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Sunstone MBA/ PGDM Program

Job Oriented, Industry Led MBA programs

Full time 2 Year AICTE/UGC approved PGDM/
MBA program offered from multiple locations
Design by Industry, For the Industry
Taking PG Management Seekers to Industry
Directors Message
Dear Friends,

Let me first share with you my reasons of reaching out to you.

I have a unique profile that the last business I started (GlobalLogic) grew to
over 10,000 people within 10 years. I saw a hyper growth business from the
inside and learnt first hand about people like you and me the most.

All this while, I saw a constant fact around me as I interacted and reviewed
thousands of job applicants and handheld successful professionals. I found
that a true professional is created within a great campus. A sincere hand-
holding experience in campus which hones skills and boosts confidence is
what is required for a great first job and a greater successful career
progression. Specially when it comes to a PG Management program, an
industry oriented program where each student is allowed to excel, is the key.
Rajul Garg,
I saw a great opportunity in re-imagining PGDM/MBA to meet todays needs.
At Sunstone, we made it contemporary, industry oriented, more practical,
even more fun! For your benefit, the product has been re-done ground up. It
is common in other industries - 2G gave way to 3G, which is now giving way
to 4G. These are not incremental improvements, they are complete re-
designs. This is the real potential in a campus program that can be yours now.

We started on this path four years back with our path breaking problem
based learning design for experiences professionals. We saw amazing results.
We are now bringing this innovation to full time campus MBAs. We have
partnered with colleges to do a complete re-design we take complete
responsibility of the students from admissions to placement.
We take
of the
students from
admissions to
This is the
Design by Industry, For the Industry
Table of Contents
About Sunstone
What is Sunstone?
Sunstone difference
Corporate Connect
Sunstones corporate connect
Sunstone Promise
Internship opportunities
Curriculum Design and Delivery
Sunstone Pedagogy - UPLIFT
Management Team
Faculty Profiles
Admission Process
1-on-1 Counselling
Locations and Fees
Next Steps

Having created large businesses from scratch
myself, I have become a strong believer in human
talent and the power of training. I undertake to
make every student I come across, a real
professional confident about his career
progression in the corporate.
Rajul Garg
What is Sunstone?
Sunstone started as a management education entity in 2010 directly
emanating from the corporate domain with the idea of Designed by
Industry, For the Industry. It then extended its footprint into the regular
campus programs and expanded fast to encompass multiple campuses
and courses thereby transforming itself into Sunstone Eduversity, an
equivalent to a university system with diverse campuses and courses.
Sunstone MBA is built over 4 primary pillars:

1. PG Management Education should be designed for the student
seeking a career
Management graduates should get a launch pad for a good start in their
careers. Hence, education has to be very closely integrated with the
industry requirements. Every part of Sunstone has the stamp of the
corporate world. Right from the founders, faculty, the course curriculum,
the live projects, internships, pedagogy, activities and finally placements.

2. Curriculum should be Job-oriented not Theory-based
Management professionals are required to solve real business problems
and work in intense business situations. Hence, the curriculum should be
closer to real situations rather than covering theoretical aspects only. All
courses at Sunstone are mandated to have real business problems and all
theoretical aspects are followed by real business use cases.

3. Faculty from Industry should act like a career mentor
Purpose of faculty is more than broadcasting the lectures- it should
include coaching students for real corporate experiences. We believe that
students only learn when they work with coaches to practice
management concepts in realistic situations.

4. Use of technology to create new age managers
Technology has reduced the information gap and students have access to
the best possible content in the world. Sunstone leverages this content to
make sure the students are aware of global phenomenon in
management. Technology understanding is also a requirement to be a
informed manager in current information age.
Designed for

pedagogy -

Faculty from

for global
Having established itself as the best online management course in India, Sunstone now has
under its domain UG courses like BBA and B.Tech. beside the flagship MBA / PGDM courses.
Further showcasing its deep corporate connect and ensuring that knowledge percolates right
into campus programs, Sunstone Eduversity is positioned on the lines of Corporate in Campus.
Sunstone Difference
Story of Sunstone
The backbone of any educational enterprise is its faculty. The
founder of Sunstone is Mr. Rajul Garg, a corporate entrepreneur and
achiever. After his engineering graduation from IIT Delhi, he co-
founded GlobalLogic and later delved into many more corporate
ventures in technology, healthcare and education. He realized it is
time to give back by enabling more and more young people Achieve
Job-Winning-Ability and Learning-Attitude (JWALA) at college itself.
He is the main force behind the curriculum development which
comes not only from his vast corporate knowledge and interface but
also with the support of a large team of Sunstone faculty who have
successful corporate backgrounds.

