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Sunway College
Australian Matriculation Programme
Accounting and Finance: Unit 3A
Task 6
Topic : Cost Volume Profit analysis
Asset Management
Assessment Type : Research / Response
Date assigned : 7

!uly "#$
Due Date :
August "#$
Mar%s : &# mar%s
'eighting : () of course*or%
'ord limit : Please refer to specific +uestion, -nsert *ord count at the end of
the response to each +uestion,
What needs to e sumitted !ue dates
-ndi.idual report /0oftcopy su1mitted through 234learn56,
August "#$
Penalty "or #lagiarism
$ #lagiarised Penalty
7 "8 9o penalty
"( – &# # )
& – $# "#)
$ 4 8# &# )
8 – (# $# )
( – 7# 8#)
: 7# 0tudent gets a ;ero score
Penalty "or late sumission
# mar%s deduction for each day after the due date,
What will you need to do%
<ased on the -4Care Day "#$ e.ent organised 1y A=0MAT> compile information
regarding the e?penses on the product/s6 and / or you ha.e pro.ided in your
assigned groups> assuming that your 1usiness is the pro.ision of the product/s6 and / or during the e.ent, 'ith reference to the information collected /and
assumptions6> address the +uestions 1elo*:
&uestion ' (') marks*
'hat resource constraints or capacity constraints do you thin% this 1usiness might ha.e
no* or encounter in the future@ 3?plain ho* Cost4Volume4Profit analysis can help in
decision4ma%ing *hen this situation occurs and *hat +ualitati.e factors to 1e
considered, (Word limit: 300 words)
&uestion + (') marks*
Cost .olume profit analysis can 1e used to assist a manager to ma%e decision such as:
• Accept or reAect a special order
• Continue or discontinue a product or
• Ma%e or 1uy a part/*hole of a product or
Choose ONE decision that is most li%ely to 1e made for the 1usiness you ha.e
researched, 3?plain *ith assumptions> ho* cost .olume profit analysis assists in
ma%ing the decision and *hat +ualitati.e factors must 1e considered *hen ma%ing the
decision, (Word limit: 300 words)
&uestion 3 (') marks*
Ba.e the 1usinessC assets 1een managed appropriately during the course of the
1usiness@ Dutline the principles of good asset management> and illustrate *ith rele.ant
e?amples on ho* your 1usinessC assets ha.e 1een appropriately and/or inappropriately
managed, Pro.ide suggestion/s6 on the *ays the asset management of the 1usiness
can 1e impro.ed> *ith the related costs and 1enefits, (Word limit: 300 words)