Inline Filters

for Process Technology
HYDAC inline filters feature
high filtration capacity and easy
handling and therefore contribute
to safe and economical system
The Right Filter
for Every Application
Inline Filters
for Every Process.
Long service life due to large
filter areas and filter materials with
high contamination retention capacity
Low pressure drops due to optimized
design construction
Compact, easy-to-service
filter housing
High economy due to predominantly
cleanable filter elements
Consistently high quality
to ISO 9001
With our comprehensive filter range,
almost all solid / fluid separation problems
can be overcome.
In addition to the most up-to-date
equipment, innovative engineering
and sound qualifications, the industrial
know-how gained over 35 years, clearly
demonstrated in the efficiency of our
designs, is proof-positive of our
professional competence in filtration
Whether it’s river water, condensate,
dyes and paints, glues, organic solvents,
acids, alkalis, industrial waster water,
emulsions, sea water, spring water,
thermal oil, demineralized water and
many more, HYDAC inline filters can
cope with almost all fluids. A broad
range is also covered with regard
to the operating parameters:
Temperatures up to 400°C
Pressures up to 1,000 bar
Filtration ratings of 1µm (absolute)
up to 10 mm
Flow velocities up to 6,000 m
HYDAC Process Filtration.
At Home in All Industries
– Worldwide
The Right Solution
for Every Problem
Whether you wish to protect units or
valves, increase the service life of your
operating fluids, achieve higher product
quality or obtain visually clear filtrate, our
team of experienced engineers will be
pleased to help you select the most
suitable filter. Difficult questions, such as
filtration rating, type of filter material or
selecting the housing material can be
decided through consultation. We also
have a modern filtration laboratory
available to help determine the correct
For Every Application.
Filter Housing for Individu
If no standard product is suitable
for your application, we also develop
filter housings and elements
to customer specification.
Inline Filter PFL / PFM
Universal filters in stainless steel
for pressures up to 40 bar, temperatures
up to 200 °C and flow rates
up to 140 l/min. Connection size:
straight pipe thread G 1“.
Wide range of applications
due to wide range of sizes
Filter materials: slotted tube,
wire mesh, Chemicron
metal fibre,
coiled meltblow candles
Special feature: No tool required
to change the element.
Stainless Steel Pressure
Filter EDFR / EDFA
Highly robust pressure filter in stainless
steel for handling aggressive fluids
and extreme operating conditions
up to 400 bar and 400 °C. Filter materials:
wire mesh, Chemicron
metal fibre,
inorganic mesh packs.
Connection options:
straight pipe thread G
/4“, 1
/4“, 1
Stainless Steel High
Pressure Filter
This stainless steel high pressure filter
is similar in design to the EDFR filters.
There are three pressure ranges
available: 450, 700 and 1,000 bar.
The maximum operating temperature
is 100 °C. Filter materials: wire mesh,
metal fibre, Betamicron
inorganic mesh packs.
Types of connection possible:
BSP or NPT threads
1“, 1
/4“, 1
/2“; SAE-4 to SAE 24.
Change-Over Inline Filter
To avoid shutting down the system
when changing the element,
change-over filters provide the solution,
whereby one housing is filtering
and the other is in reserve.
The change-over occurs by means
of a ball valve or butterfly valve
with hand-wheel.
The special design of the change-over
device prevents both sides being
shut-off at the same time.
The filter housing can be fitted with
slotted tubes or filter candles in wire
mesh or Betamicron
mesh packs.
Inline Filter PRFL
Comprehensive inline filter range for
flow rates up to 25,000 l/min. Housing
material: spheroidal cast iron EN JS
1,030 or carbon steel 1.0038 or totally
in stainless steel. Flange connections
from DN 50 and above. The pressure
range, depending on the size is PN 25
or PN 16 bar. The elements are as
for the PRFLD series.
HYDAC inline filters are designed
for the toughest applications
in process technology.
They separate solid particles
of all types very effectively.
Numerous designs and filter materials
enable optimal adaptation
to the filtration application
and the process conditions
which are present.
We manufacture quality-tested single
and duplex filters in stainless steel and
corrosion-protected steel.
Special materials and special coatings
can be used on request.
Models with vertical filter elements
or suspended contamination
retainers are also available
as options.
ual Demands.
Screen Basket Filter
Simple Change-Over Filter
Screen basket filters are used mainly
as coarse filters or preliminary filters.
In contrast to the inline filters PRFL
and PRFLD, flow through the filter
element is from in to out.
The separated contamination stays
in the stainless steel basket
and can be disposed of quickly
and easily. Nominal sizes available
from DN 50 and above.
Materials: Carbon steel 1.0038 or
stainless steel 1.4571 (316 Ti)
Inline Filter
with Coiled Candles:
Simple Change-Over Filter
By using coiled filter candles in
polypropylene or polyester, a very high
contamination retention capacity is
achieved. For continuous processes,
each size is also available as a duplex
filter. Filter areas, pressure drops and
service life can be optimized for the
greatest economy, owing to numerous
housing sizes and nominal widths
from DN 50 and above.
