Ivan Frimmel

1904 1914 1935 1939 1946

18.7.1904 22.1.1914 12.5.1935 28.8.1939

Father Leopold Frimmel born in Vrutky, Slovakia Mother Maria Frimmelova, nee Hegerova born in Modra, Slovakia Father, Leopold Frimmel, and mother, Maria Hegerova, got married in Modra, Slovakia Sister Maria Frimmelova born in Trnava, Slovakia I was born (4kg) in VRUTKY Slovakia I was baptised in Roman Catholic Church, Vrutky Brother born Ladislav Frimmel Modra, Slovakia Future wife born Maria Strapcova Polzov, Czech Republic My brother’s wife born Eva Babcanikova Rumburg, Czech Republic

10.1.1946, 20:20 20.1.1946

1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957

11.2.1947 8.2.1948 7.10.1949


I started Primary & Secondary School VRUTKY My First Communion in Roman Catholic Church, Vrutky, Slovakia Family left KB Kolonia, Vrutky My family moved to Pionierska ulica c.5 VRUTKY Slovakia


My Confirmation of Faith in Roman Catholic Church MODRA Slovakia

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1958 1959

Spring 1958 16.6.1959 3.4.59 – 8.7.59 Oct - Dec 59 January 60 February 60 April 60 End June 60


July 60 - August 60


I could jump 120cm high; I participated in some Outdoor Orientation Classes & many nature walks (over 100km total) I formulated my first 34 Life Principles in my Diary My brother & I stayed & attended school in Bardejov Spa BARDEJOV Attending classes in swimming, radio-transmission & art Enthusiastic about weight-lifting (buckets of water) I started collecting wise sayings and aphorisms I successfully completed entrance exam to Martin Tech Finished Primary & Secondary School VRUTKY Slovakia Spent 6 weeks of my vacation working at Drevina TURANY as a Milling Machine Operator Started studying Mechanical Engineering at Technical College MARTIN Slovakia

1961 1962 1963

Beg Jan 63 10.1.1963

November 63


14.4.1964 25.4.1964 End June 64

7.7.64 – 1.11.68

July 64 24.7.1964

School skiing trip (interrupted on 10.1.63) Father died Leopold Frimmel (born 18.7.1904) I visited psychologist for a chat (pimples, anxiety, IQ test) Read my first textbook on Psychology – very impressed My matric dance My First Serious reflections about life & achievements in my Diary Sister Maria’s wedding to Valent Matuska, in Rajecke Spa I matriculated with distinction in 5 subjects Started working as Quality Control Inspector (Diesel Engines) at Engine Parts Manufacturing Department of Turcianske Strojarne n.p. MARTIN My tonsillectomy at State Hospital, Martin Niece born Marienka Matuskova, in Martin, Slovakia

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March 66 28.10.1966 Beg 1967 7.10.1967 21.2.1968 Jan 68 – June 68 October 68 August 68 End Oct 68

1967 1968

1.11.68 – 27.4. 69


April 69 21.4.1969

22.4. – 2.6.1969

3.6.1969 3.6. – 12.6.1969

Internal transfer at TS to Diesel Engine Assembly Inspector on the assembly line of Diesel Engines Department Turcianske Strojarne n.p. MARTIN Internal transfer at TS to Mechanical Draughtsman (Diesel Engines & Army Tanks) in the Research & Development Dept. Turcianske Strojarne n.p. MARTIN There I met my future wife, Maria Strapcova My wedding: married Maria Strapcova in Zilina Magistrate Court Slovakia Formulating My Life’s Ten Commandments (in my Diary) Broher’s wedding Ladislav Frimmel in Puchov, Slovakia Brother’s son born Radko Frimmel, in Vrutky, Slovakia I wrote and published 6 articles in TS newspaper titled How to Live a Healthy Life followed by many other articles I passed entrance test to local publishing house Osveta, MARTIN Soviet troops invade Czechoslovakia I left Turcianske Strojarne, Martin Started working as Book Marketing Editor (Medical & Travel Books) for Osveta Publishing House MARTIN Slovakia Left Osveta Left Slovakia to emigrate, with wife Maria In Austria, applying for SA visa, boarding with Miriana Milic Kulmgasse 38/1 WIEN XVII Austria Arrival in South Africa, at Jan Smuts Airport Stayed at Hotel Sherwood 77 Kotze St HILLBROW, JHB South Africa

