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AugusL 13, 2014

Spokane CounLy 8oard of Commlssloners
Spokane CounLy CourLhouse
1116 WesL 8roadway Ave
Spokane, WA 99260
SenL vla Lmall

uear Spokane CounLy 8oard of Commlssloners,
We are wrlLlng Lo follow up on Lhe leLLer LhaL Lhe SmarL !usLlce Campalgn senL Lo you on May 6
Lhe creaLlon of Lhe Law and !usLlce Councll. We dld noL recelve a response or an acknowledgmenL of
recelpL. We are wrlLlng agaln Lo relnforce our May 6
commenLs and Lo address addlLlonal speclflc
concerns regardlng Lhe membershlp of Lhe Law and !usLlce Councll. We are pleased LhaL Lhe Law and
!usLlce Councll ls flnally convenlng and beglnnlng lLs work. We belleve LhaL our lnpuL on addlLlonal
members Lo lnclude on Lhe Councll, as well as speclflc work groups Lo creaLe would greaLly enhance Lhe
Law and !usLlce Councll's work Lo successfully lmplemenL crlmlnal [usLlce reforms.
1o quoLe Lhe 8lueprlnL for 8eform: !"#$ &'()*+$ ,$-.(+*/ 01.2.+*/ 3456.7$ 0(22.55.(+ 8&,0309 :*5
;(12$< => 0.6> (; &'()*+$ *+< &'()*+$ 0(4+6> *<2.+.561*6.(+ :.6# 6#$ -(*/ (; $?'/(1.+- 7411$+6
('$1*6.(+5 *+< $;;.7.$+7.$5@ .<$+6.;>.+- <4'/.7*6.(+ (; 5$1A.7$5@ *+< <$A$/('.+- * =/4$'1.+6 ;(1
5477$55;4/ 1$;(12 6#*6 =$66$1 2$$65 6#$ +$$<5 (; 6#(5$ '1(7$55$< 6#1(4-# (41 71.2.+*/ B456.7$ 5>56$2
8C/4$'1.+6 ;(1 ,$;(12@ '*-$ D@ E
5$+6$+7$9FG ln order Lo !=$66$1 2$$6 6#$ +$$<5 (; 6#(5$ '1(7$55$<
6#1(4-# (41 71.2.+*/ B456.7$ 5>56$2@G Lhe SmarL !usLlce Campalgn belleves LhaL lL ls crlLlcally lmporLanL Lo
have communlLy members mosL lmpacLed by Lhe sysLem serve on Lhe Law and !usLlce Councll (people of
color, people wlLh dlsablllLles, people wlLh menLal lllness and addlcLlons, ex-offenders, and/or famlly
members) Lo ensure LhaL reforms beLLer meeL needs of Lhose mosL lmpacLed, and !1$;(12 6#$ 5>56$2 6(
*+ (;;$+<$1 7$+6$1$<@ 1*6#$1 6#*+ (;;$+5$ 7$+6$1$< 8C/4$'1.+6 ;(1 ,$;(12@ '*-$ H9FG
lor Lhls reason, we recommend LhaL Lwo clLlzen poslLlons be added Lo Lhe Councll - one from Lhe
CounLy and one from Lhe ClLy of Spokane LhaL come from dlsproporLlonaLely affecLed communlLles.
WlLh sweeplng crlmlnal [usLlce reform and law revlslons, lL musL be acknowledged Lhere wlll be
enormous conslderaLlons when lL comes Lo personnel and asseLs. We recommend LhaL Lwo Labor
represenLaLlves be added Lo Lhe Councll, one from Lhe CounLy and one from Lhe ClLy of Spokane. ln
addlLlon, we would llke Lo see a ClLy of Spokane publlc defender added Lo Lhe Councll. Whlle we
undersLand LhaL 70° of Spokane CounLy's budgeL goes Lo Lhe crlmlnal [usLlce sysLem, lL ls lmporLanL LhaL
we have members on Lhe Councll from boLh Lhe CounLy and Lhe ClLy of Spokane LhaL represenL !'(7)$65
(; $?7$//$+7$G LhaL wlll help lnform and gulde sysLem wlde lmplemenLaLlon of proven programs
(8lueprlnL for 8eform page 3).
WlLhouL Lhe lnvolvemenL and experLlse of Lhose mosL lmpacLed and oLher experLs LhroughouL Lhe
sysLem, we fear LhaL our communlLy wlll be golng Lhrough anoLher ulLlmaLely unsuccessful exerclse Lo
aLLempL crlmlnal [usLlce reform aL Lhe expense of Lhose LhaL beneflL mosL from comprehenslve reform
and Lhe Laxpayers who conLlnue Lo fooL Lhe blll wlLhouL any resulLs.
We LrusL LhaL Lhe Law and !usLlce Councll wlll make lL a prlorlLy ln Lhe flrsL year Lo hlre an AdmlnlsLraLor
Lo lead Lhls lndependenL governlng body Lo coordlnaLe reforms, lmplemenL evldenced based programs,
and lssue sysLem-wlde performance measures (or ºreporL cards"). 1he AdmlnlsLraLor poslLlon ls cenLral
Lo Lhe sLrucLural reform recommended by Lhe Spokane 8eglonal Crlmlnal !usLlce Commlsslon and Lhe
SmarL !usLlce Campalgn.
AddlLlonally, when Lhe Councll forms subcommlLLees or workgroups, we advocaLe for Lhe formaLlon of
Lhe followlng subcommlLLees: 8aclal ulsproporLlonallLy, MenLal PealLh, 8esLoraLlve !usLlce, AlLernaLlve
Lo lncarceraLlon and ulverslon, 1echnology and laclllLles, and 8lsk/needs AssessmenLs. 1he 8aclal
ulsproporLlonallLy work group ls lmporLanL Lo develop and lmplemenL assessmenLs and reporL cards Lo
lmplemenL Lhe goal proposed by Lhe S8C!C Lo: !$+541$ 6#*6 *// 71.2.+*/ B456.7$ <$'*162$+65 2*)$ *
7(22.62$+6 6( *7#.$A.+- 1*7.*/ $I4.6> .+ (41 5>56$25@ *+< 6( =4./<.+- 74/641*//> *''1('1.*6$ '1(-1*25
*+< 54''(16 5$1A.7$5 ;(1 (;;$+<$15 8C/4$'1.+6 ;(1 ,$;(12@ '*-$ JK@ ,$7(22$+<*6.(+ DFE 8J99FG
1he 8lueprlnL for 8eform ls a landmark documenL LhaL lays ouL clear, evldence-based recommendaLlons
wlLh a plan and a Llmellne. 8oLh Lhe Mayor of Spokane and Lhe Spokane CounLy 8oard of Commlssloners
dlrecLed Lhe Lhree-member Spokane 8eglonal Crlmlnal !usLlce Commlsslon Lo research, ask Lhe Lough
quesLlons, and develop speclflc recommendaLlons Lo dlrecL comprehenslve crlmlnal [usLlce reform. now
lL ls Llme for Lhe Law and !usLlce Councll Lo lead our communlLy forward.
We hope you wlll look Lo Lhe SmarL !usLlce Campalgn as a resource Lo supporL and asslsL ln any way as
Lhe Law and !usLlce Councll beglns lLs work Lo help ensure a successful comprehenslve reform of our
crlmlnal [usLlce sysLem.
1he SmarL !usLlce Campalgn CoallLlon
Mayor uavld Condon
Councll ÞresldenL 8en SLuckarL
Spokane ClLy Councll Members
!ackle van Wormer
Clorla Cchoa
!ohn ulckson