8:30 Whitney and Tyler plan to arrive at Varian Orchard.
Please head over as you are able to!
12 Lunch- provided by W&T
3:30 Whitney- head to the house to get ready for the night if possible
7pm Head to the Serafini's for dinner
2162 Howenstine Dr. SE
East Sparta, Oh 44626

Usher 1: The Great.
-Please greet people at the gift table at the corner of the cement patio and direct them to the
ceremony site. Have people drop off gifts there.
-Move gift table inside if able to after everyone has arrived
-If a guest has made it that far and needs transportation to get down to the ceremony, call Cliff
at 330- 705-2607
Usher 2: The Fierce. (aka Joe)
-Please fill water pitcher and other refreshment (if available) as guests begin to arrive; tell
people to help themselves. This will be set up among crates under the covering.
-Help people find seats, family will have reserved seating at the front
-encourage people to sit wherever (no bride or groom side, but also to sit with friends if they
aren't naturally doing so to save space. As the ceremony gets closer people may need to move
up, or just have them file in starting at the front.)
Usher 3: The Ferocious.
-Look ferocious and beautiful at the same time.
-Maintain Usher 4: the Kai-sic.
-After the receiving line please grab the champagne from the fridge and champagne glasses and
meet the family for a toast. Hand out glasses, Tyler will pop the cork and serve!
Usher 3: The Kai-sic
-offer people water and greet them as they come in
All- please escort people after the recessional towards the receiving line where we will be ready to
greet our beautiful guests!

meet for pics!

Bridal Party Timeline
(Sage to the hotel after she wakes up)
9am Head to breakfast at McKinley
time to get ready!
Gma Connie to help with make up; Lacie to help with hair
11:30-1:30 GSV salon for hair (bring stuff for the rest of the day)
(Sage home for nap)
1pm order food ahead of time at Grinders (self pay)
1:30pm pick up food, head to nearby park to have a picnic (weather permitting; if poor weather eat at
2:30pm all bridal party head to Varian Orchards, put on dress & finish getting ready
3pm Groomsmen arrive at Varian orchards
3:15-4:15pm Tyler &Whitney first look/ time with Sage
4:15-5:15pm Bridesmaids &Groomsmen need to be ready!
Bridal party/couple portraits
4:45pm Ushers in place
(See attached list)
5pm ceremony arrival, everyone walking (see below) meet at the barn
5:30pm down the aisle!
Kai, Robby, & Lacie can be seated up front with family
Processional order:
1. Nathan & Lynda (begin playing music)
2. Tyler (after first song is over?)
3. Shawn
4. John
5. Scott
6. Michael
7. Zach
8. Gma &Gpa Feeney (from the cart to the bench)
9. Gpa Stan &Gma Connie

10. Gina, Gma Downing, &Jeff (from the cart to the bench)
11. Gpa Dick &Gma Jan
12. Don &Lori
13. Mom &Aaron
14. Emily
15. Krista
16. Becca
17. Abbey D.
18. Kellie
19. Abby S.
20. Sage & Scout (Lori as back up for encouragement)
21. Andrew & Leo (Joe as back up for encouragement)
22. Whitney & Kent!
6pm Recessional

Whitney &Tyler
Andrew &Leo
Sage & Scout
Zach & Abby
Kellie & Nathan
Michael & Abbey
Becca & Scott
Krista & John
Emily & Shawn

6pm Receiving line on the other side of the doors
parents, please meet with bridal party to greet
610pm family toast and pictures
Bride and groom with Sage
Bride with Sage
Groom with Sage
Bride and groom with Kai and Scout
Bride and groom with Andrew and Leo
Bride and groom with Downing side of family
Bride and groom with Feeney side of family
Bride and groom with Serafini's
Bride and groom with all parents
Bride with dad
Bride and groom with Kent and Gina
+ Kellie and Abbey
Bride with Kellie and Abbey
Bride and groom with Debbie
+ Corinne and Emily
Bride with Corinne and Emily
Bride and groom with Don and Lori (grooms parents)
+ Zach, Nathan, Becca
Groom with Zach, Nathan, and Becca
Bride with Zach and Nathan
Groom with Zach and Nathan

Groom with Becca
Bride photos with each individual from wedding party (including lacie)
Groom photos with each individual from wedding party
Bride and groom with entire bridal party (if not before ceremony)
Bride and groom with each respective party (if not preceremony)

7:10 entrance and seating
1. Zach & Abby
2. Kellie & Nathan
3. Michael & Abbey
4. Becca & Scott
5. Krista & John
6. Emily & Shawn
7. Tyler, Whitney, (and Sage?)
Slide show
Head table eats, individual tables eat
8pm Cake cutting
8:15 Trolly rides
8:50 first dance
9-10 photo booth open
9:30 smore station open
approx 12:30 send off

Day before the wedding to do list!
See Lacie (our wedding sheriff) for help before beginning 937-367-2927 (she is the hottie with a sheriff
badge on:) ) or whitney or tyler
23. centerpiece above the head table
10. lay out tables and chairs
11. linens and place settings
12. decorate tables (see photos attached to boxes for exact decorations)
1. clean centerpieces as needed
8. Put together cocktail tables (4)
9. hang fabric from garage door in large strips
1. hang wreath in the middle
10. ask Cliff to move palettes that need moved
1. may need to leave all of this indoors, but gather together for easy assembly tomorrow

set up cool down station area
cocktail tables (2)
set up refreshment area
set up yard games
stamp popcorn bags
set up popcorn machine
create smore station, but keep indoors
◦ may need to leave all of this indoors, but gather together for easy assembly tomorrow

Dancing space/general area:
 Whitney and Tyler table (Pam)
 set up bar area, cool white wines
 make floral piece for backdrop
 gather blankets
 set up refreshment area
 gather crates for tables and place vases by each
 doors on either side of the aisle, wreaths on doors (Kent)
Chalk boards:

See attached list

Day of wedding to do list:
1. flowers in vases (trim ends!)
2. place blankets outside beside the crates
3. create aisle with “tables” (crates)
4. move stuff outdoors (see floor plan)
5. left over flowers in apple crates, by chalkboard signs in vases, etc. Extra vases located at the
6. hang ceremony backdrop, spray with plain water?