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10.6.69 – 31.1.71

12.6. – 11.7.1969

10.7. – 21.11.1969

11.7. – 30.8.1969

30.8. – 6.11.1969 2.9.1969 6.11.69 – 1.1.71



February 70


November 70

End Dec 70


1.1. – 1.7.1971

Started working as Aircraft Engine Fitter (Helicopter Engines) at Atlas Aircraft Corp KEMPTON PARK South Africa @ R 1.24/h Stayed at 6 Henrocourt Long St KEMPTON PARK South Africa Maria worked as Surgical Implements Packer at Ledlab Medical Labs, Isando @ R 80/m Stayed at 7 Dakota Rd Impala Park BOKSBURG South Africa Stayed at 6 Galeao Singel BONAERO PARK South Africa Brother (Ladislav) & Sister-in-law (Eva) arrived in SA Stayed at 2 Rhodescourt Mosquito St KEMPTON PARK South Africa Maria started working as Metal Grinder for Atlas Aircraft Corp Kempton Park @ R 1.26/h I read my first English book: Dale Carnegie’s How to Stop Worrying and Start Living Internally promoted to Production Chaser at Atlas Aircraft Co KEMPTON PARK Allouette Helicopter Engine Maintenance Dept @ R 1.26/h 2 weeks holiday with Maria at Genazzano Priory Tongaat Natal Left 2 Rhodescourt, Kempton Park Moved to C23 Pine Gardens Long St KEMPTON PARK

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1.2.71 – 30.8.71

May 71 End June 71

1.7.71 – 30.8.72

July 71 July 71 End Sept 71

October 71

15.11.71 – end Mar 72

June 71 December 71 December 71


5.1.72 – 10.1.72 March 72

Left Atlas Aircraft Corp @ R 1.34/h Joined Hard Metal Tools ISANDO as Quality Control Inspector (Carbide Machine Tools) @ R 350/m 1 week’s holiday in Lorenco Marquez Mozambique Left flat in C 23 Pine Gardens, Kempton Park Moved to a flat at 7 Leonard Court Greyilla St KEMPTON PARK South Africa Trying to formulate a written List of Principles for Living Organized a very effective home document filing system Left Hard Metal Tools (Hardia) ISANDO @ R 390/m Worked for 6 weeks as Property Salesman (Coastal Retirement Village Property Sales) at Paolo Baldi Estates KEMPTON PARK Worked as Mech. Draughtsman (Light Passenger Vehicles) at Peugeot SA ISANDO @ R 390/m First visit to Scientology Org offices, at Polly Street, Jhbg 3-days’ trip & holiday with Maria in Swaziland I wrote my first longer Autobiography I took a Vocational Guidance Test at Dept of Labour, Jhb Left Peugeot Isando @ R 390/m

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4.4.72 – 23.2.73


1.9.72 – 31.10.73 September 72 October 72 November 72 30.11.1972 November 72


Jan 73 – Feb 73 29.1.1973, 12.30 pm 23.2.1973

1.3.73 – 14.6.75

March 73 May 73 31.10.1973

1.11.73 – 30 .9.76 December 73

Started working as Mech. Draughtsman (Diesel Trucks) at International Harvester Co IH Truck Div ISANDO @ R 390/m Left flat at 7 Leonard Court, Greyilla St Kempton Park Moved to a flat at 24A, Edged House Long St KEMPTON PARK Read Flash Book: Your Nerves Read Sure Ways to Success in Life and Self-Realization by Swami Sivananda Took 2-3 Hatha Yoga Lessons with Sylvia Combrink, Kempton Park Maria left Atlas Aircraft Corp, Kempton Park Wrote paper Self-Analysis: Mind & Career My 4 visits to Dr Arnold Sideley, psychologist, Johannesburg Our son Ivan (Ivinko) was born at Isabella Nursing Home, Kempton Park Left International Harvester, Isando @ R 390/m Started working as Engineering Assistant (Transvaal Region) for Mobil Oil SA Engineering & Maintenance Division, LANGLAAGTE Jhbg @ R 390/m + car Interested in Hypnosis (with Dr Rivers, Dr Phillips & Laco) My appendectomy at Modderfontein Hospital, KP Left 23A Edged House, Long St, Kempton Park We moved to our first own 4-bedroomed, 2-garage house at 13 Zandra Ave Morganridge ext.2 BOKSBURG South Africa Read book Ways People Grow

