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Computing Fundamentals

What Is Internet?
The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the
standard Internet protocol suite (often called TCP/IP, although not all applications
use TCP) to serve billions of users worldwide It is a network of networks that
consists of millions of private, public, academic, business, and government
networks, of local to global scope, that are linked by a broad array of electronic,
wireless and optical networking technologies The Internet carries an e!tensive
range of information resources and services, such as the inter"linked hyperte!t
documents of the #orld #ide #eb (###) and the infrastructure to support
The origins of the Internet reach back to research of the $%&'s, commissioned by
the (nited )tates government in collaboration with private commercial interests to
build robust, fault"tolerant, and distributed computer networks The funding of a
new () backbone by the *ational )cience +oundation in the $%,'s, as well as
private funding for other commercial backbones, led to worldwide participation in
the development of new networking technologies, and the merger of many
networks The commerciali-ation of what was by the $%%'s an international
network resulted in its populari-ation and incorporation into virtually every aspect
of modern human life .s of /'$$, more than // billion people 0 nearly a third of
1arth2s population 3 use the services of the Internet
The Internet has no centrali-ed governance in either technological implementation
or policies for access and usage4 each constituent network sets its own standards
5nly the overreaching definitions of the two principal name spaces in the Internet,
the Internet Protocol address space and the 6omain *ame )ystem, are directed by
a maintainer organi-ation, the Internet Corporation for .ssigned *ames and
*umbers (IC.**) The technical underpinning and standardi-ation of the core
protocols (IPv7 and IPv&) is an activity of the Internet 1ngineering Task +orce
(I1T+), a non"profit organi-ation of loosely affiliated international participants that
anyone may associate with by contributing technical e!pertise
Evolution of the Internet in Bangladesh:
)tarting in the early nineties, 8angladesh had dialup access to e"mail using the
8ulletin 8oard )ystems (88)s) of a few local providers, but the number of users
did not total more than 9'' (sers were charged by the kilobyte and email was
Computing Fundamentals
transferred from the 88) service providers to the rest of the world by international
dialup using ((CP
In :une $%%& the first ;).T base data circuit in the country was commissioned and
the 8angladesh Telegraph and Telephone 8oard (8TT8) granted licenses to two
Internet )ervice Providers In subse<uent years more liberal government policies
led to a rapid e!pansion of the industry, resulting in over $,' registered I)P2s by
/''9 I)Ps are currently regulated by the 8angladesh Telecommunication
=egulatory Commission (8T=C) through the 8angladesh Telecommunications
In >ay /''& 8angladesh inaugurated new submarine optic fiber connectivity as
part of the $& country consortium )1.">1"#1 7 pro?ect The landing station is in
Co!2s 8a-ar, the southern city near the 8ay of 8engal In :uly, /'', )ubmarine
Cable Pro?ect was transformed into a company named 8angladesh )ubmarine
Cable Company @imited (8)CC@), which is now taking care of all services related
to )ubmarine Cable

Market Overview:
The number of internet subscriptions in 8angladesh grew from $,&,''' in /''' to
&$C,D'' in /''% Eowever, only '7F of the population used the internet in /''%
giving 8angladesh one of the lowest usage percentages in the world, ahead of only
*orth Gorea, >yanmar, and )ierra @eone This limited internet penetration is due
to many factors, includingH high costs, little local content, limited or poor service
<uality, lack of infrastructure with last mile often limited to dial"up, too many
providers competing in a relatively small market, and low literacy rates In /'$$
however, the number of Internet users in 8angladesh has seen a phenomenal
growth of over %''F making the total number of users 9,9'$,&'% (D9F of the
total population) mainly due to wide availability of mobile Internet In .pril /'$',
.khtaru--aman >an?u, president of Internet )ervice Providers2 .ssociation of
