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Ultra Fast Curing Polyurethane/Polyurea Spray Coating System

DESCRIPTION The DURATHANE – LP (VARO HSC-A90P/R) is the newest technology in the waterproofing, anticorrosion and concrete protection field with higher characteristics than the conventional type of insulation. The sprayed-on polyurethane liner DURATHANELP (Lasting Protection) VAROCOAT HSC-A90P/R which can be sprayed on all kind of surfaces is better than the normal paints, coatings and protective materials. Durathane LP is a two-component, 100% solid (no VOC), fast-curing, elastomeric polyurethane coating system. It provides high film build ( up to 8mm), excellent abrasion resistance, excellent weather resistance along with good resistance to chemical and process environments, Durathane LP have high tensile strength, elongation and tear strength properties.

• Truck bed coating. • Industrial & Construction equipment. • Power Plants & Pipe Lines. • Water proofing & Anti-Corrosion. • Flooring for food processing factories. • Workshops & mechanical rooms. • Boats Decking & Protection. • Hospitals and laboratories. • Swimming pools & water tanks.

VAROCOAT HSC-A90P/R VARO-BP Well Prepared Concrete Base

* Typical layout for the system as concrete lining.

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CHARACTERISTICS OF DURATHANE – LP 1. Resistant To Abrasion Where severe wear is a problem DURATHANE – LP often outperforms rubber, plastics, and metals. DURATHANE – LP strong resistance to abrasion allows for the fabrication of many products using less material, making it a very cost effective production material. Other benefits include lighter weight, longer life, and reduced costs of maintenance and replacement. 2. Highly Resistant To Impact While conventional plastic materials tend to become brittle as they become harder, polyurethane’s remain more elastic and resist fracture. This great toughness makes DURATHANE– LP ideal for parts that have to stand up to high impact. 3. Suitable for High-flex Applications Under repeated flexing, DURATHANE – LP will not crack. DURATHANE – LP offers an important advantage; it retains its strength and toughness regardless of section thickness. 4. Flexible At Low Temperatures DURATHANE – LP has the property of remaining flexible when subjected to cold conditions to -40o C. As well, DURATHANE – LP is resistant to thermal shock without cracking, or losing its bond. 5. Stable Up To 120oC For temporary and some immersion applications, DURATHANE – LP is suitable

for continuous use up to about 90oC, although they can withstand temperatures as high as 120o C for short periods in certain applications. This depends on the composition of the medium to which DURATHANE – LP is applied, and the type of exposure to which it is subjected. A test piece should be sampled before full application. 6. Won’t Sweat or Deteriorate In Water DURATHANE – LP remains stable, even when immersed in water as warm as 50oC for very long periods, but is not recommended for continuous use in water hotter than 70oC. DURATHANE – LP absorbs practically no water – barely 0.3% to 1.6% by weight and shows negligible swell in volume, even after prolonged immersion. 7. Electrical Properties DURATHANE – LP is an excellent insulator. It can be used extensively in potting (protecting the joints in power cables) and other encapsulation applications, where electrical isolation is important. 8. Resistant To Oil, Grease, and Chemicals While rubbers and plastics show excellent resistance to resistance to certain solvents, oils and chemicals, DURATHANE – LP will resist a much wider range of substances. DURATHANE – LP is more suitable for products or parts that will come in contact with a number of different substances. As with any material, we recommend that DURATHANE – LP be tested for the specific resistance in actual use, or at least in a test that

simulates the intended actual use as closely as possible. 9. Radiation Resistant Of all elastomers, polyurethane’s are considered to have the best resistance to gamma ray radiation. After exposure, DURATHANE – LP retains virtually all of their original flexibility and toughness. 10. Bonds to Wood, Metals, Concrete and Most Plastics During the spraying process, and under controlled conditions, DURATHANE – LP can be bonded to a wide variety of materials. Bond strengths on wood, metal and plastic substrate are often stronger than the substrate itself, and are usually several times stronger than a similar rubber-to-substrate bond. Special techniques have also been developed to achieve maximum bond strength to various substrate materials. You may call us for further information. 11. Noise Reduction Capacity DURATHANE – LP is ideal for sound-deadening and antivibration applications. Depending on its thickness, DURATHANE – LP will substantially reduce noise and vibration because of its flexibility and extreme resilience.

In Colors…
DURATHANE – LP polyurethane is available in standard and optional custom colors, for details do not hesitate to contact us.

