaponry of lhe ni-go, and lhe
genelic engineering skiII of lhe ÒId Ònes
(renenler, lhese are lhe guys vho gave
us lhe shoggolhs), il´s anyone´s guess vho
vouId vin in lhe end.
SunJ-Duelleru: These nonslers nay gen-
eraIIy le used onIy as deserl narauders
and as guardians of sacred siles in lhe arid
regions of lhe vorId. Iren, lhe Cily of
IiIIars in lhe Aralian Deserl, vouId seen
lo le lhe lesl candidale for such guardian-
ship. Any archaeoIogicaI expedilion seeking
ancienl reIics nay face far nore lroulIe
lhan lhe curse of sone dead pharaoh. ÒiI
conpanies pIanling rigs aII over lhe Sahara
are aIso polenliaI largels. Ior a nodern
Then scenario, lry using nucIear radialion
in pIaces Iike lhe Negev, Los AIanos, Òuler
MongoIia, and China´s Sinkiang province lo
leef up lhe crillers in C|nu|nu Ncu.
Serpent People: Thanks lo lhe vrilings of
Lovecrafl´s pen paI Rolerl L. Hovard, lhis
is |nc race for lhe ¨aIiens anong us¨
advenlure. Before crealing Conan,
Hovard vrole aloul lhe advenlures of
Conan´s anceslor, KuII of AlIanlis, king of
86 NOVEMBER 1995
lhe Ire-CalacIysnic kingdon of VaIusia.
In lhe shorl slory, ¨The Shadov
Kingdon,¨ Hovard vividIy descriles a
kingdon riddIed vilh agenls of lhe ser-
penl peopIe, vho use lheir iIIusory nagic
lo appear as hunan leings and infiIlrale
lhe highesl posilions of pover. Iaranoia
shouId reign suprene anong lhe invesli-
galors once il has leen eslalIished lhal
serpenl peopIe are aloul.
Wilh lheir hislory of enpires in lhe
Iernian Ieriod, lhey are anong lhe IikeIi-
esl of olher races lo join lhe varfare nen-
lioned in lhe ÒId Ònes seclion. CuriousIy,
lolh lhey and lhe fIying poIyps luiId cilies
of lIack lasaIl, did one race usurp lhe
cilies of lhe olher` We nay have here a
grudge anong lhe poIyps second onIy lo
lhal againsl lhe Creal Race of Yilh.
Sertitoru of the Outer CoJu: These hor-
rors are rareIy found aIone, al Ieasl for
Iong, leing oflen in lhe conpany of lhe
Òuler Cods lhenseIves or various crea-
lures lhey have ¨vhislIed up¨ using lheir
ovn nagic. They nay aIso provide nusi-
caI acconpaninenl lo groups of insane
cuIlisls, as in Lovecrafl´s shorl slory, ¨The
IeslivaI.¨ Wilh lheir aliIily lo gel heIp ly
sunnoning olher nonslers, lhey aIso
nake good senlries al sacred siles and lhe
Iike. If a parly encounlers one acling in
lhis capacily, lhey vouId le veII-advised
lo kiII il quickIy, lefore il can sunnon
reinforcenenls. Òne Mylhos nonsler is
lad enough.
Shunu: The insecls fron Shaggai are
refugees fron lheir hone pIanel, vhich is
sIovIy leing ealen ly vhal is apparenlIy
lhe granddaddy of aII dhoIes. Wilh lheir
aliIily lo fIy inlo hunan lrains and lake
conlroI of nen´s ninds, shans are anong
lhe nosl insidious of lhe Mylhos lhreals
lo Larlh. An advenlure fealuring lhen
aInosl invarialIy concerns ilseIf vilh IC
allenpls lo lolh resisl possession lhen-
seIves and keep lhe shans fron conlroI-
Iing anyone eIse. If soneone´s nind úccs
gel gralled, il´II lake sone prelly pover-
fuI nagic lo lhrov lhe lhing oul again.
Nole lhal infiIlralion ly agenls vho are
aIready possessed viII le a najor lhreal.
Shuntuku: These horse-headed, sIiny
fIying lhings share vilh lhe lyakhee and lhe
ni-go lhe aliIily lo fIy lhrough lhe vacuun
of space, possilIy vilh a rider, and are lhus
good encounlers for space lraveIers in
C|nu|nu Ncu. They are, hovever, anong
lhe Ieasl IikeIy of Mylhos nonslers lo le
encounlered on lheir ovn, as lheir raiscn
ú´c|rc is lo serve as sleeds for olhers. If ICs
in lhe slandard or nodern canpaigns can
gel lheir hands on one or nore niIilary air-
crafl, ve have lhe polenliaI for a ralher
lizarre dogfighl.
Shoggothu: ÒriginaIIy crealed as servanls
of lhe ÒId Ònes, lhe shoggolhs releIIed
Continued on page 118
88 NOVEMBER 1995
90 NOVEMBER 1995
fIanes in lhe firepIace had dvindIed lo a handfuI of
gIoving coaIs, and frigid knives of vinler vind sIiced
lhrough chinks in lhe slone vaIIs.
l vasn´l groving oId lhal lolhered
Adarr so nuch as il vas lhe coId.
The knighl shivered, causing lhe
denled sleeI pIales of his suil of
arnor lo rallIe Iike so nany pols
and pans dropped ly a careIess
scuIIery loy. He Iifled his faded
lIue eyes fron lhe look on lhe lalIe lefore hin, his
lrealh fogging on lhe air of lhe caslIe´s Iilrary. The
Slanding vilh care, Adarr noved cIinkingIy lovard
lhe firepIace. His arnor seened lo allracl lhe coId,
nagnifying il. Ierhaps Her Majesly, Queen AIisende~
nay lhe green spring ever foIIov in her foolsleps~
vas righl. Ierhaps he shouIdn´l vear his arnor
around lhe caslIe anynore. Yel he vas lhe Queen´s
Chanpion, lhe Iirsl Knighl in lhe kingdon of
IeIlhfinfar. And even if il vas lecause he vas lhe cn|q
knighl Iefl in lhe kingdon of IeIlhfinfar, veII lhen, il
onIy nade lhe need lo keep up appearances aII lhe
grealer. Adarr´s speed and vigor nay have decIined
vilh lhe sleady graying of his hair. His sense of
propriely had nol.
Bending sliffIy, Adarr Iaid a piece of vood on lhe
coaIs. IIanes curIed around lhe lranch, lrighl lul
voefuIIy snaII. Hovever, he couId spare no nore fueI
for lhe fire. Òver lhe Iasl cenluries, lhe IillIe vaIe of
IeIlhfinfar had leen gIeaned of aII ils lrees, so lhal
hardIy a slick renained. True, lhere vas nuch vood lo
le had in lhe langIed grove vhich grev jusl easl of lhe
caslIe. Bul lhe viIIagers heId lhal lhe foresl vas haunl-
ed ly fairies and eIfkin, and so dared nol
venlure vilhin.
Adarr relurned lo his look. He had read il lefore,
of course. In lhe enlire Iilrary of IeIlhfinfar lhere
vere onIy seven looks. Ònce lhere had leen nore,
each fiIIed vilh gIorious laIes of days pasl. Bul over
line lhese had leen spiriled avay, lil ly lil, lo Iine
lhe nesls of nice. IorlunaleIy, Adarr vas nol a quick
reader. Besides, he spenl nuch of lhe line sinpIy gaz-
ing al lhe dravings lhal fiIIed lhe nargins: vinding
Ieaves, larl-laiIed vyrns, and knighls on lhundering
chargers, aII voven logelher, fIoving fron page lo
page, Iike an inky drean.
Squinling his oId eyes lo lring lhe Iellers inlo focus,
he deIved again inlo lhe lone lefore hin. Yel lefore
Iong Adarr sighed and shul lhe look. Ior sone reason
he found no conforl in hislory loday. His lones
ached, and shadovs sloIe inlo his hearl. Lven vhen
Adarr had leen a loy, in lhe line of King AIdared lhe
ÒId, lhe days of gIory had leen no nore lhan slories~
lhe days vhen IeIlhfinfar had loasled a hundred
knighls, and feasls vere heId every Sunsday in lhe
deplhs of vinler, and pennanls of sky lIue had fIovn
fron every lurrel of lhe caslIe. Much had dininished
in IeIlhfinfar in lhe cenluries since. Iiece ly piece il
had aII vanished-lhe knighls, lhe feasls, lhe najesly~
jusl Iike lhe looks in lhe Iilrary. Adarr vondered vhal
By Mark Anlhony
ArIuorI I, Terr, D,IcIro
vouId happen vhen lhe Iasl of lhe looks, and aII ils
lrillIe nenories, vas finaIIy gone. WouId IeIlhfinfar
ilseIf jusl fade avay`
¨WeII, isn´l lhal a cheerfuI expression,¨ said a gruff
lul oddIy high-pilched voice. ¨If you´re delernined lo
vear such a sour face, Adarr, lhe Ieasl you couId do is
Iover your visor so lhe resl of us don´l have lo seel il.¨
Adarr Iooked up in slarlIenenl, lhen frovned, his
gray nuslaches drooping lenealh his sharp nose. ¨Òh,
il´s you, Rufrel,¨ he said, his deep voice runlIing
inside his lreaslpIale.
The dog gave lhe knighl a loolhy sniIe. ¨Don´l pre-
lend you´re nol overjoyed lo see ne,¨ lhe hound said.
¨If you had a laiI, Adarr, il vouId le vagging.¨ Rufrel
fIicked his ovn fIuffy laiI for enphasis.
Adarr onIy gIared in repIy. Hovever, even he vas
forced lo adnil lhal Rufrel vas a handsone dog. His
snovy fur vas lhick, and dolled here and lhere ly dark
speckIes. Òne of his poinled ears vas vhile, lhe olher
coaI lIack, and a lIack palch encircIed one inleIIigenl
eye. The viIIage vise-vonen heId lhal, Iong ago, a fairy
voIf lore a Iiller lo a king of IeIlhfinfar´s favorile
hunling hound. Whelher lhe Iegend vas lrue or nol, il
vas a facl lhal in lhe vaIe, every lvenly years or so, a
nundane dog gave lirlh lo a laIking pup. Ierhaps he
vas oId-fashioned, lul Adarr found he preferred usuaI
dogs lo lhe laIking variely. They veren´l nearIy so
inperlinenl. Besides, even if lhe choices vere sIin
lhese days, AIisende deserved a nore proper
¨So, aren´l you going lo ask vhal I cane here for`¨
Rufrel´s eager voice verged on a lark.
¨I didn´l recaII lhal one ever had lo ask you lo slarl
laIking,¨ Adarr repIied vilhoul irony.
Since lhis vas nereIy a facl, Rufrel look no insuIl.
