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Pay For Performance Public Relations Meets Market Demand

Matrix Marketing Group Defines Program to Eliminate Publicity Risks, Guarantee Results for Small to
Mid-sized usinesses
DE!"ER, #$ and %R&'!G($!, "( ) *ugust +,, ,-+. ) Matrix Marketing Group, &&#, a digital
marketing and training firm, announced today t/e full roll-out of its ne0 Pay-for-Performance Public
Relations 1PR2 program designed for small to mid-sized businesses to reduce public relations risk from
retainer-based public relations agencies3
4/en #enterStone (ec/nologies, a Den5er based soft0are firm, 0anted to launc/ t/eir ne0 sales order
management application, t/ey kne0 exactly 0/at t/ey 0anted from a public relations agency - national
trade media exposure3 6o0e5er, Public Relations 1PR2 agencies only 7uoted mont/ly retainer fees of
up to 8+-,--- for a broad package of ser5ices -- and none 0ould guarantee results3 (/at is 0/en Peter
$9!eil, executi5e 5ice president of sales and marketing found Matrix Marketing Group3
:Matrix Marketing Group9s Pay-for-Performance program is a great tool for us3 (/eir unbundled
ser5ices offer us more flexibility and pro5ide us t/e /ig/ly 7ualified expertise 0e are looking for, said
$9!eil3 Plus, 0e are a results-oriented company and 0it/ t/is program 0e only pay 0/en Matrix
Marketing Group deli5ers results3;
Matrix Marketing Group9s Pay-for-Performance Public Relations Program includes t/e follo0ing
customer-centric 5alue<
Pay for placements only
!o o5er billing due to acti5ity based pricing models
udget are in control by pre-determined media list
%nbundled ser5ices, get t/e PR you need
&earn more /ere< /ttp<==0003matrixmarketinggroup3com=pay-for-performance-public-relations
:(/is program 0as t/e de5elopment from our clients 0orking 0it/ traditional agencies,; said George
Sc/ildge, >ounder and Senior Partner at Matrix Marketing Group, &&# :6ere9s /o0 it 0orks3 #lients
pre-appro5e tiered fees based on t/e influence of targeted publications and t/e lengt/ of co5erage t/ey
may produce3 4e t/en pitc/ t/e publications 0it/ story ideas, ?@*s, case studies and press releases in
t/e normal manner3 ut our fees are only triggered if and 0/en co5erage is publis/ed as a result of
t/ese efforts3 't9s t/at simple3;
*bout Matrix Marketing Group, &&#
Matrix Marketing Group is a full-ser5ice marketing and public relations firm t/at /elps business-to-
business small to midsized companies 0it/ affordable marketing, branding and gro0t/ strategies3 (/e
company can be reac/ed at ABB-.CB-D,DD, prEmatrixmarketinggroup3com or
MED'* #$!(*#(<
George Sc/ildge
Matrix Marketing Group, &&#