The co-founder of Sunstone is Mr. Dinesh Singh who is also an
engineer from IIT and an MBA from Cornell USA, who worked with
best consulting companies such as McKinsey & Co and has diverse
experience in education, telecom, healthcare, retail.

Mr. Nituj Gupta, the Executive Director of the Campus Programs is an
honours mechanical engineering graduate from NIT Rourkela with
several post graduation qualifications in management, sales and
marketing, materials management & ecology and environment
management. He has an illustrious corporate background spanning
public, private, MNC with international experience
Founders teach
students face to
face at campus

Each student

interface &
Sunstone in the context of evolution of PGDM/MBA
An important thing to understand is the evolution of management education in India. The IIMs
have been the leaders in this space and as the demand for management education grew several
institutions mushroomed all over the country. Most of the colleges lacked the most important
corporate interface which was required to ensure the end result of a commensurate placement for
their students. The result was that the students slowly got more skeptical and the demand for the
program started waning. Does that imply that the management program has lost its relevance? It
is actually the other way around. The human capital has become even more important to any
successful corporate enterprise. Management education in the same continuation is still an
indispensable part therefore with most domains still needing management professionals.
Management education needs to be practicable
and applicable in real world scenarios. Sunstone is
restructuring the management education to build
new age managers who can instantaneously add
value in corporate world
Dinesh Singh
Director, Student Experience
Sunstones Corporate Connect
Industry Integration

Sunstone is managed by experienced
industry professionals directly as well as
Industry advisory and curriculum
steering committees include top CEOs
and professionals. Faculty also holds
advisory positions and connects in
Linkages with various industries across
product categories and domains helping
in students get several placement and
internships opportunities in the
specialization they choose.

Internship programs aiding in getting
pre-placement offers when the
students are still to complete their
A large conglomerate SPICE group
backs the venture and itself has
several vacancies for fresh
management professionals every year
across specializations.
Multiple office locations at key
corporate hubs of the country
including Bangalore and Pune will
further aid in getting more and wider
placement opportunities.
Incubation Programs

Several start ups with first time young
entrepreneurs are helped and
encouraged by our faculty. These
startups are also allowed to function
out of our campuses. This provides live
examples and insights to our own
Entrepreneurship development being an
important part of the development of
the countrys economy and also sought
after much more actively now by the
young generation, Sunstone provides a
unique opportunity to follow these
aspirations at sunstone campuses.
Internship Programs

Internship programs are an inherent
and compulsory part of the PGDM
programs integrated with the Sunstone
management program.
Internships have also been organized at
various organizations in healthcare,
banking, telecom, technology, and
several others for students who can do
this prior to joining the course. This
shall give valuable initial corporate
exposure which will help better learning
and understanding of the management
concepts taught.
Sunstone Promise: Each Student Grows
Before asking you to commit, we commit ourselves to you.
Growing as a management graduate will require you to be
connected with industry at all steps. Sunstone has already
created over 00 internships for students so they can get real
industry experience even before they start their PG program.
Our Promise: Let Each One of You Bloom
Confirmed list of companies participating in Internship Program
Aditya Birla
Banyan Capital
Orpak Systems
Somerset Indus
Spice Telecom
Times Group
Arrow Devices
Mount Talent
Ridge IVF
Spice Hotspot
Pine Labs
Leadtech Management
Sunstones Unique Offering- Techie 50
Specialization in Analytics & Finance for 50 students
Analytics at Sunstone

Foundation of Analytics
Statistical Inference
Applications of Analytics in
Business Function
Advanced Business Forecasting
Advanced Analytics
Application of Analytics in
Business Verticals
The Next Big Thing: Gain the expertise most important to you
Harvard Business Review says the Data Scientist is the Job of the 21st Century'.
NASSCOM projects 5X demand for Analytics professionals in India at 2,50,000.
It is among the most well paid jobs; plus it is also among the most well-paid first-jobs.
Analytics & Big Data at a glance

Around 7 billion shares are
traded every day on the US stock
Walmart collects 2.5 petabytes of
data from customer transactions
every hour.
10,000 credit card transactions
are made every second.

Sunstone guarantees placement
to all 50 students under this

Placement guarantee for a job of
at least INR 3.6 lacs per annum.

