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Ayurveda: Medicinal Use of Flowers at Home

Medicinal Use of Lotus:
There is a strong relationship between the lotus and Goddess Lakshmi (signifying
richness and wealth). The lotus represents growth in nature. The honeybee makes
honey with its pollens and the flower is used to prepare Gulkand. Gulkand is used
as a medicine to cure constipation and other diseases. One can see green colored
seeds inside the lotus flower, which are roasted to make makhana. If the raw
seeds are peeled and taken as a medicine, it increases strength and vigor. It is
cold in nature. It is used as eyeliner along with honey to improve the eyesight.
The lotus leaves can be used as a cosmetic as well. Grind the lotus leaves and mix
them with the ubatan (a pack made out of gram flour, raw milk, curd and 1/2
teaspoon turmeric powder) and apply on the face. Rub it gently on the face, the
skin glows and the face looks beautiful.

Medicinal Use of Kewda (Pandanus)
It has a nice fragrance like Kasturi (musk). This flower removes odors and fills the
atmosphere with fragrance. Kewda oil is beneficial for respiratory problems and
provides vitality. Its perfume relieves headache and gout pain. Boil the flowers in
water and take bath with this water, it is very beneficial in cases of leprosy,
itching, small pox and heart diseases. A few drops of this flower added to water
gives relief in headache and tiredness. In case of fever one drop of kewda essence
helps the sweat to come out and the body temperature comes down. In case of
severe pain in the ear, place two drops of its perfume in the ear. It will instantly
relieve the pain.

Medicinal Use of Rose

Rose represents beauty, love and affection. The gulkand made out of rose is
purgative in nature and reduces the heat in the intestines and stomach. It makes
the heart and mind cheerful. Wash the eyes with rose water to reduce the
redness of the eyes and swelling. Its perfume is vitalizing and its oil makes the
mind cool. A few drops of rose essence is used in sweet dishes. It provides
coolness during the hot summer season.

Medicinal Use of Champa (fragrant yellow flower)
Grind champa flowers and apply it on the skin affected with leprosy. A few drops
of this flower destroy the germs present in the blood. Dry the flowers and make a
fine powder, use this powder to get relief from itching. Champa cures fever,
improves the eyesight and gives strength and energy to men.

Medicinal Use of Aniseed (Saunf)
Aniseed contains a lot of beneficial qualities. Boil the aniseed flowers in water;
add cardamom and a few mint leaves in the water. It is better to boil the leaves in
a ceramic pot and keep the water aside. When the water gets cold, give one
teaspoon to small children and to babies who are getting new teeth and those
who are suffering from extreme heat. This reduces the stomachache and the
teeth will also grow in the correct manner.

Medicinal Use of Marigold

Grow marigold flowers near dirty ponds and near the surroundings of the house
to protect the house from mosquitoes. It is also beneficial in liver diseases,
swelling of the liver, stones and skin diseases.

Medicinal Use of Jasmine

This flower possesses a very good fragrance and grows especially in the summer
season. Decorate the house with Jasmine flowers. You can keep a garland near
you or in a vase, which will give freshness and fragrance. Its smell reduces the
burning sensation. Women who have the problem of mild menstruation should
chew a few petals of this flower. The menses cycle will become regular and the
menstruation also becomes normal.

Medicinal Use of Night Queen

Commonly known as 'Raat ki Rani' possesses an extremely good fragrance, which
can be felt from a long distance. The flower produces fragrance from evening to
midnight and after that it gradually reduces. Another advantage of this flower is
that mosquitoes are kept at bay. Its fragrance makes the person drowsy and puts
one to sleep.

Medicinal Use of Sunflower

Sunflower contains vitamins A and D. It cures diseases which occur due to
sunlight. Its oil is especially beneficial for heart patients and it reduces the level of
cholesterol in the blood.

Medicinal Use of Chameli

Oil of this flower is used in skin diseases, pyaria, toothache, wounds, eye diseases,
boils, etc. It increases the blood flow and activates the entire body. In case of
mouth ulcers chewing the leaves of Chameli provide instant relief. This flower also
contributes in providing mental happiness.

Medicinal Use of Saffron

This flower gives happiness and glowing skin. It gives strength, stops vomiting and
destroys wind, bile and phlegm related problems (all the three dosha disorders).
Saffron cools down the anxiety and stress present in different systems. Hence it is
also known as a natural tranquilizer. It gives vigor, strength, activity and glow if
consumed along with betel leaf.

Medicinal Use of Ashok

It is also known as Madan tree. The flowers, skin and leaves of Ashoka tree are
highly beneficial for women and are used as medicine to cure several diseases. Its
powder has the potential to cure most of the diseases related to women.