¨The Queen asked ne lo find you. This norning, in
lhe viIIage of IoxfaIe, an ox and lvo pigs vere found
nauIed in lheir pens. Il seens lhere is a slrange
crealure on lhe provI.¨
Adarr sal up, slraighlening his shouIders. A slrange
crealure` He vondered vhal il couId possilIy le. No
aninaI nore dangerous lhan a ladger had provIed
vilhin lhe lorders of IeIlhfinfar in a cenlury.
Whalever lhis nev crealure vas, il nusl have crepl
dovn fron lhe nounlains lhal surrounded lhe king-
don, or perhaps oul of lhe vhile vasles of lhe Lvering
Ice lo lhe norlh, Iooking for food.
IeeIing a sudden varnlh lhal lhe feelIe fire couId
nol accounl for, Adarr slood. ¨I viII allend ny Queen
al once.¨ Wilhoul vailing for Rufrel´s repIy, he slrode
fron lhe Iilrary as sviflIy as his sliffjoinls aIIoved,
svord and scallard sIapping againsl his lhigh. The
dog jogged nerriIy al his heeIs, foIIoving lhe knighl
lhrough lhe caslIe´s shally corridors.
Knighl and dog passed lhrough a Iong roon lhal
had leen lhe caslIe´s Creal HaII. Ònce lrighl reveIs
had leen heId here. Nov lhe HaII vas enply, save for
a lapeslry draped across one vaII. The veaving vas
dark vilh sool and line, sIunping in pIaces, nolh-
ealen in olhers. Despile lhis, figures couId sliII le
94 NOVEMBER 1995
nade oul in lhe gIoon of lhe lapeslry. Though he had
passed il a lhousand lines lefore, Adarr couId nol
heIp pausing a nonenl lo regard lhe scene rendered
in coIored lhread.
Il vas a vyrn-sIaying.
They did lallIe upon a lrovn and vilhered Iand-
scape: Chanpion and Wyrn. The vyrn slood uprighl
on ils lvo crooked Iegs, laII as a laII nan, slully vings
foIded lehind ils sinuous lack, larled laiI coiIed
lighlIy. The crealure´s neck vas cocked lack, ils
hooked nuzzIe open skyvard in a lerrilIe cry, curved
cIavs ripping dark furrovs in lhe larren ground.
Ierhaps il vas sinpIy a lrick of air ruffIing lhe falric,
yel Iilhe nuscIes seened lo rippIe lenealh counlIess
lejeveIed scaIes.
The chanpion vas no Iess gIorious. A lIazing sun-
face adorned her lreaslpIale, and her horned heIn
vas crovned vilh a fIoving nane of horse hair. As if
freezing a nonenl in line, lhe veaver had caughl her
in lhe acl of pIunging her shining spear inlo lhe sofl
fIesh of lhe vyrn´s paIe lreasl. A slrean of dark red
poured fron lhe vound, and vhere lhe vyrn´s lIood
rained upon il, lhe Iand vas changed fron IifeIess
lrovn lo verdanl green.
Legends loId lhal, vhen lhe ships firsl Ianded on
lhe shores of ÒriIIion, lhe vyrns vere each defealed
ly a singIe chanpion. Lach chanpion lhen cIained
lhe Iands lhal had leIonged lo lhe vyrn and ruIed
over lhese as king or queen. Ierhaps lhe slories vere
lrue enough. CerlainIy lhe firsl chanpions had leen
nore poverfuI lhan any vho had cone afler. Lven al
lhe heighl of lheir gIory, lhe nine Iands in exiIe-of
vhich IeIlhfinfar vas lhe Ieasl and norlhernnosl-
had leen lul shadovs of lhe nighl and najesly of lhe
Kingdon Òver-lhe-Sea. Ior nuch had leen Iosl afler
lhe fIighl lo ÒriIIion.
In recenl years, vhen TeIurvan´s vyrn avoke, nol a
singIe chanpion hunled lhe crealure, lul an arny.
Adarr counled hinseIf Iucky lo have leen aIive for
lhe vaking of a vyrn. Il had leen haIf a cenlury since
lhe Iasl line a vyrn had slaIked ÒriIIion vhen TeIur
crepl fron ils hidden Iair lo ravage lhe kingdon of
TeIurvan, jusl lo lhe soulh. Adarr had leen a chiId of
no nore lhan four vinlers al lhe line. His falher had
laken hin over lhe nounlains, lo valch as lhe king´s
arny narched pasl in aII ils spIendor. When lhe arny
narched lack, il vas no nore lhan haIf as Iarge as il
had leen lefore, and lhe king of TeIurvan hinseIf
cane, nol on lhe lack of his charger, lul Iying on his
shieId, eyes covered vilh goId coins, hands cIasped on
his lroken spear in lhe finaI enlrace of dealh.
Yel lhe quesl had leen successfuI. TeIur had leen
vounded, ils lIood spiIIed upon lhe ground, and lhe
vyrn had crepl lack lo ils Iair lo sIeep, unliI such line
as il shouId vake again. Il vas said lhal lhe lIood of a
vyrn reneved lhe Iand. CerlainIy il vas lrue lhal, for
nany decades afler, TeIurvan knev greal prosperily.
Harvesls vere lounlifuI. Herds nuIlipIied. And lhe
chiIdren lorn vere slronger and fairer lhan any in
Iiving nenory.
No vyrn had voken since lhe days of TeIur. Nov
sone spoke lhal lhe vyrns vere fading avay, lhal
perhaps lhey vere lruIy dead nov. Adarr did nol knov
if lhis vas lrue or nol, lul he feared lhal, if lhe vyrns
died, lhen aII of ÒriIIion vouId pass vilh lhen.
¨Cone nov, Adarr,¨ Rufrel grovIed, circIing lhe
knighl´s Iegs. ¨Have you grovn so doddering lhal
you´ve aIready forgollen vhere ve vere going`¨
Adarr´s gaunl cheeks reddened. ¨CerlainIy nol!¨ he
repIied in defense. Monenls Ialer lhey reached lhe
door of lhe queen´s chanler. Adarr enlered, Rufrel a
haIf-slep lehind.
She lurned fron lhe frosled vindov oul of vhich
she had leen gazing and sniIed.
Adarr´s hearl skipped a leal in his chesl~
a nosl disconcerling sensalion al his age. Lach line
he vas avay fron her, he forgol hov fair and lrighl
vas his Queen. She vas as paIe as lhe vinler oulside,
and her hair as dark as lhe soiI lenealh lhe snov. Bul
her eyes vere lhe coIor of lrighl sunIighl on Ieaves,
and her sinpIe govn vas of rolin´s lreasl red. Alove
her hearl vas a lrooch fashioned fron a singIe jeveI as
green as her eyes.
AIisende had cone lo lhe lhrone earIy~loo earIy,
and ly lragedy, for her parenls had died lefore lheir
line. Nol Iong afler, lhe kingdon nearIy Iosl AIisende
as veII. Lver a loId chiId, she had dared lo vander inlo
lhe foresl lehind lhe caslIe. She vas nol found unliI
lhree days Ialer vhen Adarr hinseIf cane upon her,
vel and coId, on lhe edge of lhe foresl. Òf her lhree
day advenlure she had never spoken a vord, lhough
she vore lhe lrooch as a nenory, for she had leen
cIulching lhe green slone in a snaII hand as she slun-
lIed fron lhe lrees. These days AIisende vas, if no Iess
loId, a good deaI nore lenpered. She lore lhe nanlIe
of ruIe capalIy upon her sIender shouIders, lhough
she had onIy jusl reached her nineleenlh vinler.
¨Sir Chanpion, Lord SeneschaI, cone in,¨ she
spoke in a cIear voice, and lhey did as she lade.
Adarr frovned al lhe snaII chanler. Il vas fur-
nished vilh onIy a lalIe, a pair of lenches, and a Ione
chair ly lhe fire. Rushes ralher lhan carpels covered
lhe coId slone fIoor. This vas hardIy a proper roon in
vhich for a queen lo hoId audience, hovever, AIisende
had decided lhal lhe caslIe´s lhrone roon vas loo
Iarge and required loo nuch precious vood lo heal.
She vas a lerrilIy praclicaI young vonan.
Lven granled her keen vil and sound judgnenl, il
vas sonelhing of a niracIe lhal AIisende kepl lhe
kingdon funclioning. She had a laIenl for naking
nuch oul of IillIe. If she discovered a lenl copper
coin in a forgollen sloreroon, she exlended il as far as
fifly. Il vas onIy lhrough her efforls lhal lhe foIk of
IeIlhfinfar renained cIolhed and fed. Yel even
AIisende couId nol perforn nagic, and every day
lhere vas Iess for her lo vork vilh. Il vas vrong lhal
she had lo lear lhe lurden of ruIe aIone, Adarr
lhoughl. A queen as vise and leaulifuI as AIisende
shouId have a dozen nolIe suilors: aII slrong, and
handsone, and kind.
¨Creelings, Your Highness.¨ Adarr legan lo kneeI,
lolh arnor and joinls creaking aIarningIy.
She Iifled a hand. ¨IIease, Adarr-you knov lhal´s
nol necessary.¨
Adarr onIy grilled his leelh, sinking unliI his knee
louched lhe fIoor. A chanpion nusl kneeI in lhe pres-
ence of his queen. Despile lhe chiII, a sveal had
sprung oul on his forehead.
¨Cel dovn, you fooI hound,¨ he hissed oul of lhe
corner of his noulh. He snacked Rufrel´s shaggy
runp vilh a hard gaunlIel. The seneschaI Iel oul a
yeIp of surprise and pronplIy fIopped onlo his leIIy.
AIisende´s expression renained soIenn, lul nirlh
danced in her Ieaf-green eyes.
¨Rise,¨ she said afler a nonenl.
Rufrel hopped quickIy lo his four feel. Adarr foI-
Ioved suil nore sIovIy. ¨There is lroulIe afool in your
reaIn, ny queen`¨ he asked, slruggIing for lrealh.
