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Third Quarter profit of Rs.131.23 crores.

Highest Operating Margin in last Four Years
III Quarter
Tata Engineering reported a Profit Before Tax of Rs.131.23 crores for the third quarter
ended December 31, 22 against a !oss of Rs.""."# crores in the corresponding
period of 21. $perating margins %net of excise& impro'ed to 13.1(, the highest in
1" quarters, from 12.1( in the second quarter and 1( in )3 of 21*2. This has
been achie'ed through sustained impro'ements in turno'er, mar+et share and
continuation of significant cost reduction. The Profit ,fter Tax for the third quarter -as
Rs.."..1 crores, after ma+ing a pro'ision of Rs.""."2 crores to-ards deferred and
current tax %against a !oss of Rs.""."# crores in the corresponding period of the !ast
The tota! re'enue for the quarter -as Rs.2"/".00 crores %Rs.2/.#2 crores&
representing a gro-th of 2#.3(. 1a!es of commercia! 'ehic!es in the domestic mar+et
increased to 2.202 nos. in the quarter, an increase of 3"( o'er the corresponding
period !ast 3ear. Passenger 'ehic!e sa!es in the quarter -ere 2103 nos., an increase of
1"( o'er the same period !ast 3ear. The 4ndigo, !aunched in December 52, recei'ed
an enthusiastic response from customers -ith a good order boo+ing position. The
6ompan3 signed a !ong term agreement -ith 78 Ro'er of 9: for manufacture and
supp!3 of Ro'er branded Tata 4ndica 'ehic!es in 9.:. and continenta! Europe.
April !ece"#er perfor"ance
The 6ompan35s re'enues at the end of the third quarter impro'ed 2#( to Rs..2"0.//
crores %Rs."/"2.2" crores&. The Profit Before Tax is Rs.2...00 crores %;oss of
Rs.212.2. crores&. 1a!es of commercia! 'ehic!es -ere .2212 nos., an increase of 3"(
o'er the first three quarters of !ast 3ear, enab!ing the 6ompan3 to impro'e its mar+et
share to "2( in this period. 7ar+et share in the 7<=6> truc+ segment at 2/.2( is the
highest in the !ast fi'e 3ears. Tota! sa!es of passenger 'ehic!es -ere 2/#2/ nos.,
representing an increase of 1/( o'er the same period !ast 3ear. 4ndica sa!es at "1#20
nos. gre- 2#( o'er !ast 3ear, -ith an impro'ed mar+et share of 23( in its segment.
The unaudited financia! resu!ts for the nine months ended December 31, 22 are
$assenger %ehicle sales at 12&'( nos. set a ne) record
*o""ercial +ehicle sales cross 1(,((( "ar-
Tata Engineering reported tota! sa!es of 23,312 'ehic!es in the domestic
mar+et in ?anuar3 @3. The ,pri!*?anuar3 period of fisca! @3 sa- the
6ompan35s tota! sa!es going to 12",2.2 nos. -hich represented a gro-th
of 2"./ ( o'er the corresponding period !ast 3ear
*o""ercial +ehicles
Tota! sa!es of commercia! 'ehic!es in ?anuar3 53 -ere 1.#2 nos.,a
gro-th of 20.#( o'er ?anuar3 52. 1a!es of 7<=6>s at .3# nos. sho-ed
a gro-th of 22..( as compared to ?anuar3 52. ;6> sa!es at 3##2 nos.
c!oc+ed a gro-th of #2( o'er !ast ?anuar3.
The 6ompan3 recorded a tota! sa!e of /#1"0 6ommercia! 'ehic!es in the
period ,pri!*?anuar3 53, a gro-th of 32.2 ( o'er 23,#/2 'ehic!es so!d in
the corresponding period !ast 3ear.
$assenger +ehicles
The compan35s domestic sa!es gre- b3 20( in ?anuar3 53 at 12". nos.,
recording the highest e'er month!3 sa!es of the passenger car business.
6umu!ati'e sa!es for the period ,pri! 52 A ?anuar3 53 stood at /111. nos.
A a gro-th of 10..( during the fisca!.
The sa!es performance -as !ed b3 the Tata 4ndigo, -hich recorded a sa!e
of 21#2 nos. in its first fu!! month of !aunch to emerge as the !eader in the
mid*siBe %6& segment. 4n the process, the 4ndigo earned itse!f the unique
distinction of being one of the rare brands in the 4ndian automobi!e
industr35s histor3 to become the mar+et !eader in its first month of !aunch.
Besides getting the endorsement of the customers, the car -as a!so
recogniBed b3 auto critics, -inning $'erdri'e A 464645s a-ard for the C7ost
exciting car of the 3earD as -e!! as 6EB6 A ,utocar5s a-ard for the CBest
>a!ue for 7one3 carD for the 3ear 22. The 4ndigo5s disp!a3 at the
recent!3 conc!uded 1-adeshi 7e!a at 7umbai enab!ed the compan3 to be
a-arded the CBharat 8aura' Puras+arD in the ,utomobi!e categor3. The
4ndigo has acquired a 2.( mar+et share in ?anuar3 amongst 1 other
competing brands in the segment.
4ndica sa!es gre- b3 2( in ?anuar3 53 to ./11 nos. and 12.( o'er
December 52 sa!es of 3##1 nos., ending the first ten months of the fisca!
-ith a cumu!ati'e sa!e of "0,2/ nos. A a gro-th of 21.2(. 9ti!it3 'ehic!e
sa!es gre- b3 1.3( in ?anuar3 to 2213 nos. and ended -ith a cumu!ati'e
sa!e of 10,22" nos. for the fisca! * a gro-th of 1(. 1afari sa!es continue to
be robust -ith a gro-th of 33( in ?anuar3 and 3( for the fisca!.
Tata Engineering
Tata Engineering, one of India's largest private sector companies with a turnover
of over Rs 80 billion, is the country's leading commercial vehicle manufacturer
and has significant presence in the multi-utility and passenger car segments
The widely successful Tata Indica, a Euro ! compliant vehicle, is the country"s
first indigenously designed, developed and manufactured passenger car Tata
Engineering followed that up with the Tata Indigo, a sedan that was launched in
#ecember !00! The company also ma$es several other passenger vehicles,
including the %afari, %umo and %ierra
The company"s products have received wide acceptance not only in India but also
in the &iddle East, 'sia, 'frica, 'ustralia, (atin 'merica and Europe
Areas of business
The company manufactures medium, heavy and light commercial vehicles, multi-
utility vehicles and passenger cars In the year ending &arch !00), the company"s
revenues from its four manufacturing plants at three locations in India were Rs
8)*+ billion ,-% . )/0 billion1 In !000, they were Rs 82*) billion ,-% . )2
3The average e4change rate has been ta$en as Rs +/0 to one -% dollar5
In the year ended 0) &arch !00), the company"s total e4ports were worth about
Rs /!! billion ,-% . )60* million1, against about Rs *02 billion ,-% . )!26
million1 in the previous year
The company"s manufacturing plants in India are at 7amshedpur , 8impri and
9hinchwad near 8une in &aharashtra, and (uc$now in -ttar 8radesh (and has
been ac:uired at #harwad ,;arnata$a1 to build a fifth plant
The company has technical tie-ups with<
• The Institute of #evelopment in 'utomotive Engineering ,I#E'1, %8',
Italy, for assistance in small car body design and styling= and
• (e &oteur &oderne, >rance, for the development of diesel and petrol
engines for passenger cars
• Tata Construction Equipment Company Ltd. (TELCON) Its principal
business is manufacture and sale of construction, material handling and
earthmoving e:uipment
• Tata Tec!nolo"ies Ltd. It oversees the IT re:uirements of Tata
Engineering and provides services for %'8 implementation, 9'#?9'&-
based design, and e-commerce facilities to customers in India and abroad
• S!eba Properties Ltd It is an investment and finance company and a
wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Engineering since its inception It is
registered with R@I as a Aon @an$ing >inance company
• Telco #ada$ee #!a%$ee Ltd. (T##L) It is an investment and finance
company and proposes to underta$e activities pertaining to the sales and
service of Tata Engineering"s vehicles and spare parts
• &inicar ('ndia) Ltd. >ormerly $nown as &aBda Industrial 9hemicals
(td, this company was incorporated on 7anuary )8, )2/! and is currently
engaged in the business of automobile sales and services
• () Transmissions Ltd. It was incorporated on &arch )0, !000 with the
obCective of ac:uiring the Deavy-#uty Eear @o4 #ivision of Tata
Engineering at 7amshedpur as a going concern It supplies transmissions
and their parts to Tata Engineering against purchase orders raised by Tata
Engineering on DFT(
• () A*les Ltd. It was incorporated on &arch )0, !000 with the obCective
of ac:uiring the Deavy-#uty '4le #ivision of Tata Engineering at
7amshedpur as a going concern It supplies a4les and their parts to Tata
Engineering against purchase orders raised by Tata Engineering on DF'(
• Telco Automation Ltd. It was incorporated on &arch )0, !000 with the
obCective of ac:uiring the &achine Tool and Erowth #ivisions of Tata
Engineering as a going concern 's and when re:uired, Tata Engineering
sources factory automation e:uipment from T'(
• Tata Tec!nolo"ies+ ,SA It was incorporated on 'ugust!!, )22+ and
became a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Technologies (imited on
#ecember !!, !000 The company is engaged in the business of computer
consultancy and related services
Strate"ic alliances
Tata Engineering has several Coint ventures and alliances These include<
• Tata Cummins Ltd, a Coint-venture with 9ummins Engine 9ompany
Inc, -%'= ma$es fuel-efficient, low emission, environment-friendly diesel
• Tata (olset Ltd.+ a Coint-venture with Dolset Engineering 9ompany, -;,
ma$es turbochargers for diesel engines manufactured by Tata 9ummins
(td and other GE&s=
• Concorde &otors Ltd.+ a Coint venture with 7ardine International &otors
,&auritius1 for dealerships of passenger vehicles 9oncorde has
dealerships for Tata Engineering passenger vehicles in #elhi, &umbai,
@angalore, (udhiana, Dyderabad, 9hennai and (uc$now
• Tata Precision 'ndustries P-t. Ltd.+ %ingapore, for the manufacture and
sale of high precision toolings as well as electronic and plastic components
for the computer industry=
• Tata En"ineerin" Ser-ices Ltd.+ %ingapore, for the sale of spare parts for
Tata vehicles= and
• Nita Company Ltd.+ @angladesh, for the assembly and sale of Tata
commercial vehicles
TATA ./0I/..RI/0 F1A2H FI03R.2 FOR 4A/3ARY 2((3
!o)nload to .5cel
7<=6> .,/./ ",3"0 ",0## ".,3## ##,1" #,1.
;6> 3,220 3,322 #,13 2,/12 23,32/ 31,0"#
9T4;4TF 2,2/# 2,.1. 3,#12 1/,/## 2,3#2 2#,31/
6,R1 1,#2/ /,.2" 3,20 21,#." "2,3/ 3",310
T$T,; 2#,2"0 2,2. 12,""0 12",./3 1#,3. 13,1.21