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December 73


January 74 Jan 74 – Oct 74 17.4.1974 July 74 September 74 September 74

January 75

January 75

May 75 14.6.1975

16.6.75 - 29.2.76

21.9.1975 December 75

29.3.76 End March 76

Wrote another Progress Charts & Goals Son Ivan’s photo published in Living & Loving Magazine Studied Psychology, Philosophy & Communication by correspondence at Unisa, Pretoria, SA Completed 6 week’s Dale Carnegie Course in Public Speaking, Jhb My discussions with Carlos Bernardos about Jesus, and a few visits to some Pentecostal gatherings I read a booklet at Ramakrishna Ashram, Lenasia, about Universality of Religious Teachings & Mysticism I wrote a list titled My Spiritual Way 4-days holiday in Botswana, Holiday Inn, with my wife & son 2 weeks holiday with Maria & Ivan in DURBAN incl. visiting - Norma Harman (Homeopath), - Divine Life Ashram and - Ramakrishna Ashram Initiated to Transcendental Meditation in Johannesburg Left Mobil Oil @ R 560/m + car Started working as Marketing Services Manager (Earthmoving Equipment) at J.I.Case Co ISANDO @ R 850/m My horoscope prepared by L. Sauer, Astrologer I attended a 2-weekend Course on Dynamic Meditation by Andre Ooosthuizen, at Casa Mia Hotel, Hillbrow, Jhb Maria starts working as Drawing Tracer, half-day, at National Bolts Co, Boksburg @ R 250/m Left J.I.Case, Isando @ R 850/m

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1.4.76 – 31.5.78


1.10.76 – mid Feb 85

6.12. – 24.12.76


March 77 – June 77


October 78


24.2.1978 March 78 April 78 April 78 31.5.78 15.5. – 18.5.78

1.6. – 10.6.1978

Started working as Technical Manager (GHH Turbo-compressors) for Rolfes Ltd ELANDSFONTEIN @ R 650/m + car Sold house at 13 Zandra Ave, Boksburg, and moved out We moved into a 2-bedroom flat at 10, Constantia Flats Pretoria Rd WITIELD, BOKSBURG South Africa I was staying as a paying guest at High Rustenburg Hydro STELLENBOSCH lost about 10kg on a 9-day water-fast My 12 visits and chats (at my request) with a psychologist Dr Armand Kruger Maria starts working as Draughtswoman, half-day, at Siemens, Isando, Electric Motor Division @ R 450/m Weekend trip with Maria & Ivinko to Durban Beach My LSD trip with Juri, Ingrid & Zdenek Vajdak (my first and last one) I bought and started using some Biofeedback Instruments I took a Vocational Guidance Test at CSIR, Jhbg Weekend with wife & son at Utopia Holiday Resort RUSTENBURG Left Rolfes, Elandsfontein, @ R 850/m + car, and went through a bad depression for a few months Tried a job as Personnel Consultant for Churchill Personnel JOHANNESBURG Started as Technical Sales Rep (Imported Pumps) for Hendy & Leontsinis JOHANNESBURG but quit disappointed, without pay, after 10 days @ R 800/m + car

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12.6.78 – 31.8.79


October 78

3.11. – 4.11.1978


January 79

February 79

End Aug 79

1.10. – 8.10.1979

9.10.79 – 1.12.79

24.2.80 – End Feb 80

April 80

Started a job as Mechanical Draughtsman (Water Pumps) at Envirotech ISANDO @ R 1000/m Promoted internally to Chief Draughtsman (Pump Division) at Envirotech (Pty) Ltd ISANDO Attended a weekend Course in Advanced Self-Management by Eric du Toit, psychologist, at Holiday Inn, Jan Smuts I attended 2 days conference of beliefs and religions called Consensus at UNISA, Pretoria, organized by Frikkie Van Kraayenburg Ivinko started primary school at Martin Primary School, Paul Kruger St, Boksburg North I bought my first set of 6 audio-tapes Psychology of Winning by Dr Denis Waitley and was so impressed that later I sold about 150 sets to various individuals and companies within about 6 months Left Envirotech, Isando, @ R 1150/m Holiday alone at Tuessrock Hotel, MAURITIUS on the way to Australia Traveling for 2 months in Australia: - 2 weeks in Perth - 1 night in Melbourne - 3 days in Canberra - 2 weeks in Sydney - 1 week in Perth Working as Public Relations Officer for Company Group PR Consultants, Carlton Centre JOHANNESBURG Weekend with my wife & son at Utopia Holiday Resort RUSTENBURG

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12.5.80 – 31.5.81

July 80


October 80

30.12.1980 31.12.1980


February 81

March 81

10.5.1981 End May 81

1.6.81 – 14 .7.81

15.7.81 – 15.10.81

Sept 81 – May 82

Started working as Mechanical Contracts Engineer at E.L. Bateman Project Management Co BOKSBURG (through Tynedraft Design Employment Agency, Jhb) @R 2500/m x 3m My Aptitude Test at Dr De Ridder, Psychologist Jhb, prior to getting a permanent job with ELB (passed; IQ 127) Changed to a permanent position with ELB BOKSBURG as Mech. Contracts Engineer @ R 1400/m + car Completed a 4-day Course in Welding Technology for Engineers, at Welding Technology School, Germiston (paid by ELB) 4-hour Sugar Tolerance Test at Kempton Park Clinic (negative) Sunday with Maria & Ivo in a holiday resort Adventure Park PARYS Started attending meetings of the Theosophical Society, Jhbg, continued ON & OFF for many years, donated many books 4-day holiday with wife & son at Salt Rock Hotel DURBAN I presented 1-hour slide show & lecture on Biofeedback Instruments & Meditation at the Theosophical Society, in Jhbg Left E.L. Bateman, Boksburg Working as Personnel Consultant at Henry Disell Personnel Consultancy GERMISTON Back to E.L.Bateman BOKSBURG to work as a freelance Contracts Mech. Engineer (Capital Industrial Projects) @ R 14/h Attending weekly Toastmasters meetings in Boksburg, progressed to 6th level

