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Pokemon Learning League

Variables (50th Story)

Written By
Timothy Whitfield

(Episode opens with Ash, Pikachu, Brock, May,

Dawn, Piplup, Cilan, Max, Iris, Axew, Misty, Tracey,
Bonnie, Dedenne, Clemont and Serena arriving in
Lumiose City in early afternoon on a clear sunny
day with a little breeze in the air. The tall
skyscrapers envelop the gang as they go along &
the Lumiose Gym stands out in the background.
Flocks of Fletchinder & Pidgeotto fly overhead.
Dawn turns over to the audience and casually
speaks to them.)
Dawn (casually): Oh, hey guys.
Piplup (casually): Piplup.
May (casually): Hello.
Iris (casually): Hi.
Axew (casually): Axew.
Ash (casually): Hey.
Pikachu (casually): Pika.
Brock (casually): Hello
Serena (casually): Hi.
Cilan (casually): Hey, there.
Tracey (casually): Hey.
Misty (casually): Hi.
Bonnie (casually): Hey, there.

Dedenne (casually): Dede.

Clemont (casually): Hey.
Max (casually): Hello.
Ash: So, guys, what do you say we look around
(They all nod their agreeing & continue on down
South Boulevard. As they do, and see the various
stores that are around, from the PR Video Studio to
Coiffure Clips.)
All (except Ash, Pikachu, Serena, Bonnie, Dedenne
and Clemont, in amazement and wonder.) Wow!
Axew: Axew!
Piplup: Piplup!
(A few minutes later, they go down Vernal Avenue,
where they pass by the Herboriste and the Stone
Cilan: I got to say, there are some very interesting
shops around here.
May (concurring): Yeah.
Brock: By the way, Clemont, what kinds of herbs do
they sell at that Herboriste?
Clemont: Well, they mostly sell medical herbs.
Theyre helpful, but are also very bitter.
Brock: I see.

(As they continue along, they come across a

bulletin board, showing various news going on
across the city.)
Tracey: Hey, guys, look at this one here.
(They look at an ad for an open call exhibition
match featuring the Kalos Champion, Diantha.)
Serena: Dianthas holding an exhibition match
today, and shes looking for an opponent to face.
Bonnie: Oh, we should definitely go check it out.
Max (curiously): Um, whos Diantha?
Bonnie: Oh, shes the Kalos region champion and a
famous movie star.
Max: Ahh.
Bonnie: So, who do you think her opponent is going
to be?
Ash: Itll be me, because Im going to sign up to be
her opponent for the match.
Pikachu: Pika-chu.
Others (in shock & surprise): What?!
Piplup (in shock & surprise): Piplup?!
Axew (in shock & surprise): Axew?!
Dedenne (in shock & surprise): Dede?!

Clemont: Ash, are you sure about that? You know

what happened the first time you battled her.
Ash: I know, Clemont, but this time Ive got a
strategy planned out thatll be very effective.
Brock: Well, thats good, but theres more to it than
Ash: Like what?
Brock: You also have to think about what kind of
counter-strategy she might think of, how itll be
executed on and etc.
Ash: Okay, anything else?
Brock: Well, thats all Ive got.
Cilan: Lets see if Siara can explain it better. (He
pulls out the PokePilot from his pocket, turns it on
and calls Siara, who is working on some
Siara: Oh, hey guys. Whats up?
Tracey: Hey, Siara. Were doing great. What kind
of blueprints are you making there?
Siara: Theyre for a special animatronic Ada and I
are working on.
Dawn (intrigued): Well, thats cool.
Siara: Thanks. So, what are you guys up to?

Serena: Well, we were coming down South

Boulevard when we saw an ad about an exhibition
match featuring the champion, Diantha.
Siara: All right, thats cool.
Misty: Ash is going to face her in battle and he
already knows what to expect, but then Brock
brought up there are other things that could affect
the battle, but he didnt give too much, so we want
to know if you could explain it better.
Siara: Of course I do. If you want to know how
things turn out, you have to look at the variables.
Bonnie: All right, what kind of variables?
Siara: Im referring to dependent and independent
Bonnie: Oh. Well, how do they play out?
Siara: Its pretty simple & straightforward. The
independent variable is the one that gets changed
in an experiment. When you put in or take out one
variable, it changes the whole outcome of it.
May: I see.
Siara: The dependent variable is the variable that
gets tested in an experiment. Its basically the
outcome of an experiment. It relies on the
independent variables because as those change,
the dependent variable also changes.