A. For the "onth

!o"estic .5ports Total
7<=6> .,3# ",0#0 ",122 32 #0/ 2. .,22 2,##. ",302
;6> 3,##2 2,3". 2,.2" 222 332 "2/ 3,22# 2,203 3,203
9T4;4TF 2,213 2,3. 2,2# 1 1"1 1#. 2,21# 2,"21 2,3"1
6,R1 0,0". .,32" 2,0." 2." 200 2" 1,232 .,22# 3,
T$T,; 23,312 1/,#1 13,3 / 1,2/# 1,1 2#,112 10,32" 1#,#
9. For the 6ear

".,.0. #3,/13 3/,/02 1,/0
22,322 10,2.3 2",122 2,222
10,22" 10,#" 21,"/3 312
21,/02 #/,/#. 3",0/ 1,#3#
12",2.2 131,3./ 12,20" ",/22
Tata .ngineering and 1oco"oti%e *o"pan6 1i"ited
6,P4T,; ,66$9ET1 %Rs. in !a+hs& RE>EE9E ,66$9ET1 %Rs. in !a+hs& R,T4$1
P,T to
2 20 12 2 1 1 /.3( .. 1
12 22 1. 0 1 1 .( ." 1
1/ // 1 . 3 3 3.( .13 1
2/ 12. 133 11 1 1 ./( ." 1
## 1/0 12. 1" 11 " 2 3.2( .3 1
. 32. 1// 2/ 1 # 2 3.2( .1/ 1
131 #32 2"3 2" 2 2 ./( ./ 11
21" #32 3#2 /# # # 1.2( .13 11
2. #21 321 0. 3 3 .0( .11 11
33 #/0 ##" 3" .( . 11
#. 23 110/ 1" 12" 32 03 "0 ../( 1.32 12
#.# /./ 21#" . 112 2. /0 ## #.1( 1.2# 13
22/ 1. 220# 120 00 2 03 "2 3."( 1..2 12
./ 12. 22#" 113 1"" 13 1#2 "2 ".#( 1.2/ 12
0# 1221 2/2" 121 222 03 120 1/ #.2( 1." 13
111/ 1#." 3.3" 1/ 313 122 101 122 ".1( 2.22 1#
1332 121/ #12# 22 3./ 1// 10 12# #.2( 2.2/ 1"
1"" 1.31 #32# 223 32. 1/" 1#2 12# 3.3( 1.2/ 1"
1/2 211/ "1"1 22 ## 2 2# 1## #.( 1.0. 12
21## 22#" 2213 3#" #.0 2/ 2.1 1". #.1( 2.30 1.
2"# 2/02 .03/ 30/ #.. 1/0 2// 101 3.2( 2.2 1/
330 3/2 02" "" 22 102 #2/ 23" #..( 2./ 1.