Original HYDAC Accessories
for Safe, Long-Term
To monitor contamination in the filter
elements we provide visual and
visual-electrical clogging indicators
for all inline filters. All indicators work
on the principle of differential pressure
measurement and are self-setting.
Accessories which have been specially
developed for our filters, such as
seal kits, cover plate lifting devices,
vent valves and drain valves,
simplify operation and ensure
a long service life.
Filters for Hydraulics
and Lubrication
HYDAC offers a comprehensive filter
range, specially coordinated
for hydraulics and lubrication in
construction, size and pressure range
and with elements to suit various
operating fluids.
The core of a filter is the filter element.
This is where the results
of many years’ research and
development are best demonstrated.
A wide range of filter materials and
element designs can be used to solve
the widest variety of filtration tasks.
Most of the filter materials can be
cleaned which eliminates
the substantial costs of re-purchase
and disposal.
Metal Fibre
is a cleanable, metal fibre,
deep filter medium which has high
contamination retention capacity
and excellent retention rates due
to its three-dimensional structure.
It also has excellent fluid and
temperature resistance up to 400 °C
due to the austenitic material,
1.4404 (316 L).
Filtration ratings available:
1; 3; 5; 10; 20; 25; 30; 40; 60; 100 µm
Slotted Tube
Slotted tubes consist of profiled wire
which is welded around a support
section. The filtration rating is determined
by the distance between the wires.
Their extremely robust construction
means that slotted tubes can be cleaned
as often as required.
Material: 1.4435 (316 L)
Filtration ratings available:
50; 100; 150; 200; 300; 500; 1,000;
2,000; 3,000
Wire Mesh
Re-usable, cleanable filter mesh pack.
Material: 1.4401 (316)
Filtration ratings available:
25; 40; 60; 100; 150; 200;
250; 500 µm
Stainless Steel
Screen Baskets
Our screen baskets are ideal for long-
term operation due to their robust design.
Once the contamination has been
removed and the basket has been briefly
high pressure cleaned, the screen
basket is ready to use again.
The stainless steel baskets can be
purchased as slotted tube and perforated
plate versions.
Filtration ratings available:
Slotted tube 50, 100, 150, 200, 300,
500, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 µm
Perforated plate: 3, 4, 5, 10 mm
Filter Elemen
Inorganic Mesh Packs
This disposable filter material has an
excellent contamination retention
capacity at low purchase costs.
Filtration ratings available:
3; 5; 10; 20 µm (absolute)
Final testing on
the bubble-point
test rig. Only
leave our
Coiled Filter Candles
in Polypropylene
or Polyester
This deep filter material consists
of 100 % meltblown polyester (PBT)
or polypropylene (PP) fibre in a variety
of thicknesses and porosities.
A special winding technique produces
an asymmetric deep filter matrix where
the fibre layers become finer in
the direction of filtration. This makes
possible an extremely high
contamination retention capacity
with low pressure drop.
Filtration ratings available:
1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 40, 50, 70, 90,
100, 120, 150 µm (absolute)
Maximum operating temperature:
80 °C for polypropylene elements
100 °C for polyester elements
Filtration Efficiency
In order to be able to compare the
different filter materials in filtration
technology, the separation rate ß
been defined. This value indicates
the ratio of quantities of particles above
a certain size before and after the filter
High Quality as Standard
Quality takes priority at HYDAC,
and is guaranteed by permanent
monitoring during the manufacturing
process and systematic laboratory tests.
In addition to numerous international
approvals and registrations, HYDAC
quality management is certified
according to DIN EN ISO 9001 – your
guarantee of the consistently high
quality level of our products.
Rigorous goods-in inspection ensures that
only perfect materials are used in
ents. Elementary and Individual.
Standardised test procedures for our filter
elements ensure consistently high
filtration efficiency. The separation rate
and contamination retention capacity
is tested on our multi-pass test rig.
number of particles > x µm before the filter
number of particles > x µm after the filter
x = particle size in µm
Absolute Filtration Rating
– for Betamicron
inorganic mesh packs,
coiled candles and Chemicron‚
metal fibre
A ß
value of 100 (ß
= 100) corresponds
to a separation rate of 99 %. During this
test the filter must retain at least 99 %
of the particles larger than the stated
micron rating and up to a given
differential pressure. This denotes
absolute filtration.
The rates given in the brochure are
determined by the multi-pass test,
carried out on the HYDAC test rig, in
line with ISO 4572 (Multi-pass test for
the determination and proof of the
filtration performance, extended to finest
Nominal Filtration Rating
– for wire mesh and slotted tubes
No ß
values have been determined for
these elements. The mesh width or slot
width of the filter material concerned is
given as the filtration rating.