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Greetings from Portugal!

"Go therefore and make disciples
of all nations. . . "
Box 67, Collinsville, minois 62234
\ \'J8
January, 1980
We have been in language study since November, trying to learn a very dif
ficult language - and how successful we become remains to be seen. We
have been able to meet a few friends during this time and have been able
to share notes on the happenings in Portugal. It is a very interesting
country and^he nged for Christ's message can be seen all around us.
During the month of October, Lew Cass and I made the visit into Bangla
desh and for a few dollars more, decided to survey Singapore to discover
the possibilities there. At the moment, it seems as if our getting into
-B^.3.l3desh will be a little delayed. The government there is making all
foreigners re-register and our contacts there, both foreign and national,
advise us to wait until this program is finished before we apply for our
visas. Otherwise, we might get caught in the "shuffle." They suggest
we wait at least six_mo_nths to apply.
While in. Singapore, Bob and Lew were able to make contact with men who
Bob had known while he was in Singapore in 1970, waiting for his visa
into Indonesia. One man, in particular, has since started a leadership
training program and was very anxious to have someone help him. We have
no work in Singapore, so we prayed about this possibility also. Since
it is easier for us to make a move, rather than Lew, we decided that
another door was opening for us. We contacted the elders of our living-
link congregation in Collinsville, Illinois, and they agreed 100 per
cent that we should move-on to Singapore (providing visas can be ob
tained) an^Lew stay here until someone comes to replace him.
We would be teaching in the Leadership Training School, plus perhaps
able to start a work there. Also, there is a Bangladesh Consulate to
work with, whereas there is none in this country . . . and it is closer
to Bangladesh.
We ask your prayers concerning this possible move. It takes all of our
prayers and efforts to get the job done that needs to be done.
Due to the fact that our contract was up on our first apartment, we have
had to move again. Qur^address will be the same as the Lew Cass, family
and is printed on the back.
Love in Christ Jesus,
4 Oi.;?
"Go therefore and make disciples
I of all nations. . . "
" Box 67, Collinsville, ininois 62234
June, 1980
Greetings from Portugal!
They say that springtime in Europe is a beautiful sight to see. We
agree. It seemed as if overnight the trees popped out in delicate
shades of green, while multitudes of flowers displayed a wide array
of colors: pink, yellow, purple, red, blue, with varying shades of
each. It was an uplifting time for us to look out across the hills
and valleys made green by the winter rains and experience a new surge
of urgency in proclaiming Christ to these many around us. To be able
to give them an eternal season of love, beauty and the blessed as
surance of a springtime forever. We thank God for His promise of
After many months of survey, making contacts and other necessary
means of beginning a new work. Lew and Bob have finally come in con
tact with a group of immigrants that want to be taught. Immigrants
from former Portuguese colonies such as Angola, Mozambique and
others number more than one million at the present, which makes up
more than one-ninth of the total population of Portugal. At the mo
ment, they seem to be the most receptive. Eventually, these immigrants
will have to find their way into the Portuguese society. It is a good
opportunity for us.
The Bible Study meets in a home on Friday nights, beginning at 9:30 and
lasting until midnight. This big home houses ten families living to
gether and one of the bedrooms is used for the meeting. To be sure, it
is a little crowded with fourteen adults and several children. We
covet your prayers in this new adventure for Christ.
Singapore Immigrations Department has sent us more forms to fill out,
which we did, and are still waiting for an answer to their decision.
We have learned many things on the mission field one of the most
important things has been patience.
On the more personal side we have had several guests off and on
since Christmas. Usually the Casses house them all as we don't have
a lot of room. But then, we try and share on the meals and taking our
guests around to see the interesting places that are so near to us.
We have enjoyed the Christian fellowship and hold it dear. It does give us an
encouragemenJt that we are not all alone here.
Debbie and Laurie have enjoyed this past year studying at Artesia Christian
College. They intend to go to the Collinsville, Illinois area for the summer
to work. We appreciate the concern of those there who have so graciously
offered to look after them.
Thank you for your continued prayers for this work here in Portugal. It is
Love in Christ,
Robert & Diane Sigafoose
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November, I98O
We were very excited and thrilled to be able to be home those
few weeks in America for our daughter Debbie's wedding. It
was so great to be together with both of the girls that short
time after so long an absence from one another. Our Debbie
married a wonderful Christian boy whom we immediately loved
and were very happy to accept him as part of the family. We
do seek your prayers for this 'new adventure' for this couple.
Laurie has returned to Artesia Christian College which has
become her home while we have been gone. She enjoys her 'many'
parents there and they are good to look after her needs.