32/ #/0 0#00 ".2 30" 22 320 23" 3."( 2.1 1/
#232 #3#/ 1"0 23 "/2 1.3 #0 23" 3.0( 2.22 10
#//2 #3"2 003" 222 2.# 2.# 221 2./( 1..2 10
"22 ### 1322# .#0 2.3 2. #3 2"1 3.( 2.#0 2
2#/. #### 1"/#0 ."/ //" 3.0 "2 2.3 3.2( 3.# 23
.#01 #.32 1"2"3 /2 /32 32 #.2 222 3.( 2./. 2#
/#.1 "22 1220 02 1. #" "". 1/ 3.#( 3.#3 22
0"03 22#" 22"1 113# 2.. 132 "#1 222 2.#( 3.32 2/
122" /1. 2.3 1"# /"" 01 .2# 2.2 2./( #.2 33
112/" 02# 2/2" 11#" 1"2 1"2 323 3..( ".3/ 3
12.23 0.. 2/1" 111 1## 1## 313 3..( ".3. 3"
13/0" 11" 3.#/2 12 1"1# 1"1# #2. #.( ".32 2.
1"00 1332 ##/2. 13 1.22 1.22 2" 3.0( ".02 31
12#02 12""0 202" 1212 2#3. 2#3. 2" #.( /.2. 3/
1/2## 2"." .02## 1003 #1// #1// /30 ".3( 1.1/ 3"I
2210 220.2 /2"22 21/. 3#/1 #2 321 /2. 3."( ..3# #
23./ 23.2 /"22# 2023 2123 23" 102/ 023 2.3( 3.21 3.J
22/22 2"003 033"3 3/0" 2.3 30 2313 12#1 2."( #.32 30
203 32013 12"0. 3300 1/32 21" 121. 12#3 1.2( 3. #1
301# 3.#3/ 1102/0 21". 203 203 ""2 .2( ."1 #
3#22 #102 1#2"" 3/22 32" "1 220" 13"2 1.0( #.2" 3/J
3/#2 ##00" 12.2#2 #31" /"13 1"1 .3 2### #.2( 2..# #J
#3. #/#1/ 10201 #/01 1#/20 #"." 12"# 3122 ".2( 0./. #.
#/210 "22." 2"0"00 "#22 23#"" 02" 1#2" #1"# "."( 13.20 "2
"#20 2/#01 31.02" 2#." 2//# ./ 13/# #3/0 #.1( 12.#" 2.J
21.1 0102 301"2 .#"2 33 22 3# 32#2 1.( 2.#. 23
.2/" 1."30 3.#./2 0#1 110" 2 11." "2 2..( ..01 2"

This -as the first unit of the compan3 estab!ished in 10#" and is spread
o'er a area of /22 acres. 4t consists of 3 di'isions * Truc+, Engine
%inc!uding the 8ear Box di'ision& and ,x!e. The di'estments in 7arch 2
hi'ed off the ,x!e and Engine p!ants into independent subsidiaries. The
Truc+ Di'ision boasts of t-o assemb!3 !ines. The main assemb!3 !ine,
measuring 1/ metres in !ength, has 2 stations -ith a 'ehic!e ro!!ing out
e'er3 / minutes -hi!e the other !ine is dedicated to 1pecia! Purpose
>ehic!es %1P>s&. 1tate*of*the*art faci!ities !i+e a 6entra!iBed Paint and
Press 1hop -ith a set*up of a " tonne 1iempe!+amp press !ine and a
cut*to*!ength !ine for strip preparation purchased from 7Ks. :oh!er of
8erman3 ma+es it a fair!3 ad'anced production outfit.
This is supported b3 a fu!!3 equipped Loundr3 -hich supp!ies high*grade
18 4ron castings for automobi!e components and exca'ators and is rated
as one of the c!eaner, better and high!3 automated foundries in the -or!d.
The Loundr3 has a sophisticated :un+e! Hagner high pressure mou!ding
!ine -hich has a rated production capacit3 of 0 pairs of mou!ds e'er3
hour. The Loundr3 has its o-n me!ting shop, core shop and sand p!ant.
$ther ad'anced faci!ities inc!ude 6hanne! Lurnaces, 6omputeriBed Testing
Equipment etc. 4n 1003, the Loundr3 -as 41$ 02 certified b3 the
Bureau >eritas )ua!it3 4nternationa! and !ater fo!!o-ed it up -ith the more
stringent )1 0 certification from the B>)4 in the 3ear 2.
The unit is a!so equipped -ith a semi*automated forging !ine, -ith #,
m+g Beche hammer and state*of*the art presses from :urimoto of ?apan
and is one of the most modern forging set*ups in the countr3. 4t produces
critica! forgings !i+e cran+shafts, front ax!e beams and steering parts for
the automobi!e p!ant. The ne- forging !ine, insta!!ed on ,pri! 2, 10/#, has
the capabi!it3 to forge front ax!e beams at 0 sec per piece and
cran+shafts at 12 sec per piece. 7echanica! presses he!p produce a
'ariet3 of hea'3 forgings. The sophisticated L4D4, Digit 12" 66 graphite
mi!!ing machine !in+s shop f!oor machines to the design -or+station. The
Lorge has been certified as 41$ 02 and )1 0 b3 the B>)4.

The Pune unit is spread o'er 2 geographica! regions Pimpri and 6hinch-ad
and has a combined area of around "1 acres. 4t -as estab!ished in 1022
and has a Production Engineering Di'ision -hich has one of the the most
'ersati!e too! ma+ing faci!ities in the 4ndian sub*continent. 4t houses a
>ehic!e manufacturing comp!ex -hich is one of the most integrated
automoti'e manufacturing centers in the countr3 producing a !arge 'ariet3
of indi'idua! items and aggregates. 4t is engaged in the design and
manufacture of sophisticated press too!s, Migs, fixtures, gauges, meta!
pattern and specia! too!s, as -e!! as mode!s for the de'e!opment of ne-
ranges of automobi!e products. 4ts capabi!ities ha'e enab!ed Tata
Engineering to introduce ne- products and impro'e existing ones -ithout
resorting to imports of dies or fixtures.
$'er the 3ears, this di'ision has de'e!oped expertise in design and
manufacture of automated dies, fixtures and -e!ding equipment. 4ts !arge
design group is fu!!3 con'ersant -ith state*of*the*art 6,D faci!ities and
manufacturing faci!ities comprising of !ight and hea'3 6E6 machine shops,
Migs boring room, p!astic temp!ate shop, -ood pattern and mode! pattern
shop, fi'e axis precision machine too!s and !aser contro! machines. To cope
-ith such a di'erse range, four assemb!3 !ines ha'e been estab!ished, one
each for 76>s and =6>s, ;6>s, mu!ti*uti!it3 'ehic!es and one for
Passenger 6ars %4ndica&.
The Passenger 6ar Di'ision in N:N b!oc+ executes the entire process of car
manufacture o'er fi'e shops * the engine shop, the transmission shop,
press and bod3 shops, paint shop and the trim and fina! assemb!3 shop.
The shops are fu!!3 automated ensuring that there is minima! chance for
error in the manufacturing processes. ,fter the car is comp!ete!3
assemb!ed, it goes through se'era! chec+s !i+e -hee! a!ignment, side s!ip
test, bra+e test, sho-er test, and a short test run before it is read3 for
,!! s3stems such as materia!s management, maintenance and other
acti'ities are computeriBed, enab!ing smooth operations and minimum
in'entor3 needs.
The E!ectronics Di'ision is engaged in the production of a -ide 'ariet3 of
7achine Too! 6ontro!!ers, P;6s, Test rig instrumentation, 1er'omotors,
Proximit3 1-itches. 4n addition, it has de'e!oped a number of components
such as f!ashers, horns, timers that are used in Tata Engineering 'ehic!es.
The fu!!3*automated Loundr3 at 6hinch-ad is rated among the best b3
industr3 experts, -or!d-ide. The 4ron Loundr3 produces 12, tonnes of
high precision castings per 3ear -ith the he!p of #" emp!o3ees. These
inc!ude 63!inder B!oc+s, 63!inder =eads, 8ear Box =ousing, etc. To
dispense -ith the need for outsourcing, an ,!uminium Loundr3 -ith an
annua! capacit3 of . tonnes has a!so been estab!ished.
;uc+no- P!ant is the !atest in Tata EngineeringNs manufacturing faci!ities.
Estab!ished in 1001 and co'ering an area of 2 acres, it -as primari!3
started to assemb!e 7edium 6ommercia! >ehic!es %76>s& to meet the
demand in the Eorthern 4ndian mar+et. =o-e'er, in 100", the unit started
manufacturing bus chassis of ;ight 6ommercia! >ehic!es %;6>s& and
197$Ns. The unit is equipped -ith faci!ities to manufacture spare parts.
1ubsequent!3, 8*12 and 8*1/ 8ear Parts -ere added in 100/. The p!ant
started to assemb!e 8 *12 8ear Boxes in 2 to meet the in*house
requirement for 197$ 'ehic!es.