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15.10.1981 17, 18, 24, 25.10 81

21.10.81 – 26.10.81

Oct 81 – January 82

18.1.82 – 12.2.82

24.2.82 – 28.2.82

1.3.82 – 31.1.84

1.4.82 – 12.5.82

1.11.82 – 30.11.82

4.12.82 – 14.12.82

End Dec 82

Left E.L. Bateman Attended Aliveness Training Seminar in Sandton Civic Centre, Jhbg, run by Andre Ooosthuizen Working as General Manager at Medicare (Medical Aid Brokers) Total House JOHANNESBURG for 3 days only: with a senile ego-maniac Barry Elder (and Jerry Keith as the personnel agent) Unemployed, at home, looking for a job Working as PR / Salesman / Marketing Executive for New Dimensions Conference Center BROEDERSTROOM Frikkie Van Kraayenberg, Director (and Piet Myburg) Repeated Aliveness Training Seminar (based on est) with Andre Ooosthuizen, at Sandton Civic Centre, Jhbg Started as Contract Engineer’s Assistant (Stackers & Reclaimers) at PHB Wesserhutte 9th Floor, Delvers Square JOHANNESBURG @ R 1900/m + car Completed Success Through Communication Course at Scientology Org, Commissioner St, JOHANNESBURG Completed Basic Insurance Selling Course 3x per week, Mon-Wed, 5-7 pm, with Bob Miller, North City Insurance Group, Jhbg Spent 10 days at Buddhist Retreat Centre, IXOPO Natal, with Anthony Osler as Zen Meditation Instructor Maria and Ivinko were on holiday at Durban’s 4-Season Hotel while I stayed at BRC Ixopo Signed papers for house purchase at Van Riebeeck Park with Schachat Cullum (Bob Gould) – and cancelled later

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1.4.83 - End May 83

9.7.83 13.7.83

End Aug – End Sept 83

9.11.83 – 13.11.83

5.1.84 – End March 84

End Jan 84

1.2.84 – 30.10.84

7.3.84 End Oct 84

23.11.84 - 21.12.84


December 84 3.1.85 – 31.1.85

Spent 2 months as PHB Wesserhuttes’ Construction Site Supervisor at Middelburg Mine Services, staying alone at Middelburg Hotel and traveling home every weekend The first session of my regular by-weekly Practical Philosophy Debating Society run by me in Jhbg Public Library Conference Room every second Saturday from 3 pm to 5 pm Divorced wife Maria, primarily for tax reasons Working as Construction Site Supervisor for PHB Wesserhutte at Simuma Cement Factory Oribi Gorge, Natal, and staying at Margate Hotel, Margate, Natal Completed with Maria a weekend I am Training Course (based on est), in Jhbg, with Buster and Wendy Sefor as Instructors I ran my own Mystic Way Study Group at Jhb Public Library 2-3 hours once a week Resigned from PHB Wesserhutte and left by end of Jan @ R 2300/m + car Started new job as Insurance & Investment Consultant with Liberty Life Assoc SA JOHANNESBURG - first 2 ½ weeks training at Jhb H/O - then about 1 m in Benoni Office - from mid-April in Edenvale Branch (with Gavin Tripp) I sold my first insurance policy, later about 30 more Left Liberty Life Worked as Contract Draughtsman at Lamco Forklifts BOKSBURG Noel Harvey MD, and Barry Green GM (CDC Jhbg) Problems with Maria (Maria found Billy) Contract Draughtsman (through CDC, Jhbg) at Howden Air Fans Booysens JOHANNESBURG