Post-dated cheques to each of the
50 students equivalent to salary.
Sunstone Pedagogy - UPLIFT
The basis of Sunstone program is learning experientially, similar to the way we learn at work. There are
two ways in which we make this happen firstly, by following a problem based learning pedagogy and
secondly, by following a strong peer collaboration approach to learning. This unique pioneering and
successful pedagogy of problem based learning has been graphically represented below. UPLIFT is
further a customization to suit the student entering the campus programs.

Sunstones innovation in curriculum is interwoven with regular PGDM program to make
students corporate ready. The program is integrated with regular industry internships at
different intervals including before joining the program, after finishing 1
year of program
and final semester of the program.
Sunstone Pedagogy - UPLIFT
Sunstone has successfully pioneered the online PGPM course for working candidates with the
Problem Based Learning pedagogy. Taking this forward and customizing the same for the regular full
time classroom based PGDM/MBA programs, Business Programs at Sunstone Eduversity have come
out with the UPLIFT pedagogy.
U understand. Classroom Teaching as practiced mostly in regular courses with the objective to
make students aware of the basic concepts.

P practice. Theory and practice are deeply interrelated where theory is a documentation of practice
and as new things are practiced the theory keeps getting evolved. Understanding is enhanced by
practical examples related to the actual usage in the industry.