Serena: I guess they can be pretty important

Siara: Yes, they can, which is why Im going to
show you something.
Iris: Sure thing.
Axew: Axew.
(Pan down to a lower panel, displaying four
different situations with different variables &
Siara: All right, you guys ready?
Clemont: Yep.
Siara: Okay, lets do it. Here, we have Pokemon
being entered for a race. What is the outcome?
Ash: Its whos going to win it.
Siara: Okay, Ash. And what are the independent
Tracey: How fast they can go, how they weigh, how
much energy they have and their strength.
Siara: Very good, Tracey. Now, we have someone
who wants to get stronger. What is the outcome
Dawn: Shes gets much stronger muscles than

Siara: Thats good, Dawn. And what are the

independent variables?
Bonnie: Exercising, getting plenty of rest and
eating the right food.
Siara: You got it, Bonnie. Here, we have some
Pokemon who are taking some medical herbs.
What is the outcome?
Brock: How the Pokemon are going to react to it.
Siara: Yes, Brock. And what are the independent
Iris: The kind of herbs theyre taking and how
theyre made.
Siara: All right, Iris. This girl is keeping track of the
Pokemon she has. What is the outcome?
Clemont: How many Pokemon shes caught so far.
Siara: Good, Clemont. And what are the
independent variables?
Misty: Where she went to get them, how she
battled them, the amount of Poke Balls she has and
the types of Pokemon she has on her.
Siara: You got it, Misty. Great job, you guys.
Serena: Thank you, Siara.

Siara: No problem, Serena. Now, if youll excuse

me, I have to get back to work on this. See you
later. Oh, and good luck with your battle, Ash.
Ash: Thanks.
Pikachu: Pika-chu.
(He turns the PokePilot off and puts it back in his
Misty: Hey, guys. How about we do something
before we head to the stadium?
Dawn: Okay, Misty. Lets see if the audience is up
for it.
Brock: All right, Dawn. (He turns over to the
viewers.) Hey, you guys want to do it? (He
casually waits for an answer from the audience for
one second.) All right, then.
(Cut to images of various things.)
Serena: Okay. Here, we have a young girl try to
make friends. What is the outcome? (She casually
waits for an answer from the audience for one and
a half seconds.) The amount she makes. And what
are the independent variables? (She casually waits
for an answer from the audience for one and a half
seconds.) How she talks to them, interacts with
them and getting to know them. Sure, why not.

Max: This man wants to run much faster. What is

the outcome here? (He casually waits for an
answer from the audience for one and a half
seconds.) Hes going much faster than before.
Okay. And what are the independent variables?
(He casually waits for an answer from the audience
for one and a half seconds.) How lean he is, the
strength of his leg muscles and his determination.
All right, then.
May: Lastly, we have Ashs battle. What is the
outcome here? (She casually waits for an answer
from the audience for one and a half seconds.) The
winner of it. All right. And what are the
independent variables? (She casually waits for an
answer from the audience for one and a half
seconds.) The attacks that get used, how fast they
can dodge and how much endurance they got. Oh,
(Dissolve back to the gang and Dawn casually
speaks to the audience.)
Dawn (casually): You guys did great.
Piplup: Piplup.
Ash: Well, lets get to the stadium.
Pikachu: Pika-chu.
(They start going down the street, make a turn
back down Vernal Avenue, then go up towards Vert

Avenue and arrive at the stadium. Once inside,

Ash goes over to the registration desk, where an
employee named Annie sits behind it. She has
short red hair, has brown eyes, wears pointed
glasses and is wearing an official stadium
sweatshirt, black jeans & flats.)
Ash: Im here to be Dianthas opponent for the
exhibition match.
Annie: Why am I not surprised? Please go ahead &
sign here.
(He signs the register papers. As he does, we pan
over to see Diantha exiting out of her room.)
Annie: Okay, you all ready to go. You have a good
battle now.
Ash: Thanks.
(As he goes back over to the gang, Diantha comes
to them.)
Ash: Oh, hey Diantha!
Pikachu: Pika-chu!
Diantha: Hello, Ash. I see youve come to be in the
Ash: You bet.
Pikachu: Pika.
Diantha: Thats good to hear.

