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"The harvest is truly great,
but the laborers are few: pray ye
therefore the Lord of the harvest,
that he would send forth laborers
into harvest. "
Luke 10:2
JAN 1 21S70
is the "world's fifth largest nation of 112 million!
And Indonesia is turning to Christ! A flood of reports
coming from Indonesia tells of an unprecedented response
to the Gospel not only by individuals, but by entire com
munities ! The key event to this dynamic change "was the
abortive communist coup of September, 1965 "which left
a great spiritual vacuum, fraught "with insecurity and
bewilderment, thus providing an open door for the Gospel,
Thousands throughout this 3, 000 island nation are being
converted to Christ making it sound like another Pente
cost! Because of denominational restrictions as to who
can baptize, thousands now await baptism in Sumatra,
Java, Timor and the surrounding islands. Requests from
hundreds of villages for missionaries and Christian teach -
ers go unfulfilled for there just aren't enough to meet this
spiritual demand. This phenomenal thirst for God's Word
is altogether without precedent, not only in Indonesia,
but in all the world!
Because the ripening of the harvest is the Lord's work
and we are stewards in His service, is not the sending of
laborers for the in-gathering a just priority, even if it
means a temporary reduction of those caring for the
flock, or making use of harvesters who are not fully
trained? To limit the pastorate because of standards at a
time like this can mean a loss of the harvest!
Did you know the Christian Churches do not have an est
ablished work in Indonesia? However, the Lew Cass
family just entered the country to prepare the foundation
for New Testament Christianity and new missionaries to
follow. They were so challenged by this vast whitened
harvest field that they were constrained to leave their
work in Brazil to answer God's call for laborers !
To suppose that the work is almost completed is surely
to forget that each generation has to be won for Christ!
Bob was born in Danville, Illinois where he attended
grade and high school. Thereafter, he served in the
United States Navy, 1951 - 1954.
Diane is a native of Fairmount, Illinois and attended
grade and high school in the Vermilion County area.
Bob and Diane were baptized into Christ at the South
Side Church of Christ in Danville, Illinois where Bob
served as deacon and held other leadership positions
along with printing of the "South Side Side-Lites". They
attended Illiana School of the Bible while at South Side ,
absorbing as many courses as possible.
Moving to the Davenport, Iowa area in 1967, they began
working with the Bettendorf Christian Church congrega
tion. Bob served there as deacon and chairman of the
Youth Guidance Committee.
They have two daughters:
Debora, born July 4, 1958 in Terre Haute, Indiana;
Laura, born December 21, I960 in Danville, Illinois
To better prepare himself for the mission field. Bob is
presently enrolled at Lincoln Christian College. Courses
include Missions, Bible Study, Printing and Photography.
Bob and Diane earnestly need your prayers and support.
Prayer is essential in doing the Lord*s work. Pray that
they will continue to grow in Christ; that the doors to
Indonesia will continue to be open to them. Pray for all
the missionaries throughout the world. For if we pray,
souls shall be added daily.
I could not behappier than I am in the fact that Bob and his family are going
to Indonesia one of the greatest areas potentially in the whole world for
discipling vast multitudes ....
Max Ward Randall
Professor of Missions
It is my Christian privilege to recommend Robert Sigafoose and family ....
Their response to this great need is an answer to prayer .... Indonesia is
one of the ripest and most demanding areas for workers at the present
time . . .
James D. Strauss
Asst. Professor of Philosophy
Christian Doctrine
Please accept this couple with Christian concern for the preaching of the
"Good News " The labors of Robert and Diane are desperately needed,
they are worthy of your prayers. Indonesia must be secured for Christ . . .
Charles W. Winegarner
Isles of Pacific Christian Mission
Without hesitation, we recommend the Sigafoose family to Christian every
where .... They are totally committed to Christ in body, mind, and soul. . .
Minister, elders, Bettendorf Christian Church
We, the Eldership, give our full support and prayers to Bob Sigafoose and
his family.
Elders, South Side Church
Danville, Illinois
We are so happy to have Mr. & Mrs.
Roy J. Prather of Catlin, Illinois
as our forwarding agents. Theywill
be receiving all funds for us and
handling all correspondence. You
may contact them if you would like
us to visit your congregation.
P. 0. Box 569
Catlin, Illinois 61817
Published weekly by ttie Catlin Churcli of Christ, P.O. Box 128, Catlin.IlI. 61817
Second Class Postagfe at Catlin, 111. 61817
Volume Xn April 30, 1970 No. 17
Indonesia is the world's fifth largest nation, numbering 112 million!! Reports
from Indonesia tell of an unprecedented response to the Gospel, not only by indivi
duals, but by entire communities! Because of denominational restrictions as to
who can baptize , th ou-
Sumatra, Java, Timor,
lands. Requests from
missionaries and Chris-
filled, Bob and his fami-
least a portion of this
phenomenalthirstfor the
Danville, and Diane, his
mount. 111. They have
Debora and Laura. Bob
Lincoln Christian College.
