Management Information

Managing collateralised trading. Enabling regulatory compliance.

With more complex business models, and ever more invasive regulators, the need to know
that your systems and controls are in place, and are in action, has never been greater.
Reporter MIS is a flexible and easy-to-use module for reporting across the Lombard Risk
product range AND with external sources. It provides valuable business intelligence by
combining risk and regulatory information in reports or on-screen dashboards, enabling
well-informed business decisions to be made with confidence.

Break the mould: get rid of the ‘spreadsheet jungle’ – eliminate waiting time,
and dependencies on an army of specialists. Obtain dependable analysis –
not just information – and real business visibility, real-time.

Whether for competitive advantage, or because
regulators are demanding it, or for the simple reason
that you know better management information is
crucial to business management – the Reporter MIS
reporting suite provides a powerful solution to
your requirements.
With more complex business models, and ever more
invasive regulators, the need to know that your

systems and controls are in place, and in action, has
never been greater.
The Reporter MIS solution delivers real visibility into
any aspect of your business – not only the major risk
ratios and trends. Dependable, auditable, and
powerful management dashboards, distributed
quickly, with impressive scalability via the web give
you superb cost advantages too.

Business intelligence – enabling decisions to be made with confidence
Benefits which make the difference

Highly visible management information in a
moment: business intelligence ‘out of the box’
functionality for Lombard Risk product suite
xtendable to other sources, and easily scalable to
fit business growth, in any direction
Not restricted to any one data model and addresses
consolidated reporting
High performance, instant report viewing
Navigates with ease around the complexities of
information architectures

Dynamic user experience, graphical,
attractive, informative
High operational flexibility, fits your business
as it changes
Reports can be consumed in traditional tabular
format, or constructed into intelligent dashboards
with drill-down capability to underlying

Create your own management information
library – to save you time
Reconciliation reporting
Capital optimisation (by book, trends, stressed etc)
Pillar III: Tables
Margin calls by region
Variance analysis

Feature-rich solution for punchy
management information

Unrestricted data input capabilities, with easy to use
ReportingXML generator

Does not matter what your input data looks like, or
where it is located

Data from and to Web sources

Time-series trends

High level drillable graphs to exploded views,
line-by-line or summary totals – whatever you need

Intercompany transactions

User-positionable, chooseable dashboards

Interest rate risk; Liquid asset buffer
(and many others)

Shareable, queueable, drag-drop reporting pods for
immediate event-driven distribution

Obtain immediate reports anywhere

Timely decision-making support: dynamic
monitoring for change events – results driven
directly to you

Cut out hours of internal time specifying, gathering
and building reports in spreadsheets

Remove dependencies on internal experts: build
reports yourself

Curtail the ‘wait time’, whilst someone specifies
what you want, whilst the data processes, whilst…

Generate analysis, not just info, and certainly not
just data (but data is available if needed)

Easy to use and quick to implement

Simple internal or external distribution through
user-definable job management

You know the level of effort and internal cost burnt
on in-house reporting. The Reporter MIS reporting
suite provides for the automated routine production
of management information reporting packs for
internal or external consumption.
Your reporting ‘pods’ (Trends in capital utilisation by
line of business across entity? Currency liquidity risk
within entity? Country exposures? What if?) are then
inserted via your intranet into Microsoft™ templates
you always use, and sent to you, perhaps on your
Apple™ device to view selected graphical
management information from the train, coffee shop,
airport lounge, or in the comfort of your chief
executive’s or regulator’s offices…

Interaction with regulators made easy – show them
your reports in their office!

Interaction with management made even easier
– email them the intranet hyperlink

Operationally suited to today’s world: support for
reporting pods

User-friendly experience
Combining data from disparate sources

Use on-screen tools to create reports from
multiple source systems without involving
IT/technology resources
User-definable reports

Information can be displayed in a variety of ways
– whichever’s best to represent the information
clearly to the user: bar charts, line diagrams,
pie charts etc

Lombard Risk –
Lombard Risk is a leading provider of integrated collateral management and liquidity, regulatory
and MIS reporting solutions – enabling firms in the financial services industry to significantly
improve their approach to managing the risk in their businesses.
Founded in 1989 and headquartered in London, Lombard Risk has offices in New York and New
Jersey in the US; Hong Kong, Mumbai, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo in Asia Pacific, and service
centres in Atlanta, Cape Town, Luxembourg and Miami.
Our clients include banking businesses – over 30 of the world’s ‘Top 50’ financial institutions –
almost half of the banks operating in the UK, as well as investment firms, asset managers, hedge
funds, fund administrators, insurance firms and large corporations worldwide.

Managing collateralised trading – Enabling regulatory compliance
with clarity and confidence in the ‘new world’
The Lombard Risk solution suite is developed and supported by an extensive team of risk,
regulatory and financial experts and includes:
COLLINE® – collateral management and clearing. State-of-the-art, web-based solution designed
by experienced business practitioners for end-to-end, cross-product (OTC derivatives, repo and
sec lending) collateral management and clearing. COLLINE provides a consolidated solution for
mitigating exposure risk while satisfying the growing demand for multiple/global entities,
cross-product margining, clearing, optimisation, master netting, MIS reporting, dispute
management and electronic messaging.
ComplianceASSESSOR™ – addressing regulatory risk (the risk of non-compliance and the
penalties and reputational risk that follow). A powerful web-based compliance and audit
application accommodating an unlimited library of multi-jurisdictional prudential and nonprudential regulations mapped to internal policies & procedures. Assessments, action plans,
reviews and independent approval together with dashboards, heat maps, alerts and reports
ensure that appropriate action is taken to determine, achieve and maintain compliance.
REFORM™ – pre and post trade solutions and transactional reporting for the derivatives
reform initiatives such as Dodd-Frank and EMIR. Other modules of the REFORM engine provide
connectivity and message transformation, for example enabling COLLINE to connect to
exchanges and to messaging systems.
REPORTER – global regulatory reporting. Fully scalable regulatory compliance solution for branch
or head office, with global coverage. Fully supports key supervisory computations and integrates
with LISA for stress testing and Reporter MIS for ad-hoc and management reporting.
Straightforward and streamlined integration to multiple source systems; built in reconciliation
and trends and variance reports.
REG-Reporter® – US and Canadian regulatory reporting. A regulatory solution addressing
financial reporting requirements by automating compliance with the mandated reports to
all US regulatory agencies and the Office for the Superintendent of Financial Institutions
(OSFI), Canada.
LISA® – scenario analysis and stress testing. LISA satisfies the latest liquidity risk management
requirements and supports growing regulatory demands for timely and reliable information.
The Lombard Risk software solution suite also includes OBERON® trade capture and valuation
and FIRMAMENT® credit and equity valuation.

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