Tata 4ndigo A 7ost Exciting Ee- 6ar of the Fear A 46464 Ban+ <
$'erdri'e ,-ards* 23
Tata Engineering * , 1ocia!!3 Responsib!e 6orporate, sa3s TER4
N Prof. >asant Rao Ro!!ing Troph3N for >a!ue Engineering*22
Bharat 8aura' Puras+ar
Best >a!ue for 7one3 6ar of the Fear A Tata 4ndigo
6EB6 ,uto 6ar ,uto ,-ards A23
@>oice of the 6ustomer ,-ard5 for @Best Diese! 1ma!! 6ar5* Tata 4ndica
b3 EL$ ,utomoti'e 4ndia 22.
4ndia 6L$ ,-ard 22
Tata Engineering bags 4E1,,E a-ards
Eationa! Best Training Estab!ishment ,-ard
8ood 6orporate 6itiBen a-ard
Eationa! ,-ard for 1uccessfu! 6ommercia!isation
of 4ndigenous Techno!og3
Eationa! ,-ard for R<D Efforts
Regiona! Top ExporterNs Troph3
Best 6ompan3 ,-ard at Hor+s+i!!s 6ompetition
EEP6 ,-ard for Tata Engineering

Tata Indigo ; Most .5citing /e) *ar of the Year ; I*I*I 9an- <
O%erdri%e A)ards 2((3
The 46464 Ban+ and $'erdri'e a-ards, 23,
'oted Tata 4ndigo as the 7ost Exciting Ee- 6ar of
the 3ear. Dr. 1umantran, recei'ing the a-ard at
the hands of Dinesh 7unot %6E$ of OL 1teering
8ear, 4ndia ;td.&, said, C4t is a saga of
perse'erance and spirit coup!ed -ith our
exce!!ent human resources -hich -i!! see us do
better and better in the future.D
The 4ndigo5s better ride and hand!ing characteristics -ere appreciated and
the 'ersati!it3 of the 4ndigo pac+age -as seen as a mo'e in the right
direction to creating a base from -hich Tata Engineering cou!d ho!d its
o-n as a niche p!a3er against auto maMors in the mar+et.

P top

Tata .ngineering A 2ociall6 Responsi#le *orporate, sa6s T.RI
Tata Engineering -as a-arded the second p!ace
at the TER4 6oRE*B61D 6orporate 1ocia!
Responsibi!it3 a-ards for 21*2, in recognition
of its !eadership efforts to-ards socia!
responsibi!it3. The obMecti'e of the a-ard is to
recognise the proacti'e efforts in fu!fi!!ing socia!
responsibi!ities, bringing about perceptib!e
impro'ements in the !i'es of the communit3 and
de'e!oping inno'ati'e s3stems and mechanisms to ensure the
continuance of these initiati'es.
The mission of 6oRE *B61D, 4ndia, is to pro'ide an independent and
credib!e p!atform for corporate !eaders to address issues re!ated to
sustainab!e de'e!opment and to promote !eadership in en'ironmenta!
management, socia! responsibi!it3 and performance.

P top

7 $rof. +asant Rao Rolling Troph67 for
+alue .ngineering 2((2
T,T, Engineering, ?amshedpur, -on the
prestigious a-ard, NProf. >asant Rao Ro!!ing
Troph3N organised b3 4E>E1T %4ndian >a!ue
Engineering 1ociet3& for the 3ear 22, in the
area of >a!ue Engineering. The Troph3 is a-arded to an organisation for
dep!o3ing >a!ue Engineering techniques and for encouraging the
dissemination of >a!ue Engineering 7ethodo!g3 at a!! !e'e!s -ithin the

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Tata .ngineering )as conferred 9harat 0aura% $uras-ar
Tata Engineering -as conferred Bharat 8aura' Puras+ar, instituted b3 the
6entre of Bharti3a 7ar+eting De'e!opment, a unit of 1-adeshi ?agran
Loundation, at the 1-adeshi 7e!a in 7umbai, on 1st Leb.N3.
The a-ard -as presented b3 1mt. ?a3a-antiben 7ehta, 7inister of 1tate
for Po-er, 8o'ernment of 4ndia and -as recei'ed on beha!f of Tata
Engineering, b3 7r.RaMi' Dube, >ice President %6ommercia!& Passenger
6ar Business 9nit.
This a-ard -as conferred to recognise the contribution of Tata
Engineering to the de'e!opment of the 4ndian Econom3, 4ndian Techno!og3
< 4ndian 7anufacturing.

