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Name Sex Age Date & Place of Birth Height & Weight Residential Address :

Ivan Frimmel
: : : : : Male 60 10 / 01 / 1946, Vrutky, Czechoslovakia 173 cm / 100 kg 16 Gardenview, Pu Men Street, Cultura Park, Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng, South Africa P.O. Box 5045, Bronkhorstspruit, 1020, RSA

Postal Address E-mail Address & Website Contact Numbers Tel (h) Tel (b) Cellphone

: : : : : : : : : : Manager

(013) 931-0123 (013) 931-0009 x 270 (Mon – Fri, 9:00 – 12:00) 082-454-0311 3rd June 1969, Jan Smuts Airport South African, since April 1985 460110 5033 08 9 Widowed (1987); 1 son (born 1973) Contract Administrator, Farming & Tenant & Seminary Novice Recruitment Manager
at Nanhua Buddhist Temple & African Buddhist Seminary, Bronkhorstspruit, South Africa

Arrival in South Africa Citizenship RSA Identity No Marital Status & Children Current Position

Position Sought References: Dave McNamara Leon Erskine Paul Carlin


none ELB BMH / ELB BMH / ELB (011) 899-9111 (011) 899-9111 (011) 899-9111

Chief Mech. Engineer Project Manager Project Manager 1

John Krause

Contract Admin. Manager


(011) 456-1000

1952 – 1960 1960 – 1964 : : Vrutky Boys School, Czechoslovakia Martin Technical College, Czechoslovakia Tech. Diploma in Mech. Engineering

Summary of Experience
6 months 2 years 3 years 3 years 6 years 15 years plus : : : : : : Aircraft Maintenance Fitter Imports Selling & Marketing Production Planning Quality Control & Mech. Draughting Projects & Contracts Engineering, Contracts Administration, Procurement & Management

Work History
Since Sept. 88: Self-Employed PROPOSALS /PROJECTS /CONTRACTS ENGINEER, BUYER & ADMIN. (Various Capital Projects) Since September 1988 I have been making living by offering my services on a freelance basis to
various project engineering & management companies in South Africa (e.g. Bateman Engineering Limited, Bateman Materials Handling, Lurgi) in a variety of project functions such as Proposals Engineering (Criden Mineral Processing Plant and Venetia Diamond Recovery Plant Feasibility Studies), Estimating (Uitkomst Sulphuric Acid Plant Tender), Project Engineering (Lethabo Ash Processing Plant and various Pipe Conveyor Projects), Procurement and Contract Administration (Douglas and Premier Mine Stackers & Reclaimers), Project Management (Kendal Power Station Boiler-Feed Conveyors), Project Buying (gold refinery project in Uzbekistan for Bateman Minerals, March – April 2003), etc. For almost 2 years I was also involved in Marketing and Importing of various engineering products from Slovakia and Taiwan to South Africa. More recently I have been helping some Taiwanese people in South Africa in a variety of tasks and projects for their Nan Hua Temple, Nan Hua Farming cc and African Buddhist Seminary in Bronkhorstspruit, South Africa.

10 months: Nov. 87 - Aug. 88: Contract Position SA Breweries Ltd., 76 Juta Str, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa ENGINEERING CONTRACTS ADMINISTRATOR (Brewery Expansion Project)
In this job I was responsible to the Contract Admin Manager for the preparation of Requests for Tender, commercial & technical bid evaluations, issuing tender awards, and for all aspects of contract execution on site, incl. chairing weekly progress meetings with approx. 6-10 sub-contractors (mechanical, ventilation, electrical, air-conditioning, piping…), writing minutes of meetings and progress reports, processing contractor’s invoices & claims, presenting our claims, penalties and backcharges to contractors, , keeping track of extras requested by engineering departments, updating the original contracts by means of contract


amendments… for the expansion of Rosslyn Brewery, until the project was completed and my contract expired.

6 months: Nov. 86 - May 87: Travelling in the USA
I spent about 7 months on holiday in the USA (New York, Atlanta, San Francisco…): travelling and visiting friends, and occasionally doing some casual work there. Upon return to South Africa I spent about 4 months working as a sales representative for a friend, while looking for a more suitable job.

3 years: Feb. 84 - Nov. 86: Mather & Platt (Pty) Ltd., P.O. Box 8398, Elandsfontein, South Africa PUMP CONTRACTS ENGINEERING

(Pump Projects)

Here I was handling approx. 20 – 25 different pump & pump installation contracts at any one time (mainly water for SA mines, Escom power stations and various other industrial clients), in all stages from inception, through design, manufacturing, ordering of bought-out components (el. motors, couplings…), to assembly, testing, delivery to site and commissioning, including the preparation & processing of all contract documentation (contracts, contract variation, orders, invoices progress reports, etc). I had to leave when M&P decided to close down their South African pump division operations.