Ash: Diantha, these are my other friends.

Others (except Serena, Clemont and Bonnie):
Diantha: Its a pleasure to meet you all.
(Brock rushes over to her & takes her hand.)
Brock (love-struck): Whoa, you are the most
beautiful woman Ive ever seen! Youve got a
natural radiant beauty!
Diantha (awkwardly): Uh, thanks for the
(Misty pulls him by the ear.)
Misty: Come on, snap out of it Brock!
(She drags him away.)
Diantha: Well, then, Ill see you on the battle field.
(She walks out to the battle field.)
Tracey: Well, lets go, guys.
(They all, except Iris, head up to the bleachers.
Just as Ash & Pikachu are about to go out to the
battle field, Iris comes over to them, places her
hand on Ashs shoulder & looks him directly in the
Iris (sincerely & meaningfully): Ash, good luck out

(Ash affirmatively nods his head.)

Ash (appreciative): Thanks, Iris.
(She leaves and heads up to the bleachers. We
dissolve to an aerial shot of the arena, where we
see the bleachers are full with a huge crowd
cheering loudly with excitement & anticipation.)
May: Everyones really fired up about this.
Brock: I dont blame them. Who wouldnt want to
see the champion battle?
(Now, we pan down the center of the battle field,
where Ash and Diantha stand in the center of it.)
Diantha: Ash, dont hold anything back and give
me all youve got.
Ash (reassuring): You got it, Diantha.
(They give an affirmatory handshake and then go
into their spots.)
Ash: You ready to go, Pikachu?
Pikachu (confidently): Pika-chu.
(He gets into his battling stance.)
Diantha: All right, Gardevoir, come on out!
(She tosses her PokeBall up & Gardevoir emerges
from it.)
Gardevoir: Gardevoir.

Referee: This exhibition battle between Ash

Ketchum and Diantha will now begin!
Diantha: Ash, you might have the first move.
Ash: Okay. (He turns his hat around.) Pikachu, use
Iron Tail!
(Pikachus tail becomes surrounded in white
sparkles and then gets surrounded in a white
outline. His tail turns to iron and head towards
Gardevoir. Diantha nods her head and she
vanishes before the attack hits her. The attack
crashes into the ground and Gardevoir appears to
the side of him.)
Tracey (impressed): How did she do that?
Clemont: She and Gardevoir have a really strong
bond with each other.
Tracey (getting it): I see.
Ash: We thought youd do that. Now, Pikachu, use
(He starts running with great speed and then
Diantha (curiously): Hmm?
Ash: Now use Thunderbolt!
(He appears right behind her.)
Pikachu: Pika-chuuu!!!!!

(He releases a powerful bolt of yellow electricity at

Gardevoir, hitting her and doing damage.)
Ash: Use Quick Attack, and then Agility!
(He starts running fast and a white outline
surrounds his body. Then, he starts going even
faster and the white outline turns blue and he hits
Gardevoir, doing some damage.)
Ash: Now use Thunderbolt!
(He releases a powerful bolt of yellow electricity at
Diantha: Use Shadow Ball!
Gardevoir: Voir!
(Gardevoir forms a ball of black and purple energy
with black static around it. She fires it at the blast
and cancels it out.)
Ash: Pikachu, Agility!
(He suddenly disappears and reappears right in
front of Gardevoir.)
Ash: Now use Thunder!
(He fires a massive beam of electricity at
Gardevoir, landing a direct hit and doing serious.)
Iris: Ashs doing really well.
Dawn: Yeah. (Calling out) Come on Pikachu! Keep
it up!

Piplup (calling out): Piplup, Piplup!