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TYPICAL PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF DURATHANE – LP As Per ASTM test Methods@ 23°C PROPRETY 1. Hardness, Shore A 2. Specific Gravity 3. Tensile Strength 4. % Elongation 5. Sécant Modules @ 300 % Elongation @ 600 % Elongation 6. Tear Resistance Die C 7. Taber Abrasion Resistance (Weight loss using 100 gm weight @1000 Cycles CS-1) 8. Ross flex (% crack growth per 50,000 cycles) 9. Flexural Modules 10. Water Absorption (24 hours) 11. Dielectric Strength 12. Volume Resistance 13. Dielectric Constant 14. Flammability 15. Dissipation Factor 16. Water Vapor Transmission ASTM Method D-2240 D-792 D-412 D-412 D-412 D-624 D-1044 FIA-308 D-790 D-570 ASTM D149 ASTM D257 ASTM D150 MVSS-302 ASTM D150 ASTM-E96 RESULTS 90-95 Shore A 1.08-1.10 g/cc 2000-2900 psi 300-600% 700-800 psi 1200-1300 psi 280-450pli 10-15 mg 0 5600-6400 psi ≤ 1.6% 300Volts/MIL 6 x 10 (12) ohm-inches 5.4 MGh Self-extinguishing 0.058(MGh) 0.014 Pound/Foot2 .hr

CHEMICAL RESISTANCE OF DURATHANE – LP Samples measured after 200 hours of storage at room temperature Key :Decreasing of mechanical properties A=0-5% B = 5 – 15% C = 15% Acetic Acid , 2-10% A Formic Acid , 2-5 % A Phosphoric Acid , 25-50% Acetic Acid , 50% C Hydrochloric Acid , 45% B Potash Lye , 20% Ammonia , 5% A Hydrogen Peroxide , 10% A Saline Solution , 30% Boracic Acid , 4% B Lactic Acid , 45% B Soda Solution , 20% Caustic Soda Lye , 10-50% A Linseed Fatty Acid A Sugar Solution , 30% Chlorine Lye , 3% B Methanol B Sulphuric Acid , 10-25% Citric Acid , 10% A Methylene Chloride C Sulphuric Acid , 50-60% Formaldehyde , 37% A Nitric Acid , 10% A Tannic Acid , 20% Formic Acid , 10% B Petrol ( Super ) C Xylol


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APPLICATION METHOD Surface Preparation: • New concrete substrate should be cured at least 28 days at 20۫°. • Existing or old concrete substrate need to be refurbished and prepared to ensure strong adhesion of the system. • Clean the surface in order to be free of laitance, this can be accomplished by finishing techniques, abrasive, blasting, grinding, etc. (please consult one of our engineers). • Remove all residues and fill up damage area (crack, pitting) on the surface. Application condition: • Temperature above 10° C. • Relative humidity under 85%. • Surface humidity under 6%. • Material temperature maintains 58–62°C. • Wind speed has to be less than 15 Km/hr.

• At 25° C touches, dry time of material is 14 – 15 sec and cure time is 2 – 4 hour, allow 48 hours full cure before heavy uses. • When you're not using the Anti UV colored version of HSC-90P/R and when UV protection is needed for the color ( especially in decoration work) Apply VARO-TOP HG with roller or air less spray system film thickness recommended is at least 200 microns.
VARO TOP HG VAROCOAT HSC-A90P/R VARO BP Well Prepared Concrete Base

* Typical layout for the top coated system. STORAGE HANDLING & PACKING Shelf life HSC-A90P is 6 months, HSC-A90R is 12 months, Store in cool, dry, well-ventilated place. Please avoid exposure to humidity or temperature above 50°C for long time. Please avoid contamination of water and alcohol. Packing: VARO-BP: 180Kg/Drum or 20Kg/pail HSC–A90P(210Kg/Drum);HSC– A90R(200Kg/Drum)

Material Application: • Apply Primer onto desired surface with roller or airless spray. (0.2 – 0.3 kg/m²). • Apply DURATHANELP coat using proportion equipment Gusmer H-20/35, Glass Craft MXII or equivalent equipped with air less spray gun GX – 7 or equivalent. • Recommended film thickness is around 1mm/coat. • Depending on the use, Recoat with the same film application interval of recoating can be done with 5 min from preceding coat.

HEALTH, SAFETY & PRECAUTIONS Avoid contact with skin or eyes. Avoid inhalation of vapors and ensure adequate ventilation. Some people are sensitive to resins, hardeners and solvents. Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection. Barrier creams provide additional skin protection. if accidental skin contact occur, remove immediately with a resin removing cream followed by washing with soap and water do not use solvent, in case of accidental eye contamination, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

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