8angladesh, said Iwe2ve estimated that nearly $' million people in the country are
using ,'',''' internet connections on sharing basisI, adding the number of
internet users in the country is increasing roughly $9"$& percent a year
JThis increased internet penetration will result in a /& per cent contribution to the
countryKs L6P by /'/', while creating $/% thousand more ?obs by the same yearM
the research added The main obstacle of using the Internet in 8angladesh is its
Computing Fundamentals
distribution The Internet is still an urban privilege because telephone connections
are more concentrated in urban areas, particularly in and around 6haka >obile
operators are providing substantial services in and outside urban areas using
16L1/LP=) or 1;65
Internet Servies:
International E!hange "I#$ and International Internet %atewa& "II%$:
Internet 1!change (IN) refers to switching system which connects all the I)Ps and
e<uivalent service providers primarily for data traffic flow It consists of two parts,
International Internet Lateways (IILs) and the *ational Internet 1!change (*IN)
The IILs provides global internet connectivity, while all domestic internet data
communication is routed via the *IN to minimi-e usage of international
bandwidth Currently two IILs are in service, >ango Teleservices @imited and the
government owned 8angladesh Telecommunications Company @imited (8TC@)
Internet Servie 'roviders "IS's$:
.s of /''9 more than $,' Internet )ervice Providers were operating in the country
I)P2s are regulated by the 8angladesh Telecommunication =egulatory Commission
(8T=C) In /'$$ there were $$$ licensed I)Ps providing services nationwideand
,7 I)Ps providing services in the central -one
Mo(ile operators:
8ecause fi!ed line penetration rates are low and are e!pected to remain low, most
8angladeshis2 first e!perience with the Internet is likely to be via mobile services
.n estimated %'F of 8angladesh2s Internet users get their access using mobile
services now
5ut of the si! mobile operators, five offer 16L1 or LP=) L)>
internet service The sole C6>. operator, Citycell, offers 1;65
8roadband internet and e"commerce in 8angladesh is slowly progressing In /''%
there were 9',''' fi!ed broadband internet subscribers
Though broadband
internet access is available, the charges for high speed connections are higher than
in other south .sian countries, though this is changing In 8angladesh Broadband
Computing Fundamentals
is legally defined as $/,/$/, kbit/s, which is not in line with the IT(2s definition
and many broadband internet services may not be considered true broadband
Three companies, 8angla@ion Communications @td, 8rac 8dmail *etwork @td,
and .ugere #ireless 8roadband 8angladesh @td, won licenses to operate #i>.N
in 8angladesh in )eptember /'', The three firms purchased the licenses at
auction for /$9 billion 86T (D$ million ()6) from the 8angladesh
Telecommunication =egulatory Commission under the agreement that pay /C9'F
of the revenue to the government Though 8rac 8dmail declined to start the
service, 8angla@ion and .ugere (8randed as Oubee) launched commercial #i>a!
services by the end of /''%
Free We( )osting:
This is a new initiative in 8angladesh to promote internet use and web hosting
IPro?ect 86eshI is one of the leading in this section They are providing domain
name and hosting service free of cost to all 8angladeshis2 and *=8s2 5ther free
web hosting services are also available People are encouraged to start their own
blog or personal web pages online
Compare *ll +% Wima! Internet Operators 'akage 'lan in
Currently three active companies providing 7L internet service in 8angladesh
This is matter of hesitation for most of the people that which is best company for
my internet connectionP )o here I am giving you all #ima! companies Internet
package plan in a place and I hope itKs obviously help you to find out a 7L internet
operator which is best for you
.t a Llance )ome Important Point for all #ima! 5perators 0
Q 8anglalion have good network and itKs most e!panded than all others 7L
internet provider )o if are a customer who is living outside of 6haka or
Chittagong then you may compel to take 8anglalion #ima! internet
Q Oubee and 8anglalion started their internet service at same time but now
its clear Oubee ?ust want to give his service inside capital (6haka), they have
Computing Fundamentals
