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EDITOR’S NOTE: Tis is part of a
monthly series following the work
local rodeo queens put into earning
their titles.
By Casey Archibald
t has been a busy couple of
months for Miss Junior Rodeo
Idaho, Isabel Winder. Recently,
she has traveled to several diferent
cities to attend diferent events and
carry her title.
In October, Winder attended
the Wilderness Circuit Finals in
Heber City, Utah. She said that she
was pleasantly surprised at how
beautiful the city was. Winder said
she loved attending the event be-
cause she was able to see dozens of
cowboys compete to see if they can
go to the National Finals Rodeo
“Te Wright brothers are some
of my favorite cowboys. Tey were
there and they made it to the NFR,”
said Winder. “Tey are probably my
favorite because they have had a goal
to have all the brothers in their fami-
ly get into the NFR. So far, three have
gotten in and I think it is really cool
they can do that as a family. Tey are
really fun to watch.”
On Nov. 9 Winder took an-
other trip, this time to Nampa to
attend a send of party for Erica
Greenwood, who was preparing
to compete for the Miss Rodeo
America Contest. Te party took
place at the Idaho Horse Park and
like most sendof parties, included
a fundraiser to help Greenwood on
the fnancially-trying journey to
her competition.
Winder said it was a great oppor-
tunity for her to go to the party
because she was able to see other
Idaho queens that she doesn’t get
to see very ofen because most of
them live in Boise.
“[Erica] talked to us about how
she prepared for the contest,” said
Winder. “We got to see her and
take pictures with her. I haven’t
gotten to see her very ofen. She
has inspired me because she is
one of those people who is fun to
be around. She is always smiling,
she always has funny comments
and she is a positive person. I have
learned a lot from her during her
Winder also took a trip to Las
Vegas to attend the NFR on Dec 5.
“It is this huge arena with a
huge stadium,” said Winder. “It is
like being in a concert. It is really
intense and you can just feel the
rodeo. Te cowboys that compete
there are the best of the best.”
Traveling and making appear-
ances isn’t the only thing Winder
has been up to so far this winter.
She continues to practice for her
queening career, with a focus on
“We ride in an indoor arena to
practice, but it isn’t heated so it
gets cold,” said Winder. “I rode the
other day when it was -6. You have
to be really careful. You have to
ride a little bit and sit and let [your
horse] cool down so he doesn’t get
sweaty and wet. You have to ride
easier during the winter.”
The best part about the winter
time for Winder is that she gets
to take things steady and slow.
She said it gives her time to focus
and fine tune her skills. She
appreciates having long blocks of
time to practice without inter-
ruption so she can be confident
in her abilities when it is time for
“I am excited to start a new year
as Miss Rodeo Idaho and enjoy the
time I have to be a good represen-
tative of Idaho. I love that I can just
go out and be me and show people
who I am and what I represent.”
Winder travels to represent crown,
practices for next competition
Submitted photo
Miss Junior Rodeo Idaho Isabel Winder
poses for a photo at one of the many rodeo
events she’s traveled to this winter.
Staying sharp