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Mid Feb – end July 85

Mid Feb – mid July 85 19.4.1985

3.8.85 – mid Sept 85

1.8.85 – 15.8.85

Mid Sep 85–end Oct 86

1.9.85 – End Sept 85

2.10. 85 – 31.3.86


31.3.1986 1986 - 1993

24.3.86 – 30.10.86


End Oct 1986 End Oct 1986 2.11.1986

Moved on my own (away from Maria & Ivo) to a new flat 32 Carisbrook Court, 23 Abel Rd, Berea Running my own business from home as Success Attitude Motivation BOKSBURG mainly selling Dr Denis Waitley’s audio-tapes to businesses Naturalized as South African Citizen Living with Ludvik Hunady (dedo) at 1 Concordia Ave Alen Grove, KEMPTON PARK Tel: 975-9177 Salesman at Phillips Programmed Language Courses Jan Smuts Ave JOHANNESBURG Stayed in a small “granny-flat” at Mr & Mrs Rothman’s place at 147 Monument Rd Aston Manor KEMPTON PARK Insurance Salesman with Old Mutual KEMPTON PARK 1 week training – and quit 3w later before selling anything Started as Project Engineer at Naschem Ammunition Factory LENZ, JHB @ R 2000/m Was “fired” from Naschem due to “insubordination” I appealed and the decision was reversed to “resignation” Very busy dating, going to single’s clubs and single’s parties I had dates with about 300 new women during this period Started as Pump Contracts Engineer at Matther+Platt SA Pump Division ELANDSFONTEIN @ R 2100/m + car Saw Hailey’s Comet with Ivinko, at night, from Boksburg High School gardens Left Matther+Platt Pump Division (M+P retrenched all employees in October, including me, and then closed down the Elandsfontein factory and offices) Left the flat at Rothman’s place at 147 Monument Rd, Aston Manor, Kempton Park I left SA for a trip (alone) to USA

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Mid Nov 86 – Mid Feb 87




12.2.87 – 20.2.87

20.2.87 – 6.5.87

7.5.1987 8.5.1987 9.5.1987 15.5.87 – mid Nov 87

Spent 1 night at YMCA New York USA Arrived in Atlanta and living the first 2-3 weeks with a friend Robert Vasura in his house outside ATLANTA Staying for 6 weeks as a guest at Monastery of Holy Spirit CONYERS USA (near Atlanta) Staying with George Novak’s son Michael Novak ATLANTA USA and dating Nancy Working for 2-3 months as Draughtsman for George Novak Project Co at 2110 Powers Ferry Rd ATLANTA USA @ US$ 7/h Left Atlanta for San Francisco Arrived in San Francisco stayed 1 night at a Nyigma Institute - Buddhist Centre BERKELEY Stayed for 1 week at Room 701, City Lodge, 44 Mc Allister St, San Francisco while looking for a job Worked as Chauffeur & Buttler for J. Brad Lampley, Realtor SAN FRANCISCO Stayed at Brad’s home at 1040 Green St Nob Hill SAN FRANCISCO USA Left USA from New York Half-day in London on the way back to SA Came back to SA Booked to Mariston Hotel JOHANNESBURG and stayed there while looking for a job

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15.6.87 – 31.7.87


Mid Nov 87 26.12.1987 , 11.20am


January 88

1.4.88 – 1.4.93


11.7.88 – 31.12.88


Dec 88 – mid May 89


Worked as Sales Rep (Plastic Moldings and Pipes) for Chemplast Marc Etter 52 Kraft Rd, ELANDSFONTEIN John Brodie, MD Started as Contract Administrator (supervising about 5-6 sub-contractors) on Brewery Expansion at SA Brewery Rosslyn PRETORIA @ R35/h Left Mariston Hotel, Jhbg, and moved to Room 317, Union Hotel 573 Church St PRETORIA Marienka died in an accident, hit by a car, while jogging Ivinko spent a few days with Lacko, Evka & Radko in East London, Cape Province Stayed with son Ivan in a new 3-bedroom townhouse at 5 Villa Romano Edgar Rd Beyers Park BOKSBURG Finished working on SAB Rosslyn Brewery Expansion Project Started new job as Petrochemical Sales & Project Engineer at Cyclop Engineering Clarke Rd ALBERTON Left Cyclop Eng, paid until 1 Jan 89 Joined Success Motivation Inc. (SA) as Independent Distributor of Paul J. Mayer’s SMI Motivational Programs From SMI Inc, Waco, Texas, USA I paid SMI R 18.000 for the franchise Temporarily quit selling SMI

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15.5.89 – end Oct 89

August 89 End Oct 89

1.11. 89 – end Mar 91


End March 90


April – Dec 90 7.9.1990

10.9.90 – 5.10.90


Oct 90 – mid March 91




March – April 92 May 92 – March 93

Started working as Assistant to Project Manager for Bateman Materials Handling EDENVALE on short-term contract (for Leon Erskine & Ian Mc Turk) @ R 30/h Joined The Writing School (correspondence course in creative writing), but never submitted any homework Left BMH Joined ELB BOKSBURG on short-term contract as Mechanical Project Engineer Left ELB Joined BMH EDENVALE again on a short-term contract as Project Engineer (for Leon Erskine), Project Manager & Sub-Contracts Manager (for Paul Carling) Dated Wendy Cordosa Left BMH Worked at Lurgi EDENVALE as Proposals Engineer for Hans Albach @ R 40/h Unemployed Started as Project Manager (for Wolfgang Maise) at ATM Engineering SA (Industrial Piping Installations) 19 Berger St, Vorna Valley, HALFWAY HOUSE @ R 2300/m + car Left ATM Helping Ivinko Selling and Marketing his home-based computer company Designer Computer Systems which he then ran for 1 year (until we sold 5 Vila Romano) Selling SMI again - and struggling like hell (not very enthusiastic anymore)

