The Different Men in Jennifer Aniston’s Life Jennifer Aniston is one of the most gorgeous celebrities in the world

. She hardly ever goes out of the Most Beautiful People list. After all, who would not get mesmerized by that huge smile, glittering eyes, and her blonde wavy hair that is being imitated by millions of women? But Jen, as she’s more popularly known, still has to settle for longer love. Jennifer Aniston is not only famous for playing Rachel in Friends. She also continuously hugs the headlines by the men she dated—and there were pretty lots of them: Adam Duritz. He is the main lead of Counting Crows. Adam and Jen started dating during the early part of the 1990s. However, the relationship didn’t work out, and before we knew it, he was already seen making a move on Jen’s best friend and fellow co-star, Courtney Cox. Charlie Schlatter. One of the underrated actors during his time, Charlie was often seen then in Ferris Bueller and in Bright Lights, Big City. He’s also a musician, but he was popular as one of Jennifer Aniston’s dates. The romance was short-lived, though. They started seeing each other in 1990 and separated that same year. In 1994, Charlie married his publicist Colleen Anne Gunderson, and they both have three children. Tate Donovan. Shortly after her relationship with Charlie ended, Jennifer started seeing Tate Donovan. He was once part of Friends named Joshua. It could be during their long hours of work and perhaps several coffees later that they hooked up and stayed together for 3 years. In fact, Tate and Jen got engaged, but something went wrong, and they decide to part ways. Tate got married, but after his divorce just recently, talks circulated that he wanted Jen back in his life, calling her the real love of his life. Let’s see if something develops along the way. Paul Rudd. Paul and Jen starred together in The Object of My Affection in 1998. The movie received lukewarm reception, but it didn’t stop them from seeing each other afterward. Brad Pitt. The most popular man associated with Jennifer Aniston was Brad—for a lot of reasons. He was already making a name of his own when he met Jen, not to mention that he’s definitely one hot piece. It all started out as a blind date in 1998. After two years of dating, they got married in Malibu and had a high-profile marriage. Sadly, it ended in divorce in 2005. Multiple fingers are pointing at his illicit relationship with Angelina Jolie, whom he worked with in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but until now, no camp could strongly confirm it. Vince Vaughn. Vince and Jen got together while filming The Break-up, and the relationship lasted for more than a year. Again, no one really knows for sure why and how it ended, but most definitely, art imitated life. John Mayer. Jen is now dating John Mayer, who also had relationships with other celebrities like Jessica Simpson. Though they separated for a while, they are now back in each other’s arms, and from the looks of it, they are a lot stronger together. Jen would be often seen with John on his trips, while he makes time to join her in red carpet premieres of her latest film, Marley and Me.

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