New System Fills the Gap between Custom Fabricated and Modular Sign Systems Vista System International

, a fast growing Israel based pioneer and world leader in sign systems and components, now offers a new concept for the sign industry that was developed by sign professionals with the goal of filling a gap between fabricated sign and modular sign systems. MCFT (Modular Curved Frame Technology) offers the best of both worlds by offering the advantages of a modern modular system with the ability to provide a highly customisable solution that meets the unique requirements for each sign project. Vista System stocks the entire collection of components for this system for fast delivery from strategically located locations around the world. MCFT is modular. Standardised units can be assembled in different ways using both standard and custom accessories and attachments. MCFT is curved. It combines the enhanced functionality of a curved shape with the beauty of a European design into a collection of profiles that keep inserted materials firmly in place using its strong tension grip. MCFT is a frame system that can be used with many types of sign substrates (e.g. plastics, metals, paper, laminates, veneers, etc.) and inserts, thus allowing for the easy and inexpensive updating of signs. MCFT was developed using state-of-the-art technology. It affords the sign professional to participate in the design and development of new ideas for new products, and becomes an integral part of the development process jointly with Vista System by providing new ideas from the field that mirror the market needs. These demands are supported by the quick fabrication capabilities of custom accessories and attachments that mesh with the system extrusions. Modular Curved Frame Technology also provides many additional advantages vs. other custom fabricated and modular sign systems. It is easy to install and update by even a novice. This saves time and the costs associated with using onsite signage professionals. Clear, concise directions make the installation process fast and easy. MCFT can be dismantled easily for efficient shipping. It is ideally suited for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications that cover the broad width of sign projects. MCFT was designed for use involving many kinds of methods, including engraving, screen printing, photopolymer, ADA Tactile, digital printing, and more. It is very competitively priced. Ultra strong MCFT profiles are available in standard full component lengths measuring 3 mm (1 inch) to 1220 mm (48 inches) wide and up to 4.27 Metres 14 feet long, custom made lengths are also available.