Fellow Kenyans,
Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
It gives me great pleasure to join you today to ofcially launch the electronic
procurement and payment system (e-procurement! "he opportunity to launch e-
procurement #rings me particular pride, happiness and a sense o$ accomplishment!
"his is a journey that goes #ac% to &'(' when I was then responsi#le $or the )nance
In &'(', we as a Government too% the )rst step to reengineer the Integrated Financial
*anagement In$ormation +ystem (IF*I+, as part o$ a comprehensive re$orm
programme o$ our ,u#lic Financial *anagement +ystem!
"his moment, there$ore, carries signi)cant resonance and sym#olism to me $or it was
here, in the year &'(( that I launched,-theIntegrated Financial *anagement
In$ormation +ystem .e-engineering +trategic ,lan/ $or the period &'((-&'(0!
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Let me at this juncture ta%e a $ew minutes to put into conte1t what we are doing here
today! 2s you are aware, the 3onstitution o$ Kenya lays out the principles that guide all
aspects o$ the management o$ our pu#lic )nances,with particular emphasis on
transparency, accounta#ility and prudence in the use o$ pu#lic resources! "he
3onstitution, in 2rticle (' also articulates the national values and principles o$
governance, which include integrity, transparency, and accounta#ility!
"hese are the values that my Government cherish and is promoting throughout the
entire pu#lic service! "he roll out o$ Integrated Financial *anagement In$ormation
+ystem all the way to the county governments,and indeed the launch o$ e-procurement
that we are witnessing today, are part and parcel o$ this no#le e4ort!
Ladies and Gentlemen,
"oday5s launch o$ e-procurement is a step $orward in the reali6ation o$ our 7ision &'0'
aspirations $or a pu#lic service that is -citi6en-$ocused and results-oriented/ and
delivers 8uality service to all Kenyans! 9e are committed to implementing these
re$orms and in particular e-government #ecause we %now very well that a modern and
results-$ocused pu#lic service is a prere8uisite $or the country5s socio-economic
Let me this point spell out some the $undamental #ene)ts that we shall accrue $rom
adopting an e-procurement system!
First, e-procurement will to large e1tent assist in ensuring that pu#lic )nancial
resources are used prudently and $or the intended purposes! :ver the years, we have
heard complaints $rom Kenyans that the Government is #eing overcharged $or goods
and services that it purchases!
Ladies and Gentlemen,
;y introducing transparency and accounta#ility through e-procurement, we e1pect
more or less to eliminate the a#use o$ our procurement system! Indeed, given the $act
that procurement o$ goods and services constitute a#out <' percent o$ our annual
#udget, implementation o$ e-procurement will, there$ore, save the Government
su#stantial )nancial resources!;ut more importantly, it will help to instill con)dence in
Kenyans that they are getting value $or money and hence the reason why they should
pay ta1es!
+econd, the implementation o$ e-procurement will go a long way to strengthen the
government-supplier relationship #y streamlining the procurement procedures, to
provide easy access to in$ormation and documents, to increase the num#er o$ #idders
as the #idding process gets simpli)ed, and to ensure cost savings $or the government
and all ta1payers!
"hird, let me emphasi6e that the e-procurement we are launching today is not
-another/ system! It is the -,rocure to ,ay/ module o$ the IF*I+, which is #eing
implemented in accordance with the +trategic ,lan that I mentioned earlier! "hrough
automation o$ pu#lic )nancial processes, the Integrated Financial *anagement
In$ormation +ystem has provided an interlin%ed system o$ internal controls providing
clear audit trails and identi)cation o$ the originator o$ all transactions! "his promotes
transparency o$ pu#lic )nancial transactions!
Fourth, the roll out o$ electronic procurement through the IF*I+-,rocure to ,ay/ module
introduces a new era to government procurement #y #ringing to an end manual
procurement challenges that the country has e1perienced in the past! "his will indeed,
ma%e Kenya a more attractive destination $or investment!Indeed, we ta%e great pride in
#eing the )rst 2$rican country to automate end-to-end procurement and payment
processes in a devolved government system!
Ladies and Gentlemen,
=1penditure on procurement #y the Government should as much as possi#le #ene)t
our people and in particular our youth! "o ensure our youth, women and persons living
with disa#ility indeed #ene)t $rom our procurement,I wish to reiterate my
Government5s directive that every pu#lic institution ensures compliance with the 0'>
pre$erential procurement policy to provide procurement opportunities to youth, women
and persons living with disa#ility!
I also call upon the private sector to play their part in the implementation o$ e-
procurement and providing opportunities to these groups!
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Let me at this point also appreciate some o$ the other re$orms ?ational "reasury is
ta%ing to moderni6e our pu#lic )nancial management! :ne such re$orm ta%en recently
is the esta#lishment o$ a -"reasury +ingle 2ccount ("+2, $rom which all payments shall
#e processed in compliance with the ,u#lic Financial *anagement 2ct (&'(&!
,reviously, government ministries have managed $ragmented #an%ing arrangement
that is not consistent with the principle o$ prudent cash management!
Indeed, government-owned )nancial resources lie idle $or e1tended periods in
numerous #an% accounts held #y some spending units while the ?ational "reasury
continues to #orrow, most li%ely the same money, to provide to the spending units
ready to apply the resources!
9ith the +ingle "reasury 2ccount in place, payments to suppliers will now #e e1pedited
since the ?ational "reasury will have a #etter view o$ its overall cash position!
Ladies and Gentlemen,
@ou are aware, the ?ational "reasury has #een putting up a Government digital
payments portal that will ena#le Kenyans to ma%e payments to the Government
electronically instead o$ using cash! I am in$ormed the e1ercise is almost ready and we
will #e launching it in the coming wee%s!
Ladies and Gentlemen,
2s I conclude my remar%s, I wish to emphasi6e that a %ey $unction o$ the ?ational
"reasury is to ensure that pu#lic resources are prudently utili6ed!7alue-$or-money must
there$ore always #e our priority and guiding principle!
I, there$ore, wish to register my utmost gratitude to the ?ational "reasury, not only $or
success$ully rolling out various initiatives to automate government processes, #ut more
so, $or showcasing a changing culture o$ prudence and e1cellence in managing our
pu#lic )nances!
Let me also emphasi6e that automation is not an end in itsel$! *ore importantly, it is
essential that the systems and process are up and running 2LL the time!
In this regard, I e1pect the ?ational "reasury to put in place systems and procedures to
ensure that Integrated Financial *anagement In$ormation +ystem and the government
digital payments portal are running all the time,without disruption!
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Let me once again than% the ?ational "reasury, and especially the IF*I+ Department $or
ma%ing e-procurement a reality!
9ith those remar%s, it is now my pleasure to ofcially declare the government5s
electronic procurement and payment system ofcially launched!
*ungu awa#ari%i na awalinde ?yote!

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