2 years: Jan. 82 - Jan. 84: PHB Weserhutte (SA), P.O. Box2053, Johannesburg, South Africa ASSISTANT CONTRACTS ENGINEER

(Stacker & Reclaimer Projects)

PHB Weserhutte SA is the local subsidiary of a large international concern, with a head office in West Germany. In this position I was responsible to the Contracts Engineer for various aspects of contract execution, such as liaison with our German principals, clients, consulting engineers, suppliers and sub-contractors, and for equipment procurement and imports, erection supervision, progress reports, cost estimating & control…of large capital equipment, mainly stockpile stackers & reclaimers used in the South African mining and industry. I left PHB because of lack of new projects.

1.5 years: May 80 - Dec. 80: Contract Position E L Bateman (Pty) Ltd., P.O. Box 565, Boksburg, South Africa MECHANICAL PROJECTS ENGINEER

(Process Plant Projects)

Upon return from my trip to Mauritius & Australia I did some short temporary contract drawing work and then was offered this longer contract position on a freelance basis with ELB. Here I was involved in the preparation of tenders for two R20-million sulphuric acid plants, mechanical engineering of R4-million NPK fertilizer plants for Fedmis, incl. the preparation of specifications and procurement packages for various chemical process plant equipment, liaison with other engineering disciplines, suppliers and sub-contractors, providing some plant layout input to the drawing office, compiling equipment schedules, attending project progress meetings…I left when contract was finished.

2 months: Oct. 79 – Dec. 79: Travelling in Australia
I spent 1 week on holiday in Mauritius and then 7 weeks traveling in Australia (Perth, Melbourne, Canberra & Sydney) - and upon return to South Africa about 4-5 months doing some short-term drawing jobs, while looking for a new, longer contract.


1 year: June 78 - Aug 79: Envirotech, P.O. Box 70, Isando, South Africa CHIEF DRAUGHTSMAN

(Pump Design)

Here I started as a Mechanical Draughtsman, designing & detailing various pump parts, and after about 3 months I was promoted to the position of Chief Draughtsman / Section Leader in the Pump Drawing Office. In this position I was responsible for the general running of the drawing office, supervision of 6–8 draughtsmen and 1 tracer, work-load planning, jobs assignments, checking of finished drawings, interviewing new applicants… I left when I decided to spend some time travelling in Australia.

2.5 years: Feb. 76 - May 78: Rolfes Ltd., P.O. Box 8001, Elandsfoentein, South Africa TECHNICAL MANAGER

(Turbocompressor Projects)

I was responsible to the company’s Technical Director for import from West Germany and distribution & erection in South Africa of GHH turbocompressors and screw compressors. A large part of my job was spent looking for new inquiries from potential customers (Iscor, Sasol, SAR, Mining Companies..), preparation of tenders, local & overseas materials and equipment procurement, cost estimating, project cost & progress control, liaison with German principals, clients, consulting engineers… and supervision of the erection crew. I left Rolfes because the slowdown in South African economy in 1977 – 78 resulted in a lack of new contacts.

3 years: Mar. 73 - Jan. 76: Mobil Oil Co., P.O. Box 1043, Johannesburg, South Africa ENGINEERING ASSISTANT

(Oil Installations Projects)

In this job I had complete responsibility to the Regional Chief Engineer / Northern Region for all new industrial and some retail customer installations in Western Transvaal & Botswana, such as petrol stations, diesel, petrol, gas and heavy-fuel oil installations and storage deports, from their inception, through design, materials procurement, hiring and supervision of sub-contractors, erection, cost estimating & control… to final commissioning. Typically, I would be handling between 20 – 25 projects / contracts, valued from R10 000 toR150 000 each, in various stages of completion. I left Mobil for a comparatively higher and more responsible position with Rolfes Ltd.

3.5 years: June 69 - Feb. 73: Atlas Aircraft Corp., P.O. Box 11, Kempton Park , South Africa AIRCRAFT MAINTENACE FITTER & PROGRESS PLANNER

(Aircraft Industry)

Because I could not speak English at all when I arrived in South Africa in 1969, I accepted a job as an Aircraft Engine Fitter on the assembly line of Artouste helicopter engines in this large aircraft factory. After 6 months I was promoted to the position of Production Planner / Progress Chaser, where I was responsible for the planning and efficient progress of the engine parts during production, repairs and assembly. I left Atlas for a better paid job, with a company car and greater responsibilities and opportunities.

5 years: July 64 - May 69: Turcianske Strojarne, Martin, Czechoslovakia QUALITY CONTROL INSPECTOR & MECH. DRAUGHTSMAN Manufacture)


This was my first job after leaving technical collage. The company is a large heavy-engineering concern in the middle of Slovakia, employing approx. 10 000 people engaged in the design, manufacture and assembly of diesel engines, locomotives, tractors and armored vehicles. I was involved in dimensional checking of machined parts to fine tolerances, and later draughting and designing such parts. I left the company after the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, when I decided to immigrate with my wife to South Africa.


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