Medicinal Use of Palash (Forest Flame)

It is considered to represent immense beauty because of the yellow flowers which
grow on the tree in bunches. The tree looks very attractive from a distance. It is
also called Forest Flame due to this quality. Its powder can cure any type of
stomach problem. Boil the flowers in water and make a fine paste, keep this paste
on the lower part of the belly to cure problems of stones. In case of acute pain
due to the presence of stones or painful urination this medicine is highly

Medicinal Use of China Rose (Gudhal)

This flower is related to the uterus. Roast this flower in ghee and consume it after
your menstruation cycle. This will protect the pregnancy. Chew a few China rose
flowers to cure mouth ulcers. If you are suffering baldness or loss of hair, make a
fine paste with these flowers and apply it on the scalp. It gives coolness and
purifies the blood. It can be taken in the form of squash or Gulkand to cure Sujak
(gonorrhoea) disease. China Rose squash is especially beneficial and makes a
person happy and cheerful.

Medicinal Use of Shankhpushpi (Blue creeper)

It is also known as 'Vishnukanta' and is found in summer season and appears to
be some kind of grass. Grind the flowers, leaves and stem. Mix the paste with
water and add honey or sugar candy. This medicine is extremely good for
refreshing the mind and overcoming lethargy. Students are advised to take this
regularly to cope up with stress, burden and competition.

Medicinal Use of Acacia

Grind the leaves of Acacia tree and apply on the head to get rid of headache.
Apply the paste on skin affected with eczema and ringworm; it is beneficial for
skin diseases. It also gives relief in cough and respiratory problems. Gargling with
the acacia leaves helps stop tooth decay.

Medicinal Use of Neem

Grind the flowers of the neem tree and make a fine paste, apply this on boils and
wounds to reduce burning sensation and heat. Rub the paste on the body and
take bath, this is good to cure ringworm problem. Neem leaves are also useful for
reducing weight. Grind the flowers, mix the paste in water and sieve it nicely.
Regular consumption of this solution reduces weight and purifies the blood. It
protects the body from infectious diseases. Neem has many uses and hence is
also known as 'doctor of the home'.

Medicinal Use of Clove

This destroys the bacteria present in the pancreas and intestines. It increases the
white blood cells and thereby the resistance power of the body. It also stops bad
breath. It works like a painkiller, in case of pain in any part of the body. Rub the
clove on a grinding stone and apply the paste on the painful area. Suck a clove
incase of severe pain in the teeth. Smoking clove excretes all the unwanted
elements through sweat.

Medicinal Use of Juhi (a kind of Jasmine)

Make Gulkand or powder from the Juhi flowers. This medicine is beneficial for
acidity, stomach ulcer and mouth ulcers. Living under the proximity of a Juhi tree
protects one from tuberculosis.

Medicinal Use of Madhawi (Basil, a kind of creeper, which gives fragrant

This flower is beneficial to cure skin diseases. Prepare powder from these flowers
and apply the lep (pack) on the affected area. In case of arthritis, chew these
flowers in the morning. It also controls respiratory problems.

Medicinal Use of Harsingar or Parijat (Coral Tree)

This flower cures arthritis. The face pack made with these flowers gives glowing
skin. Its sweet smell makes the mind cheerful.

Medicinal Use of Swallow-wart (medicinal plant - Aak)

This flower removes phlegm and burning sensation. In case of jaundice, keep a
few flowers in one or two betel leaves and give it to the patient. This medicine is
very beneficial for this disease.

Medicinal Use of Kadamba

It is also known as Madan tree. If the cattle are suffering from some disease, keep
the flowers and leaves in the cattle shed; the disease will not affect the cattle. It
grows in rainy season and was the favorite tree of the 'gopikas' of Lord Krishna.

Medicinal Use of Kachnar (flowers of this tree are used as a vegetable)

The bud of this tree blossoms in rainy season. The buds are useful in controlling
the urge to pass bowels at small intervals. You can also make a poultice from the
skin and flowers along with water and apply it on burn wounds and boils.

Medicinal Use of Shirish (Acacia tree)

It is a wild tree possessing a nice fragrance. Its fragrance coming along with the
wind refreshes the mind and makes a person happy. In case of itching sensation,
grind the flowers and apply on the paste on the affected area. Prepare a
decoction of the flowers and wash the eyes, this is useful for any type of eye

Medicinal Use of Naagkesar (medicinal tree)

It looks like clove. It destroys itching sensations. Make a powder of these leaves
and consume it with butter or curd, this is beneficial in bleeding piles. It is also
beneficial for conceiving a child.

Medicinal Use of Bakul (tree with fragrant leaves)

The flowers of this tree are mixed with oil and used to make perfumes. Make
powder of the flowers and apply it on the skin. This will make your skin becomes
smooth. The squash of these flowers cures infertility in women. Use the stem of
this tree for brushing teeth; it cures all dental problems.

Medicinal Use of Amaltaas (purgative medicinal plant)

It grows in the summer season and the yellow flowers of this plant grow in
bunches. It is very pleasing to the eyes when seen from a distance. Gulkand of
these flowers is beneficial to cure constipation. Excess consumption is harmful
and can cause dysentery, cramps in the stomach and ill feeling.

Medicinal Use of Pomegranate
In case of bile related eruptions on the body, prepare the juice from the
pomegranate flowers, add sugar candy and drink it. Suck the flowers to cure
mouth ulcers. Pour the juice of pomegranate bud to cure conjunctivitis.