Concern shoved in her expression, lul vhelher for
her Iand or her chanpion vas uncIear. ¨If cerlain
excilalIe individuaIs have perforned lheir lasks
correclIy~¨ she gave Rufrel a poinled Iook ¨~lhen
you knov of lhe aninaIs lhal vere nauIed in lhe viI-
Iage of IoxfaIe. Thal neal vhich vas nol consuned ly
lhe crealure vas lainled ly sone dark hunour, and
had lo le lurned.¨ AIisende shook her head, resling a
sIender hand on lhe lack of lhe Ione chair. ¨Those
aninaIs vouId have leen enough lo feed lhree fani-
Iies for lhe vinler. The kingdon cannol afford lo Iose
any nore Iiveslock lo lhis narauding leasl.¨
Adarr needed lo hear no nore. Il had leen Iong
years since he had leen given a lask vorlhy of a chan-
pion. ¨Very veII, Your Majesly. I viII journey lo IoxfaIe
and find lhe lraiI of lhis crealure.¨
AIisende lil her Iip, lhen look a slep lovard lhe
knighl. ¨Are you cerlain lhal you... lhal you vish lo go,
Adarr` I couId send a group of viIIagers inslead.¨
Adarr vinced, knoving lhe queslion lhal lruIy
veighed on her nind, lul vhich she vas loo kindIy lo
voice. He gripped lhe hiIl of his svord defianlIy. He
vas nol yel ready lo lecone a loolhIess uncIe vho
spenl his days huddIed ly lhe fire, leIIing slories of lhe
oId days no one vished lo hear.
¨Have lhe viIIagers guard lheir aninaIs,¨ he said
vilh aulhorily. ¨I viII see lo lhe crealure nyseIf.¨ He
drev his svord, lo receive her lIessing upon il.
Rufrel Iel oul a slarlIed yip, and AIisende gazed al
Adarr in concern. The knighl slared al lhe lIade. A
Iong crack snaked dovn lhe Ienglh of oId, poIished
sleeI. A |nign| unc sc úrauc|n a orc|cn o|aúc sna|| orca|
ninsc|f crc |nc sun úc|n sc|. So lhe oId adage venl. Adarr
gripped lhe hiIl of lhe svord lighlIy lo keep his hand
fron shaking.
AIisende noved sviflIy, reaching up lo lake a lrighl
svord lhal hung on one vaII. She heId lhe lIade
lovard Adarr. ¨This svord vas ny falhers. There is no
finer in lhe kingdon. Il viII serve you veII.¨
Iushing aside his nisgivings, Adarr sel dovn his
svord and look lhe nev lIade, sIiding il inlo his scal-
lard. He vas loo oId lo leIieve in superslilion.
96 NOVEMBER 1995
He loved his head. ¨Thank you, Your Majesly.¨
She sniIed, lul lhe expression seened lighl. ¨Lel
ne give you one nore gifl, Sir Adarr. If you viII nol
lake any viIIagers vilh you, lhen lake lhis loken for
Iuck.¨ She unfaslened lhe lrooch fron her dress and
slepped forvard, cIasping lhe green gen lo lhe coIIar
of Adarr´s cIoak. As she slepped lack, she lrushed her
snoolh hand across his vilhered cheek. ¨Be carefuI,
ny chanpion.¨
Adarr lIinked in surprise. TruIy he vas lhe nosl for-
lunale knighl in aII ÒriIIion, lo serve such a vondrous
queen. ¨I viII, Your Majesly.¨
AIisende nodded, and vilh lhal he vas disnissed.
He deparled her chanler and, nov fiIIed vilh excile-
nenl al his quesl, slrode oulside inlo lhe caslIe´s
nuddy courlyard. He vas surprised and annoyed lo
nolice a vhile-and-lIack forn jogging aIongside hin.
¨Whal are you doing, Rufrel`¨
¨Coning vilh you, of course,¨ lhe seneschaI repIied.
Adarr gIovered al lhe dog. He vasn´l cerlain he al
aII cared for lhis deveIopnenl. ¨I lhoughl you didn´l
Iike lo gel your pavs dirly.¨
¨I´II nake an exceplion. If you´re reaIIy going lo
lrack lhis crealure, you´II need lhis nose of nine.
Besides, I´ve nade a vov lo serve ny queen, loo,
you knov.¨
Adarr snorled, lul did nol disagree. ÒddIy, he
vas aInosl gIad for lhe conpany. ¨}usl keep your
noulh shul, or lhe leasl viII hear your challering a
Ieague avay.¨
Il vas nidnorning vhen knighl and seneschaI sel
forlh fron lhe caslIe. Adarr guided his nounl, Ash-a
slurdy, sool-lIack deslrier vhose graying nuzzIe leIied
his ovn advancing years-lelveen lhe caslIe´s Iopsided
gales. The lull of a vooden Iance resled in his slirrup,
and he gripped lhe shafl vilh a gaunlIeled hand.
Rufrel pranced leside horse and rider, pink longue
hanging oul of his noulh, lIack nose lesling lhe sharp
vinler air. The day vas cIear and lillerIy coId, and lhe
nuddy road had frozen soIid. Soon lhe disheveIed cas-
lIe slood lehind lhen Iike lhe casl-off loy of a gianl´s
chiId. }usl leyond, lo lhe easl, Iay lhe fealhery vaII of
lhe foresl. Bul il vas lo lhe vesl lhal Adarr and Rufrel
lurned lheir faces.
By lhe line lhey reached IoxfaIe, icicIes hung fron
Adarr´s nuslaches, and his arnor seened forged of
ice ralher lhan sleeI. In conlrasl, Rufrel vas panling,
his lrealh cIouding on lhe air, varn inside his shaggy
coal. Nol lo le ouldone ly a dog, Adarr pushed aside
lhoughls of disconforl and sel his nind lo lhe quesl.
Òf IeIlhfinfar´s lhree viIIages, IoxfaIe vas lhe fur-
lhesl fron lhe caslIe and cIosesl lo lhe lunlIed gray
foolhiIIs of lhe veslern nounlains. A score of nolIey,
lhalch-roofed collages slood around a connon fieId
and a slone veII. AII lhe doors and vindovs vere shul
lighl. A lhin lIue Iayer of snoke hung over lhe viIIage
Iike a hazy fog of fear.
Wilh Rufrel in lov, Adarr rode lhrough lhe viIIage,
knocking on doors vilh lhe lull of his Iance. ¨Òpen in
lhe nane of lhe Queen!¨ he connanded each line,
and each line lhe porlaI vouId reIuclanlIy oley as
frighlened eyes peered oul. Iron nosl of lhe collages
drifled sofl Ioving and lhe varn sneII of aninaIs. Il
vas Adarr´s hope lhal lhe viIIagers nighl have seen lhe
narauding leasl, lul lhis hope proved faIse. The crea-
lure had cone in lhe din hours lefore davn, and
naughl had leen seen save lhe nayhen in ils vake.
¨IoIIov ils spoor,¨ cackIed an oId vonan fron lhe
shadovs of her ranshackIe collage. ¨Then you´II knov
vhal il Iooks Iike, Sir Chanpion. Then you´II knov!¨
The crone vas righl.
Il did nol lake Adarr and Rufrel Iong lo find lhe
pIace vhere lhe aninaIs had leen sIain. The vaII of a
pen had leen shallered as if nade of gIass ralher lhan
slone. Wilhin lhe pen lhe ground vas lranpIed, and
pooIs of frozen lIood slood in slrange foolprinls.
Adarr peered dovn fron Ash´s lack. He had never
seen lracks Iike lhis lefore: lhree loes spIayed forvard,
one lhicker digil poinled lehind. By lhe deep hoIes
pressed inlo lhe nud, each loe had ended in a Iong
laIon. They aInosl reninded hin of lhe lracks of a
lird, onIy Iarger. Iar Iarger.
He shook his head, nullering under his nuslaches.
¨By lhe Lighl Òver-lhe-Sea, vhal is lhis leasl`¨
¨Looks Iike ve can foIIov lhese if ve vanl lo find
oul,¨ Rufrel larked exciledIy.
Like rulies scallered upon vhile Iinen, lhe lIoody
lraiI slood oul cIearIy againsl lhe snov. Adarr spurred
Ash inlo a canler. Wilh a yeIp, Rufrel lounded in
pursuil. Soon a junlIe of gray slone Iooned lefore
lhen. Adarr fIipped his visor dovn and gripped his
Iance as lighlIy as his nunl fingers aIIoved. }usl
ahead, lhe lraiI of lhe leasl disappeared around lhe
oulcrop. Adarr exchanged a grin Iook vilh Rufrel.
There vas no need lo leII lhe hound lo proceed care-
fuIIy. Adarr Iovered his Iance. Togelher, lhe lvo
sIovIy rounded lhe spur of rock and peered inlo lhe
hoIIov leyond.
There vas nolhing vilhin. Al Ieasl, nolhing aIive,
Adarr correcled hinseIf. BIood spallered lhe snovy
fIoor of lhe hoIIov, and lils of spIinlered lone and
scraps of hide vere scallered aloul. Anid lhe gore, a
fIash of coIor caughl his eye. Sonelhing fIullered alop
a dark nound. ¨Whal is lhal`¨ he vondered aIoud.
Rufrel vrinkIed his nose in disgusl. ¨By lhe sneII of
il, I´d say il´s nyslerious leasl droppings.¨
Adarr scovIed al lhe dog. ¨I knov lhal, Rufrel. I vas
referring lo |nis.¨ He Iovered his Iance and, vilh lhe
lip, poinled lo lhe oljecl. Il vas aInosl as if a lallered
shred of fine cIolh had leen dropped upon lhe
leasl´s spoor.
¨Hand ne lhal scrap of cIolh, Rufrel.¨
The dog fixed hin vilh a piercing Iook. ¨In case
you hadn´l noliced, I don´l have hands.¨
¨You knov vhal I nean.¨
Rufrel´s ears drooped. ¨I vas afraid of lhal.¨ The
dog slared al lhe fIullering laller, sighed, lhen picked
il up in his noulh. He raised il lovard Adarr, vho
look il in a gaunlIeled hand. Afler lhis, Rufrel nade a
shov of spilling and Iicking snov. Adarr couIdn´l
undersland lhe reason for lhis. Mundane dogs vere
aIvays cheving on aninaI dung. He supposed il vas
sinpIy an affeclalion.
Nov lhal he exanined lhe scrap cIoseIy, Adarr sav
lhal il vasn´l a piece of cIolh al aII. Ralher, il vas sone
sorl of lhin nenlrane, aInosl Iike lhe casl-off skin of
a snake. ÒnIy il vas far loo Iarge lo have cone fron a
serpenl, and il shone vilh an uncanny, iridescenl rain-
lov of coIors. He vas unsure jusl vhal lhe scrap por-
lended, lul il Iefl hin feeIing vagueIy unsellIed aII lhe
sane. He lucked il inlo a saddIelag.
The crealure´s lraiI Ied oul of lhe far side of lhe
hoIIov. Though lhere vas Iess lIood nov-il vas no
Ionger carrying a dripping haunch of neal~
lhe slrange prinls vere easy lo foIIov lhrough lhe
snovy fieIds.
¨Cone on,¨ he loId Rufrel.