L learn. This is the stage where the established problem based learning approach which is the
hallmark of the teaching methodology at Sunstone is applied. The previous page has a detailed
graphical representation explaining this part of the pedagogy.
I imbibe. To ensure that any learning becomes a permanent part of the way a student thinks it has
to be imbibed and internalized. That means that the student needs to do individual activities and got
through evaluation methodologies which ensures that the student internalizes the learning and the
same is reflected in the evaluation.
F- future. Students need to be further mentored and tutored to think and innovate beyond the
current way of doing things to how things could be shaped in the future. That is the way the industry
grows and a competent manager not only has to be deeply involved but has to be the driver of this
T technology. Technology has reduced the information gap and students have access to the best
possible content in the world. Sunstone leverages this content to make sure the students are aware of
global phenomenon in management. Technology understanding is also a requirement to be a informed
manager in current information age.
Understand Practice - Learn Imbibe Future - Technology
Understand - Practice Learn - Imbibe Future - Technology
Management Team
Dilip Modi
(Chairman, Executive
Dilip Modi is the
Executive Vice-
Chairman, Spice. Spice
Group is US $2 Billion
Rajul Garg
Rajul co-founded
GlobalLogic, sold for
$420M in 2013 to
Apax partners in the
largest deal of the
year in India.
Dinesh Singh
(Director, Student
Dinesh has diverse
experience in business
consulting, business
development, sales &
Nituj Gupta
(Executive Director)
Nituj has an illustrious
corporate background
spanning public,
private, MNC along
with an international
Spice has interests primarily in Mobile Devices,
Mobile Retail, Mobile VAS. Spice also runs
Spice Hotspot, the leader in mobile retail, and
Saholic, an e-commerce company.
Rajul is an entrepreneur, angel investor and
board member for several companies. He
provides mentorship to multiple start-ups in
Rajul is a graduate from IIT Delhi.
He worked with worlds top consulting
company McKinsey in US and consulted
Fortune 500 companies.
Dinesh is an engineer from IIT Kanpur and an
MBA from Cornell USA
Nituj has been managing and running MBA
and engineering programs for past 7 years
Nituj is NIT Rourkela graduate with several PG
qualifications in management, sales and
marketing, materials management & ecology
Dr Bennett McClellan
Dr Bennett McClellan is a business
scenario strategist, change catalyst,
writer and executive coach with
over 30 years of experience helping
leaders achieve positive change.
He is Ph.D. in Management, an MBA from Harvard
Business School and MFA from UCLAs School of
Theatre, Film and Television
Rajul Garg
Rajul brings his passion towards
entrepreneurship and business
building to various aspect of
Sunstone curriculum, and plays an
active mentor role for all students
Rajul serves on several boards of telecom,
healthcare, and internet companies. He is a graduate
from IIT Delhi.
Aniket Khera
Aniket is passionate about capital
markets and owns creation and
delivery of all Finance & Accounting
modules including capital asset
pricing & efficient markets.
Aniket has 15+ years of industry experience after
graduating from IIT Delhi and an MBA, Marketing
and Finance from The University of Texas, Dallas.
Dinesh Singh
Dineshs areas of interests are core
strategy and marketing including
product positioning, go-to-market,
consumer segmentation, and
Dinesh is a graduate from IIT Kanpur and MBA from
Cornell University. He spent significant time with
startups and as a strategy consultant with McKinsey
Nituj Gupta
Nituj has been passionate about
teaching & played an active role as
a corporate trainer and consultant
spanning programs at IMT
Ghaziabad as well in large MNCs.
Nituj is B.E. (Hons.) in the Mechanical stream from
NIT Rourkela and holds various PG certifications in
Quality Management, six sigma and others
Devendra Mangani
Devendra has extensive experience
in Finance and Operations. He
worked in global strategy team at
RBC capital markets in Canada, as
well as in manufacturing companies
Devendra is a graduate from IIT Bombay and holds
an MBA, Strategy and Finance from Queens School
of Business, Canada.
David Wittenberg
Davids areas of professional
interest are innovation, strategy,
marketing and management. David
takes classes and delivers short
programs to students at some
David is MBA (Honours) at Thunderbird School of
Management and has also launched University 4.0
to transform higher education in India
Tapan Rayaguru
Tapan has led large teams (2,000
people+) in his career and he is an
Analytics, Business Development
and Account Management expert
with international exposure
Tapan is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur and IIM
Calcutta, and has an experience of over 20 years in
the IT and Analytics industry
Joseph A. Hopper
MBA from ISB in Finance &
Entrepreneurship, B.A. from King
College in International Business
10+ years experience in
education delivery
Saurabh Agarwal
Graduate from Delhi School of
Economics and MBA from
INSEAD, France
Strategy consulting experience
with McKinsey, AT Kearney
Megha Khatri
BTech from IIT Delhi and MBA
from ISB, Hyderabad
Experience in Analytics,
Consulting in different sectors
Mrityunjay Kumar
Graduate from IIT Delhi, Exec-
MBA from Foster School of
Business, Washington
Experience in Technology
Products and Marketing
Sandeep Gupta
BTech from NIT Jaipur, MBA
from Thunderbird School
Operations and supply chain
experience with companies such
as Phelps Dodge, Electrotherm.
Gaganpreet Luthra
Masters from IIT Delhi
Experience in Technology
Management, digital marketing
and sales in IT services and e-
learning industries
Medha Sharma
MBA from Symbiosis
Experience in leading large
teams, operations, and
processing in Finance industry
with global banks
Nitin Batra
BTech, IIT Kanpur and MBA from
INSEAD, France
Innovation and Brand
Management expert with FMCG
and consulting experience
Surender Gaur
Sunstone, Dublin Business School
Experience is software operations
and management with companies
such as Dell Services
Dr. Pankaj Gupta
Engineering graduate and MBA
Vast industrial and academic
experience, trainer in
behavioural science and part of
Inmantec for 15 years.
Dr Kamal Gupta
PhD in Marketing, PGDBA, BBA
Extensive teaching and research
experience with various research
publications in Service
Marketing, Brand management
Dr Rajeshwar Nath
PhD and Masters in Economics
Published two books on his
interest areas- application of
economics, quantitative
Sunstone Community Advantage
When you join Sunstone, you become part of a
strong community and network. It isnt only
about the education, but the supporting
community around you.

Sunstone is running various management
programs and certification courses for last few
years including Indias most premier online
management program. Sunstone community of
students and corporate act as your mentor,
advisor, guide and recruiters at different stages.

Highlights of Sunstone Community
Over 9,000 students did Sunstone courses in
the past
Sunstone community present is all top metro
cities in India and 6 global locations
Over 300+ top companies represented by the
community in various sectors including
Finance, Technology, Internet, Retail, FMCG,
Telecom, and Not-for-profit
50+ Sunstone community members are at top
management levels including CEOs, CTOs,

Communities are a life time association where you give help and receive help in all
professional matters. Sunstones deep corporate connect through its strong
community directly impacts the career progression of its MBA students.
Sunstone community sample representation
Sunstone Alumni
Admission Process
A graduation in any discipline is accepted for admission to a post
graduate management program. All candidates are required to take
one of the exams CAT or CMAT or MAT or XAT. Otherwise, the
candidate should appear for a written exam conducted by Sunstone.

* For specialization in Analytics and Finance (Techie 50), BTech/BE
degree is a requirement.