P top

9est +alue for Mone6 *ar of the Year ; Tata Indigo
*/9* Auto *ar Auto A)ards ;2((3
The Tata indigo -as adMudged the CBest
>a!ue for 7one3 6arD at the prestigious
6EB6 ,uto 6ar ,uto a-ards that -ere
announced on 1"th ?anuar3 23. The
pane!ists comprised of Di!ip 6hhabria
%!eading car designer&, Earen :umar
%Eationa! Ra!!3 6hampion&, 7an'endra
1ingh %!eading historian on automobi!es
in 4ndia&, RaMee' :hanna %T.>. ,nchor&,
7urad ,!i Baig %,uto ,na!3st&, Larhad
Bhathena %3 time nationa! ra!!3
champion&, =ormaBd 1orabMee %Editor, ,utocar 4ndia& and 1hapur :ot-a!
%,ssociate Editor, ,utocar 4ndia& Aa!! eminent persona!ities of the auto
The .%aluation $rocess:
,utocar, 4ndia, conducted strenuous road tests using high!3 sophisticated
testing equipment and internationa! procedures. The 'ehic!es had to
undergo a 1" +ms. road test under different road conditions. The
parameters that determined the performance of the 'ehic!e -ere
identified asQ ,cce!eration, 7aximun 1peed, Bra+ing, Lue! 6onsumption
%cit3 and high-a3&R Ride and hand!ingR 4nterior space and comfortQ
refinement and bui!d qua!it3.
Ernst < Foung audited and e'a!uated the scores for the e'ent.
,utocar 4ndia reports that Tata Engineering re-rote the mid* siBe car
pricing ru!es -ith the 4ndigo5s !aunch in December. Besides being the most
economica! mid siBe sedan a'ai!ab!e, it a!so has inherent 'irtues !i+e a
'er3 comfortab!e rear seat, a huge boot, p!ush interiors and exce!!ent rear
suspension and an extreme!3 potent po-ertrain.
=Tot up the a"ount of features and e>uip"ent Tata has put into
its "idsi?er, co"pare it )ith ri%als and the6 don@t e%en co"e
close.A ; Autocar ; Fe#ruar6 2((3.
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B+oice of the *usto"er A)ard@ for B9est !iesel 2"all *ar@ Tata
Indica #6 /FO Auto"oti%e India 2((2.
EL$ ,utomoti'e is a specia!it3 di'ision
-ithin the !eading g!oba! mar+et
research and consu!ting firm, EL$,
Hor!d8roup. 4t operates in o'er #
countries and is the !argest customised
research compan3 in the 91.
4n the inaugura! Tota! 6ustomer
1atisfaction 1tud3 of EL$ ,utomoti'e,
the Tata 4ndica stood out as the best
diese! car in the sma!! car segment.
The sur'e3 -as based on responses from o'er " ne- car o-ners
during the first 3 3ears of 'ehic!e o-nership. The ana!3sis focused on the
performance of o'er 3 ne- car mode!s in the +e3 areas of sa!es
satisfaction, product qua!it3, 'ehic!e performance and design, after sa!es
ser'ice, brand image and cost of o-nership.
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India *FO A)ard 2((2
4nternationa! 7ar+et ,ssessment %47,&, 4ndia
%former!3 +no-n as E49, 4ndia&, a part of The
Economist ne-spaper 8roup, 9.:. and ,merican
Express came together in 21 to institute the
4ndia 6L$ ,-ards for strategic exce!!ence in the
finance function. The 4ndia 6L$ ,-ards, 22,
dre- in 1#" nominations from across the countr3.
1uresh 1enapat3 of Hipro -as adMudged @6L$ of the 3ear5 b3 the 4ndia
6L$ a-ards, 22. 6L$s of Tata Engineering, $-ens 6orning and
1tandard 6hartered Ban+ -ere honoured for their remar+ab!e
achie'ements in 6ost $ptimisation, 4nformation < :no-!edge
7anagement, and 7ergers < ,cquisitions respecti'e!3.
4n the most competiti'e categor3 of cost optimisation, Pra'een :ad!e,
Executi'e Director %Linance < 6ompan3 ,ffairs&, Tata Engineering has
been se!ected as the ro!e mode! 6L$ in the design and execution of
finance reengineering initiati'es. Pra'een :ad!e5s efforts represent a -e!!*
-o'en approach to optimising costs A combining financia! restructuring,
and deris+ing of the re'enue mode!. 6ost reduction -as a +e3 e!ement in
Tata Engineering5s turnaround A and the success of the efforts is there for
e'er3one to see A Tata Engineering has achie'ed a sa'ings of Rs. ."
crores in the !ast t-o and a ha!f 3ears.
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Tata .ngineering #ags I/2AA/ a)ards
Tata Engineering, Pune and Tata Engineering, ?amshedpur made their
mar+ at the recent!3 conc!uded 13th Eationa! 6on'ention of 4E1,,E
%4ndian Eationa! 1uggestion 1chemesN ,ssociation&.
Tata Engineering, Pune bagged the second priBe in SExce!!ence in
1uggestion 1cheme 6ontest, 22S.
7r , 7 ParanMape, D7 %>E& and >ice 6hairman of Tata Engineering
1uggestion 1cheme, recei'ed the a-ard on beha!f of the 6ompan3 at the
hands of 7r P , 7itra, Director %$perations&, 8odfre3 Phi!ips 4ndia ;td.
Tata Engineering, ?amshedpur had presented a paper on SEmp!o3ee
4n'o!'ement * The 6ore of Toda3Ns BusinessS at the 6on'ention. The
paper -as a-arded the second priBe in the STechnica! Paper categor3.
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/ational 9est Training .sta#lish"ent A)ard
,t the ,!! 4ndia 1+i!! 6ompetition he!d in ?anuar3 22, he!d b3 the
Directorate 8enera! of Emp!o3ment and Training, 8o'ernment $f 4ndia ,
Tata Engineering, Training Di'ision, Pune bagged the NEationa! best
Training Estab!ishment ,-ardN for the 2th time. The NEationa! Best
,pprentice ,-ardN and " Runners up positions -ere a-arded to Tata
Engineering apprentices.
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6entra! Po!!ution 6ontro! Board ,-ard for En'ironment Protection
1econd priBe* S6entra! Po!!ution 6ontro! Board ,-ard for En'ironment
ProtectionS -as bagged b3 Tata Engineering at EE>4R$ 4ETERE,T4$E,;,
2 -hich -as Moint!3 organiBed b3 T,L6$E ProMects %4ndia& ;td. and
Ro3a! Dutch ?aarbeurs, Eether!ands, in Pragati 7aidan, De!hi from
1eptember 2. to 20, 2. Tata Engineering is the on!3 4ndian automobi!e
compan3 that has recei'ed this a-ard.
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0ood *orporate *iti?en a)ard
The Bomba3 6hamber of 6ommerce and 4ndustr3 se!ected Tata
Engineering for the 8ood 6orporate 6itiBen ,-ard, 1000*2, for the
compan35s ro!e in communit3 de'e!opment in and around its Hor+s at
Pune and ?amshedpur.
The a-ard -as accepted b3 7r R 8opa!a+rishnan, Executi'e Director, Tata
1ons, on beha!f of Tata Engineering.
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/ational A)ard for 2uccessful
*o""ercialisation of Indigenous Technolog6
The Techno!og3 De'e!opment Board %TDB& of the
Department of 1cience and Techno!og3, 8o'ernment of 4ndia, recogniBed
the indigenous de'e!opment and successfu! commercia!isation of the
4ndica car, b3 a-arding Tata Engineering the Eationa! ,-ard for
1uccessfu! 6ommercia!isation of 4ndigenous Techno!og3 b3 an 4ndustria!
6oncern for the 3ear 2.
The a-ard -as presented b3 Dr. 7ur!i 7anohar ?oshi, 7inister for =uman
Resource De'e!opment, 1cience and Techno!og3 and $cean De'e!opment,
on 7a3 11, 2 at Ee- De!hi.
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/ational A)ard for R<! .fforts
Tata Engineering recei'ed the 1000 Eationa! ,-ard for R<D Efforts in the
7echanica! Engineering 4ndustries sector. This prestigious a-ard,
instituted b3 the Department of 1cientific and 4ndustria! Research %D14R&
of the 7inistr3 of 1cience and Techno!og3, is presented annua!!3 in fifteen
industria! sectorsKareas to the recogniBed in*house R<D institutions. Tata
Engineering5s app!ication for the a-ard -as for design, de'e!opment and
commercia!isation of the 4ndica car and the fu!! air bra+e s3stem for the
Tata .0 ;6>.
P top
Regional Top .5porter7s Troph6
Tata Engineering -as a-arded the EEP6 Regiona! Top ExporterNs Troph3 in
the categor3 of S9nits registered -ith D8TDK14,KTexti!e 6ommissioner
7r. :. >. :umar, 1r. 7anager, Exports, recei'ed the a-ard at a function on
Eo'ember 1, 2 in 7umbai. The 6hief 8uest 7r. $mar ,bdu!!ah,
=onorab!e 7inister of 1tate for 6ommerce and 4ndustr3 presented the
troph3 to 7r. :. >. :umar.
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9est *o"pan6 A)ard at Cor-s-ills *o"petition
The 12th Eationa! Hor+s+i!!s 6ompetition -as he!d from 2. to 20
December, 1000 at ,d'ance Training 4nstitute 7umbai fo!!o-ed b3 PriBe
distribution ceremon3 at F B 6ha'an 6entre, 7umbai on December 3,
1000. $ne hundred six industria! -or+ers from 32 companies participated
and Tata Engineering -as a-arded the Best 6ompan3 ,-ard -ith troph3