Indonesia by September,
to the Catlin Church of
7:00 p.m. to hear of their
Word in Indonesia.
Pat Prather are the for-
and Diane.
Did you know that the Christian Churches do not even have an established
work in Indonesia? The Lew Cass family just recently left their work in Brazil
to prepare the foundation for New Testament Christianity and new missionaries
to follow. Let us pray for more laborers!
"The harvest is truly great, but the laborers are few : pray ye therefore the
Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into harvest." Luke 10:2
sands nowawaitbaptism in
and the surrounding is-
hundreds of villages for
tian teachers go unful-
ly wish to try to fulfill at
demand and their
Word. Bob was born in
wife, is a native of Fair-
two lovely daughters
is presently enrolled at
Plans are to leave for
1970. Plan now to come
Christ, Sunday, May 3rd,
plans to spread God's
Incidentally, Roy. and
warding agents for Bob
i6:36 a.m. ; "Two Brothers" ?
7:00 p.m.? Bob Sigafoose toa^akL
Congratulatioos to Wllford Bott who received an "excellent" rating for a c ornet
solo at the Illinois High School Association Solo & Ensemble Music Contestat ISU!!
The Martha Circle will meet at the Church, Tues., May 5, 7:30 p.m. Devotions
will be presented by Edna White and refreshments provided by Rita Patten. The
Martha Circle would like to borrow someflowersprinklersforthe Mother/Daughter
buffet. If you can loan yours, please call Edna White (427-5345),
The Rebecca Circle will meet at the home of Marjorie Jones, 7:30 p.m., April 30.
Anona Hallett will have the devotions.
All Mother/Daughter couples attending the Mother/Daughter Buffet, please bring
your favorite salad (any kind). The Mother/ Daughter buffet will be Friday, May
8, 7:00 p. m. at the church building. Martha Pate will be the guest speaker , and
you are in for some "unique" entertainment also!!
A weiner roast is scheduled for the Jr. Hi. CYH at the home of Jim Birge.May 9,
6:30 p.m. They will be collecting food for the new minister's cupboards. If any
one wishes to help fill the cupboards, please call JoAnn Birge.
The Home Ext. Dept. would like for you to correspond this week with Dick and
Dave Reed, 629 W. Hampton Rd., Box 211, Indianapolis, Ind. 46207.
The Master's Men of Lincoln Christian College will present their Spring concert
at First Church, Georgetown, Friday, May 1st., 8:00 p.m.
The 5th Annual Informational Banquet, sponsored by Campus Crusade for Christ,
will be held Mon., May 4, 6:15 p. m. in the U. of I. niini Union Ballroom. The
program will be in two parts: banquet and report on campus ministry,and concert.
THE ARMAGEDDON, music representatives of Campus Crusade (formerly called
the New Folk) uses the medium of contemporary music to present the claims of
Jesus Christ. Tickets for both portions of the program are $4.00, but the concert
costs only $1. 00 per student. The concertwillbegin at the Auditorium
located at the south end of the Quad. Ticket orders must be received before May 1.
H you are interested in attending this program, please call the church office.
An "Outreach" program will be presented at the Catlin Church of Christ, Sunday,
May 10th, 7:00 p.m. bv the University of Illinois Campus House. Plan to attend!!
Anna Stout Westville
Ruth Nevels Fairmount
Tithes and Offerings $1468.70
Grace Yount Danville Care
Bible School 83.20
George & Gertie Taylor Catlin
Helen Ward Vermilion
Sam Jordan 308 N. Gilbert
Bible School 443
Hulda Shanks 307 E. 5th
Last Year 500
Carl Jenkins Oakwood
Morning Worship
Evening Worship 166
Someone Needed Immediately for
Singapore as the Carl Fish family go into
Indonesia. Recruits for this area should
contact Carl Fish ... or us here for
further information. Perhaps a minister of ^
congregation could be sent for a year or so
to hold this door open. In ftis way die
salary would be provided already and the
congregation he serves could see mudi
growth through fhe elders and deacons
preaching during the absence of the minis
ter. How about growing through GOING,
friend? This is an urgent call, and those
who can do something about it will be the
ones left with the responsibility. For the
missionaries have now informed us; meir
part is done How about your part?
Mission Indonesia via Singapore
Robert Sigafoose (front) with wife,
Diane, and daughters
A new mission work in Singapore has
been established and the Bob Sigafoose
family is scheduled to leave November 3,
for this city.
The Carl Fish family and Jean Comer,
along with the Charles Winegarner family,
have all received their visas to Indonesia
and have stressed the importance of the
Sigafoose family going immediately to
November 7, 1970 ^ ^
The Sigafoose family plans to be in
Singapore temporarily until someone is
available to go on a permanent basis, to
take over when they leave to go to their
planned work in Indonesia.
Singapore is considered to be one of
the greatest ports in the world and serves
as a gateway from India to the Far Elast
and will be an important part of the mission
work in all of Southeast Asia.
Travel and shipping funds are needed
immediately, so that they can arrive before
the Fish family leaves for Indonesia.
Address isi Box 569, Catlin, IL 61817.