Ash: Pikachu, use Volt Tackle!
(Then, he starts running towards her and his body
becomes surrounded by golden electricity.)
Diantha: Use Protect!
(She puts one hand out in front of her and a
turquoise energy shield appears in front of her
hand, block off Pikachus attack.)
Ash: All right, time to take it up. Pikachu, use
Quick Attack and then Iron Tail!
(He starts running really fast and a white outline
surrounds his body. Then, he leaps up and his tail
becomes surrounded in white sparkles and then
gets surrounded in a white outline. His tail turns to
iron and head towards Gardevoir, hitting her and
doing damage.)
Diantha: Use Energy Ball!
(Gardevoir puts her hand together and a light
green orb of energy form in between them.)
Gardevoir: Voir!
(She fires it and it heads towards Pikachu.)
Ash: Dodge it!

(He jumps up and over the orb. Suddenly,

Gardevoir redirects it and it hits him, dealing some
Brock: That was impressive.
Ash: Now use Quick Attack!
(He runs really fast towards Gardevoir.)
Diantha: Hmm.
(She opens one eye and moves out of the way,
missing the attack completely.)
Ash: Pikachu, use Electro Ball, then Agility!
Pikachu: Pika! Chuuu!
(All the electricity condenses at the end of his tail
and forms into an orange-yellow orb of electricity
with sparks of yellow electricity coming off it. Then,
he starts running really fast, disappears and
reappears on the side of Gardevoir.)
Pikachu: Pika!
(He throws it, hitting her and doing some damage.)
Diantha: Gardevoir, use Psychic!
Gardevoir: Voir!
(Gardevoir eyes glow light blue and it raises its
arms. Then, Pikachu becomes surrounded in a
light blue aura and he is lifted a few feet off the

ground. She waves her arms and flings Pikachu

through the air and he hits the wall.)
Ash: Okay, use Volt Tackle!
(Pikachu starts running really fast towards
Gardevoir and his body becomes surrounded in
golden electricity. Diantha nods her head and she
moves to the side, narrowly dodging the attack.)
Ash: All right. Pikachu, use Thunder, and then
Electro Ball!
Pikachu: Pikachuu!!
(He fires a massive beam of electricity.)
Pikachu: Chu!!!
(Then, all the electricity condenses at the end of
his tail and forms into an orange-yellow orb of
electricity with sparks of yellow electricity coming
off it. The blast hits the ball and it grows bigger
and turn bright white.)
Diantha: And checkmate.
(She snaps her fingers.)
Diantha: Gardevoir, use Moonblast!
(She gather energy from the moon. It forms an orb
of pink energy in front of her hands.)
Gardevoir: Garr-devoir!!
(She fires it at Pikachu.)

Ash: All right, now!

Pikachu: Pika!
(He leaps up, does a front flip and throws the
massive ball, which disperses the Moonblast and it
head towards Gardevoir, which lands a direct hit,
creates a huge explosion of electricity and does a
lot of damage.)
Misty: That was a really good move.
Bonnie: Yeah, it was.
Dedenne: Dedenne.
Diantha: Well, this is a tougher battle than I
thought itd be. I didnt think Id have to do this,
but its time.
Gardevoir: Voir.
(She nods her head. Suddenly the key stone
around Dianthas neck starts rattling. She grabs it
and it lets off a glowing golden beam. Then,
Gardevoirs mega stone reacts to it and she gets
surrounded in a glowing blue beam. Both beams
collide with each other.)
Iris: What is she doing?
Clemont: Shes making Gardevoir Mega Evolve.
Diantha: Now, Gardevoir, Mega Evolve!
Gardevoir: Garrrr-de voirrrr!!

(She gets surrounded in a bright pink aura and

starts changing form. The aura clears and she
emerges as Mega Gardevoir.)
All (impressed): Whoa!
Piplup (impressed): Pip-lup!
Axew (impressed): Axew!
Misty: That looks beautiful.
Dawn: Yeah.
Max: Do you think this could make be a problem for
Misty: No, I dont think so. Hes been in much
tougher situations than this.
Ash: Thisll be interesting. Pikachu, Thunderbolt!
Pikachu: Pika-chuuu!!
(He releases a powerful bolt of yellow electricity at
Mega Gardevoir. Diantha opens her eye and Mega
Gardevoir vanishes before the blast hits. She then
reappears right behind him.)
Diantha: Mega Gardevoir, use Psychic!
(Her eyes glow light blue and it raises its arms.
Then, Pikachu becomes surrounded in a light blue
aura and he is lifted a few feet off the ground.)
Ash: Dont worry, Pikachu! Use Electro Ball!

