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Kathy Quinn

April 23, 2004

The truth about fear
Recently there has been a lot writ- “perceived” threat of pain or punishten about the emotion “fear.” Topics ment. A perceived threat is fear of such as “how to live without fear, what you think might happen withfearless living, be fearless” and many out real proof to back it up. other books about fear. This poses the • Avoiding situations where we question “why would we want to live “could” fail. Feeling fearful about the possibility of failure can keep us without fear?” The reality is, fear serves a purpose from doing what we need or want and is part of the human condition. to do. Examples include finding a Fear is actually job, being asserhard-wired in tive, and making "The point is; rather than liv- decisions our brains to help with the most • Believing ing without fear, let’s acknowl- that fear is the basic need of our edge and understand it." survival. Without equivalent of it, we could have being weak or reduced inhibivulnerable. This tions to the point of doing things in can lead us to unhealthy or unsafe life spite of the danger or consequences. choices. Fear helps us avoid taking potentially Think about how you deal with dangerous or risky decisions and that fear. How does it work for you or can be helpful! Although when fear against you? Take some small risks paralyzes us from getting what we and see. need or want it can be destructive! Fear is just another emotion! It Julieann Myers, LCSW, CACIII, does not cause us to have an unhappy MAC is a licensed clinical social worker, life, it’s how we deal with fear that EMDR practitioner, and an addictions can! counselor. She is the owner of The Centre Examples of allowing fear to be for Comprehensive Human Services, 4363 Tennyson Street. 303-749-8678. *** destructive in our lives include: • Avoiding situations that have a

Slamming on Mao
“But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain’t gonna make it with anyone, anyhow.” --John Lennon, from “Revolution” Some months ago, in Denver’s trendy Cherry Creek enclave, a $2 million restaurant opened with a startling retro-chic theme - to wit, the glorification of the late Chinese communist dictator, Chairman Mao Tse-Tung (18931976). Setting foot inside “Mao,” you find two huge portraits of the Chairman, a custom-made Mao bust, and slick menus fashioned after the Little Red Book. A hagiographic essay on the menu’s back page sanitizes the Chairman’s bloody legacy: “Mao was a visionary, a long-distance swimmer whose simple words still reverberate throughout China’s culture... He floated over history. What came natural for him set trends for others. Witness the recent revival of his signature high-collared jacket.” Though we might have expected an ounce of controversy around such homage to one of the world’s foremost mass-murderers, the scandal that hit the Denver papers at the grand opening had nothing to do with genocide, and everything to do with pornography. Seems the restaurateurs thought it would be clever to run soft-porn films on the video screens at the bar thus irritating sundry patrons, and thus undermining their ethical free pass. Amidst the trivial talk of pornography, swimming and high-collared jackets, not much was mentioned about the true nature of Mao’s rule, which marks a profoundly pathological ‘float over history.’ If even John Lennon was able to see through the Chairman as far back as the White Album, we should ask how it can be possible that, some 35 years of research down the road, our avant-garde has yet to do the same. Regarding Mao’s “visionary” qualities, Thomas Sowell sums them up by aligning Mao with his proper bedfellows: “Lenin, Hitler and Mao were the pre-eminent 20th Century examples of leaders who sought to adjust people to visions, even when that entailed the deaths of millions of human beings.” So, could Lenin and Hitler be next in line for eponymous Cherry Creek

“Under Mao the Chinese achieved the total suppression of every liberty catalogued in our own Bill of Rights: none to practice one’s religion, to speak out, to read, to educate oneself, to travel, to own land or a home, to be tried by due process.” Ironically, on the culinary front, Buckley added in 1983: “There were ten thousand Disagree? Let us here it at restaurants in Shanghai when Mao took over, fewer than one thousand today.” Pot, the communist tyrant who killed Defenders of Mao might argue that off one-third of the Cambodian popuhe held China together, against the lation. Things move closer to home on the odds, and forged it into something of realization that, without Mao’s sup- a superpower. They might point out port for comrade Kim Il Sung’s plans that Mao ended the humiliations sufto attack the South, there would not fered at the hands of the colonials and have been a Korean War. When Kim the Japanese, and managed to restore later encountered a crusty Douglas a general sense of Chinese national MacArthur, Mao was obliged to inter- pride - at least for those who survived vene, explaining his game plan to Stalin his rule. I would concede a thin sliver of in 1951: “After we have consumed hundreds of thousands of American lives truth to such contentions. But it wears in a few years, the Americans will be ever thinner in light of the economic forced to retreat, and the Korean prob- success story of Taiwan, as administered by General Chiang Kai-Shek, who lem will be settled.” One can only imagine the extent of lost out to Mao’s communists in 1949. Mao’s disappointment when but 34,000 Under Chiang’s leadership, Taiwan’s American soldiers were killed, and a per capita GNP soared ahead multifree, democratic South Korea went on to become an economic powerhouse. To put the Chairman’s overall death toll statistics in perspective, the “Mao” restaurant, which seats 220, would Want to Grow Your have to be filled to capacity every night Business? for over 700 years to account for all of his victims. The perspective could be enhanced One Word... by adding in the millions sent by Mao into his ghastly prison camps, and, further, by adding in much of the rest of Advertise! the Chinese population, which, though not formally imprisoned, lived in a society so refined in its techniques of 303.458.7541 terror and thought control that Orwell himself would have been amazed. As Bill Buckley observed in 1978:

