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Once upon a time in a deep valley there was a little girl named Onyxia.

She grew
up in a lonesome town named Silvershire. She played with other kids and had a sturdy
and wealthy potential. She was still three at the time and it was very likely because of
that anyways.
Wake up, Onyxia, her mother whispered, shaking Onyxia lightly. Onyxia woke
up and stretched.
hhhhh . . . she said feeling good. !t"s a new day and the sun"s already
#es it is, dear, $er mother said. Onyxia always loved the deep enthusiasm when
her mother talked.
Onyxia, !"m sorry, she murmured, but you must go to the priest school.
%o doubt about it. &hat"s what she said. %ot many girls were taught to be priests
when they were so young. 'ut she did not talk back.
&he first day of school didn"t go well. $ey look at the new student, a kid with
glasses s(ueaked. She"s so darned short) chubby kid with braces said. Wow she"s
only three) %ot much for a bear) *uh, +eek) &hen a fight started.
fter a few years Onyxia was a wi,ened priest and only six. t the beginning that
school was hard, but at the end she had tears in her eyes leaving. &he next day she
played along the side of the house. She saw a gate at the back of it.
!"ve never noticed that before, probably because it really blends in) She thought
out loud. She opened the gate. Wow, our yard is huge) she exclaimed. She walked into
the darkness and vanished.
&hroughout an hour of being lost she got scared. ! don"t think !"m even in the
town anymore . . . she stammered shaking.
She found an apple tree. $er mother always showed her how to pick apples.
-each for the branch, pull it to your level and pick it, her mother always said. She
reached high, pulled a branch down and pulled off a .uicy red apple.
/mmm, she murmured with a chunk in her mouth.
&hen after she was done she saw a shining reflection from the sun.
Onyxia crept over to it like it might bite her. &o her surprise it was a knight. &he person
reminded her of her mother. &hat reminded her it was her birthday and she had no one to
celebrate it with.
&he knight raised his head to Onyxia"s. +0& W# 1O23 S4!-!&) he cried.
$e got up and was startled. Ohhhh . . . !"m sorry, he apologi,ed. #ou"re a real human)
+ah, sorry !5!5!5 mean girl. $e bowed. /y name is %oah. What"s yours6
!"m Onyxia, she said. nd !"ve lost my way, she continued.
! am also . . . %oah began looking like his eyes had spotted something valuable.
$ey, is that a compass in #O2- pocket6 he demanded full of .oy.
!t"s my mother"s. She gave it to me. Why6
&hat item shows direction. We can get out of here, %oah replied.
+reat) 3et"s get going, Onyxia cheered.
fter a few hours, deafening sounds were in the woods. &he skull5like creatures
.umped out of the dark shadows.
*estroy the living ones) One of them said. !t"s the spirits)) %oah roared.
&&78) he continued.
Onyxia stammered. She was a priest, but could she use her powers in battle6
%oah dashed at twelve o" clock and raised his sword. ! can"t do this thought
Onyxia. %oah was blocked and the hunters counter attacked him, forcing a blow into a
tree. -W!%+)
%oah managed to backstab the hunters, knocking the bones head down.
1ace it, undead hunters, he roared. 9ustice will be served through lliance
compassion) $earing those words, Onyxia stepped in.
1ew were left now, but %oah was very exhausted, but he continued to remain on
his side of valor. Onyxia threw her wand up high, started casting a spell and finished as
it hit her hand.
%o human deserves to die. She cried. 'ut #O2 -0%"& $2/%S)
She was right. &hey were dead villains. &he blasted hunters crippled through the
attack. 'ut one of them slammed straight into %oah.
%oah))) Onyxia cried with watering eyes. She stepped back and said the words
for heal: ;as n 4uritos &hee. wave of energy was knocked out of Onyxia. %oah
got up. Onyxia fell down.
%oah carried Onyxia in his arms as if she was his child. $e looked back and saw
them. &he undead. full army with charging skeletal horses.
9ust what ! need. . . . %oah murmured. &hey slapped him to the ground, choking
him. $e pushed away and ran to the nearest city lliancehail, leaving SO/0O%0
#ears later Onyxia blinked and saw a person there. Onyxia . . . he whispered.
