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You are Cordially Invited to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebre el Mes de la Herenda Hispana

With Live Mariachi Music and
Hilda L. Solis
Chair, Congremional HUpanle Caucus Taok:force on Health and th.e
Member, House C=itti!;e on 8<
Y!a Chair, Sub<:OlllJZlittu Oll EnviroIlllMft &..Hazmt1bw Matfltii1b
.ember,<1t 0lI He<l1th /HI Tl_mmookaticms &..the lntml.t
Member. Sel<!a Committee on En<!t'gY Independence & Global Wa:rmi:ll.g
Memb<:r, Howe on Natl.'lral
"'"Vi", Chair, Dmt>a<J1:iJ: St-'1l0 &"1'''['0/ COwmittee
SWOT Wlrip
Monday; Septenlber 8; 2008
5:00 - 6:30 PM
Dutko Group
412 First Street SE, Washington, DC
Individuals: Co-Host $2,300 Sponsor $1,000 Friend $500 Guest $100
PACS: Co-Host $5,000 Sponsor $1,000
To RSVP m<l f<>r In1.lre jllfomlation, please """lIlet
Tim M)1>C1t at (202) 204llOS0 o. ,llli,'IlU'lilluhm'"1'lgmlljl.Wl!l
Contributiolls or gifts to Solis for Congress are not tax deductible. Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to
collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation, lUld name of employer of individuals whose contributions
exceed $200 in an election cycle.
Fax paid for by the DCCC and authorized by Solis for Conwess.
o Yes,1 want to support. SolD' 2008 re-demQtl! I will contribute:

PI"""" makechecla payable tI>: Soli! for
Name _
Fax E-mall _
O<:wpatlon .llrnl'loy"" _
Credit CilluNumb"" _
Contributi"", may b9 lia:od to "" H ..t to:
Soli. ror CODgre&ll
C/OThe Ashmead Group, 233 Jl.1a-.::bU$et'l$ Ave., Nll, WiUibingtolt, DC 20002
Foderal Elec1:lon l.ll", allow> indi.iduols to 0(>_ up to S4<ioopcr ek'UlQll cycle: $2300 deoignal<.'<! for the
Prim"">' El"ctlon IUld $2300<koignatl for dl<' FJecti"". f<>d"",llaw probibito COOlTihuu(ID$ to the
campaign from oorp<>ntiOlli, 1ah<>r "'1l"',zatioos and nation.l banks; f""" any p""",n cWitributing.nothi:r
pc""",', fmt<l.; from for'-'g" .wiOll'", who'luft perm."""" ...,01"""1 ...."",; and from fedeJ'a1
oonl:MlCto"'. f<>de..... law ""'JUil'Cl! "" 10 me a'" bellt effort' to c"lIe,:!: ond report the l:IIlme, moiling .&Ire'"
occ....patlonnd name of emplo)'eJ' for thelndivid...J. wh_ ""ntlilroli<m. $ an d.:"ti"" cyde.
Contributions or gif'" to Solis for Congress are not In dcdt.etibl.
Fax paid for by the DCCC and authorized by Solis for Congress,
Contributions or gifts to Solis for Congress are not tax deduetible.