good reputation in 6haka but outside of 6haka there network is not
available 5hR )ome area of Chittagong also covered by Oubee
Q 5llo the latest 7L internet provider in 8angladesh, they ?ust starting their
7L internet service *ormally they canKt e!pand their network in a large
area Currently some part of 6haka are covered by 5llo network
Internet ,rends in Bangladesh:
The rapid growth of digital technology is fundamentally changing the world as we
know it Llobal internet penetration in /'$' stood at $% billion people and is
e!pected to grow to 9 billion by /'$9 It is unsurprising that with this in mind,
information in the world (videos, music, documents etc) that is stored online is
also pro?ected to grow from ,'' e!abytes to 9D -etabytes (e>arketer, /'$$)
To put this into conte!t, Loogle recently announced that there is &' hours of video
(SouTube 8log, /'$/) uploaded onto SouTube each and every minute
>obile adoption is another factor that is further accelerating access to the internet
The JOueen of the *etM >ary >eeker forecasts mobile internet usage to outstrip
desktop/large screen by /'$9
LT= .d *etwork, a company that manages internet ad campaigns across over $9'
local websites reaching over %'F of 8angladeshis online, has built"up uni<ue
insight into how users within the country and abroad browse the web
Computing Fundamentals
LT= analysed millions of data points and put together D key trends that can help
show where the internet in 8angladesh is going
-. Internet onsumption is aelerating:
The internet subscriber base in 8angladesh (e!cluding mobile) currently stands at
?ust over $9 million (8T=C, +eb /'$/) Eowever, total desktop internet users in
8angladesh is actually far greater than that number, likely driven by heavy usage in
offices, internet cafes and multiple users accessing the internet from a single
household @ocal industry estimates suggest that in /'$$ access to the web was
closer to , million users, having grown D''F since /'$' and e!pected grow a
further 9''F by /'/' (8CL, /'$') This acceleration of internet consumption is
undoubtedly fueled not only by the growth in access, such as through #I>.N
modems, but also through the proliferation of increasingly affordable laptops,
desktops and tablets
/. ,hose with aess (rowse a lot:
(ntil now, it wasn2t clear how people in 8angladesh actually spend their time on
the web on a daily basis The data LT= gathered sheds some more light on
consumer behavior online
The average user accesses the web on D separate occasions throughout the day,
with usage peaking during the morning hours In addition, a total of 7 different
websites are typically visited during these sessions
#hile usage of social networks and email services account for a considerable
portion web activity, the data collected by the LT= indicates that 8angladeshis
also spend a lot of time browsing the web )uch users are actively seeking
information and content online and this is only going to grow further as more local
websites and web applications start to enter the public domain
0. We( usage varies onsidera(l& (& da& of week
#hich days are 8angladeshis most online is a <uestion that has been asked a lot at
LT= .s visuali-ed in the chart on left , web usage varies considerably based on
the day of the week Internet traffic among local 8angladeshis peaks on >ondays
and is generally higher during the working days +ridays represent substantially
less traffic, but it is worth noting that internet consumption remains high for non"
resident 8angladeshis visiting local 8angladeshi sites on +ridays
Computing Fundamentals
Internet 1sage and 'opulation Statistis:
YEAR Users Population % Pen. GDP p.c.* Usage Source
2000 100,000 134,824,000 0.1 % N/A ITU
2007 450,000 137,493,990 0.3 % US$ 466 ITU
2009 556,000 156,050,883 0.4 % US$ 574 ITU
2010 617,300 158,065,841 0.4 % US$ 624 ITU
2011 5,501,609 158,570,535 3.5 % US$ 700 ITU
*oteH Per Capita L6P in () dollars, sourceH International >onetary +und
Final ,houghts:
The rapid development of the online space in 8angladesh is very e!citing and
promising The frenetic popularity of global platforms like Loogle, +acebook and
Twitter as well as the innovation and growth of local websites, 8angla content,
locali-ed online tools and ecommerce which indicates that the internet will have an
increasingly positive impact on the daily lives of people in this country