We appreciated the Collinsville, Illinois congregation while
in the States. T^^ey did a tremendous job of looking after
our needs at that time by providing a place for our family to
be together, plus transportation and making sure we had a
good supply of that good ole' American food. God truly has
been good to us through the efforts*of all our brothers and
sisters in Christ.
As you celebrate the meaning of Christmas this season v/ith
your families and your church families, will you take the time
to pray for our three families here as we try to endeavor to
sew and plant seeds in this nine million populous country of
Portugal? We pray that God will richly bless each and everyone
of you with His Goodness;
Our visa to Singapore did not come through. We intend to stay
here in Portugal for this next year, still paving roads and
making preparations for new missionaries to come. Hopefully,
sometime after next May, we are expecting four new missionaries
to come to Portugal and take over the responsibilities we have
begun. After that, we will be looking elsewhere for a 'new'
country in which to open the doors to the Gospel and to help
get missionaries into the countries we can open.
Our contact with foreign personal has been increasing, especially
with the newly baptized family of Norman and Pat Beckett, (you
remember in our last newsletter how we rejoiced at their accept
ing Christ) This family has been assigned here with our NATO
Forces and will be ending their tour of duty here the last of
this month. Because of their witnessing, more of our NATO people
have desired to meet together with us. We are finding our
homes not big enough to hold all now. It looks as if we will
be searching for a larger meeting area in which to worship and
to try and help those who are interested in hearing God's
Our Bible studies with the immigrants are going well. It is
very burdening to see them struggling with every day living
not sure of a place to stay or food for the table. Jobs for
them are next to impossible to find. We pray they might find
streng^ to face each day by giving them the Living^ubstance
from the Word. We ask your prayers concerning this alsoV^
Your brother and sister in Christ,
Bob and Diane Sigafoose
November 29, 198O
Report from Delmer and Winston
Our first experience at working a booth at the National
Missionary Convention was very heartwarming and provided us
with a much broader insight to the needs of the world and how
best to accomplish the work our Lord has set before us.
Nothing can match the experience of listening to a group
of missionaries from so many different parts of God's world
sharing joys and sorrows, victories and defeats. Fellowship
was evident in many ways as we discussed in groups or on a
one to one basis the ways Good News Christian Mission could
help to fulfill the theme of the Convention, "Wholeness in
Using the example of Acts 11:22 and 13:2-4 of Barnabas
and Saul being set apart by the Holy Spirit and sent forth ^
from the church at Antioch, we are sending out Bob and Diane
Sigafoose as our missionaries to open up new areas of work so
that permanent workers can follow up behind them taking over
the work established, freeing our team of Lew Cass and Robert
Sigafoose to research and open up other areas while there is
yet time.
We have found from our research and from discussions with
others at the N.M.C. that more and more countries are closing
their borders to missionaries coming in to establish churches
and to spread the true Word of the Gospel,
Time is so short and there are so few with the experience
and know how to open new fields for our Lord. Bob and Lew have
this experience and know how and we 'are 'trying to use it to the
best advantage. We feel that it is vital that these fields be
opened so that others may come to assume the work on a permanent
basis. In the summer of '81 Dick and Sarah Robison will arrive
in Lesbon, Portugal to take over the two groups that have been
established. This will free our team to begin surveys and work
in other areas that need to be opened to the Word, We are
currently conducting surveys in Spain and expect to have another
work started there soon. We have recruited a young couple who
speak the language and know the customs of the Spanish people
to take over as soon as we can get this work started at Badai.02.
In closing, let us say that in preparing and working the
booth at the N.M.C, we received a great blessing in the service
of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, We continue to seek your
prayers and support. We thank and praise God for you who share
so fully with us in His Service.
) 't>S\ m
Good News Christian Mission is pleased to announce that Bob and Diane
Siga-foose will be returning to the States -for a six month -furlough
beginning in March o-f 198^. It will be a short time in the States, but
they can only be away from Singapore a few months due to that
government's tax regulations and the renewal of visas again in August.
They are preparing a special presentation of sermons, slides, pictures
and display items to bring you a report of their labors in Singapore.
Bob and Diane are grateful for your response to the need for a new
typewriter. Because of your wonderful response, they have been able to
purchase a new portable electronic typewriter (which is an indespensible
item these days).
They are in need of air fare home and an automobile to use for their
travels while they are home. Their air fare will amount to $1,900. We
now have $600 in the Travel Fund to apply to the tickets. The Mission
board has located a car that can be purchased for $3,000. The car is a
1979 Pontiac Bonneville and has 45,244 miles on it. Those of you who
are interested in helping with either of these two needs may send your
62234. We have set up both an Automobile Fund and a Travel Fund and ask
that these designations be used for all gifts toward this endeavor.