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The Word of God

(Translated by I.A.)

Oh, My people, the counting of Gods age, the counting from the end! When do you
join the counting from the beginning which has been done by the Holy Spirit? Where is the count-
ing from the end? What do you know about it? In the beginning, when God built this earth, He
counted Adam as the first man. Blessed is he who will be counted in the end.

Get clean so that you may come in the place that I prepared for you, but here, the word
that I spoke with you face to face sanctified you, for I do not leave you if your faith is the same
like My faith.

I will come to you in your gate and you will get Me out in the street. Why? Because you
did not read what Gods plan was. As from beginning to end, nothing of God It was given.

Oh, My loved one, you will come son, and will face a bad weather and say: Let me stay
under Your eaves! And I will say to you: Not under the eaves but in the house as you too let Me
in your house. I said that I will make a house. But here, a rodent turned up in the silk linen. Do
not damage it; do not do this for My silk is expensive and is not from earth; you cannot mend it
because it is expensive.

Who knows God will be asked when he will have gathered everything that is on earth;
he will be asked: It is not so that there is no Christ? But you should say: It is not so; rather
there is the Lord, Jesus Christ. We all have seen Him; not only I but also my forefather. You
Christian, God will write what you speak. If you say that there is God, any of your sins will be
forgiven, no matter how heavy they may be, for this is the point, here is scale.

My little flower, do not make My cry. Suffice it that I cried enough. It is enough! And
let Me enjoy with you and not only with you, but you do not receive the ones that I want to bring
to Me. Where shall I take them, as the earth belongs to Gog, (Of the communist dictatorship which
nationalized everything, red. note
.), but up to one point and everything will be devastated.

I brought someone beside Me (Petre Neacu, r.n.) and helped him to erect a house for
himself. And now you owe Me to accomplish what I ask you. I ask you to receive My little sheep
under your covering so that God may fulfill His number. I did not bring these Christians to you to
be reprimanded, scolded or unappreciated by you. I would have left them into their village, but I
brought them to you Christian, for you are My friend.

Christian, you followed in the steps of Adam and Eve and that is why you dare commit
plagues, but Adam had salvation. There will not be another salvation for you.

Gods Word in Romania
Redactor (editor) note


You sons, little sheep, the time is coming for the priests to hate you. They will take you
by your hand and throw you out of the church from Me, but you should not hate them.

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