Process Steps:
Step 1: Fill enquiry form:

Step 2: Sunstone team would interact with you and will also help
you set up an appointment with a faculty mentor with corporate
background. The interaction thereafter will help the student
understand Sunstone and vice versa allow Sunstone to understand
the student, his/her aspiration with respect to the course and the
potential exhibited to imbibe the necessary knowledge and skills at
sunstone within the defined timeframe.

Step 3: Fill the admission application form at the website- Admissions
team will send a Short corporate case/article.

Step 4: In-person interview with Sunstone admissions team.

Step 5: If selected, receive registration form for the program and
deposit the registration fee

Step 6: Receive an acceptance confirmation from Sunstone.

It is further suggested that this process be initiated at the earliest
because Sunstone aims to provide corporate internship programs to
students who register early so that the much needed understanding
of the corporate world comes at an initial stage which would act as
a catalyst for better learning.
Internship are
available now.
Admitted students
are already doing it.

Students will have
option to 1-on-1
counselling from an
industry expert
before admission
interviews .

For Techie 50,
specialization in
Analytics & Finance,
BTech/ BE degree is
a requirement
Apply at:
Admissions: 1-on-1 counselling
Dinesh Singh
IIT, Cornell Alumnus
Experience in Sales &
Marketing, Operations,
General Management
Tapan Rayaguru
IIT Kgp, IIM Alumnus
Experience in General
Management, Sales,
Business Development,
technology and analytics
Nituj Gupta
NIT Rourkela Alumnus
Experience in Sales &
Marketing, Operations,
General Management
Gaganpreet Luthra
IIT Delhi Alumnus
Experience in Technology,
Marketing, General
Management and education
Sunstone Counsellors
Opportunity to talk to
Sunstone Counsellors

Sunstone provides a unique opportunity to
help students understand more about their
fitment in Sunstone management program and
its relevance. Students can take advantage of
this session to know about MBA education,
Sunstone program, career prospective and
curriculum delivery.

Process for setting up counselling session:

1. Fill up the enquiry form at website
and provide your details in the form

2. Our team will call you at the given contact
number and send you an e-mail at given e-
mail id to set up your session. This can be
in-person or on phone

3. Counsellor will call you on your phone or
meet you in-person as planned. This session
would be for 30-45 mins and counsellors will
answer all your question and provide
relevant details

This counselling session is your chance to know
Sunstone and talk to management/faculty
involved in the program.
Campuses and Fees
Sunstone Inmantec Campus:
Address: Inmantec Business
School, NH-24, Udyog Kunj,
Ghaziabad, UP.

Sunstone INJ Campus:
Address: INJ Business School, Plot
No 10, Knowledge Park-3,Greater
Noida, UP.

Sunstone Taksila Campus:
Address: Taksila Business School,
Plot No. 30/28, Knowledge Park-3,
Greater Noida, UP.

Sunstone Magtech Campus:
Address: Magtech Management
Institute, NH-24, LalKuan,
Ghaziabad, UP.
Inst Payable Amount
1 At registration Rs 25,000
2 At admission Rs 45,000
3 After 6 months Rs 60,000
4 After 12 months Rs 60,000
5 After 18 months Rs 60,000
Admission process for all the campuses is similar. Students can choose the campuses after
getting the offer. All Campuses offer regular PGDM/MBA degrees with specialization in
HR, Marketing, Finance, IT, Operations etc.
* Specialization in Analytics & Finance (Techie 50) is offered only in INJ campus
4 Campuses with 600 seats at present in Delhi NCR region
* Hostel facilities are available at different campuses and hostel charges are not includes in the fee.
Total fee for the program is Rs 2.5 Lacs for 2
years payable in 5 installments

Student loans can be available for the fee

No cost for application & admission process

For specialization in Analytics and Finance
(Techie 50), students will be required to pay
an additional fee of Rs 1,45,000. This fee
will be payable only after receiving the job
offer (during final semester).
Our campuses
Campuses in Delhi NCR region with hostel facilities available
Thanks you and next steps
Dear Patron,

We appreciate the time you have given
to us. It is a pleasure to have
introduced you to the mission and
vision to achieve big and noble targets.
We are not only driven by our passion
but we are more motivated to achieve
We sincerely look forward to having
you at Sunstone as we set out to
achieve higher levels of success in the
days and months to come, where our
success means A CAREER FOR YOU.

Warm Regards,
Talk to real people behind the program
before you decide how this education can
help you

- Nituj Gupta, Executive Director
Fill Enquiry form at
our website, we will
contact you.

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for further

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