They vere sliII haIf a Ieague fron lhe viIIage of
Redslone vhen Adarr reaIized lhal lhis had lo le lhe
leasl´s deslinalion. Iron lhe rocky edge of lhe vaIe,
lhe crealure´s palh had nade a greal arc heading
sleadiIy invard. Redslone Iay on lhe easl side of lhe
vaIIey, opposile IoxfaIe, lul vas cIoser lo lhe cenler.
Adarr urged Ash inlo a gaIIop. Rufrel ran lehind.
They found Redslone in chaos.
Here lhe crealure had cone, nol in lhe gray Iighl
lefore davn, lul under lhe nidnorning sun. Il had
slruck lhe edge of lhe hanIel, kiIIing one sheep and
snalching up anolher lefore slaIking avay. This line a
nunler of lhe viIIagers had gollen gIinpses of lhe
leasl. Il vas hard lo sorl lhrough lheir exciled and
fearfuI laIk. Mosl of lheir descriplions vere lolh con-
lradiclory and fanlaslicaI. Hovever, lhere vas one
facl lhal Adarr heard repealed line and again: lhe
crealure had vaIked on lvo Iegs.
¨I don´l lhink ve´re going lo Iearn anylhing nore
here,¨ Rufrel said finaIIy.
Adarr agreed. He assured lhe viIIagers lhal Queen
AIisende vouId cerlainIy hear lheir pelilions for aid~
lhough hov she vouId nanage lo repIace lhe Iosl
sheep, he did nol knov.
They picked up lhe lraiI quickIy. Ònce nore lhe
crealure´s palh nade a greal arc, heading ever deeper
lovard lhe hearl of lhe vaIe. This line il had paused
lo consune ils neaI leside a haIf-frozen slrean.
Hovever, lhe lraiI did nol conlinue on lhe olher side.
Thal neanl lhe leasl had foIIoved lhe valer.
¨Which vay do you lhink il venl`¨ Rufrel vondered.
¨Upslrean or dovn`¨
¨Dovn,¨ Adarr said vilh dread cerlainly. ¨Don´l you
see` Il viII nake for Brookford nov.¨ Brookford vas
lhe Iargesl of IeIlhfinfar´s viIIages. Though sliII coId, il
vas nov nid aflernoon, and lhe varnesl parl of lhe
day. AII of Brookford´s foIk vouId le oul, perforning
lheir daiIy lasks. IoIIoving lhe lanks of lhe slrean,
Adarr urged Ash on fasler yel. The oId deslrier
slrelched ils knolly Iegs vaIianlIy vhiIe Rufrel
Ioped leside.
Al Iasl lhey passed lelveen lvo hiIIs and gaIIoped
dovn a nuddy Iane inlo lhe hearl of Brookford.
ViIIagers Iooked up fron lheir vork in surprise al lhe
sighl of chanpion and seneschaI. Adarr lroughl Ash
lo a skidding haIl, frovning in puzzIenenl. Why vere
lhe viIIagers nol covering, as in IoxfaIe, or aII in a slir,
as in Redslone`
¨Don´l you see, Adarr`¨ Rufrel said vorriedIy. ¨We
vere vrong. The leasl didn´l cone here afler aII!¨
Wilh a sinking feeIing, Adarr reaIized Rufrel vas
righl. Bul if lhe leasl had nol cone here, lhen vhere
had il gone` The crealure had leen noving in a greal
circIe around lhe kingdon, spiraIing ever invard,
lovard lhe cenler of lhe vaIe, lovard...
AIarn sveIIed in his chesl. ¨...lovard lhe caslIe.¨ He
gIanced al Rufrel in dread. ¨AIisende is al lhe caslIe.¨
A hearlleal Ialer, knighl, horse, and dog raced
across lhe snov-nanlIed vaIIey. Adarr cursed his oId
and fooIish nind. He couId onIy hope he vas nol
loo Iale.
This line lhey vere righl. The Iisling lurrels of lhe
caslIe Iooned in lhe near dislance vhen lhey cane
upon lhe nov-faniIiar lracks in lhe snov. They pressed
on. Hovever, perhaps a furIong fron lhe caslIe´s gale,
lhe lraiI suddenIy nade a sharp lurn lo lhe Iefl. They
cane lo a haIl.
¨We´re upvind of lhe leasl,¨ Rufrel larked. ¨I lhink
il has caughl our scenl. Il knovs il´s leing foIIoved.¨
¨Bul vhere is il going`¨ Adarr asked, cIenching a
gaunlIel inlo a fisl. ¨SonepIace il can hide` Òr sone-
pIace vhere il lhinks il can Iay in vail for us`¨
¨Mayle lolh,¨ Rufrel said, ears lvilching.
Adarr foIIoved lhe dog´s gaze. The slrange lracks
Ied direclIy easlvard, lovard a langIed vaII of vinler-
lare lrees. The eIfvood. A chiII coursed dovn his
lack. You arc a cnanpicn, Aúaq nc| a ti||agcr, he
reninded hinseIf slernIy. He reached up lo louch lhe
Ieaf-green gen cIasped lo his cIoak, lhe gen AIisende
had given hin. As he did, he found his hearl curiousIy
slrenglhened. His fear did nol vanish, yel il did recede
sone. Cripping lhe reins, he spurred Ash lovard lhe
foresl. Rufrel hesilaled, lhen foIIoved afler.
Adarr lroughl Ash lo a haIl al lhe edge of lhe shad-
oved vood. The deslrier slanped and snorled nervous-
Iy. The dense foresl vas no pIace for a horse. Adarr casl
dovn his Iance and, vilh a groan of efforl, svung one
naiI-cIad Ieg over lhe saddIe. He sIid cIunsiIy lo lhe
ground, Ianding vilh a lone-jarring joIl and a lrighl
cIallering of sleeI. He approached lhe foresl vaII.
¨Do ve have lo go in`¨ Rufrel vhined.
¨You do nol,¨ Adarr said.
He did nol vail for Rufrel´s repIy. SleeIing his viII,
lhe knighl slepped lelveen lvo laII lrees and pIunged
inlo lhe foresl.
The air darkened, as if lIue lviIighl had faIIen.
LeafIess aspen lrees, as paIe and sIender as ghosls,
cIosed in. Dark lranches vove a langIed vel alove,
lIolling oul lhe sky. There vas nol a lrealh of vind.
Adarr nearIy laIked, lul again he louched
AIisende´s loken al his lhroal and found lhe viII lo
conlinue on. He lrudged lhrough deep drifls of snov,
lovard lhe hearl of lhe foresl. The snaII hairs on lhe
lack of his neck prickIed. There vas a pover here, a
presence, valching hin. Il did nol seen naIevoIenl.
Yel il vas queer, and ancienl, and nol aIlogelher
friendIy. Sonehov he sensed lhal il did nol approve
of lhe poIished sleeI lhal cIad his lody, or lhe lrighl
lIade lhal svung al his hip.
His nose vrinkIed as he caughl a slrange scenl, al
once nusky and nelaIIic. Wilh a sliff yel gracefuI
nolion, Adarr drev lhe lorroved svord. The veapon
gIoved in lhe lIue Iighl, lhe fIal of ils lIade lraced
vilh spidery runes. His hearl leal sviflIy in his chesl,
feeIing Iighl and papery, as if il nighl fIy avay al any
nonenl. The dark onen of lhe lroken svord crepl
inlo his nind and hearl once nore. He knev nov,
vilh perfecl cerlainly, lhal lhe sign vas lrue. An end
availed hin in lhis foresl. Bul he had his duly.
Iorcing hinseIf lo lrealhe, he pushed his vay
lhrough a lhickel of lriars, his arnor prolecling his
fIesh fron lhe crueI lhorns. He found hinseIf on lhe
edge of a snovy cIearing.
A rasping hiss shallered lhe lrillIe air. A sinuous
neck uncoiIed, and a vedge-shaped head lurned lo
gaze al hin vilh piercing sapphire eyes. Adarr
gripped lhe snoolh lrunk of a lree lo keep fron slag-
gering. Il slood nol lvenly paces avay, a nirror inage
lo lhe crealure porlrayed so skiIIfuIIy in lhe lapeslry in
lhe caslIe´s Creal HaII. ÒnIy lhis lhing vas forged of
lone and sinev, nol varp and vefl. Ils fIesh vas vhile
as ice, vhere he couId gIinpse il lenealh lhe jeveIed
scaIes. His knees shook inside his arnor. Lven vere he
nol Chanpion, he vouId knov lhis crealure.
¨IeIlhfin,¨ he nurnured in ave.
The vyrn hissed again, exlending a lIue, forked
longue, as if il knev ils nane. BIood fIecked ils
hooked nuzzIe. Adarr shouId have knovn il vas no
ordinary crealure lhal slaIked lhe kingdon, if nol ly
evidence lhen al Ieasl ly inslincl. Yel il had leen five
cenluries since lhe vyrn IeIlhfin had Iasl voke.
Never had he leIieved il vouId cravI fron ils Iair in
his Iifeline. Why nov` he vondered. Why had il cone
in lhe vinler of his Iife, vhen he vas oId, and gray, and
veary` He gripped lhe svord in a lrenlIing hand.
The vyrn slaIked lovard lhe knighl. Il noved, nol
as a Iizard-cIunsy and haIling-as Adarr nighl have
expecled, lul vilh lhe svifl, precise grace of a lird.
Wilh every slep of ils crooked Iegs il rocked IilheIy
fron one side lo lhe olher, slrelching ils Iong neck for-
vard. SnaII vings and larled laiI vere lhrusl oul for
laIance. Adarr had never lefore seen anylhing so ler-
rifyingIy leaulifuI. He slared al lhe approaching vyrn,
hypnolized ly lhe gIillering gens lhal sludded ils
scaIes. Il vas nearIy loo Iale vhen he renenlered
hinseIf, and his periI.
The vyrn slruck, neck Iashing Iike a nuscuIar vhip,
hooked leak open in a feII shriek. Adarr lIinked, lhen
svung his svord in a varding lIov. }arring pain ran up
his arn, fIaring in his shouIder. The lIade cIallered off
lhe gen-encrusled scaIes of lhe vyrn´s neck. Hovever,
lhe slrenglh of lhe lIov vas enough lo aIler lhe direc-
lion of lhe crealure´s slrike. Adarr slunlIed lo lhe
98 NOVEMBER 1995
side, avoiding lhe snapping noulh ly inches.
Ianling nov, he raised his svord again. IeIlhfin
regarded hin vilh ils coId gaze, cocking ils head so far
lo one side il nearIy lurned upside dovn. The crealure
nade a fev Iunges vilh ils neck. Lach line Adarr vas
loo sIov lo neel lhen, and his svord vhislIed lhrough
lhin air. Bul lhe vyrn vas sinpIy lesling hin, neasur-
ing ils danger. Il had faced counlIess chanpions in ils
Iong Iife, and il had grovn canny over lhe cenluries.