%oah . . . he is being tracked down in lliancehail, a city. #ou must get up.
0ven though he was old he had a darn good voice. Wh5wh5who are y5y5you66
she stammered.
! am your grandfather, Onyxia, and he needs #O2- help.
Onyxia walked, or should ! say -% faster. $er grandfather /ythen struggled to
keep up with the eager girl. !t"s pretty good, Onyxia murmured.
We"ve made a fourth of these darn woods finally.
&ime is unlimited, my dear.
She knew of nothing that 7O23* mean that but she thought it was something
like: #ou shall never die if you show wisdom, or something like that.
'ut in her heart she knew what it meant.
1or a long time they did not find the way out of the forest. !n fact, they were stuck
in the middle of it.
Ohhhh . . . Onyxia murmured. &here weren"t very many springs and the water
supply was .ust a few specks on the chart. &here was only food and fruit.
huge blaring sound approached straight ahead. When the blur got closer they
could tell there were spirits.
1rom healing %oah, my strength is still weak, she said. $er grandfather
continued to ignore her.
!"ve made you a special weapon, Onyxia, he said. $e handed her a glacial
colored wand.
!t"s called a glacial Wand, continued /ythen. %ot time for any more talk now.
$e was right, Onyxia thought as she ducked a spirit.
She launched an aura beam from the wand. !t hit a few undead hunters. &hese few
stumbled over a few more.
/ythen grabbed a handcrafted staff with a strange lettering on it and swiped a
circle of undead that gained on him. 'ut there wasn"t much time before they all came
back to life . . .
Onyxia and /ythen were lost in the forest for over a year. &heir clothing was very
old. She took a string off her dress and carved out some wood. She collected bait to fish
in the lakes.
2ghhh . . . she murmured. %oah must surely be dead.
%ow, with a bit of hope, he may still be alive, /ythen said wisely.
Onyxia knew of her grandfather"s passion: riddles. She knew he believed that
there is a feeling through everyone"s heart more powerful than the person"s own mind
can handle. She was never going to give up. She believed hope is never lost.
1inally after a few weeks, there it was. &he end of the forest.
We have made it Oh my +od, Onyxia exagerated. She was about as happy as
she had ever been.
$ere we are< the city of lliancehail. Onyxia did not see /ythen"s warning.
She ran up the stairs. /ythen yelled. &hen the warning was no use. vine5like thing
flew over her and wrapped her up. !t was a hunter"s net.
Ohhh . . . Onyxia throbbed in terror.
Shut up little girl) said the hunter. !t was then Onyxia remembered her compass.
!t was designed with a sharp end. With it she could rip open the net) She reached for her
pocket and flicked it out towards the netting. !t broke off.
*arn it, a hunter said when he saw the net broke off. Ohhh. . . . another hunter
cried. &he compass had flicked past the net onto dynamite, cutting it open.
13!78. 13!78. &he poor girl"s eyes opened.
What $ap5p5enen6 she asked.
/ythen was standing beside her. /y child, he started bravely. re you all
#es, !5!5!5 am . . . she stammered.
&he damage put her in shock. nything could pop up and kill her now.
2nfortunately a whole army of bone mages appeared.
Stay here. #ou will be alright . . grandfather /ythen ordered. 8ur *e #atos
#lem. &he bone mages chanted. 'one and skeleton knights were summoned, charging
straight for the special and weakened girl.
*es *ur $leym 8ai #ee. /ore mages chanted. fireball casted at Onyxia. She
dodged it with a steady sidestep. &hat took =>>? of her energy. /ythen put a protection
shield over the weak teenager. &hen he chanted !n 7rus /ani 3uakus) and a thirty foot
range earth(uake<more of a yard (uake was made. &he shield on Onyxia protected her
but it blew down the mages.
We did it, /ythen, Onyxia cheered. &he she gasped when she saw her
grandfather"s remains. $e had perished.
She sobbed for many minutes. 3ater she reahed the city lliancehail.
$ere it is, she said aloud.
Onyxia took a step or two into the city and an arrow shot past. &eenage Onyxia
noticed she had wandered onto the 'attle 7ourse. /ore and more arrows shot out.