and certificate. 7r. 1. :rishnan, Director 8enera!, Directorate 8enera! of
Emp!o3ment < Training %D8ET&, 7inistr3 of ;abour, 8o't. of 4ndia a!ong
-ith 7r. Pradeep 7a!!ic+, >ice 6hairman, 644*HR ga'e a-a3 the priBes
and certificates to the -inners.
P top
..$* A)ard for Tata .ngineering
Tata Engineering recei'ed the S,!! 4ndia Troph3
for =ighest ExportersS 100/*00 in the 6apita!
8oods Exporters * Eon*114 6ategor3.
The Engineering Export Promotion 6ounci!
organised the a-ard presentation function on
7a3 31, 2. The a-ard -as presented at a ceremon3 in Ee- De!hi, b3
the 7inister of 6ommerce and 4ndustries, 7r. 7uraso!i 7aran. 7r. >i+ram
:u!+arni, Di'isiona! 7anager, recei'ed the a-ard on beha!f of the Exports
P top
Tata Engineering, the flagship company of the Tata group of companies, declared
a turnover of -% .)8 billion in !00)-0! The product range of the company
includes passenger cars, multi-utility vehicles, light, medium and heavy
commercial vehicles for goods and passenger transport
Aearly /0 per cent of commercial vehicles on Indian roads come from the Tata
fold The Indica, the first truly Indian passenger car, is now among the highest-
selling medium-siBed cars in India The company e4ports about a tenth of its
output to mar$ets in the &iddle East, 'sia, 'frica and Europe
'lso $nown as Tata Engineering and (ocomotive 9ompany ,Telco1, the company
was established in )2+6 with the immediate obCective of producing steam
locomotives In )26+, the company entered into a technical and financial
collaboration with #aimler-@enB for the manufacture of commercial vehicles
@y the end of the technical collaboration in )2*2, Telco had not only become an
independent producer of medium commercial vehicles with a negligible import
content, but had also developed the capacity of fully designing and manufacturing
such vehicles
'long with the production of steam locomotives, Telco also embar$ed on the
manufacture of other general engineering e:uipment before it identified and
settled on its mainline of business as it stands today H automobile and
construction e:uipment machinery
Tata Engineering is the only automobile company in India that has a crash test
facility where new products are thoroughly tested The company has entered into a
Coint venture with 9ummins, forming Tata 9ummins, to manufacture
environment-friendly green engines
The company has service set-ups at every )00 $ms on national highways, +60
service centres across India, !+-hour anytime-mobile centres in &umbai and
'hmedabad, and full-fledged customer training cells in all service centres to
enable customers to ma$e the best use of their vehicles The company e4ports its
vehicles to a number of countries in Europe such as Italy, %pain and the -;
Tata Engineering to
launch new models and
increase exports
Our Corporate Bureau
24 December 2002
C!ennai Tata Engineering and (ocomotive 9ompany ,Telco1 has lined up a slew
of vehicle launches till !000 summer The company is e4pected to
introduce a new station wagon, a petrol version of its leading
multi-utility vehicle ,&-F1 %afari and a %umo variant
Telco is also in tal$s with an Iranian company for
e4porting its Indica small car The company has
already signed an agreement with &E Rover Eroup,
-;, to e4port its small car
Telco e4ecutive director ,passenger car business unit
and engineering research centre1 #r F %umantran
says the proposed station wagon will be built on the e4isting Indica?Indigo
platform and will be different from Tata Estate, Telco"s earlier model
The company had built its sedan on the Indica platform IThe Indica was launched
after e4tensive testing in India and the -;= for seven months we had our team in
@ritain The Indica F! comes with a whole new-front suspension and offers better
comforts,J he adds There are around !)0 la$h Indicas on the roads
'ccording to %umantran the common platform allows the company immense
fle4ibility and sharing of manufacturing systems IKith the e4isting range of
vehicles H &-Fs, the small car and the sedan H we have established a presence
in /0 per cent of the total domestic passenger vehicle mar$etJ
Eung-ho about the company"s tie-up with Rover, -;, for supplying modified and
upgraded Indicas to be sold under the Rover brand, he says< IKhen @&K parted
ways with Rover, the former too$ with it the small car 'nd Rover will fill the gap
by sourcing fully-built small cars from us The -; company has around !,000
'ccording to him, the additional investments in tooling to roll out the modified
Indica ,the car will sport a slightly different e4terior with new bumpers and other
plastic parts1 is negligible IThe Rover Indica will also have safety measures li$e
air bags for the driver and passengers The Rover agreement is a multi-year deal
Dowever, the volumes they would source and other details are yet to be decided
@ut it will be substantialJ
Khen as$ed about Telco"s plans to offer similar safety measures for the Indian
buyers, he says< IIt depends on the costs and affordability Ke haven"t wor$ed out
the additional cost that would be incurred to incorporate those safety devicesJ
%ince Telco does not e4port the Indica to the -;, there will not be any conflict of
interest with Rover The company, however, e4ports its small car to other
European countries li$e %pain, Italy and 8ortugal I(ast year, we e4ported around
0,000 Indicas and sold *+,000 units in India,J says %umantran
The company is also in tal$s with an Iranian company for e4porting Indica in a
completely $noc$ed down ,9;#1 form.
Plant with a plan
Philip Chacko & Rahul Nayar
20 January 2003
Pune The car itself was never the star in the Indica saga The real luminary of
Tata Engineering"s automobile ambitions is the stri$ing manufacturing facility
where India"s first - and now a second - truly indigenous passenger car finds form
and substance
%pread over )68 acres in the 8impri-9hinchwad industrial belt near 8une, the
plant is probably the most modern and automated installation of its $ind in the
country @ut this standout symbol of Indian engineering is representative of more
than Cust that< it is another e4ample of the Tata vision= it is a story of pluc$, s$ill
and discipline= and, crucially, it is about people rather than machines
Khether on the shop floor, in the managerial offices or the corporate enclaves,
there"s a feeling among Tata Engineering employees that the setbac$s of the recent
past are history and that a future full of e4iting possibilities bec$ons #riving the
good vibrations is the Indica Though it may not be the company"s biggest money
earner, the car"s good health is the clearest indicator that Tata Engineering is on
the highway to the promised land
The 8une plant rolls out, on an average, 060 Indicas a day, si4 days a wee$ ,its
record is 020 in a day1, but the mar$et is ready for more IGver the last two
months ,7une and 'ugust, !00!1, our sales numbers have depended on how many
cars we can ma$e, not on whether we can sell them,J says 7 & Thatte, general
manager ,manufacturing1
.uality before quantity
8utting :uality ahead of :uantity in its manufacturing manual has made the Indica
an ace in Tata Engineering"s automotive pac$ Ensuring that this :uality is
reflected in every car that comes off the assembly line is the responsibility of
!,600 shop-floor wor$ers and 66! supervisors and officers
's with any large-scale engineering enterprise, the Indica plant operates to a
rhythm that can seem awesome and mysterious to the ine4perienced eye @ut
there"s a method in this immense scheme of affairs, and it"s precise, well defined
and efficient The people who ma$e the system wor$, and the machines that help
them do so, share a relationship that is at once complimentary It helps that the
average age of Tata Engineering"s Indica wor$force is a mere !8
There are five different Lrooms" or Lshops" involved in the production of the
Indica< engine and transa4le shop, press room, weld room, paint shop and final
assembly, each of them housed in separate bloc$s The room or shop tag is a
misnomer - the smallest of them, the press room, is spread over nearly )0,000
