Star Trek: Fifth Fleet

Season 16 (2013) Story Outlines (2390/SD 67000.1)

The plan for this season is to have two stories averaging 10 to 15 pages each per newsletter issue. Larger
stories will probably require publishing only one story for that particular issue. (Please keep in mind – as
always – as of the writing of this schedule this plan is not set in stone. More like Jell-o at room

Earth Year 2390 continues the struggles of the newly founded Romulan government and the clashes
between them and their new allies in the Federation with their cousins, the Rihannsu. We will also revisit
some past characters and celebrate a graduation and a wedding.

1a) TBD

1b) TBD

2a) Title TBD (ST: Dauntless) – While undergoing a baryon sweep, one of the crew of the USS Dauntless
is trapped on board the ship and the Captain and COB must find and rescue them before it is too late.

2b) TBD

3a) Winters of our Discontent (ST: Starbase 719) – When it is noticed that Lt Commander Phillip Winters
– who has been in a coma in the starbase infirmary for two years – is missing, surveillance video indicates
he simply got out of bed and walked out of the infirmary as if nothing were wrong.

3b) TBD

4a) TBD

4b) TBD

5a) Title TBD (ST: Starfleet Academy) – The Academy Class of ’90 graduates and begins their new lives
as Starfleet officers. Ensign Gem Koester receives an assignment as a junior science officer aboard the
Fifth Fleet starship USS Bellerophon.

5b) TBD

6a) Meet the Faggios (ST: Dauntless) – The parents of Lieutenant JoElla Faggio request the honour of
your presence at the marriage of their daughter, JoElla, to Lieutenant William Hyland III, son of Admiral
and Mrs. William Hyland II at 1200 hours aboard the Federation starship Dauntless.

6b) TBD

7a) TBD

7b) TBD

8a) TBD

8b) TBD

9a) TBD

9b) TBD

10a) TBD

10b) TBD

11a) TBD

11b) TBD

12a) TBD

12b) TBD

Developing Story Ideas (that seem to be going nowhere the last couple of years…)

A) The Qualen (“Fond Farewell,” “Payback”) manage to rebuild several Jem’Hadar and Breen vessels that
crashed on their planet during the Dominion War. They are now using the technology to attack Federation
vessels in the sectors around their space. (Possible multi-ship adventure, perhaps even all five Fifth Fleet

B) Sequel to ST: Dauntless “Dauntless, Returning.” A new encounter with the energy-consuming insectoid
creatures the Dauntless crew discovered in 2380.

Bits & Pieces:

1) Sequel to ST: Dauntless “Threshold.” Starfleet orders new attempt at contact with mysterious race
Dauntless encountered during the final year of the Dominion War.