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You are a special

soul whom the ONE

reveals to the world
at the time when true
beauty needs to be
Elevated in the
Vision of ONE, you
easily and constantly
appreciate the value of
every soul.
You are a special soul
with a special role,
by virtue of being
deepy cherished
by the ONE.
As a child of ONE,
your heart is filled
with a deep-rooted
sense of dignity which
seeks to make things
right rather than
prove others wrong.
Your heart is so clean,
it can win the trust
of a child and the
Company of ONE.
Made beautiful
by the ONE, your
face radiates with a
serenity that can cool
an angry mind and
melt a frozen heart.
As a student of ONE,
you have learned how to
speak with such sincerity
your words penetrate
closed ears and unlock
broken hearts.
By staying constantly
in the Company of
ONE, nothing can
come between you
and another, except
love and regard.
Touched by the
Sweetness of ONE,
you have the strength
to let go of what
damages the heart, and
the gentleness to hold
on to what heals.
Made beautiful
by the ONE, you
have become blind
to judgement,
compassionate towards
others and open to
new possibilities.
You walk in silence,
dance to the sound of
peace and fly in the
Company of ONE.
You are a sweet soul
who can hear the
Divine Heartbeat of
the ONE.
By walking in the
Company of ONE,
you become a friend
of humanity.
Your heart is so clean,
it can win the trust
of a child and the
Company of ONE.
You are a true child of
the ONE able to see
beyond boundaries
and limitations,
to the shared destiny
of this world.
By feeding your mind
a diet of elevated
thoughts, you grow up
to become an angel of
lightness and
close instrument
of ONE.
You are a wise soul
who recognizes that
the simplest path to
happiness is through
the Heart of ONE.
You move through
the world with the
grace of an angel,
the dignity of a king,
and the wisdom of a
child who is close
to the ONE.
You dedicate your
deep love for ONE
towards decorating
every moment with
peace and love.
By keeping the
Company of ONE, you
have developed the
sensitivity to see behind
the masks and beneath
the fears to the beauty
within every heart.
You are a true child of
the ONE who focuses
on solutions rather
than problems, on the
possibilities rather
than the probabilities.
Touched by the Love
of ONE, your healed
heart embraces what
seems unforgivable in
an ocean of love that
is unconditional.
In your presence
others feel as valuable
as a jewel, as lovely as
an angel, and as light
as a pearl held in the
Ocean of Love.
Transformed by
the Love of ONE,
you have grown to
understand it is never
a question of blame
but an answer
of mercy.
When the ONE
seeks an instrument
with courage,
wisdom and love
He turns to you.
By letting the Wisdom
of the ONE guide
you, you are led to see
the greatness within
yourself and the
beauty within others.
Your loyalty to the
ONE guides you to
be loving at times of
benevolent at times of
scarcity, and forgiving
at times of change.
Your heart overflows
with a love for
humanity, making you
the perfect instrument
for the Task of the ONE.
Because you
understand the
Love of ONE,
you understand
With the courage
of a lion and the
sweetness of a dove,
you create pathways
of peace that lead
others to the ONE.
Your capacity to
forgive and forget
reveals you have a
heart that has been
touched by the ONE.
You have a rare and
beautiful condition
of the heart that enables
you to receive love
from ONE, and share
sweetness with all.
You are wealthy beyond
measure because your
heart is filled with love
for ONE.
You direct your love for
ONE towards creating
sacred spaces where
others can be uplifted,
empowered, and freed
from the past.
Empowered by the
ONE, you enable
others to stand for
what they believe in
rather than fall before
what they fear.
As a child of the ONE,
you choose to serve
as an advocate of
dreams and a creator
of opportunities.
In silence you can
catch the Feelings of
ONE whispering
that you are a special,
precious and a
brilliant being of light
and lightness.
Silent communion
and love for ONE fills
you with the power
to think less and
give more.
Your heart is a sacred
space which can hold
utmost regard for
others and deep love
for the ONE.
The secret of your
happiness is to let the
ONEs deep regard for
you light the way in
all you do.