Was there any energy left in her now6 $ad all =>>? gone, making her vulnerable6
1rios !n ;as -eflectos) she chanted. &he arrows shot back, knocking out a few
paladins and warriors.
She was very weak when the undead warlocks came.
%ooo) she cried. 'ut it was no use. She struggled to break free, but more and
more attacked. She could not break free. She struggled even more as the mages and the
undead warriors came.
7repple 8ai %o -atas. %ightma Oak 8ara Ook 8han. &he undead chanted.
$elp . . . she tried to say, but all that came out was a hoarse whisper.
Someone shut her up so we< &he mage could not finish because the lliance
+uard &roop and more paladins came.
ttack the demons and send them back to their forever sleep) their leader said.
&he guards wore silver armor, .ust like %oah. 7ould he . . . 6 7ould he be one of the
guards, Onyxia thought6
&he undead mob was defeated but Onyxia had gotten a fever from the undead.
very deadly disease called sclerosis. %o doctors or medical support could save her. 'ut a
guard caught her eye.
She moved closer and stumbled. Ohhh . . Onyxia said looking up at the man
nearest her. !t was %oah. $e was Okay)
%oah) she cried. &hat person was only the closest friend ever. &he only other
person she knows now are the priest, school friends, and her mother if they were still
Onyxia) he cheered. #ou"ve gotten bigger) ! sent you grandfather out to find
you and he said 1ifty percent faster than usual.
$ow do you know my grandfather, %oah6 she demanded.
Onyxia, there is a secret that you should know. ! am your brother.
few minutes ticked by but Onyxia was in great shock.
Onyxia, you must know the truth, %oah continued. &hroughout seven years
before you were born ! was a toddler. #our parents could not pay out for me. %ot enough
money. So they sent me away and ! was adopted in the lonesome world. few years
later, /other wrote me a horrible letter. !n it she told me my father was killed. So !
became a +uard of lliancehail. ! will no longer accept the tolerance of the undead.
Onyxia knew the truth.
&he left over gold of mine is for you . . he said, forcing back his tears. $e
handed Onyxia gold sparkling pieces of metal. So m"lady, he started. Will you help
destroy the rest once and for 336
#es %oah, she said shaking her own brother hand.
Onyxia felt a cool bree,e run down her neck. &he bell had .ust donged for =@:>>
4/ &hat lliancehail bell was the only thing of music she must"ve heard before. 0xcept
the riddles from her grandfather. She won"t let that ever happen again. 'ut Onyxia
couldn"t do it longer if %oah knew she was a priest. She had %O idea priests cannot be
guards. &hat is when the hunters, mages, warlocks and the whole mob came . . .
&&78) %oah yelled, happening to be the leader. $#$$ the guards
roared as one. Onyxia lifted her wand. She was now caught.
!t was the undead. Onyxia got her weapon up but dropped it because of the
sclerosis. +uards moved out of their positions and charged at twelve o" clock towards the
undead. 'ut they were too fast. &he undead"s arrows and fireballs pierced the defenses
and put the target on Onyxia.
Ohhh . . . she let out a hoarse cry. She staggered away with her wand to the back
of town. She signaled the other +uards and 8nights. !% 2wasia 8eros, Onyxia
chanted, making blessings for the knights. &he blessing was not very advanced because
of the sclerosis that was affecting them too. !t was taking control more and more. /ost
of the knights got sclerosis from the dead.
!"m feeling very weak . . . Onyxia murmured. 2ghhhh . . . &hen the guards
.ust hit harder. 'ut more were killed.
/ore were killed but Onyxia finally had a plan. She thought she did but she only
imagined she did because the sclerosis gave the girl a blank plan.
&hey cannot continue surviving, Onyxia said to herself. ! must help them.
/ore knights and guards were killed. She couldn"t watch any longer. Onyxia
charged up her wand and chanted a very powerful attack. *ek O %ami ;as 0l *es &ros
huge wave of energy came out and the undead were destroyed.
When Onyxia was age eighteen, %oah made up his mind. Onyxia . . he
whispered. Will you marry me6
!"d be happy to, she grinned. 'ut a familiar old man watched.
few years later sclerosis killed her but in the clouds you could hear a voice
saying, 'less you my friends. &hat was the voice. Onyxia"s voice.
&$0 0%*

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