(He gathers up electricity and all of it condenses at

the end of his tail and forms into an orange-yellow
orb of electricity with sparks of yellow electricity
coming off it and it keeps growing. As he gets
flung though the air, he does a front flip and
throws it at Mega Gardevoir, directly hitting her
and doing serious damage.)
Brock: How did he pull that off?
Clemont: I dont know, but that was a clever move.
Iris & Serena (calling out, encouraging): Come on,
Ash, keep it up!
Axew (calling out, encouraging): Axew!
Diantha: Use Focus Blast!
(Mega Gardevoir puts her hands together and
forms a light blue of energy in between them. She
fires it at Pikachu.)
Ash: Pikachu, counter with Thunder!
Pikachu: Pika-chu!
(He fires a massive beam of electricity. Both
attacks collide, resulting in a huge explosion and
sends both Pokemon flying. Mega Gardevoir stops
herself, but Pikachu falls to the ground.)
Ash: All right, time to finish this! Pikachu, use
Thunder, then go into Volt Tackle and then Agility!
Pikachu: Pikachuu!

(He fires a massive beam of electricity towards

Mega Gardevoir. Then, he starts running towards
her and his body becomes surrounded by golden
electricity and then starts to run even faster. Both
attack combine together and the golden electricity
turns to white.)
Others (in astonishment): Whoa!
(Diantha gasps in astonishment and Pikachu
tackles Mega Gardevoir, creating a massive
explosion of electricity and delivering a
tremendous amount of damage. He leaps up out
of the smoke, but his body get surrounded by
yellow sparks of electricity and breathing really
Ash: Great job, buddy.
Pikachu (exhausted.): Pika.
(The smoke clears and Mega Gardevoir stills
stands, but is all scuffed up and breathing really
Ash: No way!
Misty: What the? That was a direct hit. Hows
Mega Gardevoir still standing?
Brock: That attack did it all right. Shes just
refusing to give up.

(Theres a brief moment of silence as both

Pokemon struggle to remain standing. Suddenly,
Mega Gardevoir falls on both legs and then
collapses onto the ground, completely exhausted,
knocked out and reverts back to Gardevoir.)
Referee: Gardevoir is unable to battle! Pikachu is
the winner, and the victory goes to Ash Ketchum!
(Ash stands there completely stunned and the
crowd is in complete silence.)
Bonnie: You think theyre angry?
Dedenne: Dede?
Cilan: Oh, just wait.
(The crowd remains silent for a few seconds, then
the stadium suddenly erupts with applause.)
Ash (stunned): I dont believe it. (Excited.) We did
(He raises his fist up in the air.)
Diantha: Gardevoir, you did well, old friend.
(She calls her back to her Pokeball.)
Pikachu: Pika.
(He falls to the ground. Ash comes over and picks
him up.)
Ash: Pikachu, you were really amazing.

(Pikachu gives him a lick on his cheek. Diantha

comes over to them.)
Diantha: Ash, thanks for such a great battle. You
really gave your all.
Ash: Thanks, Diantha.
(Dissolve to the gang outside the stadium.)
Iris (genuinely): Ash that was amazing!
Axew: Axew!
Cilan: That was quite an impressive battle.
Dawn: Those were some great combo moves you
Piplup: Piplup.
Clemont: Yeah, Im impressed you pulled some of
them off.
Serena (sweetly): Here, Ash.
(She hands him a handkerchief.)
Ash: Thanks, Serena.
(He gently wipes Pikachus face with.)
Pikachu: Chu.
Ash: Well, it was tough, but we pulled through,
didnt we buddy?
Pikachu (affirmative): Pika.

(They all turn over to the audience.)

All (casually): Thanks, guys.
Pikachu: Pika.
Axew: Axew.
Piplup: Piplup.
Dedenne: Dede.
(Cross dissolve to moments later, where they
resting up at the Pokemon Center in the waiting
Ash: Well that was an intense episode. Did you
enjoy it? (He casually waits for an answer from the
for one second.) Okay. Well see you later, then.
(They casually wave goodbye to the viewers and
they all start chatting with each other. The
scenery fades to black, ending the episode.)