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How to Import and Export Global Project Management Data to Excel [ID 893942.

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Applies to:
Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management - Version: 5.0 and later [Release: 5.0 and later ]
Primavera P6 Professional Project Management - Version: 5.0 and later [Release: 5.0 and later]
All Platforms
Global Data can be made available to Microsoft Excel using a macro-enabled Dictionary.xls tool, provided with this document. This macro-enabled Excel tool requires the installation of the
Primavera SDK. For SDK installation instructions, refer to the following:
For SDK v5.0, refer to Note 898348.1. •
For SDK v6.x, refer to Note 908824.1. •
The Dictionary.xls file is designed to facilitate Import and Export of the following:
Global Data Admin Categories
Activity Codes (Global and Project-specific) Baseline Types
Project Codes Expense Categories
Resources Project Phases
OBS Document Categories
Users Document Status
Roles Overhead Codes
Funding Sources Risk Types
Resource Codes Notebook Topics
Cost Accounts
Resource Shifts
Resource Curves
Resource Rates
Calendars (Global and Project-specific)
The Dictionary.xls file can be downloaded below for the following versions:
Project Management P5 Download
Project Management P6 6.x Download
Project Management P6 v7 Download
Each of the Dictionary data worksheets has an Internal ID (Read-Only) column and a DELETE column. •
The values in these columns will determine whether data will be Added, Updated or Deleted. •
The Internal ID cannot be manually specified during Inserts. This value is automatically generated by the SDK. •
Valid values for the DELETE column are Y and N. •
To Update:
Internal ID column must have a value. This value will be used to match the existing data in the database. •
If a match is not found, the Update will be skipped. •
To Add:
Internal ID column must be Blank. •
To Delete:
Set the DELETE column value to Y. (By default, this column will be set to N during Export of data.) •
NOTE: If using the SDK in a 64-bit environment the utilities will not function if Microsoft Office is installed to the default location of "C:\Program Files (x86)\..."
This causes an existing networking bug to occur where the networking layer is unable to parse program locations that contain parenthesis in the path to the executable which is attempting
connect to Oracle.
See ORA-12154 or ORA-6413 Running 32-bit Oracle Software on 64-bit Windows OS (Doc ID 334528.1) for corrective actions.
Caution: The Dictionary.xls tool above is for the convenience of the User and is not provided under warranty or supported as part of Oracle's Maintenance and Support
Program. Users who implement this method do so at their own risk. Oracle will not be responsible for any problems or data loss resulting from the use of this tool. This tool h
been tested internally by the support team, however, and works as documented. We do not guarantee that it will work for you, so be sure to test it in your environment before
relying on it.
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General Notes:
For additional help please refer to the 'Help' section on each worksheet. •
The Login requires a valid Application user name and password. •
An Application user must have "View Global\Project Data Via SDK" Global Permissions to Export. •
An Application user must have "Admin\Superuser" Global Permissions to Export and Import. •
Use the GET Buttons for Export of Data. •
Use the SET Buttons for Import of Data. •
Use the Project Selection drop down to indicate the Project for Export or Import of project-level Activity Codes or Calendars. •
The column orders are fixed and should not be modified on any worksheet •
To ignore a column during Import, leave the values blank. •
More Applications >Oracle Primavera >Enterprise Project Management >Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management •
More Applications >Oracle Primavera >Enterprise Project Management >Primavera P6 Professional Project Management •
ORA-12154; ORA-6413
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