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End Dec 92


Jan 93 March

6.4.93 – 5.9.93

June 93

August 93


Sept 93 – End July 94


12.11.93 – 17.11.93

11.12.93 – 10.1.94


10.1.94 May – June 94

Spent a few days on holiday in Ronny Burchell’s holiday apartment in BALLITO BAY Natal, and 1 night at Buddhist Retreat Centre, IXOPO Natal Completed weekend Course in Reiki Healing with Leah Lesicnik, in Bredel, Kempton Park First formulated the idea to become a celibate Sannyasi, Monk in a spiritual community (with or without a guru) Sold our townhouse at 5 Villa Romano, Edgar Rd, Boksburg 5-month Trip to Slovakia mainly to visit my family at Cajkovskeho stvrt 12/1 MARTIN 8 03608 with my son Ivinko, a trip which I enjoyed very much, but Ivan did not, so he came back to SA earlier, in May 93, and started his own independent life in SA My son Ivan became independent from me, in SA I was working for 1 month at Martimex Trading Co MARTIN Slovakia learning their products, to become their Export Agent in SA Back to SA and moved to Sohum Sanctuary Plot 55, Road 4 BRENTWOOD PARK - with Mataji (Swami Narajani) - and Swamiji (Swami Ananda) In the Ashram I started Operating My Own Import Business as Slovakia - SA Trading Co BENONI - representing Martimex in SA Nephew’s (Radko Frimmel’s) son born Jarad Frimmel, in East London, South Africa Visited Slovakia for 5 days with Lance Newland, a Buyer from Abkins Steel Corp, Germiston: visited Martimex, Vychodosl Zeleziarne, Veseli nad Moravou, and bought 500 tons of 25x25mm steel tubing for Import to SA (worth approx. US$ 300.000) Liquid fast & good rest at Sohum Sanctuary during Christmas 1993 Celebrated a nice 48th birthday at Sohum Ivinko had 3 burglaries at his new rented house at 42 Felicia St, Northvilla, Benoni

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End of July 94


25.8.94 – 7.9.94


Dec 94 - July 99

1995 1996 1997
26.4.97 – 30.4.97 20.9.96 – 2.10.96


14.11.97 – 1.12.97

1.12.97 – 4.12.97 End Jan 98

Closed-down my business and moved away from Sohum Moved to Chinese Cultural Centre (Buddhist Temple) 134 Busschau Rd Fairview BENONI Working as PR, Caretaker, English Teacher, etc. for Fo Kuang Shan Ven. Hui Li & Ms Nora Wang 2-week Trip to Taiwan with Ven. Master Hue Li (Jung Fu Tsai) of Fo Kuang Shan as Master Hui Li’s Assistant Took Refuge in the Triple Gem from Master Hsin Yun, during a Buddhist ceremony in the Fo Kuang Shan Buddhist Temple, Benoni Moving from Fo Kuang Shan’s Benoni Temple to 130 Vlei Rd Fairleads BENONI with Julia, and Ms Wang’s retarded son Anthony. Ms Wang was paying all our expenses for Looking after Anthony and for helping her, Ven Hui Li, Fo Kuang Shan, Julia & many other Taiwanese people with miscellaneous tasks, businesses, properties, etc. totally uneventful year 2-week Trip to UK with Julia, Anthony, Mr Hsu & Ms Wang (Anthony stayed in UK to live and study from Oct 96) 5-day Trip to Tanzania with Ven Hue Li to help with Student Recruitment & Selection for FKS Buddhist Seminary / College in Bronkhorstspruit First meeting of the Organizing Committee of Buddha’s Light International Association SA (English-speaking) where I was appointed as Chairman of BLIA (English-speaking) 2-week Trip to Taiwan Touring the whole Taiwan in a mini-bus with about 10 people 4-days Visiting Hong Kong attending and making a speech at the 6th Annual International Conference of BLIA Julia (Chou Lai) went back to Taiwan