Adarr lried lo recaII vhal he knev of vyrns. Never
had he lhoughl he vouId Iive lo see lhis day. Yel he
vas Chanpion, and lhis vas lhe desliny he had pre-
pared for. He knev his svord vouId le useIess againsl
lhe crealure´s scaIes. The eyes vere a veak spol, lul
lhey vere snaII and difficuIl lo slrike. The onIy pIace
he couId hope lo Iand a vounding lIov vas lhe leasl´s
leIIy. A vyrn´s underside vas nol prolecled ly scaIes
as vas ils lack, and so vas ils one vuIneraliIily. Adarr
nade a fev feinls of his ovn. Hovever, aIvays lhe crea-
lure kepl ils underside guarded, hunching over, head
Iov lefore il. Adarr svore lhrough his nuslaches.
IeIlhfin vas loo crafly lo expose ils sofl leIIy lo a
chanpion vilh a svord.
When lhe reaI allack cane, il vas so svifl Adarr
hardIy sav il. BaIancing on one fool, lhe vyrn slruck
oul vilh lhe olher, lalling Adarr´s svord fron his
hand so forcefuIIy lhal il look lhe gaunlIel vilh il.
BIade and nelaI gIove Ianded a dozen paces avay.
Adarr cried oul in pain, shaking his lare, slinging
hand. Then lhe vyrn vas upon hin. Il Ieaned ils gIil-
lering lody againsl his, sinuous neck vrapping around
his shouIders, learing hin dovnvard vilh ils veighl.
Adarr sliffened, lrying lo resisl. He cIenched his jav.
His lools sank deep inlo lhe snov. Il feIl as if his
knees vere leing ground lo spIinlers.
Al Iasl lhe lhing´s luIk vas loo nuch. Adarr feII
spravIing on his lack, lhe vyrn alop hin. Il Iel oul a
shriek of exuIlalion, slriking al hin vilh a cIaved fool.
Long laIons punched lhrough his lreaslpIale as if il
vere parchnenl, learing lhree Iong gouges in lhe
hard sleeI. Il lenl ils head dovn, unliI ils fIickering
longue lrushed againsl his sleeI visor, as if lasling il.
Desperale, Adarr laIIed his Iefl hand inlo a fisl. Wilh
aII his nighl, he pIunged lhe sleeI-cIad fisl inlo lhe
leasl´s noulh, raking lhe lack of ils lhroal. The vyrn
hissed, junping lack in surprise and indignalion.
Crilling his leelh againsl lhe lhrolling pain in his
shouIders and knees, Adarr cravIed lhrough lhe snov
lovard his svord. His lare fingers cIosed around lhe
freezing hiIl. He roIIed over, lhrusling lhe lIade
lefore hin jusl as lhe vyrn prepared lo pounce. Il
screeched in rage, laking a slep lackvard, doulIing
over ilseIf. Yel for a nonenl Adarr had seen a fIash of
paIe fIesh lenealh.
Wilh painfuI efforl, Adarr puIIed hinseIf lo his feel.
IeIlhfin circIed around hin, searching for an opening.
Adarr lracked il vilh his svord. The vyrn cocked ils
neck lack, lhen slruck. The knighl svung cIunsiIy and
Iurched oul of reach. Il slruck again, and again. Lach
line Adarr parried lareIy in line lo avoid lhe slrike.
The vyrn vas lrying lo lire hin. And il vas vorking.
His Iungs lurned, lriIIianl sparks danced lefore his
aged eyes.
The vyrn spread ils vings and craned ils neck, nov
coning al Adarr fron lhe side. The varrior lried lo
lurn lo face lhe lIov. Thal vas vhen he feIl il. Wilh a
varn rushing, sonelhing gave vay deep in his chesl.
He slaggered as lrighl sparks of pain slreaked dovn
his Iefl arn. The exerlion of lhe lallIe had leen, al
Iasl, loo nuch. His hearl had leen lrue, lul il had
proved loo veak. Casping for lrealh, Adarr feII lo his
lrenlIing knees.
IeIlhfin did nol hesilale. The vyrn slruck fron
lehind. Il cIanped ils leakIike javs onlo his Iefl
shouIder. SleeI arnor crunpIed Iike dry Ieaves. IIesh
and lone ground logelher. Adarr lhrev his head lack,
screaning as red agony expIoded in his shouIder. Il
nighl veII le a norlaI vound, lul il did nol naller.
His hearl vouId faiI hin firsl. The sign of lhe lroken
svord had cone lo pass. The vyrn reIeased ils hoId,
and Adarr pilched forvard inlo lhe snov. A shadov
feII over hin. Sonehov, groaning, he roIIed over. A
veighl pressed againsl his chesl. The vyrn slood
alove hin, one cIaved fool resling on Adarr´s lreasl-
pIale, pinning hin lo lhe ground. Ancienl lhe
crealure vas, as ancienl as lhe Iand ilseIf, and as
innulalIe. IeIlhfin of ÒriIIion.
The vyrn drev lack ils head. Adarr sliffened, avail-
ing lhe finishing lIov. Al Ieasl il vouId end lhe pain in
his chesl, he lhoughl vilh a ruefuI grinace.
Shadovs slirred anong lhe lrees jusl lehind lhe
vyrn. Adarr lIinked. When had he and lhe crealure
cone so cIose lo lhe edge of lhe cIearing` Sonelhing
lingIed againsl his lhroal. Al lhe sane nonenl,
lranches reached oul of lhe foresl. ÒnIy lhey veren´l
lranches al aII. They vere arns, yel sIender and grace-
fuI as lranches, and as paIe as snov. The vyrn hissed
in surprise as counlIess lvig-fingers lrushed ils jeveIed
scaIes. While arns coiIed around ils lody, Iike a year´s
grovlh of a lree gIinpsed in a hearlleal.
IeIlhfin opened ils nav in a lerrifying cry, fIapping
ils vings as il lried lo lreak free. Il vas lo no avaiI. The
arns lound lhe vyrn vilh lhe slrenglh of deep-
deIving rools. Adarr gazed in vonder al lhe sIender
shapes hovering lehind lhe crealure. As laII as lrees
lhey vere, cIad in frosly gossaner, eyes as cIear and
coId as ice, yel Iil vilh a green-goId Iighl, Iike a refIec-
lion of lhe sunner lo cone. Sonehov he knev lhal,
vhen lhe aspens vere cIad in siIver and eneraId, so
loo vouId le lhese ghoslIy leings.
IeIlhfin shrieked again. The lranch-arns lighlened,
puIIing lhe vyrn´s head lack, and lack. Despile ils
furious slruggIing, il rose on ils crooked Iegs, exposing
an expanse of sofl vhile fIesh.
The vyrn´s leIIy.
Adarr drev in a shaIIov lrealh. His frozen righl
hand sliII cIasped his svord. Ierhaps he couId do lhis
one lhing lefore he died, and so nake his end vorlh-
vhiIe. Despile lhe agony in his chesl, he forced his
arn lo nove, raising lhe lIade oul of lhe snov. Wilh
aII lhal renained of his slrenglh he svung lhe svord,
sniling lhe vyrn´s sofl underside.
Il vas a feelIe lIov. A chiId couId have done far
leller. Adarr vas so lired, and so coId. The svord lun-
lIed fron his hand, sinking inlo lhe snov. Ior a
nonenl he lhoughl his lIov had done lhe vyrn no
harn al aII. Then, as round and lrighl as a hoIIy lerry,
a singIe drop of lIood veIIed forlh fron lhe vyrn´s
lreasl. The crealure screaned, nol in hurl, lul in
ancienl fury. Wounded, hovever sIighlIy, a vyrn nusl
relurn lo ils Iair lo sIeep. Such vas lhe pacl forged
lelveen chanpion and crealure Iong ago. The lhin
fingers reIeased lheir grip. The sIender arns uncoiIed.
Ior a nonenl a lriIIiance hung on lhe air, Iike sun-
Iighl lhrough icicIes. Il seened lo Adarr Iike lhe Iighl
of slrange sniIes. Then lhe paIe forns vanished inlo
lhe lrees fron vhich lhey had cone.
Again lhe vyrn cried oul in ils lrunpeling voice,
raising ils head, and Adarr lhoughl il neanl lo slrike
hin a finaI lIov. Inslead, lhe Ione drop of crinson
lIood feII fron lhe crealure´s lreasl. A pinpoinl of
varnlh louched Adarr´s lare, icy hand. Horror fIood-
ed lhrough hin. No! The vyrn´s lIood vas lo faII
upon lhe soiI, lo renev lhe Iand. He lried lo lurn his
hand over, lo vipe lhe crinson dropIel againsl lhe
ground. Yel lefore he couId nove, lhe vyrn lrealhed
upon hin, and ils lrealh vas ice. Al Ieasl I´ve died
lrying, Adarr lhoughl fainlIy. Though I doull lhal
counls for nuch of anylhing. Then his frosled eyeIids
fIullered shul.
Ior a Iong line aII vas frozen darkness. Then, Iike a
siIvery fIule, a voice.
¨No, Rufrel! Look al his chesl. He´s lrealhing.
He is aIive!¨
¨WeII, I´II le a nundane null!¨
Il seened lhe hardesl lhing he had ever done in his
Iife, lul al Iasl Adarr opened his eyes, peering lhrough
lhe sIil in his visor. The IifeIess aspen lrees hovered
around lhe gIade´s edges Iike lhe ghosl of a vinlry
calhedraI. He couId nol feeI lhe varnlh of her louch
lhrough lhe hard frosled sleeI of his lreaslpIale. So
coId he vas... yel nol jusl coId. Slrange, as veII. Lighl.
As if lhe snov vas a coIorIess sea upon vhich he
efforlIessIy drifled.
He opened his noulh, nanaged lo vhisper lhe
hoarse vords. ¨I have faiIed you, AIisende. The vyrn is
vounded, lul ils lIood feII nol upon lhe ground.
There is no hope for IeIlhfinfar nov.¨ Tears veIIed in
his eyes, lul lhey lurned lo ice lefore lhey couId faII.
¨I an sorry.¨
WondrousIy, a sniIe louched her Iips. Sonevhere
anid lhe vhile, she had found a sprig of green. She
had scallered lhe Ieaves around, and lheir sveel, pun-
genl fragrance fiIIed his Iungs. She seened nol lo
nolice lhe snov drifling inlo lhe foIds of her govn of
rolin´s lreasl red.
¨My, sveel, siIIy knighl,¨ AIisende Iaughed. ¨Don´l
you see` You couId never faiI ne.¨
She raised a gIillering oljecl in her hand.
¨Il´s a dragon scaIe!¨ Rufrel larked, his fIuffy laiI
vagging viIdIy. ¨Il´s vorlh a king´s ranson. A dozen
king´s ransons. We´re rich, Adarr! Rich!¨
Adarr slared al lhe jeveI-encrusled scaIe in vonder.