restaurants? The death toll of Mao’s visionary land reforms, leaps forward, political purges, re-education programs and wayward cultural revolutions has “been exceeded only once,” says Mao biographer Philip Short, and that was “by all the dead in the Second World War.” Though the actual number of Mao’s victims remains incalculable, the tally may exceed 60 million. Such horrors assume an additional pallor when considering the brutal Chinese occupation of Tibet, involving the deaths of 800,000 Tibetans, and noting China’s official sponsorship of Pol

For example, if you have trouble Don’t underestimate the power of your subconscious! Your environ- getting rid of clothes that no longer ment affects you on a subconscious fit, you may not be accepting your level, and you may not realize how current shape and lack of fitness. If much it may be negatively influenc- you can’t bear to remove the possesing your life. The physical condition sions remaining after a loved one has of your home strongly influences your died, it may mean you still have work feelings, hopes, and dreams and sym- to do to come to terms with your loss and grief. The space bolizes how you feel you create by releasing about yourself. Using clutter will allow all Feng Shui, you can Clutter and kinds of spiritual and make a conscious effort emotional gifts—not to shape an environFeng Shui just material gifts—to ment to surround yourflow into your life. self with positive enerWhat is Clutter? gy and you will find yourself living a richer, fuller, happier Clutter is anything unfinished, life. Incorporating Feng Shui into your unused, unresolved, broken, disorlife is a process. Before you attempt to ganized, and all those items in your make any Feng Shui adjustments, the surroundings that have no home of single most important thing to do is to their own. Clutter creates stagnation and a lack of energy in your space and clear all the clutter from your home. Keeping clutter has emotional in your mind. It drains your energy, roots. Acknowledge to yourself that makes you feel tired and lethargic, clearing out your clutter will involve keeps you in the past, causes disharsome emotional risk. The past is over. mony, makes you procrastinate, can Don’t be afraid to throw something depress you, creates excess baggage, away that you think you might need necessitates extra cleaning, makes you some day. Just trust that an equal or disorganized, and distracts you from better item will be available and that important things. Things that we love, use and appreyou will have the resources to obtain it. Keeping things against an uncer- ciate have vibrant energy around tain future reveals a lack of faith in them, and that energy extends to us. the ability of the universe to provide When we are surrounded with things what you need at the time you need it. we don’t love, things that bring back The future isn’t here yet. Hanging on negative memories or are no longer to things “just in case” you may need useful, we lack focus and direction. them in the future stagnates your life *** now.
fold, while the Mainland sputtered in stagnation. China’s per capita level of food consumption, by the end of Mao’s rule in the 1970s, remained at the same substandard level as in the 1930s. In between these benchmarks, the apocalyptic Chinese famine of 1959 to 1961 - resulting from Mao’s agricultural policies - remains the single largest man-made disaster in recorded history. Twenty-five million starved to death. Had Chiang prevailed in the Chinese civil war, chances are he would have accomplished a good deal more than Mao, in a far shorter time frame - minus the multiple catastrophes. Though Cherry Creek’s “Mao” is splendidly designed and serves firstrate Asian cuisine, the misguided selection of Mao as a mascot should give us all an attack of gastritis. But perhaps we should raise some sort of toast, anyhow, to an upscale free-market American restaurant glorifying the communist trendsetter who brought swimming, high-collars and genocidal fervor into fashion. —Matt Dunn ©2004 Independence Institute

continued from page 17 Herndon, a local owner of a saloon and gambling hall, and the couple reluctantly moved away, first to Denver and then to Kentucky. Both were missed by the mountain community they had left. When a survey crew later mapped the region, they asked the miners to suggest a name for a large mountain visible from the town, and the unanimous choice was Mt. Silverheels, a tribute to a kind and generous woman whom they remembered with affection. Whatever story is the true one, and whether Silverheels was saint or sinner, or a bit of both, she left her mark on Colorado.

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April 23, 2004

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