s:uare meters - but each of these facilities has a uni:ue and vital role to play
in shaping the Indica
'utomobile manufacturing does not follow a linear pattern In the Indica"s case,
the engine and transa4le shop ma$es the engine and the gearbo4 for the car and
transports it to the place where the final assembly ta$es place @ut the body-
production procedure moves in single file from one bloc$ to another< press room
to weld room to paint shop to final assembly, where the newly coloured and
twea$ed body of the car gets merged with various components
En"ine and transa*le (ETA) s!op / t!e !eart ma%ers
%ituated at one end of the plant, the ET' building is separated from the other
manufacturing bloc$s by the Indica"s office comple4 The standalone location sits
well with the character of the ET' wing Khereas the others bloc$s have intrinsic
lin$s to each other, what the ET' ma$es bypasses three of them and heads straight
to the final assembly shop
The ET' shop is where the heart of the Indica - the engine and gearbo4 - is
crafted The engine half of the shop manufactures and assembles the many
components that constitute the engine, which is then tested in a special enclosure
The transa4le half is where the gearbo4 of the Indica gets shape and definition
En"ine s!op
There are three broad operational areas here<
En"ine mac!ine s!op - This is where the five most critical parts of the engine are
made< cylinder bloc$, cylinder head, cran$shaft, camshaft and connecting rod
En"ine assembly - The five critical parts and outsourced components are brought
together here The place where this is done is among the cleanest in the plant, with
the temperature maintained at !0o9 to guard against any e4pansion of the engine-
part metals The cylinder-bloc$ and cylinder-head assemblies move in near
parallel conveyor lines before being Coined in a confluence Bone
En"ine testin" - #iesel and petrol engines are chec$ed separately in Ltesting
cubicles" and Ltest beds" for power, fuel efficiency, smo$e, tor:ue and lea$s 'fter
the testing operations, the engines are moved to where they will be integrated with
the gearbo4
Transa*le s!op
Transa4le is the correct term, according to engineers, for what the rest of the
world understands as a gearbo4 The transa4le shop at the Indica is divided into
si4 areas< soft machining, heat treatment, hard machining, housing, assembly and
The ma$ing of the Indica gearbo4 starts with soft machining, where cutting and
allied operations are done on the basic parts ,gears1 of the transa4le Gnce the
gears have been cut, they are Ltreated" with heat This is a procedure that ma$es
the outside of the gears hard ,to ma$e them resilient and long lasting1, while
$eeping their insides soft ,to prevent them from crac$ing under pressure1
'fter heat treatment the different gear components come to the hard machining
section, where they are honed and further cut to correct distortions that are a by-
product of the heat-treatment routine The gearbo4 and the casings covering it are
then put together in an assembly area ' Lwater spider" - the best wor$er on the
shift and a de facto team leader - coordinates the chores here
Each gearbo4 that emerges is given a number for identification before being
chec$ed for air seepage, shifting effort, noise levels, etc 'fter testing these
gearbo4es are sent to a dispatch area from where battery-operated machines ta$e
them to the engines The gearbo4es are attached to the engines at this point
Gnce the engine starter and an air-conditioning compressor are added to this
fabrication, the finished Lengine and transa4le" is ready for the short trip to the
final assembly enclosure
Press room / t!e s!apers
The press shop offers the most spectacular show in the Indica car plant - a !,000-
tonne metal monster crashing down on a thin sheet of steel and giving it a pre-
destined shape, the frame for a door, for instance The sight that precedes this
display of brute might is only slightly less impressive< giant robotic arms using
vacuum caps to transport prey ,the steel sheets1 to their rendeBvous with
programmed violence
@ut there"s more to the press room than power and state-of-the-art automation
This is where the inner and outer body of the Indica is moulded by Eerman-made
presses that can generate pressures from 800 to !,000 tonnes in tandem The
pressures thus e4erted shape the steel sheets to the specifications of the die cast
they are laid out on The scrape steel that"s generated falls onto an underground
conveyor belt which carts it out of the shop
There are to two lines of five presses each in the press room Gne line caters to the
outer body ,the Ls$in"1 of the Indica, the other to the inner This is the smallest of
the bloc$s in the plant in physical siBe and manpower re:uirements, but it plays a
big role in defining the Indica, part by body part
0eld room / t!e unifiers
The weld room does not have the special effects of the
press room, the multicolour allure of the paint shop or the
eye-catching grandness of the final assembly facility, but
this is no poor cousin performing Courneyman assignments
It is here that the Indica becomes recognisable Khat till
now was metallic mishmash ac:uires a definite form in the weld shop, named so
because it is the place where the car"s body is welded, or Coined, together
There are seven conveyor lines in the weld shop Gne is for the front portion of
the Indica"s underbody, another for the rear ' third line unites the front and rear
of the car"s underbody, and the fourth does the re-spotting ,welding in areas that
are ordinarily unapproachable1 Then there"s a Lmain tac$ line", where the sides of
the Indica and the roof get attached to the now complete underbody The Lclosures
line" brings in the doors, the tailgate, hood, fenders, etc, and the Lslac$ conveyor
completes the integration Cob
'fter Ldent rectification", the car is cleaned with a solvent Eaps are covered using
a thumb sealant and Cigs are placed so that the doors remain closed in the paint
shop, to where the Indica is now headed The car is now called a Lbody in white"
and is given a number tag
Paint s!op / t!e decorators
The paint shop is the beauty parlour of the Indica car plant %pread over ++,+00
s:uare meters, it"s the biggest bloc$ in the plant @ut magnitude alone does not
ma$e the paint shop stand apart= it is the :uality of its wor$ that ma$es it special
,&ercedes is among those who uses its e4pertise1
The Indica has come out in !0 different shades thus far, and new ones are
introduced once in about si4 months 'dvances in painting technology ma$e this
easier than in the past In )2!6 it too$ !0 steps stretching over three to si4 wee$s
to paint the shell of a car= today it ta$es )8 steps spread over less than )0 hours to
accomplish the same ,the Indica plant can paint +! cars in an hour1
The paint shop is a cut above the rest of the plant in the spic-and-span department
This is a necessity in this facility because even the slightest bit of grime - in some
areas of operations - can have telltale effects The cleanliness in this bloc$ e4tends
to une4pected areas Gutside the office of 7 ; Tawade, the divisional manager in
charge of the facility, is a fish tan$ that uses treated wastewater from the paint
bloc$ The fish seem to be doing swimmingly well
The paint shop operates at four levels to cater to the re:uirements of its processes
't )0 meters below ground level, everything, specially the paint that spills, is
e4hausted out 't five meters above ground level are the ovens that ba$e and dry
the coating on the car 't )0 meters above ground level is an air supply plant that
helps $eep dust out of the shop"s environs
The atmosphere in parts of the paint shop is strictly controlled Temperatures here
are $ept at !*o9 and clean air is continuously filtered The car itself, the end
obCect of all this care, goes through a five-stage painting process before it can be
sent to the final assembly bloc$
The procedure begins with a Ldip treatment" wherein the car body ,the body in
