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All Things Current: What you'll find in your Aug.

13, 2014, edition

Glover Park could soon be home to Ward 3's onl !ubl"c charter school# $"th the %h"n"n& %tars
'ontessor" Academ e"n& a W"scons"n Avenue s!ace as "t scrambles to ("nd a ne$ home be(ore
classes start Au&) *+)
Over a do,en ne$ !r"nc"!als $"ll take the helm o( D)C) !ubl"c schools th"s (all# culled (rom
nat"on$"de talent searches as $ell as a local leadersh"! (ello$sh"! !ro&ram)
The %!r"n& -alle/Wesle 0e"&hts adv"sor ne"&hborhood comm"ss"on "s call"n& (or Amer"can
Un"vers"t to conduct add"t"onal so"l# &round$ater and a"r 1ual"t test"n& at "ts East Cam!us
develo!ment s"te# $here mercur $as recentl detected "n the &round$ater)
%everal adv"sor ne"&hborhood comm"ss"ons "n North$est $"ll &et ne$ leadersh"! ne3t ear# as the
cha"rs "n at least seven commun"t"es $"ll not seek re4elect"on to the"r seats th"s (all)
D)C) %tatehood Green at4lar&e counc"l cand"date Eu&ene Purear descr"bes h"s "nterest "n ra"s"n&
the m"n"mum $a&e and abol"sh"n& Pe!co "n an "nterv"e$ $"th The Current as !art o( a ser"es on at4
lar&e D)C) Counc"l cand"dates' !ol"c !os"t"ons)
O(("c"als have broken &round on a makeover (or Du!ont C"rcle5s %tead Park# $"th the s"te slated to
debut a ne$ tur( ("eld# runn"n& track# !av"l"on area and ch"ldren5s s!ra (eature b November)
The Du!ont C"rcle ne"&hborhood could start the !rocess o( !"lot"n& ne$ !ark"n& !ol"c"es "n
collaborat"on $"th the D)C) De!artment o( Trans!ortat"on as soon as th"s (all)
A &rou! o( Geor&eto$n Da %chool alumn" have brou&ht the"r "nd"e &rou! to U %treet's -elvet
A(ter nearl t$o ears o( ("ts and starts# a !lanned archaeolo&"cal "nvest"&at"on at 33*6 Dent Place
"n Geor&eto$n sho$ed s"&ns o( l"(e on 'onda# $"th $orkers clear"n& brush (rom the vacant lot to
!re!are (or e3cavat"ons to ("nd s"&ns o( 78th4centur res"dent 9arro$ 'amout)
A class"c 787* (ours1uare home "s on the market (or ;<*+#=== "n 7>
%treet 0e"&hts)
Ed"tor"al? We ma not be la$ers# but $e have trouble see"n& a com!ell"n& ar&ument a&a"nst true
e1ual (und"n& (or charter schools)
Ed"tor"al? Planned "m!rovements (or 7>
%treet bus r"ders are a $elcome move)
%her$ood? 'ur"el @o$ser !"cked u! a ke un"on endorsement and sho$ed o(( health (undra"s"n&
("&ures th"s $eek)

%PO.T% ANorth$est Current# Geor&eto$n CurrentB
:areem 'cDonald# a r"s"n& sen"or l"nebacker at W"lson# has comm"tted to the Un"vers"t o( -"r&"n"a)
%everal local h"&h school (ootball teams $"ll be&"n the"r season th"s $eekend $"th scr"mma&esC
W"lson 0"&h unve"led a daunt"n& scheduleC and Gon,a&a earned a &ame "n (ront o( a nat"onal
telev"s"on aud"ence)
Cr"me re!ort
Adv"sor ne"&hborhood comm"ss"on re!orts and a&endas
.e!orts (rom local c"t",ens assoc"at"ons
Calendar o( the $eek's events
Class"("ed ads and serv"ce d"rector
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