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Chess Alpha

a True Type Font for chess diagrams and figurine notation.
Copyright Eric Bentzen, 1998.
“Chess Alpha” is free for personal non commercial use. If distributed please include all files. To
display or print this document correctly the font must be installed. If you don’t know how, this is the
time to exercise your indows help!
Å + + + +5
Ä+ + + + 5
à + + + +5
Â+ + + + 5
Example diagram 18 points
"sually the dia#ram will look far better on print than on screen. Co$ordinates and hour#lass %mo&e
indicator' are optional.
I wanted to make a chess font suited for dia#rams in e.#. club newsletters, where the output de&ice
is usually a printer and(or photocopier. )ost traditional chess fonts are drawn with many details
%lines and ornaments' that tend to #et lost or fu**y when printed and maybe later photocopied, and
the black s+uares are often made with lines so thin, that a disturbin# interference effect %like )oir,'
appears when you print smaller dia#rams %font si*e -.$-/ points or less' 0 e&en a /11 23I laser
printer cannot print the lines properly.
4o to obtain clarity and easy readin# you need simplicity. 5n the other hand I know that chess
players are creatures of habit6 if the pieces in a font “don’t look like they use to”, most chessplayers
don’t like it, or it is at best described as “a bit fancy”. 4o I’&e tried to make a compromise7 a
traditional desi#n, but with less details. 2ependin# on the resolution of your printer %or output
de&ice' black s+uares smaller than -.$-/ points may ha&e the abo&e mentioned interference 0 my
only ad&ice is to experiment with different font si*es until it looks okay.
)akin# dia#rams with a chess font would be hard work if you had to do it manually. 8uckily there
is an excellent freeware pro#ram “932:dia#” by )anfred ;osenboom that can do the work for you.
<ou can either make the dia#ram with your mouse %dra# and drop' or you can import the #ame in
3=> format. ?ust sa&e or copy the position as ;T@ %;ich Text @ormat' and paste it into your word
processor. 3ractically all word processors of today reads ;T@$format. If you want borders with co$
ordinates %-$A and a$h' you must add these manually. <ou can download 932:dia# from7
“Chess Alpha” can be used for dia#rams and fi#urine notation. Beware that you don’t use the
same characters for both! The pieces for dia#rams ha&e a fixed width and a sli#htly ele&ated
baseline and will not look #ood as fi#urine characters. The width and baseline of the pieces
intended for fi#urine notation is “correct”7 your lines will not look “Bumpy” %not like hbC, but like
.bC', and the white space between piece and board co$ordinates will be more appropriate.
Keys for diagrams:
<ou can either use the character %e.#. small k for white kin# on white s+uare', or you can use the
A4CII se+uence by typin# A8T D number, which means7 press the A8T$key and type the number on
the numeric keypad.
/ Ein# white s+uare k %1-1F'
K Ein# black s+uare E %1F.'
q Gueen white s+uare + %1--H'
0 Gueen black s+uare G %1A-'
" ;ook white s+uare r %1--C'
R ;ook black s+uare ; %1A:'
Iishop white s+uare b %1JA'
B Iishop black s+uare I %1//'
h Eni#ht white s+uare h %1-1C'
! Eni#ht black s+uare K %1F:'
p 3awn white s+uare p %1--:'
P 3awn black s+uare 3 %1A1'
l Ein# white s+uare l %1-1A'
1 Ein# black s+uare 8 %1F/'
2 Gueen white s+uare w %1--J'
W Gueen black s+uare %1AF'
t ;ook white s+uare t %1--/'
T ;ook black s+uare T %1AC'
n Iishop white s+uare n %1--1'
N Iishop black s+uare > %1FA'
j Eni#ht white s+uare B %1-1/'
J Eni#ht black s+uare ? %1FC'
o 3awn white s+uare o %1---'
O 3awn black s+uare 5 %1FJ'
ther diagram keys:
+ 9mpty black s+uare D %1CH'
9mpty white s+uare space
Border !double":
>orth west corner - %1CJ'
>orth border : %1.1'
>orth east corner H %1.-'
estern border C %1.:'
9astern border . %1.H'
4outh west corner / %1.C'
4outh border F %1..'
4outh east border A %1./'
9astern b. with hour#lass J %1.F'
Border !single":
>orth west corner ! %1HH'
>orth border “ %1HC'
>orth east corner L %1H.'
estern border M %1H/'
9astern border N %1HF'
4outh west corner O %1HA'
4outh border P %1HJ'
4outh east border % %1C1'
9astern b. with hour#lass ' %1C-'
Border !double" with co#ordinates:
- Q %1-J:'
: R %1-JH'
H S %1-JC'
C T %1-J.'
. U %1-J/'
/ V %1-JF'
F W %1-JA'
A X %1-JJ'
a Y %1:11'
b Z %1:1-'
c [ %1:1:'
d \ %1:1H'
e ] %1:1C'
f ^ %1:1.'
# _ %1:1/'
h ` %1:1F'
Border !single" with co#ordinates:
- a %1::C'
: b %1::.'
H c %1::/'
C d %1::F'
. e %1::A'
/ f %1::J'
F g %1:H1'
A h %1:H-'
a i %1:H:'
b , %1:HH'
c j %1:HC'
d k %1:H.'
e l %1:H/'
f m %1:HF'
# n %1:HA'
h o %1:HJ'
Keys for figurine notation:
‚ Ein# p Alt D 1-H1
ƒ Gueen q Alt D 1-H-
„ ;ook r Alt D 1-H:
. Iishop s Alt D 1-HH
. Eni#ht t Alt D 1-HC
. 3awn u Alt D 1-H.
. Ein# v Alt D 1-H/
. Gueen w Alt D 1-HF
. ;ook x Alt D 1-HA
. Iishop y Alt D 1-HJ
ΠEni#ht z Alt D 1-C1
. 3awn P Alt D 1-C.
Any comments, +uestions and su##estions are likely to be considered 0 maybe e&en answered! If
the font doesn’t beha&e properly on your computer, please let me know.
?anuary -JJA,
9ric Ient*en
9mail may chan#e $ see7 http7(($:( %http7(('
Kome address7
Iirke&eB -H
2E$J111 Aalbor#