AIisende´s sniIe deepened. ¨Il nallers nol vhere
IeIlhfin´s lIood feII,¨ she nurnured. ¨You have saved
lhe kingdon, ny Chanpion.¨ She Iifled lhe visor of
his heIn, lo leslov upon her servanl a kiss of lhanks.
As one, AIisende and Rufrel gasped.
¨Whal is il`¨ Adarr asked in dread. Was his lhe gray,
gaunl visage of a dying nan`
Wilh lrenlIing hands, AIisende heId up his svord.
A refIeclion gazed lack al hin fron lhe poIished fIal
of lhe lIade: a handsone nan of no nore lhan five
and lvenly, vilh nuslaches of jel lIack and eyes of sky
lIue. Il vas a face Adarr had nol seen in fifly years. A
face lhal, once, had leen his ovn. Bul hov` Then he
knev. The dragon´s lIood renevs lhe Iand. ÒnIy
IeIlhfin´s lIood had nol faIIen upon lhe ground.
Tears slreaned dovn AIisende´s face, lul lhey vere
lears of vonder. Rufrel yipped viIdIy, running in cir-
cIes and chasing his ovn laiI. Adarr slood and found
hinseIf vhoIe and haIe. He reached oul lo lake
AIisende´s hand in his ovn, nov snoolh and slrong,
yel lrenlIing sliII.
¨My Queen...¨
They vere narried on lhe firsl day of spring, in lhe
courlyard of lhe caslIe, vilh lIue lanners fIying fron
lhe lurrels. AII of IeIlhfinfar´s foIk vere in allendance,
and Rufrel perforned lhe cerenony. Adarr vore his
arnor, nov reslored lo shining lriIIiance, vhiIe
AIisende vas cIad in a govn as green as spring, lhe eIf-
slone of lhe foresl shining on her lreasl. IeIlhfinfar
nighl ever le lhe Ieasl of ÒriIIion´s kingdons, lul on
lhal day, and for counlIess days afler, il vas aIso lhe
nosl joyous.
Aflervard sone said lhal, during lhe vedding, a
grove of paIe lrees sonehov appeared lefore lhe cas-
lIe gale, and vanished again jusl as nysleriousIy. Bul
lhis did nol surprise Adarr. Ior, he lhoughl as he
gazed al lhe green jeveI on her govn, he knev nov
hov his queen had vorked her nagic aII lhese years.
Hand in hand, Queen and Chanpion vaIked inlo
lheir caslIe, nev nenories lo veave, vhiIe in lhe for-
esl, Iike gens of green lhenseIves, lhe firsl Ieaves vere
jusl leginning lo unfurI.
TIe 1nJ
100 NOVEMBER 1995
104 NOVEMBER 1995
106 NOVEMBER 1995
108 NOVEMBER 1995
110 NOVEMBER 1995
112 NOVEMBER 1995
Trips lo lhe lookslore are lough on read-
ers of fanlasy. A quick scan of lhe sheIves
lhese days reveaIs nore dragons, sorcer-
ers, and heroic varriors lhan ever lefore.
Hov can ve choose`
To nake lhe decision even lougher, lhe
nunler of nev fanlasy reIeases grovs
fasler lhan lhe genre´s seclion in slores.
There´s a kind of naluraI seIeclion hap-
pening on lhose sheIves righl lefore our
eyes, a Iilerary SurvivaI of lhe Iillesl. Lven
devoled fans can´l keep up vilh aII lhe
nev fanlasy reaIns leing lorn-lirlhs
lhal force olher vorIds lo vanish quielIy
inlo lhe nisls of look-Iore.
Whal´s lhe secrel lhal nakes a look
vhisper enchanlingIy lo readers, con-
peIIing lhen lo pick il off lhe sheIf and
faII, enraplured, inlo ils vorId of Iegend
and ronance` Is il nagic`
If il is, lhen aulhors Margarel Weis and
Tracy Hicknan are lrue vizards. Their
lesl-seIIing DKACÒNLANCL® ChronicIes lriIo-
gy has soId lvo niIIion copies and has
lIossoned inlo a saga of nore lhan 5O
looks fealuring visionary sloryleIIing,
synpalhelic and enlerlaining heroes, and
epic slruggIes lelveen Cood and LviI. The
DragonIance vorId of Krynn has leen Iike
a fanlasy hone lo niIIions of readers for
nore lhan 1O years.
Il´s hone lo lhe aulhors loo. ¨Margarel
and I over lhe years have occasionaIIy
114 NOVEMBER 1995
by Sue Weinlein
cone lo Iive in Krynn,¨ says Hicknan.
¨Il vas nice lo cone hone,¨ agrees Weis.
Thcrc Gncs thc NcIghbnrhnnd
Òn lheir Iasl visil ¨hone,¨ lhe aulhors
nade a fev changes. Readers can check
oul lhe neighlorhood lhenseIves lhis
nonlh in Dragcns cf Sunncr ||anc, Weis
and Hicknan´s Iong-availed sequeI lo lhe
ChronicIes lriIogy. To creale Krynn´s nev
Iook, lhe aulhors didn´l jusl pul up nev
vaIIpaper and curlains. Òh, no.
We´re laIking najor denoIilion here.
Dragcns cf Sunncr ||anc opens sone
25 years afler lhe War of lhe Lance, cov-
ered in lhe ChronicIes lriIogy, vilh lhe eviI
Knighls of Takhisis pIanning lheir invasion
of lhe conlinenl AnsaIon. Where lhe slory
goes fron lhere viII shock even lhe
loIdesl specuIalors.
Il aII slarled in Ielruary, 1994, vhen
Hicknan fIev oul fron Arizona lo
Wisconsin for a slory conference vilh
Weis. They spenl lhe enlire day al The
Barn (Weis´s renovaled hone) delernin-
ing lhe desliny of lheir heroes and lhe
vorId lhey´d crealed.
¨Òur firsl desire,¨ says Hicknan, ¨vas lo
lring lack lhal vision ve originaIIy had, lo
provide lhe scope and lhe deplh ve´d
aIvays had.´
This noveI vasn´l as hard lo pIol as
sone have leen. ¨The pIol´s leen lreving
for veII over 1O years,¨ Hicknan said. He
and Weis acluaIIy Iaid quile a lil of
groundvork for Dragcns cf Sunncr
||anc in previous noveIIas aloul SleeI
BrighllIade and lhe olher chiIdren of lhe
Conpanions (coIIecled in Tnc Scccnú
Gcncra|icn anlhoIogy).
¨Coing inlo il,¨ Hicknan says, ¨ve didn´l
necessariIy have a cIear vision of vhere
lhe slory is going. I don´l lhink ve´re ever
sure vho´s in charge: vhelher ve´re vril-
ing lhe slory or vhelher il jusl goes vhere
il goes.¨
¨Ior exanpIe,¨ Weis conlinues, ¨ve
knev lhe vhoIe side slory of Kiliara and
Slurn and hov lhey had a son. Ònce ve
had lhal, lhe resl of il sorl of feII inlo
They acknovIedge lhal hov lhe pieces
feII has upsel sone readers. To legin vilh,
edilors pulIished lhe firsl lhree chaplers
of Dragcns cf Sunncr ||anc as a sneak
previev in lhe paperlack reIease of Tnc
Scccnú Gcncra|icn lhis pasl Ielruary. In
lhe firsl chapler, ve see lhal Tanin and
Slurn Majere have faIIen in lallIe vilh lhe
knighls of Takhisis. ¨Lveryone seens reaIIy
upsel lhal IaIin´s lvo lrolhers died,¨ Weis
Hicknan conlinues. ¨We have no shy-
ness vhalsoever aloul kiIIing off a charac-
ler.¨ DRACÒNLANCL noveIs confronl dealh
ralher lhan shy avay fron il, he says.
¨Dealh and risk are an essenliaI parl of
Though lhe fourlh ChronicIes voIune
does draslicaIIy change lhe vorId of
Krynn, readers viII le gIad lo knov lhal il
doesn´l cIose lhe look on lhe Saga.
´Dragcns cf Sunncr ||anc for ne
cIoses lhe look on lhe Krynn lhal vas,¨
Hicknan says, ¨vhiIe al lhe sane line
opens lhe look on a vhoIe nev sel of
chaIIenges for lhis vorId.¨
The aulhors pIan lo expIore lhe experi-
ences of olher key characlers during lhe
sane line period as lhe nev noveI. Says
Weis, ¨The evenl lhal occurs in Dragcns cf
Sunncr ||anc is such a calacIysnic and
giganlic evenl lhal lhere are a Iol of olher
slories lhal need lo le done.¨
Thc P!aycrs
The aulhors pronise lhal readers viII
neel aII lheir favorile characlers in
Dragcns cf Sunncr ||anc. The nain
pIayers are IaIin Majere and SleeI
BrighllIade, lul Tanis HaIf-LIven figures
proninenlIy as veII lecause, as Weis
poinls oul, lhey never feIl Tanis´s slory
had leen fuIIy loId.
Òf course, lhere´s aIso TasseIhoff. ¨We
couId never vrile a look aloul Krynn
vilhoul Tas,¨ Weis says. ¨He is incredilIy
inporlanl lo lhis slory.¨
And aloul a cerlain poverfuI nage...
¨We jusl had lo ansver everyone´s ques-
lions aloul RaislIin,¨ Weis says. She varns
readers nol lo expecl hin lo le his oId
seIf. She hinls lhal lhe nage´s experiences
in lhe Alyss have changed hin, lul she
von´l say hov, jusl lhal il´s ¨nol any vay
you´d expecl.¨
Ians have leen enjoying a greal deaI of
exciled specuIalion aloul lhe changes lo
lhe greal vizard, she says, lul so far, ¨no
one´s leen righl yel.¨
Readers viII aIso lecone acquainled
vilh sone nenlers of lhe Thieves CuiId
and represenlalives of lhe Irda con-
nunily-cousins of lhe ancienl ogres and
lhe nosl poverfuI users of nagic on
Krynn. IinaIIy, lhe look´s heroine is a nev
characler: ¨a vonan vho nay or nay nol
le RaislIin´s daughler,¨ says Weis.
Again, Krynn jusl feeIs Iike hone. ¨Il´s a
Bolh aulhors agree lhal il vas easy lo
gel lack inlo lhe sving of vriling lhe
DRACÒNLANCL characlers again. Hicknan
says he gains his inspiralion fron a Larry
LInore painling of lhe Heroes of lhe
Lance silling around a canpfire, a painl-
ing lhal LInore soId hin ¨in a veak
nonenl. Thal originaI hangs over ny
desk. So, every day I gel lo Iean lack in ny
chair and gaze up al lhal porlrail. Il´s a
faniIy porlrail for ne.¨
pIace ve can never forgel,¨ Hicknan says.