By remaining close to
the ONE and distant
from doubt, you
obtain the heights of
joy and the depths of
Your love of peace is
surpassed only
by your love for ONE.
Touched by the
Love of ONE, the
purity in your heart
enables you to see the
world through
love-colored glasses.
By receiving Love
from ONE, and giving
regard to all, you
contribute to a world
where harmony rules.
With the ONE as your
Teacher and Guide,
you become a builder
of a better world.
By accepting the
sweetness of Pure
Love from the ONE,
you serve others with
the fullness of your
overflowing heart.
As a constant
companion of the
ONE, you easily fly
beyond that which is
temporary and root in
that which is eternal.
You radiate with
an inner beauty so
deep and pure it
reminds others of the
Sweetness of ONE.
As a true child of the
ONE, you are a jewel
of good wishes who
adorns the future of
humanity with hope
and kindness.
Empowerd by
Love from the ONE,
you transform doubt
into hope, regrets into
understanding, and
the past into a golden
By taking time to
enjoy moments of
solitude, you easily
attain the Sweet
Company of the ONE.
Loved by the ONE,
your heart overflows
with feelings of
kindness that soothe
the minds of others
and heals the heart of
the world.
You provide support
simply by believing in
others as much as the
ONE believes in you.
Touched by the
Beauty of ONE,
you have developed
manners of kindness
that restore grace to
the world.
You infuse every
moment of your life
with a love for truth,
and every thought you
create with a love for
the ONE.
Your heart is gently
and patiently molded
by the Sweetness
of the ONE into a
perfect vessel to hold
the light of truth.
As a child of the ONE,
you direct the love in
your heart to three
simple tasks
to uplift, be merciful
and forgive.
Your natural nature
of remaining beyond
judgement builds an
unbreakable bridge
between your heart
and the Heart of
the ONE.
By serving with a true
heart, you attract an
ocean of blessings, a
golden future and
most precious of all,
the Love of ONE.
By making the ONE
the light of your life,
your life becomes a
beacon of hope
in the world.
By deepening all
relationships with the
ONE, you heighten
the sweetness of
your life.
By conquering the
Heart of ONE, you
automatically win
the love, regard and
cooperation of others.
You radiate with the
beauty of a peaceful
mind, healthy heart
and full love for ONE.
Your unshakeable
enthusiasm reveals the
secret of life to love
yourself as much as
the ONE loves you.
Like the ONE, you
are a truly royal soul
who fills every breath
with pure feelings of
With the ONE as your
Teacher, you learn
to show compassion
not through
pity but through
By claiming the gift
of self-respect from
the ONE, you are able
to donate the gift of
purity to the world.
By taking full support
from the ONE you
develop the ability
to provide sanctuary
to souls without
robbing them of their
By deepening your
love for ONE with
every breath, you
strengthen the power
to change with
every step.
Your generous nature
is a clear lens through
which others can
understand the
altruistic nature of
the ONE.
The truth and beauty
which beats in your
heart captures the
Loyalty of the ONE
and the certainty of a
golden future.
Your forgiving nature
enables others to
perceive the greatness
within themselves, the
beauty of the future,
and the benevolence of
the ONE.
The Love of ONE
awakens within you
genuine feelings of
kindness that find
expression in quiet
acts of benevolence.
The Love of ONE
empowers you to
activate in others
the capacity to love
The Love of ONE
polishes you into a
living diamond, with
a heart that is perfect
in love and flawless in
appreciating others.
The world may shake
around you, but you
remain protected in
the purity and power
of Love for ONE.
Touched by the Love
of ONE, your inner
beauty blossoms with
the awareness of how
loving, loved and
lovable you are.
The Love of ONE
transforms you into
a healer of hearts,
touching others
through your vision
of acceptance and
feelings of mercy.
Your heart is
decorated with the
Brilliance of Love for
ONE which can
be seen through the
radiance of your
sweet nature.
You are a pure soul
whose inner beauty
blossoms in the
awareness of how
deeply loved you are
by the ONE.
You are a special soul
who has no desire for
recognition, having
recognized your
unique place in the
Heart of the ONE.