white from the weld shop1 is dipped in)+ tan$s and gets a phosphate coat 'fter
this the body is ba$ed Then comes the Lcathodic electrolytic deposits" coat,
following which the body is ba$ed again
The body is sealed before it gets a primer surface coat and is brushed clean
with dusters made of ostrich feathers The base coat and a clear coat of lac:uer
follow the primer surface coat The primer is a water-based coat, whereas the base
coat is of the same colour as that the car will sport when the painting operation is
completed The lac:uer coat is the final flourish in the process
Muality audits follow before the car is transported, via an elevated and covered
conveyor bridge, to the final assembly bloc$
1inal assembly / t!e inte"rators
The final assembly shop of the Indica plant is comparable to the home straight of
a long-distance race The endeavours here are more strenuous and substantial than
anything that came before, and there"s no room at all for error The busiest of the
plant"s facilities lives up to its nomenclature, filling the vacant spaces in the Indica
and amalgamating its multitude of components
The starting point on the final assembly is the Lcab-dropping point", a raised
holding port from where the bodies deposited by the paint shop are automatically
brought down to begin a four-hour Courney ,that"s the time it ta$es for a car to
complete the gamut of operations here1 #epending on the colour plan for the day,
the operator down below decides which shade of car body to call
Trim line/'
There are four conveyor lines in the final assembly bloc$ The trim line is the first
of these and the action here begins with each car body being allocated a chassis
number The Tata and Indica tags come on before the cabling and wiring of the car
gets done The doors of the car are detached at this point This is to enable
wor$ers easy manoeuvrability as they swarm over and inside the vehicle fitting
and fi4ing parts
Aoise, vibration and harshness is minimised by a procedure called foaming
,adding rubber fittings1 The first wave of wor$ happens here< the bra$e pipe and
hand bra$e come on, the cabin and the floor are insulated, the floor is carpeted and
the accelerator is fitted Ae4t come the air conditioner, dashboard, steering
mechanism, steering pipeline, roof lining and the instrument cluster ,indicators1
Trim line/''
Robotics is a dominant feature on this conveyor line ' robot applies a sealant on
the front glass before it is manually fi4ed to the car Then come the air-
conditioning controls, combination switches and seat belts The rear lights are put
on panels in the bullhorn design typical of the Indica The fuel nec$, rear bumper,
seats and steering wheel are fi4ed before the car is ta$en to the ne4t line
,nderbody line
Gn this stretch the car is lifted up to line which is around five feet high Kor$ is
done on the car from below Eiven the critical nature of the components added
here, the best operators in the bloc$ are deployed here This is where the engine,
e4haust and wheels are fitted, as also the radiator, the fuel tan$, the condenser, the
mudguard and the catalytic converter ,for emission control1
&ec!anical line
The mechanical line is the last stop before the Indica cruises into e4istence >uel,
oil and gas ,for the air conditioning1 come pouring in before the car gets a battery
The doors are fitted bac$, the wheels aligned and the headlights adCusted This is
followed by a bra$e test and some serious roughing up over a Cagged surface '
shower test to detect lea$s is the final round
There"s one final chec$ on the Indica before it speeds out of the assembly building
for a road test The country"s automotive pioneer is now ready to claim its
bragging rights - more car per car
#elivering more than what"s e4pected of it has helped the Indica carve a niche for
Tata Engineering in a mar$et getting more competitive and crowed by the day
That"s some comebac$ for a venture that seemed to be floundering at one point
IIn 'ugust-%eptember !000, the very fate of Nthe IndicaO proCect seemed to be
hanging in the balance,J recalls Thatte, the general manager who runs the show at
the plant IThe picture has changed so completely that today it loo$s li$e a dream
come true for Tata EngineeringJ
&ore dreams will turn into reality for Tata Engineering if the place that breathes
life into India"s very own car can $eep up the good wor$
Contributed by Amita Ahuja and Ajay Oberoi , Corporate HR.
Through the different phases of industrialization, business focus moved from product quality to product & process
quality to wooing the customer by selling and marketing to cost management to customer focus through value for
Money and finally to wooing the best talent to meet the above challenges.
Thus, we see the emergence of four clear business perspectives –apital Management, ustomer Management,
!roduct & !rocess management and Talent Management. "owever baring world class companies, the rest
focused on one or the other business perspective as their competitive advantage # core strategy.
$ith the simultaneous %lobalization of world market and the liberalization of the &ndian market, it has become
imperative for survival of 'usiness to look at all the four perspectives collectively and comprehensively.
Balanced Scorecard is a tool for simultaneously aligning all four perspectives to achieve the 'usiness ob(ective.
&t brings about a greater harmony of the 'usiness perspectives at )ocational, *unctional and +ivisional levels.
"ence each and every perspective should be evaluated on the returns generated.
,n "- practitioner.s perspective of 'alanced /corecard is that of a tool that integrates the "- activities with the
'usiness perspectives leading to the achievement of the end0ob(ectives. , comprehensive "- 'alanced
/corecard to help "- practitioners to deliver visible and measurable "- contribution to the 'usiness. &t will also
help in bringing about changes in the workplace by fostering a climate of innovation and intrapreneurship.&t will
lead to a smooth transition of "- into the 12
century by building a strong and credible "- system and is a
proactive step towards "uman -esource apital Management.
,t Tata 3ngineering, the 'alanced /corecard initiative was undertaken at the 'usiness 4nit level and a
comprehensive roadmap was drawn up addressing the four perspectives5 *inancial, ustomer, 'usiness
!rocesses and )earning & %rowth. The 'alanced /corecard initiative also integrates the T'3M process of
internal assessment, which has been institutionalized to nurture an environment of high performance and
organization wide learning and sharing.
The Business Unit Balanced Scorecard served as the guiding force for drawing up the scorecards for different
)ines of 'usiness and the support functions.
"- role on the four perspectives is addressed as5
• Financial: &mproving the returns on the "uman apital employed.
• <CUSTOMER< i>Customer : +eveloping "uman -esource to meet &nternal and 36ternal ustomer
• Internal Processes: ontinuously evolving "- processes in order to meet the stakeholders e6pectation
and contribute to the 'usiness ob(ectives.
• Learnin ! "ro#th: 3quip the "- team to deliver as planned.
The intent is to ensure that "- would deliver on clear and quantifiable measures and thus lead by being a role
model. ,n attempt has been made to quantify "- by specifying the e6pected outcome and defining the
corresponding quantifiable measure for it.
The orporate "- /corecard defines overall strategic priorities and conte6t which will guide the "- activities .The
orporate "- '/ drawn up is consistent with the 'usiness 4nit strategic agenda on the four perspectives.
8uantifiable and ob(ective measures are identified for all "- activities, on which targets are taken. *or these
measures, a strategic initiative plan is drawn up to spell out the specific action plan, the process owner and
milestones indicating completion of a phase. -esource and 'udget allocations are then deployed to bridge the
gap between the current performance and the target.