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18.7.98 – end July 98

July - Oct 98 Oct 98 – Feb 99 End 1998 March 99 – beg May 99 April 99


Beg May 99

1.5.99 – 15.5.99

Mid May 99


Jan 99 – July 99


July 99

July 99 – Dec 99

Oct 99 – mid 2000

I resigned as Chairman of BLIA SA (English-speaking) 2-week’s Trip to Slovakia, Vrutky (2 weeks) and France, Paris (2 days) Lots of problems with Ms Wang’s tenant Natalie Bradbury, at 133 Vlei Rd, Fairleads, resulting in issuing summons and Natalie’s eviction Battling, but eventually succeeding in getting VAT refund reduced substantially for Ms Wang by the Receiver of Revenue, Benoni Dating Chantel Julia visiting SA for 2 months 1-week exploratory trip to - Rustler’s Valley, Ficksburg - Temenos, Mc Gregor (Bill Kenedy) - Zen Centre, Robertsham (Heila & Rodney Downey) - Zen Centre, Colesberg (Anthony Osler) Talking to Father Anthoffer, at his Retreat in Ifafi, Hartebeestpoort Julias’s husband staying at Fr Anthoffer’s Retreat IFAFI Hartebeestpoort 2-day trip with Julia, her husband and Willem du Plessis & his wife to Sabbie, Eastern Transvaal Talking to Father Bonaventure Hinwood in Pretoria asking for suggestions: he suggested visiting Mariannhill Sending red-wood furniture back to Ms Wang in Taiwan - Finalizing Ms Wang’s affairs, incl. the VAT problem - Selling 130 Vlei Rd and packing my stuff - Slowly ending my job Moving to a rented 3-bedroom cottage at: Plot 114 NOOITGEDACHT (near Lanseria Airport) P.O. Box 730, Lanseria, 1748 Tel/Fax: (011) 659-0989 E-mail: ivan@iafrica.com Completed a weekend Course: Introduction to Making Money from Shares at Progressive Systems College, Rivonia, Jhbg (Jack Milne) Investing Own Money Invested R 60.000 in Johannesburg Stock Exchange and lost about R 16.000 in 6 months (plus R 3.200 for PSC Software) Contributing to SA talk-show Radio 702 with my calls, suggestions and supporting materials (all free, without any pay)

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15.11.00 – 18.11.00 16.5.2000

18.12.00 – 23.12.00


July 99 – end March 01

3-day Exploratory Trip (by train) to visit Moller de la Rouviere at Advaita Ashram, near Lainsburg, Karoo, Cape Province Radko Frimmel’s (my nephew’s son born) Quayde Frimmel 5-day Exploratory Trip to Natal to check-out: - Vedanta Academy of SA in Tongaat (Jairam) - Kriben Pillay, Noumenon in Westville - Divine Life Society new Ashram in Tongaat - Ramakrishna Ashram in Avoca - Hare Krishna Temple in Chatsworth - Roman Catholic Monastery in Marianhill My son Ivinko left South Africa for a new job with Compaq Computers in Munich, Germany I was doing nothing productive and earning no money since July 1999, living from my savings: living like a hermit, not seeing too many people at all, mostly staying at home, sleeping a lot, reading a lot, meditating a bit, doing some writing, especially e-mail, writing and posting my comments on the Internet (on Radio 702 Listener’s Forum & Advaita e-Groups) - and thinking a lot about what was my busy life all about, and above all: what should I do next…? In March 2001 I sold all my furniture, books, PC and other possessions, and moved out of Cottage No 2, Plot 114, Lanseria Went on a 2-week Exploratory Trip around South Africa Cape Town, PE, Knysna, Durban, Marianhill and then stayed for 3 weeks at Jannie’s House at 13 Naomi Rd BENONI Staying at Chinese Cultural Centre Busschau Rd BENONI 6-week Exploratory Trip to India: Thurs 31.5.2001, 9:35 left SA (SAA 276) Thur 31.5 – Sat 2.6. Mubai (2 meetings with Ramesh Balsekar) Sat 2.6. – Tue 5.6. Pune (Osho’s Ashram) Tue 5.6. – Thurs 7.6. Madras (Krishamurti HQ) Thurs 7.6. – Fri 15.6. Tiruvannamalai (Ramanashram) Fri 15.6 1 night in Trichi Sat 16.6. – Tue 19.6. Kulitalai (Shantivanam Ashram) Tue 19.6. – Fri 22.6. Coimbatore (Arsha Vidya Ashram, Swami Dayananda Saraswati) Fri 22.6. – Thurs 28.6. Mysore (Anjali Ashram & Ganapati Sachhidananda Ashram) Thurs 28.6. Bangalore - 1 night in a hotel Fri 29.6. – Sun 8.7. Putaparthi (Sai Baba’s Ashram) Sun 8.7. – Mon. 9.7. 1 day’s train trip to Mumbai Mon 9.7. – Wed 11.7. Mumbai (morning with Ramesh Balsekar again) Wed 11.7.2001 arrived back in SA

