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Take Charge of Your Future.
Interested in making the most of your ambition and
moving your career forward? Consider Kaplan Continuing
Educations Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
Certificate program.
Designed to help you prepare for optimum
performance on the Microsoft Certified Systems
Engineer Certification Examination.*
Explore your opportunities for employment and
advancement with multi-billion-dollar corporations,
government agencies, small companies, and
nonprofit organizations.
Increase your earning potential with professional
certification may lead to a salary averaging
between $51,000 and $78,000 per year,
depending on experience.
The Kaplan Advantage.
Professional Achievement Made Possible.
Flexible online classroom available 24/7
Proprietary academic curriculum
Personalized support
Faculty of industry professionals
Kaplan University ranked #1 for quality and value in
a survey of online students
Your Success is Our Success.
In 12 months or less, you may be a step closer toward the
future you envision.
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Certificate (MCSE)
Accelerate Your Career. Exceed Your Expectations.
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Take Your Career to the
Next Level With Kaplan
Continuing Education
Turn your motivation into results
with a Microsoft Certified Systems
Engineer Certificate from
Kaplan Continuing Education.
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Account Manager at
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Kaplan Continuing Education programs are not for credit and are not
eligible for Title IV federal financial aid. Instructional materials are not
included in the price of tuition.
*Although certain programs at Kaplan University are designed to prepare
students to take various certification or licensing exams, the University
cannot guarantee the student will pass those exams. In some cases, field
experience and/or background checks may be necessary to be eligible to
take or to successfully pass the exams.
NOTE: Median annual earnings of a Microsoft certified systems engineer is
about $43,000 as reported by
February 2006 Higher Education Survey Report of current and former
students of for-profit secondary institutions. For additional information,
go to
Building Futures One Success Story at a Time
Current. Relevant. Practical.
Developed by experienced and credentialed instructors, our coursework is
designed to give you the insight and knowledge to help you succeed as a
Microsoft certified systems engineer.
Managing and Maintaining a
Windows 2003 Server
Study to create and manage user and
computer accounts, groups, and
network printers in a Windows 2003
environment. Proper practices for
hardware, data storage, security,
system performance, and disaster
recovery are also addressed.
Implementing, Managing, and
Maintaining a Microsoft Windows
Server 2003 Network Infrastructure
This course is designed to help
you build a solid knowledge of
TCP/IP architecture, IP addressing,
subnet masks, and other IP issues
in both static and automatic
environments. Network management
topics such as DHCP, DNS, ADS,
IPSEC, remote access, and more are
included in key concepts.
Installing, Configuring, and
Administering Microsoft Windows
XP Professional
Explore the nuances of the Microsoft
Windows XP Professional operating
system as well as howto configure
and optimize groups, profiles,
hardware, devices, and more.
Configuring Microsoft Windows
Vista Client Operating System
This course is designed to help you
gain hands-on experience installing,
configuring, upgrading, and
troubleshooting the Microsoft
Windows Vista operating system.
Planning and Maintaining a
Windows Server 2003
Network Infrastructure
Study more advanced functions and
activities of Windows Server 2003
networks. These include planning,
implementation, and maintenance
of networks, security, server
availability, TCP/ICP physical
and logical networks, routing
strategies, and more.
Planning and Maintaining a
Windows Server 2003 Active
Directory Infrastructure
Examine the complexity of directory
services, ADS, domains, and OU as it
pertains to users, groups, and
computer accounts. Additional
emphasis is given to global catalog
servers, DNS servers, operations
master roles, and Active directories.
Designing a Windows Server
2003 Active Directory and
Network Infrastructure
This course is designed to help
you develop the skills necessary
to design AD structure, network
infrastructure, design domain,
and forest based on organizational
needs. Design structures such as
GPO, administrative, and DHCP
will also be covered.
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
Course Guide
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