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Informed consent

This research attempts to understand teachers psychological and behavioral determinants that may
influence the use or disuse of Open Educational Resources (OER). We are trying to investigate why some
teachers' share their works and some dont.
Procedure: In order to investigate above research questions, we have designed interview schedule
consisting of questions regarding four construct of the research viz., Attitude, Motivations towards use
and adoption of OER, Perception of quality of OER and Barriers to use and adoption of OER.
Potential risks and discomforts: There are no anticipated risks to your participation. When you feel
discomfort at responding some questions, please feel free to ask for more clarification or to skip the
Potential Benefits to subject and/or to the society: You will not directly benefit from you participation
in this research study. On the other hand, your participation in this research will help us and the academia
in understanding the psychological and behavioural determinants which help or hamper the uptake of
OER. This may lead to formation of such policies and practices which will facilitate uptake of OER.
Length of time: This interview will be of about 30 minutes.
Type of participation: You participation is voluntary and refusal to participate will not result in any
consequences or any loss of benefits that you otherwise are entitled to receive.
Rights of research Subjects: Your participation in the interview is completely voluntary and you have
the right to refuse to participate or leave at any time. You can skip any question if you dont feel
comfortable answering. You are free to ask questions for clarification of any doubt at any time. If you
agree to participate in this study, you will be interviewed which will be audio recorded. Your name shall
not be disclosed at any point of time. The information provided by you shall not be used for any purpose
other than the objectives of research. Thus your confidentially will be maintained throughout the research
process and after. When the results of the research are published or discussed in conferences no
information will be included which would revel your identity. Sentences or questions you ask the
interviewer to skip will not be used.
Opportunities to be Informed of Results:
In all likelihood, the results will be fully available around December, 2015. The results of the research
will be available under Creative Commons license on our research communication website
Identification of the researcher:
If you have any questions or concerns about the research, please feel free to contact the principal
Sanjaya Mishra Ph.D.
13/14 Sarv Priya Vihar
New Delhi 110016

Your signature below indicates that you have read the above information and voluntarily agree to
participate in this study.

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