April 2001

1.5.2001 – 31.5.2001 31.5.2001 – 11.7.2001

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11.7. – 24.7. 2001

25.7. - 31.10. 2001

1.11. 2001 - 31.1.2002

Stayed at Ronny’s House BENONI Stayed at Nan Hua Temple Cultura Park BRONKHORSTSPRUIT where I was working for Fo Kuang Shan as their Human Resources Manager from 1.8.2001 - 31.9.2001 Amadlelo Aluhlaza Carmelite Fathers and Sisters 33 Celia Nestadt Rd BENONI NORTH Stayed with Leon & Lena Erskine 545, Eiseb Str Erasmuskloof PRETORIA


1.2. 2002 – 4.4.2002

5.4. 2002 – 11.4.2002


16.4.2002 – 18.4.2002

14.4.2002 15.4. - 20.4.2002

Working as Salesman (Forex Trading Training Courses) at Forex Trader SA (Pty) Ltd Castlewalk Office Park, Block D Cor. Nossob & Swakop Str Erasmuskloof PRETORIA Exploratory Trip (by car): 7 nights: at Vedanta Academy / Ashram TONGAAT Natal (with Jairam) Staying 2 nights: at Inkamana Abbey Benedictine Monastery VRYHEID 3 days attending: Self-Development Course by Johann Campbell of Successful Solutions, Nigel at Constantia Hotel HALFWAY HOUSE Stayed 1 night at Johan Campbell’s old house in Nigel and then staying 6 nights at Formule 1 Hotel SANDTON & EDENVALE

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21.4.2002 – 31.4.2003

Sohum Sanctuary Plot 55, Rd 4 BRENTWOOD PARK BENONI Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda Visiting, lecturing and lunch at Sohum Sanctuary, Benoni My son Ivan Frimmel got married to Sally Hefer (born 9.5.1972, Pietermaritzburg, SA) in MUNICH Germany My trip to visit Ven. Hui Fang at Fo Guang Shan’s Buddhist Temple in BLOEMFONTEIN My son came back to South Africa with wife Sally I worked on temporary contract as Project Buyer on Kokpatas Gold Refinery at Bateman Minerals, BOKSBURG R 130 / h (i.e. R 37,000 gross in 5 weeks) Moved again to & started working at Nan Hua Temple BRONKHORSTSPRUIT a) Novice Recruitment Manager for African Buddhist Seminary b) Property and Tenant Manager for Nan Hua Farming cc c) Contract Administrator & Mediator d) Passport & Visa Services Co-ordinator e) Wheelchair Donation Co-ordinator as Independent Contractor till end December 2003 as Permanent Employee from 1.1.2004 My niece’s wedding Maria Matuskova & Ing. Vladimir Milucky, CSc BOJNICE Home Address: Partizanska 146 LIPOVEC posta Vrutky, 03861, Slovakia 3-week’s holiday & house-sitting friend Ronny’s House in Alphen Park BENONI Staying at Linda Li’s House Commune (at Nan Hua Temple Complex) 9, Kan Lu Street BRONKHORSTSPRUIT Born in Martin Veronika Milucka (my sister’s grand-daughter) daughter of my sister’s daughter Maria Milucka & her husband Vladimir Milucky No 16 Gardenview Flats Pu Men Street Cultura Park BRONKHORSTSPRUIT


22.11.2002 15. – 18.12.2002


4.3. – 11.4.2003



16.12.2003 – 5.1.2004

1.12.2003 – April 2004

22.04.2004, 17:42 April 2004 -

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Wed 10.11.2004, 8:25

My granddaughter Lauren Frimmel born of my son Ivan Frimmel & his wife Sally (nee Hefer) at Sunninghill Hospital, JOHANNESBURG I spent 2 days & 2 nights at a hospital in BRONKHORSTSPRUIT for monitoring and treating my High Blood Pressure (200/120 later 160/90) 8-day Trip to Brazil (to visit John of God, Casa Dom Ignacio de Loyola) 1 night – Hotel Das Nacoes, Brazilia 4 nights – Hotel Pousada Dom Ingrid, Abadiania 3 nights – Copacabana Mar Hotel, Rio de Janeiro My mother died at age 92 Maria Frimmelova, nee Hegerova, in Martin Hospital, Slovakia My son Ivan & his family moved to Beevercreek Ohio, USA Guru Maharaji (Prem Rawat) Elan Vital Group Knowledge Session Benoni My son Ivan arrived in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (from USA) to work as Enterprise Product Manager for Dell FZ-LLC, Dubai

Sat 13. 11. – Mon 5.11.04


Mon 10.10. – Wed 19.10.2005

Tue 14.3.2006

Aug 2006

Sun 27.1.2008

March 2008

14. - 15. June 2008

My son Ivan left Dubai & his job there


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