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Sample Letter for Unlawful Landlord Entry
Can only be used by residents of buildings covered by the Chicago
Residential Landlord-Tenant Ordinance


_____________________________(Landlord Name)

Dear ________________________,

I would like to clarify the requirement for giving proper notice before entering my apartment.
According to Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance of Chicago, Illinois,(Section 5-12-
050), you are to give two days notice, unless it is emergency, before entering a tenant’s unit,
and also at the reasonable times between 8:am- 8:30pm.

The law provides that if the landlord enters in violation of this provision, makes a lawful entry
in an unreasonable manner, or makes repeated demands for entry which have the effect of
harassing the tenant, then tenant may recover actual damages and obtain an injunctive relief,
as well as attorney’s fees and court costs, and terminate the rental agreement.

On _____________ (date[s]) you or an employee entered my premises without permission.

(describe circumstances). This is a violation of the law.
With proper notice, I will arrange with you or your employees, times for entry into my unit.
Please feel free to contact me to set up such appointments. I hope you will abide by this
request and that we can establish a more effective working relationship.

_________________________ (Your Name)
_________________________ (Address)

Remember to make copies and send by certified mail with return receipt.
This letter published by the Metropolitan Tenants Organization, 2150 S. Canalport Suite 2B2 Chicago, IL, (773) 292-4988.

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