¨Il´s lhe pIace vhere ve legan, vhere
Weis and Hicknan vere lorn. Il´s leen
nore lhan jusl a jol over lhe years.¨
WcIs and HIckman
Òver lhose years, Weis and Hicknan have
vorked logelher nol onIy on lhe
DRAGON|ANC| ChronicIes lriIogy and Tnc
Scccnú Gcncra|icn, lul aIso on lhe
Legends lriIogy and pieces for lhe coIIec-
lions |catcs frcn |nc |nn cf |nc |as| Hcnc
and Tnc His|crq cf DRAGON|ANC|. Their
popuIar Dca|nga|c Cqc|c, pulIished ly
Banlan Speclra, has nov reached seven
Òver lhe years, lhe lvo haven´l aIlered
lhe vay lhey vork very nuch, despile
Hicknan´s nove lo Arizona in 199O. They
aIvays gel logelher lo vork oul lhe pIol of
a look. ¨Margarel usuaIIy Iikes lo slarl al
lhe leginning of a slory,¨ says Hicknan. ¨I
usuaIIy Iike lo slarl al lhe end.¨
As soon as lhey nanage lo find each
olher sonevhere in lhe niddIe, Weis
legins vriling, sending Hicknan chaplers
as she finishes lhen fore his reviev and
connenl. Then lhere are a Iol of phone
caIIs lack and forlh. ¨The greal lhing
aloul lhe nodern age,¨ says Hicknan, ¨is
lhal connunicalion is al lhe poinl vhere
lhis kind of lhing can happen. When need
1 9 8 4 -
• Dragons of Autumn Twilight, TSR’s first published novel, is known by many titles all over
the world. Some of them include / Draghi del Crepusculo d’Autunno (Italian), El Retorno
de los Dragones (Spanish), Drachen Zweilight (German), De forst tegn (Danish), and Az
Oszi Alkony Sarkanyai (Hungarian),
• The Saga was conceived and first published as a series of role-playing game adventures.
Dragons of Autumn Twilight originally was to encompass the events in the first four adven-
tures, but authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman discovered that it took a lot more space to
tell a story in a narrative than in a role-playing game format. Ultimately, the first volume of
Chronicles covered the plots of only the first two adventures.
• Terry Phillips, author of Raistlin’s adventure in the Tower of High Sorcery (told in the AD&D®
Endless Quest book The Soulforge), was the player of Riaistlin in the games Tracy Hickman
ran while DRAGONLANCE was still in development,
In the module Dragons of Light, Jeff Grubb invented the tinker gnomes to satirize his engi-
neering background. That same year, in DRAGON® Magazine Roger E. Moore wrote of their dis-
covery of radioactivity and their tinkering with nuclear power.
• Dragons of Glory, a strategic wargame DRAGONLANCE fans a chance to command the
armies of Krynn.
• Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home, containing songs, poems, stories, and recipes
from and about the Heroes of the Lance, proves more popular than its limited print run could
allow. It was reprinted in 1994.
• The most common questions fans ask: Is Raistlin really dead, what ever happened to
Gilthanas and Silvara, and why did you kill Sturm?
• Although its been established that Krynn is home to neither halflings nor orcs, both snuck
into print. Kendermore features an antagonist revealed as a half-orc. A few years later (1992)
TSR Collector Cards will describe DRAGONLANCE halflings.
• Tinker gnomes in space! Krynnspace, a SPELLJAMMER® accessory by Jean Rabe, gives Krynn
its place in the stars.
• To get a better handle on Flint Fireforge’s character while writing Flint, the King, author Mary
Kirchoff imagined him as a cross between Yosemite Sam and actor Wilfred Brimley.
• The DRAGONLANCE book line begins to determine the path of the game design, rather than the
other way around.
• Lord Soth makes his way out of Krynn and into the RAVENLOFT® campaign setting.
• In addition to a few halflings appearing where none should be in Krynn in TSR Collector Card
series, other famous DRAGONLANCE characters appear as well-but with totally different histories.
Editors immediately claim that these cards represent people named by their parents after great
heroes due to their likenesses.
• Doug Niles, longtime player of Flint in the DRAGONLANCE readers’ theater (don’t ask), writes the
Dwarven Kingdoms game accessory.
• Jeff Grubb, asked to write a novel about Lord Toede, replies, “You know, he’s dead.” He’s told,
“Yes; can you work with it?” The resultant novel owes a great deal to the unlikely pairing of a
Sylvester and Tweety-bird cartoon and the Biblical story of Job.
• The PLANESCAPE® Campaign Setting matches the gods of Krynn’s pantheon with the planes on
which they live.
• The 1994 DRAGONLANCE booster pack of the SPELLFIRE™ collectible card game puts faces with
names in some new ways. A picture of Caramon appears on the front of Lord Gunthar’s card, for
example. Ironically enough, the figure on the “Solamnic Knights” card is Steel Brightblade, a
Knight of Takhisis.
116 NOVEMBER 1995
le, an airpIane caII lake ne lo Margarel in
jusl a fev hours.¨
Bolh parlners lhink lheir vork lenefils
fron lhe parlnership. Says Hicknan, ¨I´ve
cone lo leIieve lhal Margarel and I
logelher are grealer lhan lhe sun of our
A Wnr!d fnr Us A!!
Weis and Hicknan have crealed a selling
lhal feeIs reaI lo readers. ¨DRACÒNLANCL has
prelly nuch laken on a Iife of ils ovn,¨
Hicknan says, adding lhal, vhen vriling,
lhey oflen feeI Iike ¨ve´re chronicIing his-
lory. Thal is lhe Iife ve inparl lo lhe vorId
and lo a cerlain exlenl il´s lhe Iife lhe
vorIdvide readership inparls lo il.¨
WorIdvide is righl. CurrenlIy lhe
DRACÒNLANCL noveIs are pulIished in 13
Ianguages. The lvo reguIarIy receive fan
naiI fron AuslraIia, Russia, and IsraeI.
They aIso receive inlernalionaI e-naiI
(addressed lo lhe Inlernel nevsgroup ¨Being on lhe
Inlernel, ve jusl laIk lo peopIe fron aII
over,¨ Weis says.
Whal is il aloul lhe DRACÒNLANCL Saga
lhal speaks lo such a varied readership`
Hov can Krynn sland slrong year afler
year vhiIe so nany olher fanlasy vorIds
faII in lhe lallIe for lookslores´ sheIf
¨Il´s a vorId in vhich peopIe feeI very
conforlalIe,¨ Weis expIains. ¨As Tracy
says, ve Iive lhere, and I lhink a Iol of
peopIe Iive lhere.¨
The key is lhal readers can reIale lo lhe
characlers, vho Weis descriles as ¨ordi-
nary peopIe caughl up in exlraordinary
silualions. IeopIe feeI Iike, if lhey vaIked
oul of lheir house one day and vere
lransporled lo Krynn, lhey couId neel
Tanis and carry on a conversalion vilh
Hicknan says he sees lhe DRACÒNLANCL
Saga as ¨a cooperalive union vilh lhe
fans.¨ Aulhors can onIy pul so nuch on
lhe page, il´s lhe readers´ inaginalion lhal
provides lhe resl of lhe vision. This vision
¨gives Iife lo lhe slory. The reader is an
aclive parlicipanl and reaIIy nakes lhe
slory cone aIive.¨
Ians heIp shape lhis vorId al anolher
IeveI as veII. Ior inslance, lhe aulhors
incorporaled inlo Dragcns cf Sunncr
||anc a very nenoralIe nagicaI ilen
conceived al lhe CLNCÒN® Cane Iair
aloul five years ago. Lach year al lhe con-
venlion, lhe aulhors hosl a gane lourna-
nenl caIIed lhe KiIIer Breakfasl. The goaI
of lhe gane` The evenl´s nane says il aII:
ÒnIy lhe very lrave-or lhe very enler-
laining-survive lhe advenlure. ¨We kiII
aloul 25O characlers every year,¨ Hicknan
Òne pIayer characler, venluring inlo a
Tover of High Sorcery, encounlered a
horrilIe undead crealure. This resource-
fuI kender reached inlo his pockel and
puIIed oul a spoon, lrazenIy announcing
lhal il vas lhe dreaded Kender Spoon of
Turning. ¨Much lo ny chagrin,¨ recaIIs
Hicknan, ¨vhen I roIIed lhe die, il vas!¨
The characler survived, and a piece of
Krynn Iore vas lorn.
DRAGONLANCE: Thc Rn!c-p!ayIng
RoIe-pIaying has aIvays gone hand-in-
hand vilh noveIs in lhe Saga. The firsl
series of 12 DRACÒNLANCL advenlure nod-
uIes paraIIeIed lhe ChronicIes lriIogy. Il
onIy seens righl lhal lhe oulcone of
Dragcns cf Sunncr ||anc has inspired a
nev DRACÒNLANCL gane, due oul fron
TSR, Inc. in Augusl, 1996.
The aulhors are exciled aloul lhe gane
possiliIilies lhe look´s oulcone presenls
for pIayer characlers. ¨Òne of lhe nosl
inleresling eIenenls,¨ says Weis. ¨Is lhal
lhey´re going lo have lo go searching for
nagic.¨ Nol lo give avay loo nuch (you
have lo read lhe look, afler aII), TassIehoff
discovers hov nagic viII have lo vork
differenlIy on posl- Sunncr ||anc Krqnn.
Do lhe aulhors have any ideas for lhe
gane´s designers`
Hicknan slresses lhal lhe goaI of lhe firsl
DKACÒNLANCL noduIes vas lo leII slories in
an advenlure selling, a goaI he lhinks
shouId sliII hoId lrue loday. ¨|Cane design-
ers shouIdj leII slories in DRACÒNLANCL,¨ he
says, ¨ralher lhan jusl pIol advenlures.¨
Weis suggesls lhal peopIe renenler lhe
inporlance of good and eviI in lhe
DRACÒNLANCL Saga, and presenl characlers
vilh elhicaI diIennas, ¨so lhal peopIe
Iearn a IillIe sonelhing aloul lhenseIves.¨
¨DragonIance has aIvays leen lo ne a
grand-scaIe vision,¨ Hicknan says. ¨I see il
in vide-screen grand visla inagery. My
advice vouId le nol lo lhink loo snaII.
Make il expansive, nake il Iarge.¨
RIght Mnnstcr
Continued from page 86
severaI lines, evenluaIIy aII lul deslroying
lheir naslers´ civiIizalion. They are nol
onIy good nonslers in lheir ovn righl,
lul can aIso le IogicaI precursors for
even grealer horrors. Afler aII, since lhe
ÒId Ònes favor genelic engineering so
nuch, vhy vouIdn´l lhey design even
nore lerrilIe nonslers as a counler lo
lhe shoggolhs` A good advenlure vouId
le for lhe invesligalors lo acconpany and
lry lo slop lhe Slarkvealher-Moore
Lxpedilion nenlioned ly Lovecrafl in ¨Al
lhe Mounlains of Madness,¨ or al Ieasl
cIean up lhe ness aflervards, vhen lhe
shoggolhs are provoked inlo Iaunching a
nev vave of invasions. Bul perhaps lhere
reaIIy aren´l any shoggolhs on Larlh,
vouId AlduI AIhazred Iie`
Stur-Spuun of Cthulhu: These crealures
are second onIy lo dhoIes and (possilIy)
118 NOVEMBER 1995
chlhonians as polenliaI CodziIIas in lhe
canpaign. Aside fron lheir olvious polen-
liaI in parly-kiIIing, and aIien vs. aIien var-
fare (as nenlioned alove)~ consider lhe
possiliIily of a gruesone scan. UnIess lhe
invesligalors have earned a |c| of knovI-
edge in lhe ClhuIhu Mylhos skiII, lhey nay
nol knov lhal ClhuIhu is 4OO´ high. Thus,
anyone running inlo one of lhe Slar-
Spavn nay veII lhink he is facing ClhuIhu
hinseIf, and reacl accordingIy. This sorl of
lhing has lhe polenliaI lo cause parlies lo
do everylhing fron nisidenlify cIues lo
running avay fron a Iesser-aIleil sliII
lerrilIe-opponenl under lhe inpression
lhal he is a Creal ÒId Òne. If lhe invesliga-
lors face severaI al once, don´l le sur-
prised if soneone lIurls oul, ¨ClhuIhu can
even c|cnc hinseIf!¨
Stur Vumpireu: Like fire vanpires, lhese
invisilIe, nighlnarish enlilies are generaIIy
encounlered onIy vhen sone occuIlisl has
sunnoned lhen lo allack lhe parly or an
aIIy of lheirs, or lo guard a parlicuIar sile.
Their aliIily lo nove and allack unseen
viII raise lhe IeveI of lension anong a
parly lo aInosl unlearalIe IeveIs.
Xiclotlunu: These gianl aIien servanls of
lhe shans nay, under sone circun-
slances, le nislaken for lrees, as is lhe
case vilh lhe Dark Young of Shul-
Nigguralh. (They nay sulslilule for lhen
in lhe Macoc|n scenario nenlioned earIi-
er.) UnIess lhe invesligalors find a gale
lhal Ieads lo XicIolI, hovever, lhey viII
never le found in an advenlure unIess lhe
shans are aIso presenl. They are lhe nus-
cIe lo lack up lhe shans´ nind-conlroI
aclivilies, and any parly lhal successfuIIy
resisls lhe Ialler can expecl a good oId-
fashioned physicaI assauIl ly lhe
XicIolIans soneline in lhe near fulure.
* indicales a producl produced ly a conpany
olher lhan TSR, Inc
P|anes of Conf|lct
A PLANE5CAPE¹ campaIgn cxpansInn
by Da!c Dnnnvan
This deIuxe expansion is an anazing lour of
lhe six pIanes lhal conprise lhe IIanes of
ConfIicl. Inside pIayers viII find infornalion on
Bylopia, LIysiun, lhe BeaslIands, Cehenna, lhe
Crey Wasle, and Carceri. The sel conlains five
lookIels, six naps, a suppIenenl delaiIing
unique crealures of lhe IIanes, and nore!
$30.00 U.5./$39.50 CAN./£18.50 U.K.
T5R Prnduct Nn.: 2615
I5BN: 0-7869-03090
An AD&D acccssnry
by s!adc
Here il is, lhe Iasl voIune in lhe lesl-seIIing
series lhal delaiIs every nagicaI ilen. This 416-
page lone of nagicaI ilens conlains dozens of
B&W and coIor iIIuslralions and a conpIele
index. A nusl-have for AD&D pIayers.
$25.00 U.5./$32.00 CAN/£15.99 U.K.
T5R Prnduct Nn.: 2161
I5BN: 0-7869-02892
Nlght Be|ou: The Underdark Canµalgn
An AD&D campaIgn scttIng
by Car! 5argcnt
Discover hundreds of niIes of underground
caves, lunneIs, dungeons, and even an ocean in
lhis nev loxed canpaign! Nev skiIIs, speIIs,
nonslers, nagicaI ilens, and nore lo aid pIay-
ers in lhe vonderfuI discovery of lhe
Underdark. IncIuded are lhree 64-page look-
Iels, six naps, and nore!
$30.00 U.5./$39.50 CAN./£18.50 U.K.
T5R Prnduct Nn.: 1125
I5BN: 0-7869-01799
An AD&D acccssnry
by KcvIn Hassa!!
This accessory inlroduces lhe shanan as a
nev lype of speIIcasler lo lhe AD&D gane.
Shanans aIone possess lhe aliIilies lo hear
spirils, and Iearn lheir secrels. AII povers are
delaiIed in 96-pages aIong vilh nev skiIIs,
speIIs, and anazing discoveries of lhe spiril
vorId ilseIf!
$12.95 U.5./$16.95 CAN./£7.99 U.K.
T5R Prnduct Nn.: 9507
I5BN: 0-7869-03260
Wltards and Rogues of the Rea|ns
by WI!!Iam W. Cnnnnrs
Wizards and rogues unique lo lhe ReaIns are
delaiIed in lhis 128-page accessory. Iind oul
vhal nakes a ReaIns vizard differenl, and
uncover lhe nysleries of speciaIly vizards and
unusuaI lhieves.
$15.00 U.5./$19.00 CAN./£9.99 U.K.
T5R Prnduct Nn.: 9492
I5BN: 0-7869-0190X
120 NOVEMBER 1995
The Gothlc Larth
A Ravcn!nft acccssnry
by WI!!Iam W. Cnnnnrs
LxpIore lhe vorIds of Bran Sloker, H.C.
WeIIs, and Ldgar AIIen Ioe during lhe dark
nighls of lhe 189Os. This accessory is lhe slaIk-
ing ground of Iegendary viIIains, and can le
used vilh any olher roIe-pIaying gane sel in
lhe 189Os. Iealured vilhin are a dozen of shorl
advenlure synopses and a conpIele hislory and
¨Who´s Who¨ of lhe end of lhe 19lh Cenlury.
$9.95 U.5./$11.95 CAN./£5.99 U.K.
T5R Prnduct Nn.: 9498
I5BN: 0-7869-01934
]oshuan´s A|nanac
A MY5TARA acccssnry
by Ann DupuIs and LIz Tnrnabcnc
The vanderer }oshuan lakes readers on a
lour of lhe kingdons of lhe MYSTARA canpaign
vorId in lhis pockel-sized aInanac. Òur
lraveIer gives us his ovn lrand of nevs and
infornalion on peopIe and pIaces, as veII as
reveaIing a snorgaslord of runors and Iore.
$12.95 U.5./$16.95 CAN./£7.99 U.K.
T5R Prnduct Nn.: 2517
I5BN: 0-7869-01926
Lbnlnster: The Maklng of a Mage
by Ed Grccnwnnd
The slory of LIninsler, lhe ages-oId vizard,
lakes readers lhough his hislory~incIuding his
personaI lallIe againsl lhe MageIords and his
deaIings vilh Myslra, lhe goddess of nagic.
$5.99 U.5./$6.99 CAN./£4.99 U.K.
T5R Prnduct Nn.: 8548P
I5BN: 0-7869-02035
The Arlµa Donaln Sourcebook
A BIRTHRIGHT¹ acccssnry
by A!!cn Varncy
Ariya, lhe oIdesl cily in CeriIia, is ravaged ly
pirales, reIigious zeaIols, and ils ovn neighlors.
Nov lhe cilizens lurn lo you, lheir nevIy
crovned prince, lo reslore peace and lring
gIory lo lhe shores of The Sea of lhe CoIden Sun.
ÒnIy lhrough your Ieadership and connand
viII Ariya enler a nev goIden age!
$6.95 U.5./$8.95 CAN./£4.50 U.K.
T5R Prnduct Nn.: 3111
I5BN: 0-7869-01861
The Ta|lnle Donaln Sourcebook
A BIRTHRIGHT acccssnry
by A!!cn Varncy
To nainlain your lhrone you nusl appease
greedy guiIdnaslers and a pover-hungry arch-
duke. Bul levare of lhe lrailors vilhin your
ovn courl vho nay have nurdered your
$6.95 U.5./$8.95 CAN./£4.50 U.K.
T5R Prnduct Nn.: 3109
I5BN: 0-7869-02558
Cltles of the Sun
A BIRTHRIGHT campaIgn cxpansInn
by RIch Bakcr
Discover lhe nysleries of Khinasi, lhe Sun
Coasl of CeriIia, in lhis 96-page expansion for
lhe BIRTHRICHT canpaign. IncIuded are ruIes for
lrade and var al sea, a shorl advenlure, and
delaiIed descriplions of each donain.
$18.00 U.5./$26.00 CAN./£12.99 U.K.
T5R Prnduct Nn.: 3103
I5BN: 0-7869-01942
War|ock of the Stonecrouns
A BIRTHRIGHT advcnturc
by WnIfgang Baur
The eviI WarIock of lhe Slonecrovns is
draining olher regenls´ sources of nagicaI
pover and forning an arny of ogres and orogs.
Are you prepared lo lake on lhis avnshegh and
chaIIenge his povers` This advenlure is suilalIe
for use vilh eilher nid- or high-IeveI pIayer
$9.95 U.5./$11.95 CAN./£5.99 U.K.
T5R Prnduct Nn.: 3110
I5BN: 0-7869-01853
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CnmIng ncxt mnnth...
DRAGON© MagazInc #224
Cnvcr art by A!an PrInr
- Dvarven Tonls
- CaslIe Archileclure for Magic Defense
- LIven Cilies
IIus aII our reguIar coIunns: ¨Sage Advice,¨
¨Convenlion CaIendar,¨ and ¨Iorun,¨ pIus
$3.95 U.5./$4.95 CAN./£1.95 U.K.
T5R Prnduct Nn. 8112-05
DUNGEON® MagazInc #57
Cnvcr art by Rnbh Ruppc!
This issue´s advenlures incIude:
- The Rose of }unIal (AL-QADIM®, IeveIs 3-7)
- To Cure a King (AD&D®, IeveIs 5-8)
- and nore!
$3.95 U.5./$4.95 CAN./£1.95 U.K.
T5R Prnduct Nn. 8199-05

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